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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 1, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood morning it s sunday july our 50th year no. 182 daily 10sunday 15 Ervin s committee prepares to hear Mitchell Washington Rapi the Senate watergate committee is on a to Day july fourth Holiday but some members of the panel s staff arc staying behind to prepare for the interrogation of former ally. Den. John n. Mitchell whom one investigator Calls a mystery witness in Public statements. Mitchell has denied involvement in die watergate affair. Rut he reportedly told Senate investigators closet door meeting May 10 that he went along with paying Bush Money to the defendants in the watergate break in Case to i event further embarrassment to the Nixon re election Campaign. Mitchell headed that Campaign until twin weeks after the june 17. Break in and continued to advise president Nixon after leaving he directorship. Mitchell insisted however that he rejected cordon plan to Bug democratic National committee Headquarters in the watergate. His Deputy ice Stuart Magruder. Has testified that Mitchell approved the plan. Former White i Louse counsel John w. Dean Iii. Grilled by the Senate committee for five Days last week repeatedly swore president Nixon knew of die watergate cover up. One of Mitchell s lawyers has said he former attorney general will not corroborate that. Hut one Senate investigator said Mitchell s appearance in fore Ibe watergate panel May prove crucial. When we talked to the investigator said he did t Tell us anything we did l know and certainly nut everything he did the interview look place the Day Mitchell was indicted in new York in a Campaign financing Case. He spoke harshly will reporters outside i he interview room saying Only the indictment was one of the most irresponsible acts Ever to come the Justice department. He certainly was t that Way inside the one informant said. He was shaking so hard a committee stapler had to help him Light his pipe. I just would t iry to predict what someone like hat will say under Cross Cha Minalio with All the cameras on also among documents Dan turned Over to the committee last week was a memorandum from former White House intelligence operative John j. Viiu Field concerning income lax audits being conducted on die Hev. Hilly Graham and actor John Wayne both friends of i ii memo of isi7i. Is accompanied by a White House Muling slip addressed to Higby. An aide to former while House chief of staff . Hald Einan. Appearing next to initial a on Ibe slip is the notation next question can we do anything to help1 " then in different handwriting. No. It s already Mitchell Antiwar Compromise okayed by Congress Here come the actually three year old Laura Naff is fooling around with a towering helicopter simply for pleasure not business. She is one of the thousands who annually. Visit the Dinosaur like relics of America s air Power at the Florence air and missile museum on Highway 301. Laura visited Here saturday with her brother Scott and her parents or. And mrs. Edward Naff from Virginia. Photo by Johnny Ellis military draft expires today Washington Lai i on his sunday for the i isl Lime a 25 years there is no authority for the president to draft Mei into the military. A single sentence in the draft Law an i h o r i i n g conscription was allowed to expire Wilh Noel foil made to keep it alive. So now the armed forces lest an unprecedented Effort to maintain a Large volunteers Only million men and women. Many in die military arid in Congress express doubts that in will work although nobody has been drafted since last december As the Vietnam Era forces were reduced draft director Byron v. I Chilo Nellda reporter the Volun Leer Effort has been commendable so far and it can be effect Ive if All in the adminis ration iry to attain the goal. The first Bigles is occurring this summer Wilh new Croppi Job Hunting High school graduates. Meanwhile. The Pentagon notified the Justice department that in no longer will allow men under indictment for draft evasion toc Lisl in us armed forces and thereby escape prosecution. Many who volunteered toc Lisl under the old policy flunked out in the induction some escaped both prosecution and military service. Frank a. Martimo. Ass Island general counsel of die defense department told a reporter die services feel very Strong that they ton l want people under indic men or with felonies they Don t want to have the service considered an alternative Way to fulfil a criminal sentence. They want Guys thai Are so called whole men. That arc morn my. Physically fat and . Ally. James 0. Browningjr in san Francisco sail obviously this Means there will be fewer dismissals