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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 6, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaAndy Andy sends a Complete 21-volume set of the world Book encyclopedia to Eddie Johnson age 7, of Palouse Washington for his question could it. Rainier blow up stately Green forests club up the slopes of it. Rainier As High As they can. Sometimes the highest treetops Are lost in a hazy Mist. Then on summer Days the Mountain s snowy Crown seems to hover above the Earth. It looks like a huge White Cloud up there in the Blue sky. Surely this Calm and beauteous Mountain could never blow its top. However experts Tell us that once upon a time it. Rainier really was a fiery Volcano. But apes ago it grew tired and sleepy. Certainly it is not Likely to blow up and nobody really expects it will Ever erupt again. Seattle dips to toes in the Cool water of puget Spunt and looks around at the Beautiful scenery on every Side. The City nestles there amid Green slopes and Snow White peaks that seem to touch the ski. The breathtaking scenery belongs to Cascade Mountain Range. Its highest most kingly Peak is or. Majesty it. Rainer. This huge humped Crown stands feet higher than the water in upset sound. On a Clear Day people can see it from 80 Miles or More. Its Peak is covered with massive whte glaciers of Frozen snows. Their icy fingers reach far into the Down the slopes. Their fingertips melt and Send streams of clean Clear water gushing on their Way. Some of them Tumble in fairy tale waterfalls. All this melted water dashes along to feed the to l forests of fir and that grow lower Down the slopes. Everyone agrees that this Beautiful scenery should be saved for everyone to enjoy. And so it is. It is mount Rainier National Park. Visitors to the quiet peaceful scenery never Marine that or. Majesty might someday blow in again. Surely this Calm Mountain Cou d never its dignity and misbehave. And these trusting visitors Are almost certainly right. It is True that it. Ranier Enin Ted Many times in the past. So did the other nearby Snow canned peaks. This was Long Ages when the Cascade Range was still growing. These peaks were then volcanoes helping the Range to grow taller. About 100 million years ago the Throat of it. Rainier erupted fiery fumes and overs of red hot lava. Its Many eruptions built up a great pile of ashes to make the Mountain. When the cascades finished growing the Volcano calmed Down. It. Rainier grew tired and sleepy. Its Throat s now a rugged Crater deep inside the Peak. A few Smoky fumes still puff up from the Crater floor but most Likely they Are dying gasps. Experts rate it. Rainier As a dormant or sleeping Volcano. A dormant Volcano May or May not erupt a Little hot lava. After Long aces of sleep it May even Wake up with a big wild eruption. But our or. Majesty is not Likely to do this. In a few thousand years when there Are not More smoke fumes in its Crater floor it. Rainer will be classed As an extinct or lifeless Volcano. The Scenic Cascade Range runs All the Way from California up into Canada s British Columbia. The highest of its old volcanic peaks Are now crowned with year round snows. Their fiery old throats Are deep craters. Several of them still puff up a few plumes of smoke. Californians can remember when their it. Lassen coughed and erupted a Little lava. But no one can remember it. Rainer s last eruption. All these old Volcano Are too old and tired to blow up. None of them Are Likely to do much if any erupting in the future. Antsy sends a world Book Atlas to Arnold Webb jr., age 12, of Asheville North Carolina for his question How does male female Blue Jay differ you can t Tell by looking at them because or. And mrs. Jay Wear Matching outfits. The color scheme varies con among Blue Jay cousins living in different parts of North America. But wherever they live the male and Ifon Ranur fun titty monday july 6, 1970 3 British army strength How at hew High in n. Ireland by Colin Frost associated press writer no juvenile delinquent experts san i go too say humans can learn about raising children by watching How animals do it. Rore proboscis Monkey snaps angrily at Boby which had awakened him end tries to scratch his nose. There Are no juvenile delinquents among experts says. A Capitol Hill Cool to Nixon proposal Washington a p president Nixon s request for billion to help desegregate schools has been received cooly on Capitol Hill particularly by Northern supporters of integration. Suspicion of the adm nitration s motives based on its desegregation efforts so far has helped Dampen the enthusiasm of the democratic for he program which would put most of the Money in the South. There is reluctance also on the part of northerners whose own districts Are starved for funds to earmark such a big chunk of Money for the South when the administration has ii ii . Jul ti1ivoutu1 a t female look exactly alike. Though handsome the jays held Down spend no for schools ment at Northern not the Best characters in the Bird world. Mrs. Jav s generally. Squawk is just As loud and Sassy As her husband s. She is and As hearings before just As Crappy and just a Likely to help herself to a