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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 2, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaThe weather fair to Porky Cloudy warmer Ond slightly More humid today with a High of 91 degrees and a Low of 68. Details on Page 3. Reader s tip if you plan on doing any shopping today read the top news for you in the ads of merchants on the pages of the morning news. Published in the heart of the pee Dee farm area in the Palmetto Sirej 103 Florence s. C., saturday morning july 2, 1955 daily 5c so in Jay Loc weekly s5c Sara Ella Stone of Florence Center was chosen at Camden last night to represent South Carolina in the miss universe Competition later this year. Edna Calcutt right also of Florence placed second while Robin Williamson of Conway left placed third. Miss Stone is the daughter of or. And mrs. Eugene e. Stone of Florence. News photo by Azer Ezra mends fences with Burma s u no Washington july 1 of agriculture Benson mended his frayed relations with Burma today. Rave prime minister u in a top drawer reception and appointee an official to take charge of politeness to vips in the future. He even gave u no a tie clasp a hich the Premier from the Road cause he was kept Cooling his heels to Mandalay accepted with a smile although he. Never wears a tie. A this stemmed from an inter National incident yesterday when v no walked out on Benson be for five minutes in an anteroom. The walkout sent agitated quivers Gay is named clerk of court for the City City Council yesterday hired William Gay former greeting. U no was escorted to Benson s second floor office through a series of ceremoniously through stale department doors. He was circles. A pained by his wife by James but the prime minister accepted Barrington. Burmese ambassador an invitation to return at . In the United states and mrs. Today and this Lime Benson in Barrington. Rolled the red carpet. He and u no were closeted for half an hour talking about crops and other i things. J a Crisp announcement from the j agriculture department disclosed later that asst. Secretary Robert d. Mcmillen has got a new title protocol officer. He will handle All future dealings with prominent foreign visitors. Smiling faintly u no left the agriculture department for a Date at the National press club where announced that Burma stands House kills race plan tied to military vaccine new method is a study by Frank Carey . Science reporter Washington july 1 officials said method for Large scale production of polio vaccine virus employing a part of the afterbirth in human baby being substituted for the present rather expensive method employing Monkey kidney cells. A spokesman for the membrane Sac which enclosed health service said m responses Wilh the to a query that the new yesterday by a team of California scientists has been town for some time to the health service which helped support the California research. Saying that similar work is being done by other investigators he declared the work is still in the research stage and a great Deal More data must be obtained before its merits can be appraised definitely. Yesterday s report by three University of California virologists. Announced preliminary results of human embryo Mother s womb prior to birth. This membrane naturally ruptured at birth constitutes part of the after birth which is released after the delivery of the baby. Elsa m. Zinger and two col leagues said cells from the Amnion when infected with polio virus in test vessels yielded a growth of virus of the same order of Magni tude As Monkey kidney cells now used in producing virus for vac Cine. The researchers said one Adan a virus growing method employing Clarc of lie new technique is the cells from the this is ready availability of Amnion the fluid filled space in which the Florence girl wins universe Beauty event Camden july 2 two Flor ence beauties walked off with first and second places in the soil la Carolina miss universe contest Here last night. Miss Sara Lilla Stone miss Florence elect 20 year old daughter of or. And mrs. Eugene e. Stone captured the Pul Chri tude Crown from 21 other entries in die state finals and Edna Joyce Calculi present miss Florence placed second. Third was miss Robin Williamson representing c Ovay. Miss Stone whose father owns Kail in station and is a wholesale Petroleum dealer in Florence Alt Mcd Converse col lege last year and plans to at tend the University of South car Olina Liis fall. The Dili Winner s vital measurements lire Jim i. Miss Calculi plans to enter will Ernp College. Vote record in t taken Washington july 1 a the House gave president Eisenhower a dramatic new Victory today by breaking an anti segregation impasse and then passing his Bill to build up a trained military Reserve nearly three million men. Powei chm Geitha Jeise Iii overt first the chamber voted Down. Opposing the anti segregation larger Type used in morning news the Florence morning news today is increasing the size of its printing Type for greater ease in Reading. Available for testing purposes. This is the