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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - January 30, 1958, Florence, South CarolinaThursday morning january 80, 1958 the Florence morning news. Florence. S. C. To your Good health by or. Joseph g. Molner m. D. Dear or. Molner can you Tell me Why when i work the mid night shift 1 feel tired and Don t have any Pep is there anything i could take to make me feel better some people slide into a mid night shift easily and comfortably. Others find it hard to adjust to. Generally speaking i think most people have some trouble in the beginning. I be been through this matter of changing hours myself. It s also hard to switch the other Way. If you get used to working at night and then change to regular hours it in t easy to get yourself awake in the morn to go to bed at the time that is required if you re going to arise Early. In a word it s not easy to change your habits. Now Friend c.k., you did t Tell me How Long you be been on the Midnight shift but i rather suspect that it has t been for any great length of time it is usually the first few Days or the first several weeks that seem difficult. After that you adjust and things Are Normal again. One thing i had to learn was what to Tell people who Hac babies when father worked nights. The Best answer is to let the Young conform to the family schedule to a considerable extent. A baby you la discover perhaps to your Surprise learn with the greatest of ease whether to Wake up at 6 . Or to sleep until 11. Nothing in nature decrees that you must Rise and set with the Sun. All that is required is that you get enough rest ant that Ynn follow some sort of regular schedule. You can change the schedule but you soon Fine that the new one is All right too but when you be been getting up mornings and sleeping night All your life and then Start living upside Down hours you wonder a first if something in t wrong wit it you remember the adage Abou Early to bed and Early to and you forget that the Sayin was coined Long before we Hai factories Street cars Powe plants and other things that Haig be kept going 24 hours a Daj yes and hospitals. Lack of Pep on a Midnight Shil if usually due to one or More o these tilings inadequate sleep poor meals nerves and worry. You can be healthy eating sup per instead of breakfast s Long As your meals add up t enough of the right foods. To can be healthy sleeping Days o sleeping nights if you be enough rest. But if you Don t sleep enough and at regular hours if you Don eat right and if you Don t Sto worrying for fear there is some thing wrong with the hours Voul suffer. I Don t recommend pills 0 drugs. I do recommend that to get enough sleep and the High Ood and remind yourself that millions of people work nights and Arlve. And one More thing for ome an Eye mask to keep Light it can do wonders in giving you sound Day s sleep. Dear or. Molner How can one Ell when a bottle of iodine is Resh mrs. It retains its Potency if kept Ghaly stoppered. It loses strength thing on the Medicine shelf with 10 Seal broken rather than on in druggist s shelf. The same is Rue of aspirin. For a reasonable Ime after you get either one it vill remain fresh enough. If of be had either Long enough to vender about the Potency it s Heap enough to buy a new one guess. Dear or. Moiner my husband As a Lump on the Back of his Eck which the doctor said is in Orna or cyst. It does t bother Lim at All. If it is not removed is Here any danger of it becoming malignant no. The Only reason for remove would be for cosmetic t does t look Good. Attention All women for my new pamphlet the pre men Witrual write to me in can of this newspaper enclosing arge self addressed stamped envelope and 5 cents in Coin to cover handling. This pamphlet a help you or. Molner welcomes All Reade mail but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received daily he is unable to answer individual letters. Readers ques ions Are incorporated in i column whenever possible. Across 1. Break off suddenly 5. Deprive of rank 11. Shawl 12. Wandering 13. Ferryman of the styx 14. Second Selling 15. Parcel of ground 16. Gral Latoria Bird 18. Sesame in. Afresh 21. Spread to dry 2 2. Ossified tissue 23. Utah s nickname 25. For. Cap 26. Craves 28. Boasts 31.irked 35. Unusual 36. Insect 37. Rational 38. Wine vessel 39. Shine 41. Large cask 42. Occult doctrine 44. Uniform 46. Ancient or. Country 47. Rub out 48. Kind of firework 49. Nick solution of yesterday Puzzle Down 1. Declares 2. And not 3. Opposed to aloft 4. Latin household gods 5. Ventured 3s 6. Danish weights j. Liquid measures abbr. 8. Speaker 9. Salty 10. Small opening 11. Gleamed 13. Dressed 17. Action to recover property 20. Splitting device 22. Conquers 24. Thing in Law 25. Wager 27.treated 28. Tonic 29. Jersey River 30. Kind of gum 32. Newest 33. Accustom 34. Refuse 36. Explosion 39. Adhesive 40. Mud 43. Noah s boat 45. Front Par time 2? min. The family guide Tell Job conditions for by Kiplinger Agency q. My wife and 1 would like to move to Florida now that our Chil Dren Are All married. I have Sev eral years before i retire but we feel the climate would Benefit us. Would a Job be hard to get there i a min the building Trade. Or. G. N., Columbus 0. A. Some people move to Florida each week to make it their permanent Home. This contributes Dennis the menace notice to creditors All persons having claims or d mands against the estate