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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - January 27, 1958, Florence, South CarolinaPage 4 the Florence morning news Florence s. C. Monday morning january 27, 1058 David Lawrence says fun Bluhn to the Florin pruent compion John u. O Dowd _ i week i Monib .40 .40 City delivery by mail p. O. Box Section Florence. By Carrier delivery by on Rii Rai routes sunday six Days by Are same As by mail in Rural area. 1.75 1.55 1.55 3 Monlai 5.20. 4.55 4.55 i Mulki 10.40 9.10 9.10 Llma 10.80 18.20 18.20 do a cd Tinnay suggested by the upper room prayer Rok i Pat doily devotional guide o heavenly father help us when we falter along the Road of life. Help us to look to thee and to rely More on thee. Help us to spread the word of Christ to others that they too May learn to Trust in thee. In the Saviour j name. Amen. As others see it us protects Oil but not textiles american policies on International Trade and foreign Competition Are cortical de and confused. They often appear to be inconsistent the canadians right now Are up set and angered at the u. S. Administration. In order to protect u. S. Oil companies and to hold up Petroleum prices this country has thrown up obstacles to Canadian products. The canadians have supplied Large quantities of Oil p products to states in the Northern Section of the a United states. Now they Are being forced out of Competition with u. S. Producers because they must pay higher tariffs to get their products across the Bor Der. Consider the contrast with the Tex tile Industry. American textile manufacturers want some sort of Protection too. But they live received the actual encouragement of Competition from Japan. Walter s. Montgomeryjr. Of spar Tan Mills declared in Washington that the Industry is doomed to liquidation unless the american govern ment reverses its present policies and provides fair operating foreign Cotton manufacturers Are aided by such factors As these u. S. Import quotas favourable to them cot ton purchased on the world Market for less than american Mills can buy american Cotton cheap labor and others. Why is it that american policy on one hand protects its own producers and on the other protects the compe the state department insists that Freedom is served by encouraging a nation like Japan to support itself through foreign Trade. Undoubtedly that is True. Americans want other nations to be Given a fair Opportunity to fend for themselves. That riot mean that one particular Industry has to sacrificed while others reap the Golden benefits of Strong spartan Burg Herald. President pins Hope on 58 upturn president Eisenhower s new budget hangs on economic Hopes for a 1958 upturn. His statement to the Cong Ress was billed in fact As a candid report on the recession he s confident the nation can promptly get business Back on an up Ward keel. He figures on basis of this annual economic report the Economy will reach Bottom of the current Cycle in either the second or third Quarter. Just How accurate the president is Only time can confirm. His report makes no attempt to gloss Over the fact the Economy Sag ged badly in 1957 and continues to dip in the first Quarter of 1958, per haps beyond. But the president insists prospects for resumption of sustainable growth Are excellent that built in stabilizers with some needed improvement Are working adequately that that Confidence in the Outlook is justifiably optimistic. But a declining eco Nomy and increasing prices make hard rocks grinding that recovery harshly. The president emphasized to con Gress his Conception of limited direct governmental intervention in economic forces. He made Clear no plans have been drafted or considered for any direct economic controls in the Price wage credit or Allied spheres. Of course the message is significant As much in what it does not say As what it does say especially in the Field of economic growth which the president would like to see held to a fairly narrow Range in a stable Price trend and with a stable How to accomplish that in t spelled out particularly in the matter of wage changes which some segments of labor have much in mind for this year. The president is hopeful for a resumption of a gain in real output in total goods and services rather than merely a boost in Money values by Way of higher prices Gross National product Rose five per cent last year but four fifths of that was represented in. Rising prices. To that end the president Calls upon business managements to recognize that Price increases not warranted by costs or attempts to recapture investment outlays too quickly Are self defeating by restricting markets lowering output and narrowing the return on capital investment. It s a narrow Range in which the president would hold progressive development on which he s counting so heavily. Past experience is trying to restrict that development Haven t been too helpful or convincing. Could it be or. Eisenhower seeks too narrow ground for National re covery and growth the High Point n.c., Enterprise. Proposes simple Way to give subsidy Secretary of agriculture Ezra Ben son appeared before Congress with a new farm program last week and everybody within earshot promptly jumped on him with both feet and with possibly More than the usual gusto it being a political year. Benson s proposal in Brief was to reduce Price supports and ease production controls so that Farmers would have More Freedom to deter mine their own affairs. He said that supports and controls