second major innovation in the morning cells from the Large number of baby deliveries in this country j every year. Monkeys for the vaccine pro Gram Are now obtained principally from India and they Are in great demand. Since monkeys arc also needed for testing polio vaccine some observers commented yesterday that a substitute method Tor virus growth would make More monkeys Washington july 1 City policeman As clerk of ready to join actively in the search recorder s court and appoint-1 for some acceptable basis on cd a two Man committee to i which the peace of the world can its spot news. I administration official said tonight Darlington Man Given sentence for contempt a new attempt by. Hep. Powell any to tack on an amendment against segregation in the National guard. Then it Defeated 1c i-52 a motion by ret Nelson it Maine to Send the Bill move has been deliberately mis informed mislead and falsely a neutered into a position which will ultimately do harm not Only to himself but our lie said the president is being Back Tii committee. Finally in used by a distinct minority of passed tin Bill and sent Illo the Senate. The votes on the Powell Amend ment and Nelson move were stand ing ones and the final decision was by voice vote because there was demand for a Roll Call. Thus there was i record of How individual members voted. However reporters noted that almost All republicans present and virtually All Southern democrats voted against the Powell Amend ment. It was supported by num friends and government officials also had brought terrific pressure on All members of the House to pass the Bill. Then the tall Well dressed negro challenged a hushed House to throw out his amendment on parliamentary grounds. Nobody an so it is not erroneous or sex Powell said. If was a last gesture. The House quickly voted the amendment Down. Bers of Northern democrats Amii a was a handful of republicans. Re moved a few minutes later. Rep. Bow it Ohio said he was with drawing an amendment barring the assignment of troops to 15 Allied nations which hold treaty Given jurisdiction Over american servicemen involved in criminal cases. Darlington july Weinberg was sentenced to four months in jail today by to. Wood passage came two Days after Eisenhower eluded the democratic controlled Congress for not acting on More of his legislation including die Reserve., Bill he has called vital to. The nation s Security. Ii is designed to increase the trained Reserve from men in four years largely through teen age volunteers for s x months training and years Reserve duty. The measure had been blocked Row Lewis resident circuit judge for attempting to influence a juror serving in general sessions court draw a list of 500 names for a recorder s court jury venire. Gay. 30. Of 1101 Edisto or. Was appointed on a three to two Vole by Council. Councilman Maitland s. Chase jr., who was joined in a nay vote by l. 0. Yarborough raid he did not know the former if communist China and the United states both Wisla Burma to do something in the interests of peace we Are quite prepared to do he said. He also told the journalists his country is determined to preserve its neutrality and will not give up Merly used by the paper its Way of life for some other As of the Dif. ,1 j 1 to 11 11 i Tell Lull a until Al Ltd 111 Voll Ltd joined the associated press wire photo network to understands Secretary of Wel Hyrc last week readers throughout the pee Dee spot pictures Culp we resign both Weinberg and e. H. Lien her Post in a week or so Nia be Dricks bad a can cited for contempt of court immediately following a the new Type designed with the Aid of readership experts is manufactured by the Mergenthaler Lino Type company of Brooklyn n. Y. It is called eight Point Corona and is far More legible than the seven and one half Point Excelsior for be it the communist Way ii vines Dik policeman and walled to study his Wes Emo Peun Way. American to Mcl be p background before hiring him. Firm and Lee Roy Harris head of the paper s mechanical depart ment. According to Harris each new Corona matrix letter Mold Cost 23 cent. More than of these new matrices were used in print sooner. Marion b. Folsom. Juror tary of he Treasury Lor some time has been tabbed As virtually certain to be mrs. Hobby s Suc Bose. That Weinberg. Accompanied by Hendricks had asked him to look out for him if there was Cessor if she leaves the Cabinet anything i could do to inc today s paper i mrs. Hobby could not. Be reached Weinberg s son Cecil Weinberg ?1 nets publisher j m immediately for comment on tried during the court session chs j sons ii i. i series of out Lnu cns1- mistrial. Mayor David h. Mcleod who recommended Gay. Said the new recorder s clerk would visit the co Lumbia recorder s court to study j their operations in an Effort to a be Way or any other the 48-year-old asian Leader has frequently spoken Lor a bloc of Neutral nations in Southeast Asia. Paragraph is set in the old seven and one half Point Excel o Dowd pointed out that Corona night s report on Type was selected because it has recent reports that she might leave n