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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - January 29, 1958, Florence, South CarolinaWednesday morning. January 23 1358 Borj Finch morning news. Florence s. A v to your Good health by or. Joseph g. Molner m. D. Dear or. Molter please Tel me what to do for cracked lingers that won t heal. They always crack and split open on the what causes fingers to crack usually excessive dryness by what causes the dryness a the causes afe too numerous to men Tion but i la name the common or ones the fingers become dry. Pres sure on the fingertips and since we use our hands All the time the pressure is always occurring causes them to split. Dryness can result from cosmetics cleaning fluids soap Anc let agents oils paints allergy i you happen to be allergic to whal you handle and Many other things once a crack occurs some Low Grade infect Tom is Likely to find foothold and while the infection May not turn into what we regard As a seriously infected it is en6ugh to prevent closing and Healing and the opening be comes sorer As it remains unhealed. To soften the skin is an excellent Aid. It May How Ever be necessary to Wear Light Cotton gloves at night after you have applied it or some Otner softening Cream. If there is some infection present your doctor May suggest other mild but helpful application. A Vitamin supplement May help. Adequate diet is always import ant to us and quite aside from Lack of vitamins older people and possibly younger ones May also be lacking in enough a deficiency of i Otelin definitely makes the skin More subject to cracking and splitting. And if you happen to be allergic to soaps cleansers or whatever the use of rubber gloves in doing household chores can at times work wonders quite aside from the physical support that the gloves provide for the damaged skin. Dear or. Molner my pet Peeve is the bad manners and the bad health practices of people who cough and sneeze without cover ing with a handkerchief. It. Is my opinion that Many illnesses Are transmitted this Way. If True Why the lethargy about this habit one of these Days i m going to forget my upbringing turn around on the bus and let one of these people get my sneeze blast right in the Friend i m blessed if 1 can see Why you would t be justified in sneezing Back except it has been my experience that when somebody is hacking sniffling and sneezing at usually in tire Best of health and have no germs to sneeze Back at pm frustrating in t it dear or. Molner please Send me your Booklet. How to tame enclosed you w i 11 find 20 cents plus a Long self addressed stamped envelope. I am one of the Host of persons afflicted with migraine pc. Has it Ever occurred to the medical profession that this minor but excruciatingly painful Malndy stands Between mediocrity and Success in one s chosen yes the thought has occurred since so Mant famous people have succeeded in spite of that or other handicaps i hesitate to say that even painful and persistent ailments prevent Success. At the same time i agree that migraine is a heavy Burden to carry. The Booklet you asked for has a Large Section devoted just to migraines. One idea not mentioned there but occasionally successful is taking a few sniffs of oxygen. I Don t mention it As a cure it s just a sometimes successful trick when other methods fail. Why suffer from sinus Trou ble much can be done to help you and it is explained in my Booklet you can Stop sinus to receive your copy write to me in care of this news paper enclosing a Large self addressed stamped envelope and 20 cents in Coin to cover handling. Or. Molner welcomes All Reader mail but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received Dally he is unable to answer individual letters readers questions Are incorporated in his column whenever possible. Pine tree Day set at Kingstree Kingstree Jan. 28 a Pine tree featuring the soil Hank Pine tree care and Woodland practices will be held thursday afternoon at the Douglas Joye farm two Miles South of him noway on the Nesmith Highway. The demonstrations will begin at p. M. And continue through 4 p. M. Five demonstrations of 20 minutes duration will be presented according to r. A. Jackson Wil Ramsburg county agent. Across 1. Baseball Glove 5. Conceit Colloq. 8. Mass of floating ice 12. Palestine seaport 13. Hurried 14. Italian River 15. Traders 17. Dens 18. 19. Speed contest 20. Jury 22. Proclaims 25. Ended 26. Pursues one s Way 27. Higher 28. Played the first card 29. Heaps 30. Possessive pronoun 31. Comparative suffix 32. Under 33. Festive 34. Little Star 36. Medicinal Herb 37. Mental abilities 38. Shortening 39. Orri mental balls 41. Remit 44. Malignant 45. Remote 46. Meadows 47. Affix a time solution of Puzzle Down 1. Insane 2. Frozen dessert 3. Educated 4. Bank officer 9. Horizontal 10. Cube Root of one 11. Goddess of Dawn 16. Building Angle 5. Strays from if. Dresses the truth 48. Conjunction 6. Auto fuel 49. Units of 1. Along work 8. Uproar the three h s nowadays Rock Els rackets and rolling. Pad time to min. Of Wool 19. Resume 20. Long pieces of Wood 21. Ward off 22. Bondman 23. Combats Between two 24. Fine Mist 26. Tricks 29. Hides 30. More convenient 32. Part of a harness 33. Rinse Throat 35. Expect 36. Thick Black liquid 38. Ruler 39. Flower plot 40. Topsy s Friend 41. Cooling device 