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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 6, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood morning it s Friday july our both no. 187 Florence s. C. Daily 10s sunday 15 departing drug chief defends White House attitudes Washington departing chief of the Federal anti drug Agency thursday blamed two mistaken narcotics raids on improper supervision and said there is no Way the government can guarantee it won t happen again. Myles j. Ambrose head of the now defunct office for drug abuse Law enforcement told a news conference i Don t know How i can Tell you that some Knucklehead would t go off half cocked in the future and for anybody to Tell you that he d have to be a Knucklehead Ambrose spoke in response to questions about the mistaken raids conducted by agents under his office s supervision on two families . The agents broke into two Homes which turned out to be the wrong addresses. On another subject Ambrose disputed allegations of John e. Ing Ersoll former head of the Bureau of narcotics and dangerous drugs who had said former presidential aides h. R. Haldeman and John d. Ehrlich Man encouraged White House intervention which hampered the work of the Agency Inge Roll ran. Or. Ingersoll is entitled to his Ambrose said but added that from his own experience Ehrlichman and Haldeman particularly John Ehrlichman and his staff Are largely responsible for those successes we have the agencies headed by Ambrose and Ingersoll and most other drug enforcement functions were merged sunday into the drug enforcement administration. As for the Collinsville raids Ambrose said that one of the areas we have to be most con corned about is supervision of the agents involved in investigations. He said that Federal drug officials Are reminding agents to observe Legal safeguards protecting individual rights and Are reviewing the adequacy of training. But he said it would be impossible to assure that no agent would Ever violate the rules again. The instances in which agents have operated illegally is he said. Ambrose reported that agents under his office s supers Ision have executed 97 no Knock searches with warrants and in 70 of those cases recovered narcotics. He said 27 no Knock raids did not yield a drug Cache but claimed there was no reason to believe the persons raided had no involvement in drug trafficking. The Agency has received no complaints As a result of those aids to said. Ambrose who was designated a special assistant attorney general to run the drug Agency 18 months ago is returning to private Law practice and will open a Washington of fice of the Wall Street Law firm of Spear and interest to Rise on Home Loans savings accounts Washington a the government made it possible thursday for Consumers to earn More interest on their savings accounts but at the same time raised the interest ceiling on government backed Home Loans. In a series of moves govern ment agencies recognized the upward surge of interest rates across the Economy. For the , Consumers Are to feel the full Brunt of that in crease. The housing and Urban do meanwhile the Federal re serve Hoard announced that its member Banks can pay one half of one percentage Point More on passbook savings accounts the most common Type of savings deposits used by Small savers. Member Banks can pay 5 per cent on these accounts now retroactive to july i. The old rate was Vuk per cent. The Federal Home loan Bank Board which regulates the nation s federally insured savings and loan associations she d like a Cool bite too Sibel the siberian Tiger at the Memphis term., zoo is ordinarily carnivorous but in Memphis summer heat she d willingly Settle for a bite from the ice Cream enjoyed by her keeper Louie Bell. Allowable interest rate on Mort gages insured by the Federal housing administration and guaranteed by the veterans administration will go up from 7 per cent to to a per cent. This step will be effective when con Gress extends the Power of the department to insure and guar Antee Home mortgages. Con Gress is expected to act next week. Creased from 5 to per cent. The Bank Board s chairman Thomas Bomar resisted any change in the maximum that associations can pay con Sumers but the full Board went along with the Federal Reserve. The Federal Deposit insurance corp. Took similar action for National Banks. In most cases interest rates that Banks and savings and loan associations can pay for various kinds of certificates of Deposit were increased from percentages ranging Froni of one per cent. The decision by Hud to boost its 7 per cell ceiling on govern ment backed Home Loans represented the first increase in that Rale since Jan. 5, 1970. It was lowered to 7 per cent on feb. 18, 1971. t. Lynn said the boost would keep Cha As a mortgage Money source Lor am Etc an Home buyers and will sharply reduce Ihu amount of interest people must pay in Selling their Homes at the present Lynn referred o discount Points basically the differences Between the Federal ceiling on government backed Loans and the going interest rate on Home mortgages in the Market. Departing drug chief Myles j. Ambrose