have never been any Good in the past and there is Iio reason to think they Ever will in the future. Upon scanning the daily newspapers we found plenty of criticism of the program and of president Eisen Hower and or. Benson including some right Strong remarks by sen. Olin d. Johnston and by rep. Robert Ashmore of the fourth District. Rut neither of these gentlemen nor any one else in Washington seemed to have any Bright ideas on the form problem. The main idea in our Humble Opin Ion is to find some Way of getting the Money hauled out of Washington and then split up and spread out so that at least a part of it finally comes to rest in Farmers pockets All Over the country. A Pood feature 6f any new Bill would be a requirement unit not More than one third of the Money can be. User up by govenis Aptil employers along the any. A a imply Way to distribute the Money worm be to let the Banks Han dle it. Just have the Farmer go to his neighbourhood Bank and make a sworn statement that farming is his main business. He would be instantly handed say ?500 for himself plus s500 for every member of his family with absolutely no argument or red tape. Then the government could re pay the Bank. Think of All the endless debate congressional hearings and hard feel Ings which this simple method would eliminate. And it would be a sure fire vote better too by the Loarts Villa messenger. Long winded answers Are generally it cover for Lack of specific information. There Are few unaffected by Flat Tery and we Are among them thank fully. Correct this sentence i appreciated the gift so was just what we and then there Are those who sit around waiting to be called on a Jack pot quiz program. The Best Ideris germinate in honest idealistic minds and Are not the re sult of self Sceski Iier thoughts. Now thai we be her a of it Winter does t All we though it a Imam. Military men put on hot seat by Congress Washington there ought to be a new medal pinned on the Chest of general Nathan f. Twin ing former chief of Slaff of the . Air Force and now chair Man of the joint chiefs of a medal for courageous expression and distinguished service on the Battle front of american poli tics. For he has put into bold re Lief the dilemma of every general or Admiral who testifies before a congressional committee How to give needed information with out himself becoming involved in the controversies of the civilian Branch of the government. General Twining the other Day was discussing before the Senate sub committee on military preparedness the tendency of the interrogators to demand opinions on the merits of the military budget and was decrying the Effort to Force the military officers to appraise the acts of civilian officials. He said take the president s final budget decision and turn it Back at them military chiefs and say is this i hink that ought to be reconsidered because Billy Graham my answer question my Mother committed suicide some time ago. I have since then been obsessed with the fear that i would do the same thing sometime. Can you Tell me How to overcome such a fear . Answer apart from any religious meaning i believe you Are suffering from a kind of identification with your Mother which is a common thing. No doubt you cared for your Mother and also believe that you might have some of the same potential within your self. You must recognize the fact that there is no reason Why j of should be compelled to do the same unless it is a result of concentrating on it. You must divert your mind and begin to think on something else. Your problem is not Only psychological but also spiritual. If you have Given yourself completely to Christ and Are absolutely sur rendered u his control there can be no thought of suicide. The apostle Paul once said Don t worry Over anything whatever. Tell god every detail of your needs in Earnest and thankful prayer and the peace of god which transcends human under standing will keep your heart and minds As they rest in Christ the apostle again said fix your minds on the things which Are right and pure and Beautiful and Christ can so completely change your nature and control your mind that you can find Complete Relief and Joy in serving him. I would suggest that you see your minister and have a Frank discussion with him. It puts the military Man in a pretty Tough seat if he says it is inadequate he just i think is approaching and if he says it is adequate he has More or less perjured certainly Congress is entitled to every bit of information on military matters that it is pos sible for the executive Branch of the government to give without violating Security and even confidential data can be furnished in Many instances in executive ses Sion. But general Twining is 100 per cent right when he objects to the procedure of committees in Congress in seeking to get through the testimony of military officers information that would reflect on the civilian officials who Are the immediate superiors of these same military commanders. There is of course nothing wrong in trying to elicit information that exposes incompetency on the part of the civilian officials but there is a right and a wrong Way to handle military officers in these ticklish matters. Thus for instance every chief of an armed service is usually asked to present his views in writing to the head of his service the Secretary for air or the Secretary of the army or the Secretary of the Navy. These Docu ments cover every conceivable phase of the problem of military preparedness. Requests for