of Thomas Nowlin deceased Are requested to present the same itemized and verified to the under signed duly qualified executor of said estate within the time pre scribed by Law six months and All persons indebted to the said estate Are asked to make prompt payment to the undersigned. Otis Nowlin Tiloute no. 1 Effingham s. C. Jan. 30-feb. 6-13. Dost scold in Fflint of thinks i m a big to the fact that the state is one the fastest growing areas in Merica. And since growth Means ipod Unity the natural assume on is that in addition to being a wonderful place to live Florida is very Ideal place to find a Job. Unfortunately that Assumption s Only partly True. Most people aside from retired folks who move to Flordia have to make sacrifice because Competition is o High. Therefore it in t unusual o find engineers or skilled tool and die makers working in a drug Tore or hotel at to a week. In the building Trade Hough you probably would have a better Chance of getting a Job this is because construction from All present indications is going to e up in Florida this year. It i expected that houses and Public building starts will be above aver age for the country As a whole but you will want to be smar about this move. Don t just Loac up the car sell what belonging of re not going to want in Flor a and Start South. Better do ome investigating first. Study up on the slate right away it Florida newspapers if you can and read their want ads. Rea about the state to get an idea o what different localities Are like then visit Florida. Go to those cities you think you might like o live in. Which ones have wha you want and which ones migh vant what you have to offer ask people who know. To the state employment service of Iob information or local chamber of Commerce and other groups they will be realistic about opportunities. If you can possibly land a to before you move All the better then you won t have to wait it of after you arrive. If you Don t a Job be sure you have some r sources you can depend on. Authorities say you should be or pared to support yourself and Yoi wife for six months to a Yea be prepared to take a Little Les in salary than you do now. Be haps you la have to do some othe kind of work than what you r trained for at least for awhile if you Lay the groundwork of this move you la find it will b a great Deal and financially. Tomorrow wife buys on impulse is this unusual put your Best foot Fonda when looking for a Job. Write the family guide. In care of this newspaper for a free copy of looking for a Iob How to write yourself by Jimmy Halo they la do it every time right yes indeed i be Beem think in5 of Cuttles do Whf we a memo to the there Italy swy enough work foe two secretaries mister Toome Vand i be seem doin5 All. Of Roseola s work slice. Beem Roseola s Job for months finally succeeds in her out of the firm alto6ether she got me the Job her seems such a waste still Eta s Tavvo nieces to work big dome ought to be x4rred Aho it s 4 crying sr4me. Quitting right chief Mourner when the ,4xe is dropped right Vou it s Nic to talk top m t 1 thrown into the you insects you is Popup it Vii an j5i6ht6 with we per ordered Germany Jan. 29 lift. The Shah n iran and his Queen Soraya. Live ordcrci1 Vorih of Dinni rare from a a Arian porcelain company. Han and reception Sels in lie Gold arc sold with tin Imperial arms j will inlay 5.u3i pieces. He s spoiled my whole i cant bawl him out and he s started a Nthole new project without i having to beaked it looks Good itsama2ing--Allhis work is up to Date and All his figures balance i m going Check on Dagwood ill bet his work is Way behind . Jim i i Oan know xxi had a ma6gie i know where s Lou would Leash Ive a Ndu re a changed my mid o no in please take fifi to for a walk be seen with that termite be s Promise each us gits Kilt t other will support his fambw.7 Tass Nice. When dome Start of he s prob la someone he s decided to become a executive doa Dob he Hain t got brains Muff to to Why can t you Lla take k much interest in our bread and Frank i what you said to Lou Blanket an e insurance commercial j perfectly Okay into thl Bridie table conversation fhe girls urge is to run. Pants takes a step toward them something phony about this Helen. Maybe these records found grooves underneath the labels. We were on our was Home to Plav them remember we cast fifty dollars fort to fifty dollars. What do Vou . Sur of b fore you 60, i d like per your join us in a Toast an Don t s Only Vurry mild punch. Gary.-. If Humphrey Posen t propose., i la be on that Midnight boat for Baron s Island psst.8ut.jvy-.the Baron s Island Story is the 6reatest scoop in history. I simply can t afford to lose it p5st.y-you.you How Cape you1? you proposed to me just to make sure i Don t marry Humphrey and quit your press service this is Chance i Muti would Only listen to me what you Donsee wont bother you to Ftp watch it Here comes of shut your eyes another Lorna mama be 0rave Why 15 Lorna so far from Home and How did weaker manage i to getaway from her Don t Vou fret it la wait Here with Waker 1 Hal Nile every we will find weaker soon do Mot owe up thing first andthehorse5 Wolf pups found Ometh Inq. Of 5 King of late for me to set around to like this. But if Vou think it s ridiculous its. It s a woh Delful thought Ben. Jussi verb a Little time consider it. Ben Hutchins Don t you talk the Vay it s not

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