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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 6, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaUrn rung june hats Jack Anerson published by the Florence printing company John m. O Dowd James a. Rogers president and publisher editor monday morning july 6, 1970 with other editors a message from Antiquity unearthing of the ancient Athens marketplace where the trial of Socrates was held in 339 b. C. Carries one Back to his school Days. It reminds again of the moving Story of that great philosopher s last night on Earth just before he drank the Hemlock he had been sentenced to drink and How he then always the observer of life s ways described How slowly and How inexorably its an love Trade what s in a name a whole lot Romeo. Sometimes a name is All you be got to go on and you have to make the most of it. Over in love Valley North Carolina it s near Salisbury the a says somebody has realized that love is now a commodity that has become legitimately commercial and the town is preparing to do a Little trading on its name. On the weekend of july 18, love Valley is having a Rock music festival. The two dozen residents who have apparently made a living out of catering to admirers of things Western Are giving up boots and saddles for Long hair and hippie hats. They expect their name to be an irresistible lure to which the kids will come flocking love in their hearts and guitars and Cash in their hands. They probably read it right. The Only question is whether the year round residents will still believe in the Power of love after two Days of Rock music. That May depend on the profits. Asheville . Citizen gone today hair tomorrow. The inevitable has happened. Parents of an 11-year-old British school boy received a letter from their son s school that concluded. As your son Alan has come to school this morning with very closely cropped hair i would be glad if you would keep him at Home for two weeks to allow his hair to grow once larks began Curling around respectable ears and hanging Over respectable collars it was just a matter of time until the Odd and the dangerous became associated with too frequent and too close association with the Barber clippers. The switch was helped along in Bri Tain by gangs of Young thugs known As in addition to tithes is death was taking Possession of him. He was sentenced to death because he had corrupted youth and was a threat to athenian democracy. And Back Over All of the More than 230 years comes the lesson for which he regarded his own life As a Small Price to pay. This is that truth never corrupts for if it did then truth itself would be evil and one is not a danger to democracy Here and now anymore than in ancient Athens who defends its Workings even with his life. To some of his contemporaries Socrates was a bumbling and foolish Man which Here again has a Corn temporary ring. For it was his unorthodox that did him in. Conformity then As now was More acceptable than the new or the different or the untried. He was not afraid of Public opinion and for this too he was damned by some of his con temporaries for it was not truth they sought but what would be popularly accepted As True. He insisted More profoundly that can be understood easily that while others might believe themselves knowledgeable without realizing their ignorance he himself knew that he knew nothing. Hence his eternal quest for the Means of determining what is True and what is false what is Good and what is bad. Hence also his Washington although hold on idealistic Young athenians Many millions of people watch who followed him into the arcades in and listened As president i., t a Nixon was interviewed wed to the marketplace into the gym mesday night by the represent. A Sims into the streets to talk rap to tics of the three major is the modern word about right and television networks it May be wrong virtue and Justice. Doubted any substantial number caught the real the message comes Back Over 23 significance of several of the centuries. It is As meaningful now As he the of edition into Cambodia and the it was then. Boston mass Globe policies of the United states in Southeast Asia and the Middle East Are so related t o diplomatic intricacies that a considerable background o f knowledge is needed to understand what is going on. Mastering the arts of Street fighting 6 6 thus for instance when the president explained Why he did not ask the consent of Congress get out Cambodia someone should speak for miners Washington fifty two Coal workers coarse Grimy men ignored by the govern ment neglected by their own Union have died in the mines since the new Coal mine safety Law was supposed to go into effect on april this was seven More miners than were killed during the same three month period last year before there was a Strong safety Law. The reason men Are still dying in the mines in greater numbers than in any other . Industry is that the Bureau of mines in t enforcing the new Law. A group of Virginia Coal operators got a court in Junction in