share of your picnic. The time to Tell them apart is at nesting Tine. Both parents help to build the secretive nest. But Only the female sits on the eggs. So if you see her costly sitting there you know that the other one is her husband. And if you wait que etly and patiently you May see or. Jay bring his nesting wife a morsel of food. Later both parents will bring food to the hungry Chicks and once again you cannot Tell the male from the female. Flicked the Constitution on Perkins it ought to put it into rep. William d. Ford d-mich., told administration w Nesses. The program has not even been embraced by the southerners in Congress. Most Down payment by n xon for million Quested mediate use when the Senate approved the expenditure recently. The president called for the outlay Over the next two years in his school House education subcommittee have disclosed there is reset giving what Many congressmen see As Reward the Southern districts that have resisted desegregation the longest and hardest. We re being asked to pay reparations to some Southern school districts for having in romanian leaders prepare for reduced level red visit Bucharest Romania a i. Brezhnev would stay Home Bucharest prepared without fanfare sunday night for a Sud Denly reduced level visit by so Viet leaders amounting to a Kremlin slap at Romania s in dependent policies. Because of a nose and Throat ail ment and that Premier Alexei n. Kosygin would head the Dele gation arriving monday on a Long planned Mission to sign a new friends hip treaty. Newspapers and the state Raj if he s sick he s was Dio reported without comment i the typical comment of Roma or. Particular Emp has s the mos announcement that soviet Gem Monist Par y chief Leonid Florence airlines to Charlotte Charlotte a. M. Sex. Sat., Sun. P. M. Sex. Sol. A. M. Sex. Sol., Sun. P. M. So. Sol. 662-7593 Nivans Long accustomed to taking official announcements at face value. Regardless of Brezhnev s health the last minute change provided Moscow with a Subtle Means of denying Romania its full approval of policies at Odds with the Kremlin line. Tails May come out when the text is released after tuesday s singing. Further potential irritation occurred in recent Days in the form of speeches by Nicolae Ceausescu the romanian presi Dent and party chief taking is and sovereignty and Nonin Trine of limited sovereignty of communist countries. In a speech Only Friday he stressed National Independence and sovereignty and Nonin reference in internal affairs with Force not heard in other Warsaw pact capitals. It also averted a comparison1 in the world press of Brezhnev s Ceausescu s regime in past Welcome with the tumultuous months has pursued sole of the ovation received by president Nixon in this capital 11 months ago. Most Active diplomacy any where. He was in Paris during june Bucharest was decorated with Premier Ion Gheorghe Laurer soviet and romanian flags Only i led by vice president Emil Bod Here and there while masses of Naras visited peking foreign . And National flags were up j minister Corneliu Manescu three Days before Nixon arrived aug. 2, 1969. The Kremlin was though to be irritated about concessions Essary to finalize the Long postponed renewal of the soviet romanian Friendship treaty. De 24 hour Coffee shop service Good food moderately priced daily luncheon specials All major credit cards honoured 1-95 at u. S. 52 Florence s. C. Talked with Nixon in California june 29 and the Shah of Iran visited Bucharest. In addition italian communist party official Enrico Ber Lingner has just ended a visit Here. The italian party is one of those still openly critical of the soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia. Desegregation message last March. The supreme court has a final order for an end to dual school systems this september and heavy added costs Are anticipated by the j strict affected. The Money would be used As the local District decides for such things As teacher training curriculum revision repairs or minor remodelling of school build nos and transportation under a formula that double counts minority children in districts carrying out a court ordered or federally approved desegregation plan two thirds of the Money would g0 to the South. Rep. Roman c. Up Chiecki d 111., who s conducting the House hearings has been openly Hostle to the program viewing it primarily As an Effort by the administration to strengthen its political in the South. Rep. Carl d. Perkins d-ky., chairman of the education and labor committee also has expressed opposition. If the administration has billion to put nto the schools says existing extreme other committee with Payi have been turned against with the program by recent that in some Southern assortment comply no with the idealists Ana Tion plans Black and and other students still Are kept and Conn separate classrooms of the teachers Are being dismissed Are even talk Large numbers and under a 1 school property has been the Viet conf de Over to All White liberation fron they go Ahe the Senate Over the it will not of southerners barred from cd that have made the be available to private set off 1969 s from getting any of the Call these million in immediate Aid. Democracy House