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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 6, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaFlorence farm notes county agent Corn failure Adverse weather conditions in some sections of the coun try have caused some of Tea Corn acreage to fail. Farmers who need Grain to feed to livestock May want to try sorghum. The s crop should be planted immediately if expected to pro Duce a respectable yield of Farmers participating inthe feed Grain program should Check with the county ass office destroying any Gorn cart in which they would Plant t Ain sorghum. Can utilize Corn land for Grain sorghum but should Check with the county ass before so in Ord to fully understand the pro of the feed Grain pro Gram As it applies to this change. Grain sorghum can follow Corn where at Azine was used whereas it would be risky Ito follow soybeans even at late Date. Additional in formation on this crop can be obtained from the county agents office. Peanut Leaf spot the Peanut crop looks Good on most farms at this time we caution growers to every Effort possible to keep the leaves on the plants. This would mean that they must follow practices to pre vent the disease called Leaf spot. Order to do this it necessary to apply a fungicide at regular intervals beginning at the first sign of the disease or not later than july these fungicides should be applied from 10 to 14-Day intervals and re applied should a rain occur during this period. The Spray materials should be applied in 15 to 20 Gallons of water per acre. Some of the More common materials available for this purpose Are Copper Fulfur dust poly ram c y p r e x Withane m-45 or mandate 200. We believe that Many of our Peanut Farmers can in crease yields by doing a Good Job of Leaf spot control. It has been our observation in the past that Many of the peanuts Are left in the Field due o bad Case of Leaf spot etc., that could be indirectly due to Gad Case of Leav spot More details on this subject Are available at the county agents office. Feeder pig Sale a graded feeder pig Sale will be held on tuesday july 7. Approximately 750 pigs Are expected for this Sale and Farmers wanting to Purchase uniform lots of Good Quality pigs Are invited to attend. The Sale will be held at the Darlington auction Market at Darlington and will begin at 5 . All pigs will be direct from the farm and be sold in uniform lots according to weight and Grade. Another Sale is being planned for july 21.-pig producers who want to sell on this Sale must notify the county agents office by july 13. Election spending limits May extend to primaries the threat of corruption begins with the decision to the Bill has it passed the sen ate last april would a limit on the amount which candidates for president Washington a a House Commerce subcommittee May be about ready to expand to primary contests a Senate passed Bill limiting broadcast spending by candidates for fed eral office in general elections. It apparently have an effect on this tips because the panel is said to be learning toward an effective Date of Jan. 1, 1971, for the legislation. What could be the final closed session of the subcommittee headed by rep. Torbert can charge any political Candi Dolnald d-mass., is scheduled Date More than the lowest for tuesday. J charge paid by any commercial at that time there May be an advertiser for the same time attempt made to write in some Pel Jock a from monday july 6, 1970 t Black plastic film halts weeds holds moisture Robert p. Goodman Points to experimental Root bed pole Beans grown with new experimental technique Goodman views vegetables produced despite a dry Spring season fruit ripening chemical May have tobacco value Raleigh Carolina state n. University in c lit will Ever have any practical i Given off naturally As a Gas by preliminary research at North dictates that a chemical used or the ripening of fruit May Lave a place in the ripening of Oba Coo. Or. E. C. Sisler a television. It would be 7 cents per vote cast in the latest Gener Al election for that office or whichever is higher and would apply Only to general elections. That no broadcaster provisions covering state of the equal time re Type of options to come under Hie program. Realities of flees too or giving states some quire ments for president and to ,.ome under president candidates Only. Under the 7 cent formula the politics in two major candidates for presi 1870, the enormous Cost an in 1972 be limited to festive Campaign entails is no spending about 35_j rain Ion each less than a National for their television and radio Russell d. Hemenway director time of the National committee for. The Federal communications an effective Congress has said. Comm Sujon reported that when a candidate who is m. Nixon spent Rich is forced to depend on Large special interests for financing Chip Interior designer designs unlimited 811 Cherokee re. Phone 669-1781 million in 1968 while Hubert h. Humphrey spent million. In new York Senate Candi dates would be limited to about this compares with estimates that rep. Richard l. Ottinger d-n.y., spent about million in his recent