appropriations Are matters of record in Side every department. If congressional committees want this for mation they can ask for a parti Cular document from the civilian secretaries and can raise c a i n with them if it is not forthcoming. But to Cross examine the military men and attempt to use them As a Means of convicting their superiors of bad judgment or incompetence goes beyond the limits of proper procedure. There has never been a budget prepared for the armed forces which military chieftains thought was this is natural be cause they think of every conceivable contingency that might find them without adequate manpower or weapons with which to fight a War the next week. But once they have presented their requests and have been asked to come up with their minimum it is up to the civilian Secretary who unwisely pares such a budget to come before the committees of Congress and take the rap for it. The president himself in t subject to congressional summons Bat. His civilian aides Are Avail Able for testimony a the Polit ical capital desired can be obtained through headlines that show the civilian secretaries to have exercised Good or bad judgment As the Case May be in their decisions on the budget. The budget Bureau officials Are likewise subject to. Interrogation by the committees of Congress. Why therefore put the military men on the spot and make them appear to be insubordinate the answer is that the congressional committees think the Public will be impressed by the military men As disinterested witnesses. But the truth is some of them in the past have been forced to become tact Ful avoider of the truth and obvious defenders of the political and meanwhile Back at the Only about Farmers or 5 per cent of Canada s farm popu lation had enough income in 1955 to pay income tax. Ministration they were serving. The Way to keep military men out of politics is for Congress to Slop dragging them into politics. General Twining s protest is timely and besides Why should n t the Secretary of the army the air the Secretary the Navy and the Secretary of de. Sense stand up before congressional committees and defend the Budr get and Tell Why they adopted eve. Cry item in it or rejected other items this is the customary Way in parliamentary government. But the military having once made its recommendations must necessarily carry out the final decisions and should not be subjected to in. Nue docs of insubordination the democrats certainly ought to be in favor of such a course because so Many of them agreed with president Truman when he Dis missed a great general on grounds of insubordination just for writ ing a letter to a member of con Gress which the general never in tended to become Public and which dealt in the broadcast terms with defense problems in the far East. Look and learn by a. C. Gordon i. What three military titles in american history were created expressly for their bearers 2. What is meant by specific 3. On what Mountain did Moses receive the ten commandments answers 1. George Dewey hero of the Spanish american War was made Admiral of the Navy. John j. Fershing of world wan 1 Fame was made general of the armies. Captain alter Admiral Charles Stewart of the .s. Constitution was made senior Flag officer of the . Navy. 2. The radio of he weight of a body to the weight of an equal volume of water. 3. Mount Sinai Drew Pearson lesson in English by . Gordon words often misused in Best usage Between applies to Only two and among to More than two. He was caught be tween two he is a Man among often mispronounced cuisine cooking pronounce Kwee Zeen accent on second Syl Lable. Often misspelled retch to wretch miserable Onys flagrant. Atrocious disgraceful glaring Hein Ous monstrous odious. Outrage mis scandalous shameful Shock ing Wanton. Word study use a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. To Day s word i clemency state of being severe harsh Stormy. They were discouraged from making lie trip by the inclement by of the Blind girl has solution for Little Rock Washington in the White House mail the other Day came a simple suggestion from a 12-year old Blind girl Leah Russell of Miami Fla. On How to solve the segregation controversy. Her ideas were written in braille translated by her teacher. Miss Emma Rowe. And forwarded to president Eisenhower. If i were the wrote Little Leah. I would have All of to e children blindfolded and Send them to school i would also Blind fold the coloured children and Send them to school too. I think they would have a lot of fun together and there would t be any fights. Probably after they got to know each added the Blind girl there would t be any More fights or anything like Ike was so touched that he sent a personal letter to miss Rowe. Thank you for sending me the Little essay that Leah Russell was prompted to write As a result of the Little Rock wrote the president. I Hope you will Tell her for me that at the age of 12 she has already grasped one of the Groat moral principles by which we All should Secretary of the Interior Fred Sealon is one Man in Washington who docs deviate from his convictions. He was for state Hood for Alaska in 19.i2. And he is for statehood today. That is one reason Alaska May at Long last fulfil its ambition to become 49th state. When Fred Seton was appointed senator from Nebraska in 1952. Alaska s hard working gov. Ernest opening dropped in to see Jim. 1 Don t know anything about said Seaton but i m glad to be informed. Sit after listening to Alaska s Side of the Story the