of charges More of them will have logo on this he said would have a snowball effect in clogging up courts in his District where draft cases still make up about .10 per cell of the docket. Selective service files show Bat on May there were 5.597 draft cases pending under indict Cal and another 5.766 re ported to the Justice department but Rol yet indicted. The 5.597 indicted includel.600 who were fugitives. Although the president s draft authority has expired Thi remainder of the selective service act is in Force and inc draft machinery will be Kepi on a standby basis. Men Are stil required to Register during the period 30 Days before and .11 Days Afler their 18th birthday. Epilone plans to hold an annual lottery each year for Mei turning during that Carto provide a readily available poo it the need arises for reviving inc draft. I Lowcher. Selective service May have to do Sam extra Bell tightening. Its budget request for million in his new Fis Cal year was pared own by the House to million the Senate appropriations committee Cut it to million the Pasi week infant found London Lapi a seven week old infant kidnapped from her baby Carriage five Days ago was found by police saturday night in a wooded area. Scotland Yard said. The infant was in poor condition authorities said. Scotland Yard said the baby. Kristen full in. Was found in a heavily wooded area of. Keston. Southeast of i Ondon. Police had conducted a nationwide search for the child. A doctor revealed after the infant disappeared thai inc child needed regular drug realm enl fora nervous condition and could have suffered brain damage and convulsions unless she was found quickly. It was not immediately known if die infant s poor condition was due to the Lack of drug treatment sinc she disappeared. Krislyn stolen from her baby Carriage outside a Public toilet in suburban Bromley last monday apparently had been left in die Woods for up to 3fi hours authorities said. No arrests were announced in the Kidnap drama Hal has dominated the front pages of Irlish newspapers for a week. Kristen was rushed to Hospital where spokesman said the baby seems to be in poor Kristen s condition is causing Art Ziely. Said detective chief superintended Alan Jones. Leader of inc search. The prematurely born child needs three daily doses of to prevent convulsions Washington al i Congress finished and Send to president Nixon saturday historic legislation culling off All funds for the eight year old combat involvement in Indochina As of aug. 15 the House and then the Senate voted inc Olf into a measure slip up Federal spending authority past inc end of the fiscal year at Midnight saturday. The Compromise was Send to Nixon who has indicated he will sign it. It prohibits any spending alter aug. 15 to support directly or indirectly combat activities by . Military forces in or Over or from off the shores of North Vietnam. South Vietnam. The House approved the measure 2ix to 75. Inc Senate gave in congress1 final approval with a voice Vole. Liy writing the same inn Cut off in another Bill Friday night. Congress had Caneady accepted the Compromise Wilh president to Hall the direct . Combat role aug. 15 the Compromise avoided a constitutional i Isis Hal threatened to Cut off Legal spending for the Federal govern Mienl at saturday Midnight in a standoff la Law cedi lie president v and Congress Over lie War. It also appeared to end a four year is niggle Between die president and Congress on Ball ing the Wiir. Wilh both Camps saying there an no Clear winners. President Nixon s Compromise pledge As relayed by House Republican Leader Gerald h. Ford i widay. Is thai he will not continue military Ali vile. In Southeast Asia past aug. 15 unless Congress specifically approves in. The president also promised to sign legislation culling off War funds then. Ford said hut would Sci any earlier the restrictions. However. Do not or Uhitil financial support of the South vietnamese and other allies fighting in Indochina. At the California White House presidential assistant Melvin Laird said Nix on would sign All the Bills rushed through prior in the Holiday recess lint not necessarily on saturday. He said. I think we be come a lung Way and the president is very pleased Wilh the co operal Ive spirit of the Congress facing up to these very problems in Ibe last weeks of the some of the War s severest critics including Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield i ii Gill . Lie called in a capitulation and Ai Aluli Lalicin of what he contended is Congress exclusive sen. Thomas f. Kagl Clon. Called ,1 a Sanction for i More Days of Cambodia bombing and sen. Kalward m. Kennedy. A class said Blixie shed Between now and aug. In will in on the bands i hi1 but sen. Ian. Fulbright. Dark. Inc chairman of the foreign pc alums committee hailed the Aure Emend and said "1 am unable to see any substantive distinction Between die lit Erent wording no the Antiwar amendments. This is. I Hope. The end of a very Long and tragic of ibis country in in ainu sen. Frank Church. Had the pm off should be As die one they could gel since the House Wijus Naif have the in thirds vote to override inc veto an immediate Cul off. Neither Weyl to Sirceal Nixon s supporter.