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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - January 31, 1958, Florence, South CarolinaV Friday morning january 31, 1958 the Florence morning news. Florence. S. C. Page ii to your Good health by or. Joseph g. Molner m. D. There have been Many inquiries about leukaemia. Here s a recent letter i want to know More about cancer of the blood or leukaemia. I went to a doctor who took a blood test. The haemoglobin was Low and he said something about he White corpuscles being off too. 1 am also anaemic. Mrs. right there is one reason Why i m not Overly anxious to write much about leukaemia or blood every blood test that in t quite Normal will cause somebody to worry about having cancer of the my theory of health is that people will be Healthiest and happiest if they will do three things 1 Don t w0rry about what might Hap pen because most of the times it does to 2 have a family doctor and have an occasional checkup 3 i get Busy at once if there Are any real reasons any symptoms that seem genuinely serious. Now a blood count reduced number of red cells is one cause of anaemia Low production of White cells will reduce resistance 10 infections. But neither of these Means leukaemia cancer As you know can be defined As a condition in which the tissue cell s Start reproducing at a monstrously High rate. Leu Kemia has a similar characteristic some of the blood cells Are produced too rapidly. And when this happens it is to be expected that the cells Are imperfectly formed hence cancer of the blood is a fair name for leu Kemia. In one form of leukaemia there May be 50-tees As Many White cells As Normal. But remember this there Are different forms of leukaemia involving different kinds of cells lymphocytes monocytes Granulocytes. There Are also two major differences. One is acute leukaemia which strikes rapidly and terribly and is the Type which is most often seen in children. With this life can be extended for year or perhaps More beyond the few months which used to be the usual maximum. And then there is chronic leu Kymia which does t often develop until the patient is at Leas in the latter 30 s or so. With the chronic Type patients Are often so successfully treated that the have Many years of Normal life so you can see How much differ once there is Between acute ant chronic. Treatments involve a Ray nitrogen Mustard radioactive phosphorus urethane cortisone and others. Leukaemia and anaemia Are no the same although of course blood distorted by leukaemia Wil result in some symptoms Resech Ling test Wil show the difference very clearly while leukaemia is a serious a ease i Don t want readers worry ing that a Low blood count mean leukaemia. It does t. It s a quit different situation and your Doc Tor is going to have no difficult in distinguishing the uncommon leukaemia cases from the common anaemia cases. In the Case of children wit acute leukaemia we must Admi frankly and sadly that Only Limi de life remains. However sine modern drugs Are succeeding i extending life and Happy temporarily Normal life too for year or sometimes several years we May be on the track of further note to mrs. A trichome As vaginal is is caused by a pro Zoan and i like your doctor s Esprit option of this Little thing hich like a germ is far too mall to see he Calls it a parasite that refuses to and while the individual parasite ies it leaves further generations anyway it will not affect the health of your child soon to be Orn but it is a sort of infection hich you should presently have heated so you can Clear it up. It an in the Long run be a Nui Ance to you and perhaps set the Tage for further infections. So on t fret about it but Don t for get to have it treated and cured after the baby is born. Measles can be fatal to Young Hildren. For an explanation of he seriousness of this disease write me in care of this news Aper requesting my pamphlet measles the harmless and enclose a Large self addressed stamped envelope and 5 cents Coin to cover handling. Or. Molner welcomes All read r mail but regrets that due to he tremendous volume receiver ally he is unable to answer individual letters. Readers ques ions Are incorporated in his co urn whenever possible. Discoveries which will extend this me or even cure the disease. But get now acute leukaemia is some Ling that we can hold off for a title while and then we must Bow its ravages. The first american Ocean going hip was the an open Dick vessel of 30 tons which Vas launched in Maine in 1607. Across 1. Vestment 4. Food fish. 8. Unmask 12. Tibetan Gazelle 13. Surface i. Street 14. Dutch cheese 15. Nocturnal Bird 16. Herring sauce 17. Departed 18. Tear 21. Charmed 32. A few 33. Perceive 34. Animal doctor 85. Drink of Honor and mulberries 38. Reddish Brown color 88. Salty 39. Effort 41. Attire 44. Not warm 45. Opening 43. Chills and fever ibb Sci Haqq Dob Amati shh Asiaa a aaa a i 23. The talmud 49. Prong 27, Ore deposits 28. In favor of 28. June Bug 30, lyrics 31. Wrong doing 50. Soap ingredient 81. Blind As in hawking 82, coasting vehicle e3. Affirmative solution of Yei