approved and is in use by a government service soon. Sior in use Bere since 1948. New Corona Type is Une sixth larg Muliose was not called to sit on in Case. Two Days later another hearing is set Summerton Case Columbia july 1 three temporarily in the House May Federal District court will when Powell got in an amendment. Prohibiting Federal assignment of segregated guard reservists to units. The vote then begin hearings Here july 15 into the Clarendon county school segregation Case. The . Supreme court ruled 120-117. Many supporters of the May 31 that local courts must Issue amendment actually were opposing id cries in Reg ails to school Sci the Reserve program itself. Under constant prodding by the president the House armed serv ices committee rewrote the Meas ure eliminating All reference to the guard and Send in. Back to the House. Oiler major provisions were left unchanged. Wilh supporters leaving him i Powell carried to the floor today juror a fight dial had seen him defy majority of the leading daily news president Eisenhower Loseman or. An-1 the president. Eisenhower asked Arkjer papers in the United slates. Than Excelsior and is mounted on larger Type naturally contrib asst. Secretary Earl Butz Wasja nine Point slug the to clarity in printing the news prove the keeping of Florence court records. In other business Council i j Jului 1 Puli with i plus Ollk 01 j.iiv-. Main Entrance of i Excelsior is set on an eight Point mrs. Hobby highly has said to court Noi Powell in a letter to Dron the told him some time ago she might contacted Weinberg segregation Issue because it would Bev 10 leave for personal reasons. Weinberg was sentenced to four i kill the Bill. The agriculture department today i when u no and his party arrived live minutes Early and behind a gave the final Reading to the finance increasing the minimum j in a manner who hich slug. I larger o Dowd said and husband former William a met be base which this Type lobby of Texas has been h tin concurrently. With arthritis. The morning perhaps i Crew working news water ral Esmo s2 inside the City not have earned Himl Sion of a. , mechanical straight a s at the state depart-1 Engineer for the Brooklyn Linotype the Corona changeover required mounted on allows for a greater j More than a week s preparation by amount of White space Between the j mrs. Hobby was described by Lewis dismissed Llen Dricks. A cation cases. The Clarendon Case was one of the original cases on which the supreme court based its edict outlawing segregation in pub Lic schools. The court will be composed of judge John j. Parker of Charlotte judge Armistead Doby of Charlottesville. Va., and judge George Bell Timmerman of Columbia. These Are the. Same judges who sat on the second hearing of the Case Here before the supreme court s decision. Both Clarendon county officials and negro leaders will be heard although the p r c s i d e n t had called such a proposal extraneous wore the court rules on the de Powell offered an amendment that George Keels a Florence Altor would mean teen agers Volunteer mechanical printed lines. Eye specialists have associates As Rel Clant to leave be Iney. Who represented the defend-1 ing for segregated guard segregation decree. And s4 outside asked City clerk s. Howard through Call in see if councilman b. Loor Sho Toti Inlo Gilbert s recommendation of Ine the new water rates on the elevators ready Here Billing cards could he put into of i it then he rushed to the prime approved Council Jinan mrs. Automobile with a warm Jinye w. Stevenson s request that the insurance on the. Fair ground buildings be increased after she termed them woefully under insure and gave the first two readings to the budget ordinance that Call or an appropriation of approximately s1.14s.ooo. Council will give the budget ordinance its final Reading at their july 18 meeting. The ordinance leaves i lie current property tax Levy at 60 Mills. Proven this White space contributes cause she has been working on asian is. Said tonight that Appeal Bond greatly to Eye Comfort and ease j new information setup for in department. Been filed and a notice of a peal will be Given. Units would lose the draft immunity they now have while serving in the guard. Zambone s meditations by Alley quota Cut May be presented for farm vote gop members join democrats in move to cancel Dixon Yates Alabama judge says decision covers class Birmingham Ala., july 1 a Federal judge Hobart grooms ruled today that the University of Ala Bama cannot refuse enrol Ament of negroes to the University. Washington july 1 joined by some of about two million Neth a Missi in a speech spine it can get out of the awful he had ruled wednesday that Dixon Vates private Power project i supporters concluded that in the ground already has been broken praised the administration for Dixon Yalcs contract University must not deny in storm Center Issue Between Light of this decision the Dixon Ifor the Plant. Dixon added that to abandon Roll Cal of two negro women be ssi Dent Eisenhower and Public Yates Plant is no longer needed tracts have been let for he said