april against enforcing parts of the Law on the technical ground that the government did t publish the new safety regular Ems 30 Days before putting them into effect. The injunction applies Only to Virginia but the Bureau of mines has halted enforcement of the disputed regulations throughout the nation awaiting the judicial outcome. For the moment therefore the Coal workers Are worse off than they were before the Law took effect. The Coal operators have also pulled political strings to put a pro Industry Man in charge of enforcing the Law after the court tests have been exhausted. David Lawrence Nixon critics ignore realities Thi these Young worthies have affected Short Short hair cuts. Before sending troops into Cambodia and said that it As anyone could see including the head of Alan s school All skinheads would have Defeated the whole have one thing in common skinned Man Euver to have had the in Heads. Ergo anyone who skins his Emy known in Advance military men everywhere understood. So head is now in danger of trimming did Buti in. Himself into the manners and mores fortunately the critics Here in of Young hoodlums he has never met. Congress have ignored this Point during Many weeks of debate on Capitol Hill. Meanwhile lots of people have been led to believe t h e criticism was valid. Or. Nixon weeks while his hair grew. Of course declared if he had been sent Home until he got some very Long hair cropped that would have been a different matter would t it Charlotte of Southeast Asia treaty organization come As no Surprise. Every time he states explicitly that America will adhere to its pledges this helps to bolster the morale of asian countries. What the president said about the Middle East probably was his most sensational state ment. For he portrayed developments there As far More serious than they have seemed to the Public. He indicated that the United states will not be indifferent to what is happening and Hopes to play an Active role in trying to preserve peace in the Middle East. Or. Nixon s attitude toward Congress was one of polite dissent from the Senate s re cent debate on the Cooper Church amendment but he seems confident that the House of representatives will not pass some of the Bills which Endeavor to restrict the Powers of the president to conduct the Vietnam War effectively. The president made Clear something that has been vague for some time namely that the United states is not going to dictate to the South Viet namese people that they must have a coalition government with the communists. Or. Nix on does not intend to insist on any such Compromise from the existing regime in Saigon. He is merely urging that the people of South Vietnam must be Given a Chance to approve or disapprove in an election whatever government is to be established in their country. The president s explanation of his own right to conduct the military Man Euver into Cambodia is one that has been made before by his sup porters that when american forces Are engaged in a military action the commander in chief has the responsibility to defend them. This includes the Power to Send troops anywhere in the Vicinity and to bomb enemy Supply lines or even to destroy the bases and sanctuaries of an adversary because this is merely assuring Protection for the forces of the United states. The Security of americans in Vietnam is an obligation which the president declares frankly was so important that it was Worth the risks of the cambodian expedition. Altogether the president s exposition will certainly be understood and accepted by foreign governments Allied with the United states. The North vietnamese May even conclude that they Are not Gong to gain anything by Dill dallying at the peace negotiations in Paris. On this Side of the Atlantic we can see what a lot of nonsense it was to have Alan sit out of school for two seniority system s pros and cons in Public hearings which began in Washington on the controversial seniority system a House Republican task Force is examining alternatives for the selection of committee chairmen. Criticism of seniority is part of an increasing demand for Reform of Congress hut it will be Well if the Congress and the Public keeps in mind the fact that change in itself is not necessarily Good. A rational and factual Case should be made. Attacks on the system Center on the fact that most committee chairmen Are comparatively elderly men. Of the 21 Heads of House committees three Are in their 80s, six Are in their 70s, nine arc in their 60s and Only three Are in their 50s and 40s. The Rule has been in Force since 1911, but has been followed strictly Only since world War ii. Regardless of merits or demerits of the Reform proposal it is understandable that younger member of the House desire an end to the system or at least a modification. Many Are frustrated by a Rule which seems to them to deny a major role in the legislative process to men of exceptional ability in the prime of life they contend that because of Sciori i can assure the american people that this president is going to