has not yet taken up from the b imposed the chances Are that the on Eastern m lion will be appropriated War i. Congress which then these grou watch closely to see How it the spent. For this remaining that the billion request however a tougher line is a Long Tough Road rioters. Servicemen s Darlington Belfast Northern Ireland Are bitterly angry apr the militant protestants in the i member of the British Parlia Shankula Road and Sandy Row ment Bernadette Devlin a Little spitfire who blasted off to Politi Cal Fame with her Active and brought its strength in Northern have come under attack from i persistent championing of the Rock throwing catholics. The Catholic civil rights movement. Ing protestants and roman catholics. Politicians on both of the religious Divide agree o Only i one thing that coming Weens Are critical and Are Likely to add to the bloodshed of the past weekend. The gloom surrounding prime minister James Chichester Clark s government has been deepened by the belief Liat the outlawed Irish Republican army or one of its Spain analysis Desmond parliament Boal. Provincial member for Shankill District warned week a holocaust is coming unless the army he charged snipers fired into protestant crowds whle British soldiers stood by watching. The citizens defense commi1 tee. Which controls Catholic Ter is now working As a Ike beef ass Falls Road jail she s a Symbol. At the moment she s a a six month sentence in Armagh jail on conviction of rioting and inciting to riot. From her jailing sprang the latest riots. I but if miss Devlin is Provo a "10 Tion the parades of the hard last Kllc orangemen in their bowl ers sashes and White gloves Are dynamite. The jarring thump of their Drums As they make their annual marches to commemorate historic protestant Victo Ries Over the catholics drive human catholics up the Wall. Cohesive Force. Admit they have arms and men Legal they Are however and the weekend s Belfast shoot o use them they insist will continue it appears until Ings during which seven persons were killed were accompanied by a series of major fires in fac tories and downtown stores. Mil itary authorities say the fires were started by skilled arsonists using sophisticated devices. Thus the belief in the or Cial government is that North Ern Ireland s troubles have however the guns Are used Only inc climactic blockbuster of a i in self defense when protestant Nalo july 13. For each Parade mobs invade Catholic areas and Northern Ireland could have a the army does not head them riot off the army although rein tie trouble politically is that vices forced by More than men Britain s new government has the Provin As week clearly is Little to offer. When Laboric Ductant to use its firepower. Home Secretary James Ballagh eight months ago the com an came to Belfast a year ago changed their character. Gen. Sir Ian Freeland i to inspect the smouldering fac protestant Catholic rioting goes Warntj Peop e throwing lories he was Able to give guar on but behind it said Chichs Ter Clark is an organized at tempt at revolution. Something of the same kind appeared to be going on simultaneously in the neighbouring Irish Republic. Dublin the Republican capital has in the past week suffered four major fires which police put Down to arson. The apparent object in Dublin is to upset prime minister Jack Lynch republicans no along too old enemy of getting with the students taking the demands Are gasoline bombs would be shot antics of Reform to meet Catho on in the past week Gaso lie complaints of discrimination line bombs by the score have been thrown at the troops them selves. Not one of the bombers has been shot rut the new British conserva t be government has sounded the Law and order some what More loudly in recent Days backing a tougher stand by the provincial government. The provincial parliament has passed two new pro Viding jail terms up to five years for rioting and not Sci providing stiff sentences for in citing hatred and dissension. The British army two began a shifting of Security measures in particularly assigning wig 2.000 men of the Ulster defense to Man increased bar Rhoades designed to keep Wai ring factions apart and Highway blocks to Stem gun running and Clandestine reinforcements. The Ideal of course would be to seek the Root of the trouble and Cut it out. With the taproot of Catholic protestant hate Bur de in 300 years of fights am discord this does t appear pos sible. Reason has been supplanted by passion. Even when a think plaster o Neace can be somehow Tro weled onto the edifice of govern ment the breath of passion May touch off an explosion. There Are Manv fuses. One of them is a 53-year-old medal in Vietnam action communist sends fourth greetings Saigon a the chair Man of the Viet Cong s National liberation. Front sent fourth of july greetings saturday to the american people who love peace Freedom and chairman Nguyen Huu Tho in a tape recording broadcast by the Viet Cong s liberation radio said on the occasion of the glorious Independence Day of the United Stales july 4, on behalf of the vietnamese peo dle the Elf and myself i wish Send the american people who love peace Freedom and Justice my warm Tho praised the american struggle for