defends administration attitudes Washington a the number of motor vehicles on the Nalion s streets and highways climbed another 5 per cent during 1972, the department of transportation said thursday. He number of cars Rose per cent to while the of buses increased 2.6 per cent to trucks showed an increase of 7.2per cent to v increases were recorded in to Lead in the total number of vehicles registered with 12.9 million but Mon Tana showed the biggest percentage the Federal Highway administration said the total of 118, motor vehicles was More than in 1971. Thirty four Stales lopped the million Mark. The figures do not include the number of motorcycles motor scooters and motorized bicycles in one registration group. That group totalled in 1972. There were trailers registered the Agency said but added this figure was not totally accurate because some state Laws exempt certain types of trailers. Patrolman rescues 1 1 in family Prince Sihanouk denies hell talk to Kissinger farm Export controls extended Whittier. Calif. Api i just started grabbing kids and put some Oul the front a Highway patrolman said thurs Day after rescuing ii members of a Whittier family from their burning Home. Sgt. De Stamelos dashed into the House four times to bring out the Luis Candia family two adults and nine children. Jujj Stamelos. 35, said he noticed Gabriel River freeway about 4 . He said he alerted the fire department and then broke into the rear of the Candia House where the family was asleep. Stamelos said he found the eldest child awake. She told him she had eight Brothers and Sis ters. And he began taking Chil Dren outside. Prince Norodom Sihanouk of s Cambodia says he has no intention of meeting with Henry Kis Singer. Page 10a. Index comics deaths doctor a hijacked Argentine Airliner with 26 persons aboard lands in editorials Cuba after four stops. Page 11 a. Markets 9b- 4a 10b i 28 i shoppers Are finding a few sports Bare spots on supermarket state area 1b shelves but no widespread shortages. Page 5b. Women i weather partly Cloudy and hot with Chance of afternoon and evening thundershowers. Highs Low 90s. Lows near 70. Details Page 3a. Washington a the administration thursday slapped Export controls on 4 agricultural items in yet another move to restrain costs of farm products and meat at Home by limiting sales abroad. The list released by the Commerce department includes peanuts Alfalfa meal edible oils animal fats and livestock protein feed. The controls Are effective immediately. The Over All purpose of the controls is to reduce the sex of feeding livestock and poultry and thereby Cut the Cost of meat for the american consumer. The new controls plug a Loop Hole created by controls announced earlier on exports of soybeans and cottonseed which were in wide demand overseas for use in High protein feed for livestock and for rib la food oils. The Commerce department said that foreign countries which were unable to gel enough soybeans and Cotton seeds quickly shifted to import ing substitute items that also could be used for High protein feeds and edible oils. While in did not single out any specific countries closing of the loophole was Likely aimed mainly at Japan and Western Europe which were Hurt by the Export controls on soybeans and cottonseed. The list of 41 items includes most of the potential substitutes. None of the commodities on the Lisl May be exported without a valid Commerce department License. The controls Are retroactive to june 13, so recent new orders for items on the list could be Cut Back or eliminated altogether. Orders accepted on or before june 13 for Export prior to oct. 1 of this year will be licensed but orders accepted after june 13 will not he licensed until further notice. The Commerce department said a method of licensing such orders will be announced later. Censed until further notice it added. Export controls were Reim posed Over oils and Cottons end oils after having been lifted Only three Days ear Lier. The department said a Deci Sion on the Export controls was made under the authority of the Export administration act of 1969 and was approved by Secretary of agriculture Earl l. Bulz. It said the agriculture department had determined that the commodities on the list would not be adequate to meet orders accepted for expo Ron Domestic requirements without or after oct. 1 will not be i Export controls until the new Marion pumper demolished Randleman. . Api a pumper fire truck owned by the Marion . Rural fire department was demolished thursday morning when it overturned at a Highway intersection near Randleman the slate a Highway patrol said. Officers said the Driver of the fire truck George Andrews of Marion was charged with failing to Stop for a Stop sign. Neither Andrews nor a passenger. Marion fireman Frankie Brown was injured. Damage to the fire truck was estimated at by investigating officers. Andrews told officers he did t the Stop sign and locked his brakes causing the truck to overturn. Calvin Thomas appointed to Board of education by Steve Baker morning news staff writer Calvin Thomas 28, of Evergreen was appointed by the Florence county Board of education wednesday