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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 6, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaJan Rottig picket line Jack Anderson John m. O Dowd 1887-1970 James a. Rogers editor Joe b. Rickenbaker managing editor Dew James associate editor Richard g. Moisio general Friday july 6, 1973 putting bite into Law the Law and order crowd is forever lambasting soft hearted and soft headed judges for not being Tough enough on criminals. The reasoning goes that if judges threw the Book at those convicted of crimes and if use of the death penalty was More fashionable crime would not be nearly the problem it is. Would the same kind of judicial toughness put the brakes on the sort of illegal Campaign activity which accompanied the 1972 elections if there were More Toothy Laws covering such things As Covert contributions secret funds laundered Money and other illegal and unethical Campaign financial dealings unearthed by the watergate investigations would1 they keep Campaign financing on a higher Plain above the muck and mire of the 1972 presidential Campaign if Justice were More Swift certain and exacting for the Rich and influential and the politic ally powerful would there be less inclination to skirt the Law and wilfully ignore it legislation enacted in 1971 requires Public disclosure of All gifts and outlays for Federal campaigns. The obvious intent was to reveal what interests Are behind what candidates. But As the watergate revelations have shown considerable scheming has occurred to evade both the letter and the spirit of the Law. The obvious question is whether there is sufficient provi Sion made by Law for policing Campaign financing practices and for initiating and following through prosecutions for alleged infractions. In Short if the same kind of toughness that the Law and order crowd wants applied in prosecuting common Street crimes was applied in policing and prosecuting those indulging in Shady political Campaign activities would t it make a difference when the Law and order rhetoric is flowing its focus is always on the common run of Street crimes never on Nice crimes like illegal Wheeling and dealing in political campaigns. The pinup gis remember Betty Grable was More famous for her shapely legs than her acting and singing ability but limited Talent As a performer did t prevent her from Mak ing it big in the movies during Hollywood s heyday. In the 1930s and 40s, she was one of the top Box office attractions ranking for a rec Ord 12 consecutive years among the 10 top stars. Her 42 movies grossed More than million and made her the highest paid woman in America. In recent years she faded from the limelight and was Jit tie known to Many of the younger generation. But she was t forgotten by millions of fans and admirers who came of age during the Golden age of motion pictures especially world War ii gis who carried pinup photographs of her to far Flung Battle zones from Europe and North Africa to the South Pacific. Who could forget that famous pinup pose of the blonde Blue eyed movie Queen wearing a one piece bathing suit and standing hands on hips smiling coyly Over her shoulder of that photo were plastered on Barracks Walls locker doors aboard battleships inside the fuselage of military aircraft and carried in Duffel bags wherever american servicemen went. It was a reminder what it was they were fight ing for Back Home. There s no Way to measure How much More bearable that movie Queen pin up made the War for millions of gis. Former gis now mid dle aged cannot help but feel at least a tinge of personal loss now that miss Grable who was still Lovely and glamorous at 56, has died of lung cancer. Handling the a few years ago drug abuse was considered a big City prob Lem not something that was much of a cause for concern in Small towns and Rural communities. But that picture has changed dramatically. Two recent news reports indicate How much. On a recent weekend arrests for illegal Possession and use of drugs dominated the police blotter at Myrtle Beach. The local newspaper headlined the police news Roundup with drug arrests fill police Myrtle Beach of course is hardly a typical Small town especially in summer when the resort area is jammed with vacationers and tourists. But drug arrests there during Winter months As in other smaller cities have become More fre quent. Another recent news report told of the hiring of a full time narcotics agent by the upstate South Carolina town of Seneca a pleasant Little Community at the Edge of the mountains. There has t been All that Many drug arrests in Seneca seven in the past two years but the town s police chief said we feel that we do definitely have a problem but to what extent i Don t the chief s comment suggests a situation known to Many in Law enforcement and those in other areas of Public involve ment. The number of drug arrests do not necessarily reflect the extent of a Community s . Law officers jul others in similar positions sense drug usage As re lated and involved in an Indi rect Way to other cases and prob lems that come to their Atten Tion. Drug abuse like alcoholism is not a problem whose Impact on a Community can be Meas ured simply by checking the police blotter. It May be a Factor in other criminal activity and so Cial problems. Recognition of this is coming to Many smaller communities that have either employed narcotics agents or provided Spe Cial training in narcotics Abate ment for a police officer or some other Public employee. Flawless does City county building commission not have an american Flag or did someone forget to display it on the fourth of july while flags were prominent in Many places throughout the City the Flag pole at the City county Complex was conspicuously flawless. Come come it should t Hap pen. Editorial research reports Supply of adoptable infants shrink As mores change by Mary costello Washington a decade ago Middle class couples unable to have their own children could reasonably expect to adopt healthy infants who might even resemble them physically and mentally. In