cancellation will Ken. Kefauver Mj-tcnn1 agreed of their race. He reserved Power advocates for More than a against this backdrop these equipment. By a costly business hut will be that because financing plans have his opinion As to whether the suit i year was wobbling on its last legs were the rapid fire developments if the con race is cancelled the Worth the Cost if the adminis Lra no Lieen finally approved under represented class action As the Over Ament would be called upon lion has at last Learned the lesson die terms of the contract it has women claimed. Today. Today Washington. July 1 Plant-1 n republicans Senate appropriations to reimburse Dixon Yates Lorac that an essential partner in any never actually come into opera. Judge grooms ruling Loday de ing of the flue cured tobacco crop would be Cut about 12 per cent under a proposed production joined jubilant democrats in a committee voted to withhold the Lual losses incurred. Partnership arrangement for the lion dared that the University is per move to withhold funds for a Power Ili z million dollars for the tva1 4. Eugene a. Yales chairman of development of electric Power is line to link the private project with transmission link to Dixon Yates he Southern co. Said in new York of the area too Mam Ful l says wu5hin dry Wellz 5rowed up 5o s Dey c d have a she Wiuff and marketing control program announced today by the agriculture department. J the proposal Calls for allotment unless they Are pro commitment to Supply its Power a of acres for next year s i Lac i needs and the Tva is relieved Kisun Hower last night in a sur Manenty enjoined and rom rained prise move ordered n new talk plam tills and tin government s Tennessee Valley if within a period of 90 Days alter per cd 7 at die while House press a decide whether to scrap no others similarly is lulled right authority system. Ibe approval of this act. The City ,0 Liberty said contract for the Best interest of "1c of Ala these funds i i million Memphis has made a Uvrl. Hughes people in die Tennessee Valley hami1 01 stale planting allotments will Mississippi River announced later. And the department also proclaimed began a new Sluda i quotas for next year subject earlier had proposed a Cullire .1 or lol of grief. If Memphis goes already has started the Ysl Udy inca. The president said pointedly race or color. Ahead and builds a Plant. Dial s ordered by risen lower and sex lie has advocated develop la against William Adams lean of admissions. said they Ould not Coli Ever Tolu suit was or Mashl Lac ministration committee joined Ben. He Lender Cost to cancel. Crop As compared with is completed its Power this own . Thai s where peels in make recommendations Merit of Power facilities through acres allotted Foghis years crop. ule 0, significantly. Sen. Bridges r. Shortage Yecs. Like Dixon. Next week. Hughes and local initial Vic and operation Whir chairman of the gop policy declined to estimate what it i sponsoring this move. Leader know lamp of d Liap mute if ens ill the Lii la House on die Senate floor was a names of Atli Cirinc and Polly Ann Myers Hudson both for them selves and All Oiler negroes Sini and Tva chairman Herbert d. As far As we re concerned Plant if quotas Are approved the 10sg n. No n in Mimm will to supported at 90 i by said. Con be sen. Anderson id Nobili Ivian of die Senate House chair because if said in would crop will to supported at 90 per we still have a Contrael with the built to provide to a cily Mian 01 me atomic no longer need to to meet cent of parity. If receded. There k ass vol so r now ill no Lluc atomic Energy commission Call thai does nol want Johnson in orgy committee said he Power needs. Thus in will he no Price supports. Project is killed. Inc completion of die Lisl unit predicted cancellation and called lives die con race can he. Tari concluded no Anan Gemenis be. I to thirds of die grower Voi inf these and Many other develop of die Plant by August i1ct. And dial die Graceful Way Mil no a Celd without Cost to the govern Iween die acc and Dixon yales Musl approve in make the Quolas Mesils slammed Irum an announce we will continue in go Iliad bad in a Senate Vecdi. In enl lie Siil arrange be predict need upon operative. Should ment by the City of Memphis. 3 a spokesman for the Lilily he said die Memphis action meals Lor die project Mill use of Dixon yales Power quoins or the p a inf. Lenn dial in will build us own obviously reckoning Wilh die pcs Slio Sibr put an end in die whole nol been Maple cd and because thai Leller seemed in pull die planting Allol meals Lor the two pow i Plant Rall Irr Minn Asci pm Sib Iii of enc Elilion Osl imaged of this in government of die i Ops from under the Dixon Yalcs years would of inn Unrod . Dixon Vales Power. Foes of the the uiililip.1. Already have incurred. 6. Across die Capitol lip. will now have a Hlll plan. Notice lir business and advertising offices of the Florence morning news i forc Llop i Ninny will Ranur lit i p. M. Eiith sol Uriley. These Ott tits will be from i n. M. In i p. A i Urlini he Civ

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