morning to fill the seat of Theodore Lester on the Florence District one school Board until he next school elections in in the course of discussing the appointment county superintendent w. C. Poston interrupted to read a letter from the state attorney general s office calling info question the legality of two members of the county Board. The meeting began at ii . With a close vote As to whether the appointment would be made this month at All. Three of the Board members were absent but two of them had sent written messages to the Board requesting that the appointment be postponed until Calvin Thomas appointed trustee the group s next regular meeting. Cecile Floyd said he would cast his vote against immediate action in deference to a request from absent Board member miss Linda summer. James Tanner indicated his agreement with miss summer and said another absent Board member Frank Gilbert also wished to be on record opposing taking any action wednesday. But the vote was three to two in favor of proceeding with affirmative votes coming from s. W. Caudle g. D. Jones and Uldon Cox. The Board then began the discussion of candidates for the position made vacant by Theodore Lester s resignation from the Florence school Board a month ago. Several names of possible trustees had been requested and received by Poston from District Board chairman George . Thomas name from the list see school Pagcu Juk rates soviet mention Moscow a the latest volume of the new soviet encyclopedia carries an article on the late president John f. Kennedy but it ignores his 1961 Vienna Summit with Nikita s. Khrushchev and the two leaders 1962 showdown Over soviet missiles in Cuba. The Brief article accompanied by a picture of the president says his policy favored a doctrine of flexible response rather than mass retaliation or Rollback of communism that had marked he . Pol icy under president Dwight d. Eisenhower. At the same time it says Kennedy tried to strengthen military blocs and develop the military Power of the .a., As Well As use economic Aid and ideological penetration for purposes of containing communism and strengthening positions of the .a. And the capitalist system As a it credits the Kennedy administration however especially in its latter period with favouring quests for solution of disputed International problems by talks and for More realistic approaches to relations with the .s.r." it noted too that the Kennedy administration signed the 1963 ban on nuclear testing in atmosphere space or under seas. The encyclopedia is the Basic soviet reference work and Over the years frequently has been revised and reissued often eliminating information on persons and events that no longer conform to the accepted Kremlin line. Thus Khrushchev who former party chief and Premier deposed in 1964, has been mentioned Only in passing in previous vol Umes of this edition which now has reached the letter Khrushchev s name in russian begins x in russian which is near the end of the alphabet and if there is to be a biography of him in the encyclopedia it will appear in one of the final volumes the new volume in any Case ignores Khrushchev s Summit meeting with Kennedy and the perilous missile crisis provoked when Kennedy demanded removal of the offensive weapons from Cuba. There is no mention either of the Kennedy Khrushchev clash Over Berlin in 1961. The president s assassination is handled this Way the political course of Kennedy evoked attacks from extremist reactionary circles of the .a. During his trip through the country. In the fall of 1963 he was villainous by the volume carries a smaller article on sen. Robert f. Kennedy the president s brother giving dates in his political career and noting that he criticized the Vietnam policies of the Johnson soybean crop becomes Avail Able. The Market year for the. New . I. Soybeans Are an essential item in High protein feed for cattle and poultry. Prices sky rocketed this year to a Peak of about a Bushel at Chicago on june 5 and the Price increase was blamed for the rising Cost of livestock feed which in turn was converted into higher prices for meat. Export controls announced earlier for Cotton seeds place an embargo on new purchases of these commodities and provide that existing Export contracts for soybeans be Cut be 50 per cent. Big Momma fort Walton Beach Fla. A a full blooded 130 Pound St. Bernard and her con Stant companion a Short Frisky Dachshund became the proud parents of nine puppies thurs Day. I be never heard of it Hap pening before and neither has the said the dogs owner Barbara Batchelder about the mating of the two. Pat the Dachshund is a 14 Inch tall 30-Pounder who is not quite said mrs. Batchelder. Liesl the St. Ber Nard and the new Mother gave birth at Home to 10 pups but one died. Three of them Are Beautiful and St. Bernard looking with the Black mask around the eyes and mrs. Bathel Der said. The others Are red dish Brown in color just like Pat. They re about five or six inches Long and it s really too Early to Tell what they re going to look the Batchelder family did t know Liesl was pregnant until monday

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