the last few years however the number of adoptable infants has shrunk. And the couples if they Are choosy have found the search difficult and often fruitless. One reason for the turnabout is the increased availability of contraceptive devices to unmarried women particularly Young girls who in the past provided a Large proportion of the illegitimate adoptable infants. Another Factor is the relative ease in obtaining abortions. More important Many single women Are Choos ing to keep their babies. The stigma attached to unwed motherhood is rapidly disappearing in an age in which premarital chastity has be come the exception rather than the Rule. As the number of available Young sters has dwindled the number of persons wishing to adopt them has increased. Many couples with Chil Dren now prefer to adopt a child rather than add to the population by having More of their own. Both mar ried and single persons have been encouraged to adopt by a relaxation of requirements. Age income hous ing neighbourhood marital status and even race and religion Are often looked at As less important than the de sire to care for a child. These factors the Scarcity of adoptable babies and the in potential adopters have led to several developments. One is a grow ing dependence on the Black Market and the so called Gray Market. A second is the willingness of Ameri. Cans to adopt children of another race. And a third is the attention be ing Given to placing older and Tiai Idi capped children. In Black Market adoptions which Are illegal in All available Chil Dren Are sold and their birth certificates falsified. Gray Market adoptions typically involve the placement of a child by a relative doctor or clergy. Man anyone but a licensed social worker and Are outlawed Only in Delaware and Connecticut. The chief argument against the Gray Market is that it provides Little Protection for the parties involved the natural Mother the potential adopters and the child. But for Many would be parents this May be the Only Way to obtain a youngster. The increase in interracial adoptions began in the late 1960s, reflecting a dearth of White babies and a liberalization of american racial attitudes. By the Early 1970s, the growing Black consciousness spurred opposition to the placements of negro infants in White Homes. A num Ber of Black spokesmen and adoption agencies have been trying to inter est Black families in taking children who might otherwise be adopted by while couples with the Scarcity of available infants Black or White social workers and their agencies have been Devot. Ing More attention to finding Homes for older and handicapped children. For Many would be parents such adoptions Are far less appealing than those involving healthy infants of an other race. Nevertheless the adoption literature shows that Many older or physically or mentally damaged children have been successfully Inte grated into their new families. One effect of the Supply and demand situation in the contemporary adoption picture is that More attention is being Given to the needs and Well being of the child to be placed. The demise of the baby glut and the in crease in the number of potential adopters May mean that children Are More Likely to be assured of a Loving Home. It May also mean that Many adults will be left with the Choice of providing a Foster Home for an older or handicapped child for a few years or surrendering the Joys of even Short term parenthood. 11 ii i inf Ali a l al in it seems that America is growing soft on communism. Do you believe that the communists have changed their strategy and have abandoned heir goal of world Conquest . Obviously there has been no official announcement from the Kremlin that the communists have rescinded the goals which were printed in the daily worker in 1958. Among those goals were to get control of the universities. To eliminate Laws governing obscenity by branding them As censor ship and a violation of free speech. To infiltrate the churches. To eliminate prayer or any religious expression in schools. To discredit he family As an institution. Now if these were part of their they have had a Good measure of Success a colleague of mine recently made a tour of the soviet Union. With friends he visited the Bureau of records. An editor of a weekly paper in the United slates asked if they had copies of any american newspapers. They asked the name of his paper. The clerk then went to the files and obtained a copy. How s that for a comment on strategy the real enemy however of any per son or any nation is satan himself let s never let our vigilance against him become soft. Remember Christ is the Only one who can mean it when he says. I have overcome. John America s Hope lies not so much in nuclear supremacy Over an nation As in a spiritual dependency on a Loving and forgiving god. Dial a Devotion Senate committee finds postal management errors washington1 with the Price of mailing a letter Likely to reach 10 cents Early next year the Senate Post office committee is taking a hard look at the decline in delivery serv ice. The results of the pos Tal investigation Aren t due to be reported to the Senate until August 31. A Progress report however has been submitted to chairman Gale a Wyo. Here Are the confidential find Ings new postal managers put Cut Ting costs ahead of improving service. At the management states the Progress report a conspicuous Over emphasis of Cost cutting produced severe deterioration in postal serv ice their eagerness to economize the officials also went on a firing spree before mechanization was ready to replace manpower. States the report erred in cutting Back personnel. Management severely underestimated manpower the Spring of adds the report the Overall profile of the postal service was an uneven one. There was evidence of improvement overshadowed by areas of deter Ora Congress has t Given up on the postal reorganization which transformed the Post office department into an Independent government corporation. Members were unanimous in not wanting control of the Post office in the hands of Congress de clares the report. There is no