Independence and noted the 1776 declaration of in dependence is famous. Poe Lodge meeting p. M. Monday july 6th spec. 4 Larry e. Coe of Arlington has received the army commendation medal while serving with the 4th infantry div. In Vietnam. He is a Rifleman with co. A 3rd in. Of the. 4th inf. Div s 8th infantry. Marine Corporal Richard l. Brown husband of the former miss Keaner c. Carraway of Pamplico was awarded the Good conduct medal while serving with the first Carine aircraft Wing in Vietnam. He. Gainey son of or. Ida Gainey of Cheraw was awarded the combat infantryman badge recently in Vietnam. Air Force maj. Leonard f. Mixson jr., son of or. Leonard f. Mixson o f Georgetown has received the air medal at Tan son Nhut a Vietnam for air action in Southeast Asia. Promotions Peter l. A. Avner son of mrs. F. S. Avner of Myrtle Beach has been promoted to . In the air Force. Robert k. Casque son of mrs. Annie m. Brit or Marion recently was promoted to army sgt. Upon completion of it. Benning a. Infantry noncommissioned officer candidate course. Pfc. Larry Johnson son of or. And mrs. David Johnson or. Of Timmonsville was promoted to his present rank while serving at Marine corps base Camp Lejeune . Leon d. Hillian son of mrs. Roseanna Hillian of Cheraw recently was promoted to army spec. 4 while serving As a lineman with co. A 124th signal bn., 4th infantry div. Near an Khe Vietnam. Returned Navy Seaman Jimmie w. Howell son of or. And mrs. Willie Howell and husband of mrs. Barbara j. Howell All of Timmonsville returned to Long Beach Calif aboard the Dock Landing ship Point Defiance after an eight month deployment in the Western Pacific. Basic training army pvt. E-2 Steve a. Blackman of Florence graduated recently from Basic training in fort Jackson. He is now stationed in fort Monmouth new Jersey. His wife is the former Debbie Chastain and his parents Are or. And mrs. Robert a. Blackman or. Of Darlington. Serving overseas air Force m. Sgt. Louil p. Beach son of mrs. Mary l. Luke of la Grange is on duty at Tan son Nhut a Viet Nam. Army pfc. Perry a. Gray son of James Gray of hem Ingway recently participated in operations in Cambodia with his unit the 1st in 12th cavalry of the 1st. Cavalry div. Twins Page 9 by Gene Lai Iamme Minneapolis St. Paul a Harmon Killebrew cracked his 24th Homer and singled Home another run Power ing the Minnesota twins to a 12-3 Victory Over the Chicago White sox sunday. In jobs votes and housing. Now these reforms Are All on the statute books or Well along the pipeline. Thus Callaghan s successor Reginald Maudling went Home from his visit to Bel fast last wednesday with Noth ing to offer but an endorsement of the Call aghan program. At his Farewell news Confer ence Maudling could pick out Only one Ray of peo ple of both sides of the abyss know that further trouble would prove so disastrous that they May draw Back. He added Ahe new British government s backing for the prov inces million five year de Vel open plan intended to re Duce Northern Ireland s chronic unemployment and eliminate substandard housing. Yet even admittedly bad hous ing conditions can no longer be brought Forward As a main Rea son for Northern Ireland s Dis Content. Some of the worst riot ing of the past week in the Bally Murphy and whiterock districts modern municipal hous ing developments which com pare with any in the British Isles. Up in Londonderry Northern Ireland s second City the now legendary boy Side remains an Island of anarchy in an Ocean of unreason. Night after night the mobs come out with bricks and bottles for the ritual sport of having a go at the soldiers. Under Londonderry rules guns Are not used. Wanted sex smokers men or women to Tell their own Story of How they stopped smoking and to make up to a week or More in their spare time helping others to Stop in the famous smoke watchers group program. Smoke watchers area directors receive the respect of their Community As Well As 80% of their Center s income. Because our area directors own their own Busi Ness. We designed it that Way. If you qualify have an honest out going personality and care for people we will Grant you a franchise in your Home town area without paying any fee for it we will even finance up to 80% of All your materials train ing and computer accounting sys tem. Smoke watchers Wil be interviewing in Columbia for a limited time Only. Call now to qualify for a personal interview. 254-5068 252-4998 smoke watchers of South Carina p. 0 Box 11311 Capitol station Columbia a owned company oct executive offices 605 3rd Avenue new York City tormenting rectal itch of Hemor Hoidal tissues promptly relieved in Many cases preparation h gives prompt temporary Relief from such pain and itching and actually helps shrink swelling of Hemor Hoidal tit sues caused by inflammation. Testa by doctors on hundreds of patients showed this to be True in Many cases. In fact Many doctors them selves use preparation or recommend it for their fam Ilies. Preparation h ointment or suppositories. Deluxe infant Pool seat impossible to deflate tip Kos instant real Sal t for tots no. 406 95 1401 Pecan St. Florence . Off Darlington Hwy. At Young s Pecan

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