Kerdiy t Puzzle Down 2. Moo 3. Writer of ballads 4. Places at intervals 6. Pulled with Force 6. Affirm with Confidence s3 7. Polygon having 10 sides 8. Cover with jewels 9. Commotion 10. Norse sea goddess 11. Scotch Uncle 19. Playing cards 20. Thrice prefix 21. Luster 22. Roundup 24. Reverently 25. Style of 26. Mountain Crest 28. Suit the shape 31. Chooses 32. Musical composition 34. Provoke 35. Posted 37. Resist authority 38. Hock 40. Vex 41. Vapor 42. Years of one s 43. Regret 46. Affirmative vote 47. Vegetable far time 26 min. The family guide shopping habits can become bothersome by Kiplinger Agency q. My wife is pretty Good about not buying too much or buying More than she needs. But some times she buys a hat or some thing for the House without any thought. I Don t understand this. Is there any reason for it or. 0. N., Miami. Florida a. Consider yourself Lucky. If your wife shops this Way Only in frequently you re a lot better off Dennis the menace i m ieawm1 him everything i by Jimmy Halo they la do it every time Sut when me comes to he does t Call it Calls it getting rolled Loose xw3xihd f is this the joint you keep the change buy a ourself a race horse see whatthe.term1tes in the ceulai2 j Guy Bruno i Kemem 8er he did t Sive me Back my change a the h4tlo i Todoc Rockwell South kit Maine. Than Many Tiu bands. Shopping surveys have shown at Only three out of every Tan purchases Are firmly decided Pon before a shopper Ever gets a store. The remaining seven re purchases resulting either of some vague Advance plan r from a Spur of the moment de Ision. Furthermore almost half f All purchases Are made com lately on impulse. Advertising agencies manufacturers and stores have made t difficult to resist Many Pur chases. They know what colors attract. They also know How to package articles to transform hem into Eye appealing morsels and they have made it convenient o pick up items and carry them Home with Little or no trouble. Your wife obviously is a Gooc shopper and probably follows some shopping rules. But these calculated stimulants cooked up he Trade prey on the subconscious too. Perhaps then it is the emotional mood your wife is in when she buys the extras you consider unnecessary. For instance during a period f stress your wife is More Likely o Rush out and buy something to compensate Tor her Low Down Eeling. Or if a family crisis has been settled and she feels boundless enthusiasm she is Likely to buy anything unless she is careful. There Are other times too when your wife might buy impulsively. During personal Lone iness when there is a feeling of icing rejected or out of things impulsive spending becomes common palliative your wife might also buy something she does t need after a period of Long restraint. So if you have received a raise or inherited property right at the time she has t bought anything for a Long while it s quite pos sible she might be tempted then. Don t forget that your wife and other women Are not the Only Cul prits. Many men do the very same thing. In moderation buying on impulse May be perfectly All right. Given full rein it can be devastating. Monday How to ask for a raise if expenses have you worried perhaps you need budget. Write to the family guide in care of this newspaper for a free copy of family budget How to set it masonic notice special communication of Amity Lodge no. 340 . Will be held at the masonic Temple on Friday evening Janu Ary 31 for the purpose of conferring the master masons de Gree. Members urged to attend visiting masons welcomed. Refresh ments. L. J. Pope jr., . Dan m. Holladay sect. Jan. So 31 of How could you Jill clean my pipes with soap and water dear 111 pm using your shaving Brush they got so Strong i had to Wash them what s become of my til pipes As soon As i Subr thins in closer i want i to Pitta bur6lar proof lock in poor Huper Over it s father in is Arron tomorrow a i6s5, in t this Viv father comes Here for a visit Bein Showa his stronger an1 More reliable than fact than anyone. In the whole it s a either one o us gits Kilt to other one will support the to we Waverly Weil you took sorry Max your time about 6ettin6 those file track talks to play them a Day to hat s or so. Your then if you phone decide you want to sell i la buy. School superintendent. Home addresses Pantsos natural instinct is to grab the records and run but he looks about and reconsiders. After Paluthe situation Calls for finesse they be both wonderful girls. Excellent studemt1s with spotless reputations. If Vou Don t want to sell them it s All. Right i oops of apr Opp a this one is yours , Humphrey helpful Wilt be waving Fella alone of my i Hope u i us help Hurt Happy Landing Twe Akers of. Now Lorn a m Down. Every him s All right Tell 313 Yeve found Iona amp Ever Wolf Pup s been leading me to i n Only Hope it s anything they be found a Nim Pessy put a Call through in s flaws. The Piatt in t Worth the Price. We be Sot to warn Hutchins fast. To Hutchins behave at Hitchins i a revi5cp report a Hutchins Survey that came Najuck consultants on that tru Une Plant

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