42. Turf for fuel 43. Worm 45. Note of the scale b o z o h a letter Tor miss cookie Bumstead cookie Vou re not getting letters from 1 you can t a lao have some Tovac when she read her mail f3it s just am advertisement 1 a but i m having a picnic with it the Butcher i wish sub and said that invt re fin66r s y to dinner order was Finger delivered Here x. By mistake i Mastne anybody serving such a common dish we must have some vul6ar Neihbors that stupid Bov left the wons package your meat order mrs. Ji665 the family guide How to get help m a Sairah Hopes to Kin visit to leaves town by order o the Board o health stay West Long Tufft go.1 Huntin Eagle aids like we used Hus both executive i is about to provide so if Lulu pay act f the Retro More life through congressmen by Kiplinger Agency q. I want to write to my con Gressman but How can i be assured that my letter will get Hii attention some friends of mine wrote last year but got the Saint replies. I need personal attention for my problem. It concerns m business. Or. R. E., new York new York a it is True that half of a con Gressman s staff May devote Ful Dennis the menace obey Calls water Wawa. Boy Ain t that some Way to talk they la do it every time by Jimmy Halo All of the older harrumph sit 01 or Mars in front4md the younger ones st4nd in r a bomb could t evacuate the front rows time to Case is constituent requests. If your friends were writing to him at the suggestion of a group or Organiza Tion then they probably would have received similar answers. However writing about a per Sonal matter which you think your congressman can help you solve is another thing. To win his car you might wish to Foh Low some of these suggestions when you write. They May help. First of All be specific about the problem. Dvoie your letter Only to that and keep it Brief. Don t ramble on and on about the matter or insert need less detail. Don t rant about what he has to do about it. Make your letter neat and Type it if possible. Be individual. Use your own stationery and put Down your oven reasons in support of the course you would like him to follow. State the local Point of View. Sinde the problem concerns your business there May be similar feelings among other businessmen in your area. Let him what they think. Pot in a personal touch. Tell him for example that you Are aware of his interest in certain measures relative to your or that you have heard him speak. Don t sound off but be reasonable. The More Businesslike your letter is Chance you la have. Don t write to a congressman who in t from your area for he will Only Forward the letter. This May seem obvious but it happens All the time. Don t put off writing Tinti it is too late for your representative to do anything about the matter. One last Point Don t fail to in clude All the information he will need to help you in the Case you Sci before him. Tomorrow Are jobs available in Florida if you have a. Problem write to the family guide in care of this newspaper. A copy of the j practical family Success Book will be sent to the persons whose questions Are published. Lake City Church gets redecoration special to the news Lake City Jan. 28 work Nas been under Way this month on redecorating the Sanctuary of the Lake City presbyterian Church of which Rev. W. H. Boyd s pastor. The Walls have been painted a Shade of Green and the work work in hate. During the redecorating All new outside doors have been in stalled and the Organ Morel to he Center of the choir loft. The Church committee in charge is been Herman Matthews chair Man Ross Daniel or. L. B. King w. A. Pollack mrs. J. S. Dixon sr., mrs. W. Lee Flowers and mrs. W. R. Pritchard. Suppose at the right moment l of of Gre Don t mention and casually remark that Vou won atriptherela5tyeakforyour a ski on service to know How an started that Beauty and brains never come in one facka6j.l sex look i promised Pwu 1 i say no More would t talk insurance. To if rank i did t How Promise that you would to what Levou take for them girls take for them of we Vul in t sell these records for i read about Vou. J collect old records for my disk jockey show p where Vou found 2 Antiques. We did. Here they Are How did Vou know Vou re Janie Smith and Helen Brown Aren t oui psst Usten Ivy. I know this is you marry me3 he s a real accommodation gentleman news service will fold without Ivy. I la propose to her gosh or. J i m Shore Olad you happened alone will you oblige me an Pance with heft this j know you dont want Isa 70 risk most private important assign party went of your life. So i arran6ed for the you Baron s Island to pick you up Here Ivy its the Only was to i la help you get a Start spread Measle few Tif bit Cones not Elf you of fish Tii elite Don t to c5uin6a Soin to m school m a wary one of with pm i specially z Vou find her k now Well find mama she is posted p Lorn a for be tweaked Iona must be in a bad a rail state with weaker gone be Jug All find Lorf a ror a vow i v c. C o o a o z it sort of keeps you be Sot to under stand Jessica j have a business Empire to Holp together. It s a desperate situation from Savins. From a5kin6 something 1-Jso you p marry sen hutchins., a makria6e of what a Beautiful estate you have Paula. In fact. In fact it s too that s a strans6 thins to say Ben what do Vou

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