successful fight to win new York s demo cratic senatorial nomination. To chemist reports that he has Een Able to Speed up the of tobacco leaves through the use of ethylene. This chemical is now used commercially in the ripening of Sahanas Lemons melons and Many other fruits. Ethylene causes tobacco leaves to use More oxygen and this in turn causes them to yellow or. Sisler explained. The Nusu scientist stressed that his research is still in the Early stages. I Don t know if he commen lad. However much attention is being focused at present on modifications that can be made of tobacco both before and after it is cured. Farmers for example Are anxious to save labor by reducing the number of times that they must Harvest the crop. Seduced harvests would also Aid mechanization. Sisler thinks it might be possible to Harvest leaves before they Are Ripe and use ethylene in the curing barn to help yellow them. Ethylene might even be during Tihe yellowing stage of curing in lieu of heat thus cutting the fuel Bill. Ethylene scientists have Learned in recent years is ripening and decaying fruits and leaves. This is Rotton Apple in tend to Ripen a barrel i and rot the apples surrounding it. Sister s research centers around How additional quantities of the Gas might be used. He try to find out this summer just How Long tobacco leaves must be exposed to ethylene for yellowing to occur. He also wants to know How much ethylene is needed and ethylene ripened tobacco compares to naturally ripened tobacco. After we get a few of these questions answered Well be in a better position to comment on is possible commercial he added. Vatican on audience Portugal Waits for advisory Lisbon a the Poilu i the ambassador was then its new Anchor even flow automatic tobacco cure cures tobacco better and More economically your Choice of two models Mode Hoo till Lam Mooll 101-11. Win i t inn Anchor s new even flow heat spreaders spread the heat More evenly Over Larimer area or a More efficient curing operation. new tested Shell combustion head Itai int in produce Elrin in rum Bullion opt lion Vilh Auto Mitt i Iriny eur tit ask for details. . Dist. Of Guif Oil products 203 if wion St. S. C. Guese government sunday broke a four Day silence on a rift with the Vatican Over an audience granted by Pope Paul i to three Anili portuguese african rebel leaders. It said it awaited convincing explanations from the holy see. A communique issued by the foreign ministry said the government has been informed through press reports that the leaders of the terrorist move ments attacking portuguese Borders were received by the Pope last wednesday. The three anti portuguese Neto of an Gola Marcelino Dos Santos of Mozambique and Ami car Ca Jubral of guerrilla organizations which have been Active in portuguese african territories since 1961. Despite the extreme Gravity of such reports the portuguese government thought it should not alarm the conscience of the country before a full explanation of the the document said in an obvious reference to censorship imposed on news Dis patches concerning the dispute. After it was possible to As certain the terms in which the audience took place the Portu uese government imparted immediate instructions to its ambassador at the Vatican or Dering him to deliver a note of protest to the Secretary of state Jean Cardinal Villot expressing the profound displeasure of tie portuguese nation and of its government. Borrow uptos2000 from dial. Call us for the Money today. Months annual amount monthly to toll of Pirc Inual Linin ced pipe enl repay payments Rill recalled to Lisbon for consultations while the government Waits for convincing explanations to be offered from the holy the envoy Eduardo Brazo returned Home saturday. The note did not say whether the Diplomat would go Back to his past or if the embassy would be closed. A spokesman for the papal Nuncio in Lisbon msgr. Giu Seppe Maria Sensi said the prelate would stay in Lisbon. The foreign ministry communique quoted a statement by the Vatican newspaper l Osse Vatore Romano which said the audience had a purely religious character the Vatican press spokesman msgr. Fausto Vallain said last thursday in response to questions that the three attended the regular general papal Audi ence wednesday and afterwards spoke with the Pope for seven minutes. They asked to pay their homage of Devotion to the holy he said. But the portuguese statement said the holy father allowed terrorist leaders in open rebel lion against a government which maintains Century Long relations with the holy see and who Are responsible for daily acts of violence carried out on portuguese territory with the sacrifice of human lives to approach his person. He talked with them and addressed them with words of Welcome and exhortation to be faithful to the Christian principles in which they were Diario de Noticia a pro government Lisbon newspaper commented in a front Page editorial Why did it he highest authority of the Catholic world indulge in such a deliberate of sense against millions of Wor shippers in a faithful nation like Portugal the Pope the successor of St. Peter spoke with the Crimi