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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 5, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaWeather fair to partly Cloudy and warm today and tonight. High 93. Low 70. Reader s tip Young movie Star Judy Tyler Elvis Presley up Star die in Auto wreck. Sec names in the Page 9-b. Vol. 105 Florence s. Friday morning. July 5, 3057 communists under House arrest to slow Start seen on debates filibuster unlikely monday Washington. July 4 civil rights Battle in the Senate due to open monday May begin with considerably less Force than filibuster. This became apparent today n the Wake of statements by sen. Russell that Southern opponents do not plan at outset to make speeches of unusual length. Russell leading the position. Also said that the critical Dixie senators nevertheless would speak on different phases of the admin ration s civil rights Bill in or Der that it May be clearly under conference Sfat Emryl in this connection they Are expected to seize on a statement of president Eisenhower Al his news conference wednesday. Eisenhower who has been plugging the Bill As fair and moderate said then that he had been Reading parts and there were certain phrases 1 did t completely the president made the state ment in a discussion in which he also said he found it rather in that highly re spelled men have described the Bill As extreme and leading to Dis ,. has so described it. He contends the legislation is a do vice contrived to Force racial mix Jing on the South Eisenhower i and other supporters describe it i primarily intended to make sure that no citizen is deprived of his right to vote. After the Bill is called up Mon Day the first speaker against it is expected to be sen. Ervin d no. Shakeup elevates 6 others by Eddy gi1.moke London july 4 Krem Lin today fired v. M. Molotov Malinkov and Lazar Kaganovich from their High govern ment posts. Polish sources reported All three were under House arrest in Moscow. The disgraced Trio and Dmitri be Pilot former soviet foreign minister were previously exp lied trom their top posts in the communist party. Shipilov. Who holds no government position was not mentioned in today s announcement and polish sources said he is not under House detention. Moscow radio which made the official announcement of the Dis i Missal of Molotov. Malenkos and i score of passengers injured at Orangeburg bus tips Over avoiding mule on Highway Council encouraged Holiday deaths below forecast it. The associated deaths on the notion s highways climbed slowly thursday us the first Day of the king1 Independence Day Holiday weekend closed and lie National safety Council k a Anovich from government jobs injected a sinister note into its reporting of the events. A commentator said Hal history a termed the figure the tabulation of deaths period which began Al 6 . I wednesday showed 85 traffic. 37, s or 25 passengers Hurt in wreck at Orangeburg i.t1 a trailways july his Driver with the foggy High w a y suddenly a a cd by a stray mule and an oncoming automobile swerved and overturned his Busload of Pas sengers near Here Early today. The toll so far is running slight below what a no Holiday thurs work Dav at this time of year would Belyayev Nikolai Savernik mrs. Ekaterna Furt Seva six elevated to top party posts by Kremlin Ervin. In Romigh committee hear Ings and otherwise has hit hard at the fact the Bill does not guar Antee a jury trial for and one charged Wilh disobeying a judge s injunction issued under the pro posed Law. Denial claimed Ervin says this is a denial of s vital right of a Man to have his Case heard by n jury rather than he a judge alone. The Justice department response to this has been that there is no constitutional right jury trial in cases others hacking the have contended former editor of newspaper wins Chicago College Post Chicago. July 4 John h. Jack o Dowd former executive editor of the Flor ence s. C., morning news and More recently a member of the Chicago Sun times shown that uh.1 sternest possible punishment is the Correct Way Ous Tlle Over All total to Deal Wilh party Vievia zionists. Was 139 kicked up the ladder to. Full presidium membership in the shakeup of top Moscow communist party figures were marshal Zhukov. War hero. A. B. Aristov. Leonid Brezhnev. N. 1. Belyayev. Nikolai Savernik and mrs. Eka Ternai Furt Seva. Culled cur ads Moscow radio continued to Call the deposed men however indicating that they Are still members of the party Al though stripped of government and party responsibility. Molotov. 