-. Such As. La p Uhlian Leader Ford Happy with Ibe Compromise limiting Nixon s Ellor Force a Cambodia cease fire. Bicentennial plans not going too Well the Bicentennial Celebration will be Here in three years but in May not turn out to be very extravagant. Page 4d. If Vul lung lived in the West Fie would be a Good company Man but in the East he s just another communist. Page 12d. The tiny italian town of Cesi has plenty of priceless Art but very lit file Protection. Page so. Index arts 9b business Horoscope pets sports women 6a 8b 6b 1b 1c weather partly Cloudy and warm is forecast for today. Highs upper 80s. Lows mid 60s. Details Page 3a. Not licked yet exhibit Long perfect form a Young competitor gets All wrapped up in her Effort to win the Watermelon eating contest a highlight of saturday s 3lsf annual Hampton county Watermelon festival. A heavy Rains bring floods to Northeast by Thi j kiss six persons were known dead and damage was mounting saturday As heavy weekend Rains which belled the Northeast Send creeks and Rivers cascading through communities in Vermont and Southeastern Pennsylvania. Vermont appeared the hardest hit with its governor calling in one of the Gre Alesi disasters in he stale s history. Some minor flooding or the danger of it. Also was reported in new Jersey. Massachusetts. New Hampshire. Conne Licul and Maine. Twenty four hours o heavy rain on Vermont s Green mountains washed into die slate s myriad of River s and saturday. Three persons were reported dead because of the floods and the damage said by gov. Thomas p Salmon to be in inc ii is obviously a profound disaster Salmon said after a helicopter tour of tin stale a Large portion of Vermont will Haw Lone the National weather service s River forecast Center at Hartford. Conn., issued a flood warning for communities along the Connecticut River in Vermont. New Hampshire. Massachusetts and Conne Licul. It said flooding would continue for he next several Days. The River is the largest in the new England Region civil defense officials said the Marl Ford. And Lebanon. . Areas might be in the the worst flooding since social Security increase is approved by cd Mon Lelir Eton associated press Wriler Washington a Congress swiftly approved legislation saturday to increase benefits for million social Security recipients by 5.6 per cent beginning a year from now. A payroll lax increase for persons earning More than accompanies the Benefit raise. The maximum additional sum any employee would pay a Cal year is the provisions were grouped with a number of others in two composite Bills which also extended the National Deb ceiling beyond saturday mind Dahl. By Lale afternoon the Bills were passed by both Cham hers and sent Tofic while Louse a series of compromises averted the threat lha president Nixon would veto the Bill containing inc social Security changes. Melvin h. In gird. Nixon s dome slip affairs chief said at the California White House that die president would sign the modified Bills. A veto threat was a major Factor in the House s refusal Friday to pass legislation which was similar hut contain act an earlier social Security increase. House Senate conferees worked through most of saturday on modifications. The major change was to postpone the social Security Benefit increase and related raises in Oiler social programs so that the first larger payment would not be made until july. 1871. Rather than May. Thus. The of Eccl on inc budget for the fiscal year ending june .10. Was minimised. In addition to die social Security general increase. The legislation would raise guaranteed Federal minimums under special programs for the aged Blind and disabled to Sefl a month for an individual. For a couple up from the present and respectively. The change would be effective 1974. Effective . 1. The amount a social Security pensioner could earn without having Bis benefits reduced would to increased from s2.iootos2.-Ioo. Also on Jan. 1. The maximum wage base on which he 5.85 per cell social Security payroll lax applies would go up to ii is this year and. Under previous Law. Would have gone up 1971. Action on the social Security Bill was lied to Bills which would extend inc limit on die National debt

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