Indi cation that a change of heart by the members has taken meanwhile Senate investigators have compiled a considerable list of postal bottlenecks which they would like to investigate. These in clude the general Post offices at new York Chicago Oakland san fran Cisco Detroit Cleveland Philadelphia Atlanta Houston Columbus Ohio and others. The staff will be making trips to these postal centers following the William s. White july 4 recess and during according to the interim report. This will be followed by regional hearings in some of the problem areas and a final set of wrap up Public hearings in Washington with the postmaster general. The purpose Here is to pull All of the strings together before attempt ing final Bible embezzlement the Justice department has now confirmed in sordid detail our charges against sex rep. J. Irving Whalley r-pa., including the astonishing fact that he used illegal Kickback Money to Pur Chase gift bibles for constituents. A Church elder and former United nations Delegate Whalley was exposed by us in september 1971, As the architect of one of the most Peculiar Kickback schemes that Ever flourished on Capitol Hill. Justice department sleuths in Pitts Burgh and Washington supported by painstaking Fri work discovered that the former congressman required his aides to buy handsome bibles out of their own pockets and pass them out to voters in his District As if they came from Whalley. His employees also paid from their salaries for the expensive funeral Floral sprays Whalley sent to bereaved families and the Courtesy advertisements he purchased in fair ground programs not to mention his gasoline Bills and parking fees. In Only one Case however did Whalley actually take Large amounts of Cash from his employees and put it in his own pocket. He brought his v brother in Law to Washington to work for him but paid the salary out of personal funds to conceal the nepotism. But afterwards Whalley Reiri buried himself by squeezing the Money from his employees. The Justice department Fias drafted charges alleging that Whalley made false statements about the kick backs and ordered a watergate style cover up requiring two of his staffers to give false sworn statements to the House ethics committee. In the course of our we have spoken to Whalley several times. He has repeatedly denied any intentional wrongdoing. .1. Watergate causes Senate democrats to grow up Washington however ugly and. Wearing it May be the watergate scandal has already brought one incontestably Good Windfall. It has caused the democratic Side of the Senate which yet remains the locus of Power and the Likely source of the 1976 presidential Nomi nation to grow up after Long years of Quer Ulous irresponsibility and ineffectually. To watch the posture of the democrats now. Within the Ervin invest gating committee and within the sen ate As a whole is to see one of the most vivid before and after tableau in the history of politics. Here is a party that confronts a National crisis involving the continued ability of presi Dent Nixon to govern the integrity of the presidency As an institution and the most vital interests of All the american people. Never have the outs had greater or More numerous opportunities to exploit a situation to lash out in All directions and to use the Senate s Powers of inquisition simply to smash an opposition president. But it is precisely these temptations that Are be ing put aside in behalf of reasonably fair reasonably temperate and on the whole quite responsible attitudes among the democrats. To be sure any other course would have been deeply reprehensible arid All that. Nevertheless such a course would have been easily predictable if not almost inevitable on the rec Ord of the Senate democrats from 1968 Onward and especially in 1972. They handed or. Nixon his initial Victory that of 1968, by a sick Infra party cannibalism that both destroyed their own nominee sen. Hubert Humphrey and savagely impeached a whole democratic foreign policy philosophy going Clear Back to Harry Truman. Not Content with so grave a self injury they completed the suicidal process four years later by first Fol. Rating and then actually nominating for president a. Man whose strategy was one of deliberately fragmenting the party. When they chose sen. George Mcgovern at Miami Beach last sum Mer they chose a Standard bearer who consciously divided both the party and the nation he could never have been nominated. Otherwise and a Standard bearer who could not possibly have Defeated Richard Nixon under any conceivable set of circumstances. As Humphrey himself Only recently observed no amount of plotting and wiretapping and sabotage by the republicans could have done to the democratic party what it Man aged to do to itself. All this then was the recent Pas the before of the democratic party in the Senate. The after is in such contrast As hardly to be believable. The same set of politicians who had worked so hard and so Long to con Vince the country of their party s total incapacity to offer an adult alternative to or. Nixon Are now giving to the country an impression from the opposite pole. They Are carefully avoiding any serious prejudgment of the president granted Small occasional lapses. They Are showing themselves aware that never has Small minded partisanship been More out of place than now in this ordeal not Only for a president but also for a nation. And they Are specifically within their Side of the Ervin committee presenting to the nation some very Able men whom that nation had never really known. Sen. Herman Talmadge of Georgia emerges to general View As the intelligent politician he is not the absurd Corn Pone caricature of the past. Sen. Daniel Inouye of Hawaii comes through too not As some Mere Token minority group Type but As a sensitive judicious Man fully capable of higher office. In Short for the democrats of the Senate the distance Between yester Day and today is immeasurable. Water Gate in All seriousness is Good for them. Florence morning news put listed daily and sunday 141 s. 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