67. Was first Deputy killed and a 5 year old child drownings and 17 in the safety Council said. Area accidents kill bicyclist injure girl 5 a 57 year old bicyclist was and minister of slate seriously injured in Holiday traffic editorial staff has been named Dean of students at the University of University Follese Iti downtown Chicago. O Dowd s appointment was announced by the College Dean. Maurice x. Donohue. He will take Over his new Post of in Active in the Field of education o Dowd served As press association and this certainly is encouraging. It. Shows that the Drivers and traffic enforcement agencies Are working effectively the Council cautioned against Over optimism however pointing of that the toll usually is some holi Jared. Six hospitalized. The Queen City trailways bus bound from Augusta a. To Fayetteville n. A. Flipped on its Side and skidded some distance Down the Highway. Stale re. I. There was this mule on of Side of the Road and a car coming on the bus Driver Law ence Cissner 44, of Fayten Ville told officers. I Cut Over to whal Light the first Day of Day period. The current period actually is 102 hours ending at Midnight sunday. The Council previously had Esli a the Accident occurred about mated that 535 persons Ifould die 12 Miles South of Here in traffic accidents during the i Ward the shoulder to keep from i hitting the mule and lost Holiday period. The current record fourth of july traffic loll is 491. Set in 19.50. An associated press gently showed that with the beginning of the Sirmier Quarter. He w assume responsibility for student counselling at the downtown Center As Well As or registration admission and other administrative details. O Down joins the i University staff with an extensive Hack around in the Field of journalism. Following Bis gradual Ion in the Charleston s Southern Junos r., o Dowd worked first As a re to Dunt convict in a lion cite Edlor i univ acc s.c., morning news i to possible filibusters confront Aller wards As assistant the Bill one As soon As of the Tec to Hunt land offers his million to Call it Iamb times Herald r he re up. And the other on the Hill to the Florence morning a cos As its executive editor and assistant publisher. During his tour year Editorship inc paper received a National i Lalion from the associated press managing kilo is association for coverage of a news even of a ional importance. The circulation of the paper in creased More than 50 per cent. O Down hims1ci.f was elect area deaths Charles infant. Florence. Miss Hessie Revell Florence. Roland Dennis. Lake City. Mrs. Al Ned Reed. Lake cily. Mrs. Stevens Conway. Page 3-a. Zambone s meditations by Alley accidents yesterday in the pee Malenkos i. I was a firs Dep Lily Premier and minister of elec j Aaron Claxton died Trie Power stations. J when he was knocked Miroir his if. Aulo eight Miles Kaganovich. 64. Was a first Dep bicycle by an Survey re traffic Clealus occurred in a Iki Holiday period of 102 hours. This period Insl Anllo was from i wednesday. Juno to Midnight sunday june 23. Fireworks deaths were re advisor to the University h Carolina school of journal Uty Premier and had recently been referred to As minister of Bui Dinc materials. Bui the Broad did not connect Kaganovich any ministerial Job. 1 j Soviel Conw Talor Viktor Vas North of Conway on Highway 501 i ported. . Horry Driver. Wattie about Coroner said the Emerson Williams was being held in jail without Bond pending an in quest wednesday at . Co univ i the weather Filev delivered a length a attack l Szalc John Lanny Early thursday was mostly fair except for thundershowers in Eastern sections of the Plains Stales and the missis Sippi Valley. Afternoon the tinker showers Occi ind numerous South ism. He was also co chairman of Tho statewide school of journalism scholarship fund. He had the Hon j in a he to Riband Lack Sci in areas. Or of twice Patiic Patin in Ameri-1 Coroner. The death toll by at the part s decision was taken i a in t miscellaneous he said and it 5 a " re r j.-1 Alabama 200 Arizona i 0 i the Birs was not severely dam aged. Spectators managed to right the vehicle. Six of the passengers were admitted to Orangeburg regional Hospital. The others were re leased after treatment for bruised and lacerations and were Able to continue their trip a few Nuri after the wreck. Those hospitalized and their in juries mrs. Morina Giles. .1.1. St. Petersburg. Fla., a fractured Back mrs. Frances Inman. .18, Iii Lille contusions mrs. Dorothy Davis an 18-year-old expectant can press Institute seminars Columbia l Nive Silv. Demonstrate the fact that i since his Akk Ivai in Chi Cago last year o dowry. Now has worked on the news and Edi staff of the Chicago Sun times. He and his the for-1" Mer Frances St. George of Van s Island. have four Hafl risen and reside Al Tim n. Wen Wood Avenue. John h. O Dowd gets College Post Evert her Iau she. She do a lout be iranian quake toll spirals up to rocket soars 160 Miles for record .1 i o o to cured Here when she in the i the pos a f of Whyl holds no matter How High it he. Annoy save him from criticism Vassiliev said Hal deviation Isle against Par a Lallu a ranks the party i Allied its ranks and d of Grombka i s. Pessi