nals who have confessed to com mitting the most Jabarious murders near the county s african portuguese catholics arc Texas school District bus Fleet is damaged Longview Tex. A a series of explosions ripped through a Row of 33 school buses shortly before Midnight Satur Day doing extensive damage to the Longview school District s entire Fleet of buses. There were no injuries report 1485.72 1942.86 68.00 u 23.75% 36 1872.00 15.69% 36 15.69% dial finance the one for the Money 130s. Irby St 669-3162 de. Police chief Roy Stone said someone Cut through the Chain link Fence surrounding the lot where the buses were stored and rigged each vehicle with a nitroglycerine charge attached to a common Detonator. The result was a series of explosions a fraction of a second apart which Tore through each bus. Authorities said there were no indications the bombing was racially inspired although i Longview begins an integration busing program next fall. The Federal government approved a busing plan for Longview last May. Stone said there have been i no indications in the past of anything leading up to some thing like this. Our problems have been minor in the he said. Stone said a monetary Esti mate of damage would not be possible until insurance men made an assessment. The explosions appeared to be the work of someone with professional knowledge of explosives Stone added. The bus Fleet serves some pupils. Stone said Fri agents and Texas rangers Are cooperating in the investigation. Duke opticians Complete Eye Glass service pm. 661-0691 169 a Cherei Florin it seen along the Roadside by . Hamilton Clemson College Extension information service Clemson have weeds and drought slowed your gardening go got that Midsummer gardening let Down if so take heart. A Clemson resident has advice for amateurs with hoeing and watering their flagging spirits May be buoyed says Robert p. Goodman if they la u s e mulching techniques he s tried for three years in his Garden at 114 Pleasantview or. The mulch is 4 to g Mil Black polyethylene film in strips 10 to 20 feet wide. Corn Beans tomatoes and other summer annuals grow through Small holes Cut in the plastic. Weed growth is stopped and so is the evaporation of soil moisture the precious commodity that makes gardens flourish even in Sahara like heal. The Black plastic also causes the ground to warm up earlier in the Spring and its moisture retention feature permits higher Levels of Goodman declares. A designer for Sangamon electric co., Pickens Good Man recommends gardening As a creative healthy and satisfying adding most hobbies arc expensive this one can be pro Goodman believes he d need to earn More annually to Purchase vegetables to gels from plastic mulched Garden. He gives these tips for gardeners who d like to try plastic film mulching blowing and fertilizing Rake the seedbed smooth and practically level before spreading the plastic sheets. Shovel soil Over the edges of tie Sheet and put a few shovels on top. A Chalk line As a guide for the rows. Then punch 2-Inch diameter holes eight to 12 inches apart on the line to form the Hills. A thin sharpened pipe such As a tailpipe May be used. Punch holes Early in the morning while the plastic is Cool. Your Corn Beans or Squash through the holes or transplant your tomatoes or peppers in them. Do not use plastic mulch for potatoes carrots and other Root crops. Harvesting pull Hie stalks up or Cut them off so that the plastic May be rolled up and used another year. With Good care inc plastic May last three seasons. The Garden should be level de so that rainfall will enter the soil through the holes in the plastic. Irrigation water outer the soil by the same route. Goodman is so pleased with the water and labor conservation features of the plastic that lie believes More experimentation by qualified people is needed. Kill sniper firing arrows new York a Rudolph High 49, was killed by police gunfire saturday when he at tacked two patrolmen who had entered his apartment to Stop him shooting out the window with a Bow and arrows. Police said the patrolmen went to the apartment after complaints were received that a Man was spraying a Harlem Street with arrows shot from a Bow. Toilet tank Ball Attica t a Orgett sift r the efficient water Moultr inti Only to top Thi thaw of wafer after Teth ruining. 75f at hardware stores you i control Cotton insect pests Uno still be a Good neighbor pc "4-2-1" Spray gives excellent control with minimum number of applications this insecticide does As great a Job of Cotton insect control As you could ask for. It s based on to Laphene the material Cotton growers have depended on for 20 years. To Laphene stays Active 5 to 7 Days Long enough to do an effective Job Between applications but it is not biologically persistent. To Laphene is not a hard pesticide and does not contribute to environmental pollution. Be a Good neighbor while protecting your crop. Follow Label instructions carefully. Avoid Drift. Dispose of containers properly. Pc Tox Asliene based materials Are also available As dusts. Ask your local pc about them. M Miv f c x. The

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