Bend Over backwards to consult the Senate and con sult House whenever he feels it can be dons without jeopardizing the lives o f american men. But when it s a question of the lives o f american men or the attitudes of the people in the Senate i m coming Down hard on the Side to the Congress is unresponsive to of defending the lives of the needs of the nation. American Oil wealth brings Power Libya assumes new role in Mideast Community older and More experienced the president asserted tha he would have gone to the members of the House Point out that Senate if an expanded War in other methods of selecting committee Southeast Asia had been con chairmen might cause further disruption of the work of Congress. Rep. Carl Albert 62, House majority Leader and the favorite to Tom plated. He added that we Are not going to get involved in any More Vietnam where we do not get the approval of the Congress. Yet the critics have become the next speaker has said the charged this was what happening and the Contention has been widely publicized. Indeed Many of the Campus demonstrations have been based on that Assumption. The president s explanation seniority system May be the possible system except for the an end to the seniority system after All could result in endless of the situation in Cambodia political Battles Over committee and Vietnam and his reiteration chairmanships. Legislation be seriously delayed As party Hacks cockeyed for Juicy committee plums. Inexperienced men could be elevated to posts which would Benefit More by Veteran members Long years of at Tention to Complex details of govern ment. Careful study should be a minimum requirement before any change is made in the seniority system. A Graceful Way should be found to get National legislators to retire if their effectiveness is impaired by age but in should be remembered that youth is not in itself the prerequisite for capable leadership. Augusta chronicle Tripoli Libya a this desert land a Backwater of International politics under the reign of King Idris has pushed itself aggressively onto the mid dle East scene since the revolution that deposed Idris last sept. 1. Some diplomats doubt whether the colonels of the governor revolutionary command coun cil can Cope with their new role. There Are also reports that the libyans though they bring Wel come Money Are regarded As insufficiently mature to take their place in Middle East councils. Libyan Money is needed and there is a great Deal of it. With Oil revenues nearing billion a year and Wiki Only a billion programmed for internal expenses for its 1.8 million Popula Tion the Council has a part Rel Al million to offer the depleted de sense coffers of Syria Egypt and Jordan. But is is increasingly Uncer Tain if the Oil Revenue will continue to pour in. There is to k of nationalization which would bring enormous operating charges and marketing prob lems. Cosiness with Egypt after the revolution and Egypt s to support the coup brought thousands of Eny plans into Libya first in High level advisory posts then As technicians and currently As skilled workers. Some people fear that egyptians will snap up the technical and skilled positions the libyan government has so arduously squeezed out of foreign con Cerns. Many of these positions had been held by no Ariate italians. More than ital ians including families have left opening jobs. Libya s military position among its non Arab friends is a fused. Having seeded up the British evacuation of Tobnick and Al Adem air bases Libya is now negotiating to buy British chieftain tanks. Last month s departure from whee Hir air Force base of the . Air Force has clouded the future of training programs for libyan pilots in America. Many assume that if uie United Sells any More jets to Israel Libya will sever relations. Libya bought More than 100 Mirage fighter jets from France but France has announced that deliveries will be slower than planned and Libya is not Likely to have More than a half dozen of the planes this year. Libya s current air Force numbers nine f5 Star fighters and a few trainers and cargo planes. Relations with France Are confused. There is a Nasty Little civil War in Northern Chad which Borders Libya on the South. The War is basically be tween the moslem Northern chadian who Are Given moral and some material support from Libya and the basically animist government in fort Lamy which is supported by France. When the British left. Obruk on Libya s Eastern Border the soviet Union asked Libya if it might use the Field to take some pressure off Alexandria Egypt where the russians Are finding themselves crowded. The re u. N. Offer United nations . A the United states has offered to contribute 40 per cent of the Cost of maintaining the . Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus for the six months ending dec. 15, . Ambassador Charles Yost said. Quest was refused reportedly at the insistence of Algeria and relations with the soviet Union Are Cool. There Are signs however that the soviet Union has not Given up trying to woo the Rul ing Council. One informant re ports seeing soviet tanks at the military Headquarters near Tripoli. President non fired the chief enforcer John o Leary Only a month before the new Law was supposed to been forced. He was known in the Coal Industry As a stickler for mine safety. In o Leary s place the president eventually appointed j. Richard Lucas a kindly gentle mining professor who s known in the Coal Industry As a weak the Coal operators happily hailed his appointment. The United mine workers Union which is supposed to represent the mine workers but has become cozy with the min no companies in recent years urged Lucas s Quick confirmation. The Senate was prepared to Grant fast routine approval. However my associate Britt Hume has spent much of the past year in the Coal Fields and saw firsthand the Bleak Black underground world of the Coal m ners. He reports that the miners Are truly America s forgotten men. This column therefore took a close look at Lucas and concluded that someone should speak up for the miners and oppose the confirmation. Here Are our findings 1. We published the fact that Lucas was picked to enforce the new Coal Law by the same Virginia Coal operators who Are trying to sabotage the Law. The r no Leader state senator George Barnes himself a mine operator and a s t a Republican lobbied hard for Lucas with Virginia s gop gov. Linwood Holton who in turn persuaded president Nix on to make the appointment. The non nation was processed by White House aide Harry Flemming who acknowledged to this column that Holton s ski f hence was the decisive fan Tor in the president s decision. 2. We also reported that Lucas has a Stock portfolio including Worth of Union miniere a belgian mining firm with holdings in several he also owns a interest in International Mineral chemical which has mines in the . He has agreed behind1 closed doors to sell his International Mineral Che Mic Stock but is reluctant to it go of h s investment in Union miniere. Some senators feel the mines Bureau director should not own any mining interests Domestic or foreign. 3. We also revealed Lucas was considered for the same Job in 1965 but was rejected because of an feb i report Conta Ning an allegation that he had plagiarized another Man s research. White House Aid Flemmin not Only con firmed the 1965 report but said the plagiarism charge dealt with Lucas s doctoral thesis later Fleming advised tors column that the alleged1 had appeared in the december 1961 Issue of the Mineral industries journal then published by the Virginia poly technic Institute but now Den fun according to Lucas took credit for an article entitled the largest undeveloped is Imide Ore body in the Eastern United states a Benediction Progress report ? he allegedly did no the article which he Publ shed under a joint by line with one of his students r. M. Coiner. This is considered a serious offence in the academic world. Melfa Graham As you often speak on the second coming of Christ evidently you believe this to be important. Why Don t Many preachers share this View r. F. I know Many Many ministers who share my that Christ is coming Back to this Earth again. Of course i know a i a Many who do not also. But it is not what i think or what other ministers think but the important thing is it is clearly taught in the scriptures. The Bible plainly says unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time and since i accept the scrip Tures at face value i believe it i proclaim it and i m accepting it. There is an inscription in the dome of our Capitol in Washington which few people know about. It says one far off divine event toward which the whole creation a visitor saw this inscription and asked Tihe guide what it meant. He said i think it refers to the second coming of when Lihe dome of our Capitol was erected some god fear ing ordered that inscription to be etched in the dome of our seat of govern ment believing that its truth was vital to the concern of our nation. I believe that its truth should be the concern of everyone. History seems to be moving in to a Tunnel of diminishing size. Every Day our problems multiply. The wai4d lacks leadership. Isaiah said that when Christ returned the government would be upon his the whole creation groans for his return. Fin mtg Fruia published Dolly Ana sunday of 141 5. Irby Street Florence s. C. 59501 member of the associated press audit Bureau of circulation and Southern newspapers publishers associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for publication of All the local news in this newspaper. The Florence morning news desires to be notified promptly of errors in any of its reports. All Nurt Independent distributors and the Florence morning news will not be responsible for Advance payment unless made at the office of the Florence moral Sci news. Subscription rates by mail in. Dependent distributors or in dependent newspaper boys. Jve my Dally funnily m 7.10 my 11.10 circulation Telephone number mm77t second class postage old of Florence i a

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