Isis and he added. I i 0 California 202 inn Florida i .1 2 Wilh her dog. Georgia 1 0 0 Illinois 400 in Ili Huay film. B. .1. Mcarce 0. N o1 Kansas said that Kiln Ocean was taken to 2 Kei Micky 2 1 o1 Louisiana the Marlboro county Hospital in n n. I 0 o1 Serios condition being Hil by a ear driven by Annie i1. Ai Ford. Is. Of fit. .1. Henn Ottsville. The Accident occurred a Mil . On Highway 9 in Clio negro Mother also of Sumlor contusions mrs. Mary Cox. 15, Oak Grove. La., severe Lacera j Lions of the face mrs. Minnie Lea Reynolds 56. Macon. Ga., Conlu Sions and Silvester Wilbert. A 29 v ear old Columbus. A. N euro. Seal and Arm lacerations. I throughout Hie Soviel i Nion. Re _ l ports trom Moscow said. I no my Liq i 1 w we Jeand rallies Are being held to con domn the our dissenters from i Tki Iran. Iran. July a Iii either of parliament said to Iii put More than 5.000 iranians were killed by earthquakes tues of and challenged i he government i ures. Fort in Kcal will. Man july 4 i filed Stales fired a 24-foot Rockel i my nulls upward to Day in quest of scientific inform lion on the atmosphere. The Altitude was a local record fm1 a Roeckel launching irom the fort Churchill Aiea on Hudson . It i compared will a input Miles recorded in a ii lest ri11 Smith no the s. Army ordnance corps said mile flight was an astounding Mic Khrushchev s Rule and policies i reports of the rallies said a spirit of deep and Indig nation at them. I 1 1 Michigan 230 Minnesota 230 Mississippi 101 i 1 0 Montana 1 n 0 Nebraska 2 2 0 new Jersey 211 new York 4 1 2. New Mexico 2 4 0 North Carolina 1 i 0 North Dakota 1 0 0 Ohio 512 Oklahoma 901 Oregon that n 2 0 Pennsylvania i 0 i South Carolina 1 0 0 Smith a Mcarce said just in front of or. M. Graham s office who was one of the fits to reach the child. With Lold the Allord girl grew excited alter the child ran out in front i n Tennessee 2 1 o1 i exas car and was struck and pulled top 3 Virginia 121 Tea Huston the curb running Over her with p 2 Virginia 3 0 filhe Lell rear lire. 0 3 1. Twisters plunge through Iowa 4 persons Hurt damage heavy Solon blasts weathermen i for disaster Cameron. La. July 4 us sen. Russell Long a la charged to Day the Hurricane ravaged people of soul Wesl Louisiana did not evacuate in tune acc i disc of u Ealther Bureau predictions hip Hurricane would arrive thursday alter making a Ihrck hour Lour 01 the tragic area he plane car and on loot Long Lold a reporter i want to know when tin1 or Mureau discovered it More than 12 hour uhen the Hurr Ani would reach mil1 . And Uhal was done Ghoul i h said that because most Vil in the area of devastation nay in one Mountain slope and i coastal area along the Caspian Between ancient Miil and Rahul sea. Lien res from their said Surv Gmyr Nineia Vors Are battling wolves sickness Grealer death toll. In and Star Vatinia. J urn Pritim it spokesman the Nova is us Miles Jap lord thai liter ii pork i the a Croce . July 4 Nado funnels plunged on Western Iowa Early today Loavina four i Nickel Henl up per injured and run ing heavy ind Irros Hilly cry Funn one matl Loi Al build mrs. Imi in and m i Hev dul not i Swers he require spoil m piling in Chr first of the biggest have no roads or communications was unaware ,5r" Len Livic inquiry Hal opened Mon i Tehran the towering Al Tiu iut the Ili line. Lion Oriel Fiill Liurni Lii to Coine Roiti Ioviti is. de ally in the Day Hal the known que Ike Licad Lor the whole .10.00 a Square Niile Aiva of devastation Lola Leil cured than Deputy Amidi n i Repi Srul no Norh i i ten Elton , the lol Mil la Rollf i Ull us till inf the Trupin meal Harlem Hilwa 1 in of in Mil to of fort were destroyed and i lie ruled to ii hrs rely damaged. Tin1 tunnels h l Uain Iii i of .1 1. No Vinyl evil Ai Iii Hie Lite. Path Over a in Milc line from there to Ida drove. Deholl j eld i imply i and Arcadia. Cling narnia by another Roeckel a lie Shol mail the limit in Liv Sil of Len i in id mrs aimed Small like. Bed no Ihry had to Mells a come said the made a i ing the people to Inus if Sci Sioon Llu Ancane i m fool tidal of his gel h l Bureau in not til my Chr pre p a in the Irvn to inc i in ref the Tohir Nisum. A u inns Mil i ii Uli i fit most of the i , of Iii Rhein Iran k a polls As Early As last Iii night said the quakes struck on a la replied Hal inter report Indi the a measured Nehemi Baijan Border on ii o Elei Leih in mind no in Smiel tick vol univ Anil to Inie . Oil in i 1 Iii i Ili Iollar i Hue due. N m be. la la Lar i Ilion. Ii a Ned Illi pounds of in leu with their in Nationn. .11 by Lei nil r.-. I my to Lille in i. A 111 in a in1.il Chr i i limn of i Lilliev find of Strong he find meter broke Iller ii hour. The Loi Iii nit i 0 foully. Simale inn around toil dead Anil shei o i. I it i i to Long thai the Iii d in Uli Iii Viti n .1, of the kill i in i i me in1 h or lip d

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