new senator said i want to talk to Joe Karrington about this. Than i la talk to you to referred to the late Able hawaiian Delegate to inc United Stales. A few Days lain Solon told governor opening j be Marie up my mind i m for statehood the Only speech sea. Ton made during his Brief tenure in the Senate was on the subject of alaskan statehood. Now. As Secretary of the Interior he is in charge of Alaska s relations with the rest of the United states and in a position where his voice counts a cavity with Eisenhower. The other Day Ernest Gruening. Now sex governor of alas a but elected by the alaskan peo ple As their senator to washing ton dropped in to see Seaton again. Six years had passed since he took his stand As a senator. How do you feel about Alaska asked Gruening. I feel just the same re plied the Secretary of the Interior How about your Gruen ing asked. Seaton a not definitely commit the president but indicated that the administration would probably be for alaskan statehood. Note 1 republicans have opposed statehood in the past be cause it probably meant two new democratic senators. This year however. Republican appointed Mike Stepovich. New governor of Alaska has been brought to Washington to get acquainted. He might run for the Senate and get elected. Note 2 statehood for Hawaii and Alaska will not be tied to Gether at this session. Hawaii will lag behind due first to the definite democratic trend which arouses no enthusiasm for state Hood on the part of the present Republican administration second because the race question arouses no enthusiasm in the hearts of some Southern senators. The first sen Ator from Hawaii under statehood would probably be of chinese ancestry. Here Are some More of the congressmen who despite Russia s rapid Advance in education voted against moves to pass the Eisen Hower Aid to education Bill last Jear from Illinois Leo Allen Les Arends both Republican leaders for the Adelm striation Emmet Byrne. Robert Chiperfield Marge cite Church Harold Collier rus sell Kenny William Mcvey Noah Mason. Robert Michel Sid Simp son from the ritzy suburbs of Chi Cago. Charlie Vursell. William Springer All republicans. A democratic congressmen from Illi Nois lined up for Aid to education. Joseph Alsop snubbing Nikita Khrushchev the Moon struck Public agitation about negotiating with the soviets there lurks a persistent and quite serious question. Is this one of the last Chance moments when history will take a brisk new turning if a Chance is not briskly seized All informed Western analysts including the British and Western european political leaders who pre tend to love the idea Are privately convinced that there is no Chance to achieve anything by foreign ministers conferences disarmament commissions Summit meet Ings and the like. As has been suggested in this space already the soviet drive for this kind of Kasl West negotiations in the do bating society style is solely a drive to make trouble Between the Western allies. The serious to Stern european and in relish analysts of soviet be Havior Are also pretty Well a prod upon another Point however. On repealed occasions culminating in n dramatic now year s Toast Al the Kremlin reception Nikita Khrushchev himself has indicated that to a Nils Litls in a Corner Between the soviets and americans. These invitations offer the real Chance if there is any. They presage no debating society. They arc invitations to the kind of talks the soviets invariably seek when they want to get Down to business. The mostly highly qualified Western analysts Are therefore agreed that the soviets probably really do want to got Down to business with the United states at this there is wide diversity of View about the possible subjects they wish to get Down in business about. Yet inc Khrushchev invitations in pc so far met with nothing Bel Ter than a Chilly snub unless appearances arc most mislead Iii. Maybe some fwd of american response in Khrushchev has been very soc solely agreed upon at the very level Between presi Dent risen Honor prime minister my Millan and French Premier Gaillan but this seems highly unlikely. Meanwhile unless a great Many normally truthful people in key positions Are now lying Hie right response to the Khrushchev has nil even been seriously discussed Between the Ameri can state department and the Brit ish and French foreign offices. It would he insanely dangerous for the americans to re Spond to Khrushchev without quietly keeping the other major West Ern allies in the picture As a minimum precaution. Thus one must deduce that Khrushchev s invitations have been virtually ignored despite their extreme import Ance. There Are Many Short term prac tical reasons for snubbing Khrushchev in this manner. For one thing the other Western allies do not Trust John Foster Dulles to act As the West s sole spokesman in talks with the soviets and even the Secretary of stale appears to know hint he is crippled by this distrust. For another thing although sentiment for an exclusive dialogue Between the soviet and american list inns is growing among the specialists in the in relish and French foreign offices such a dialogue would surely cause an explosion of wounded National vanities. All the same it is also necessary to consider the highly practical consequences that May flow from snubbing Nikita Khrushchev at this particular juncture in Tho world s affairs. On the one hand the Chance that he has offered is not something hint we can afford to reject from sheer immobilise. For instance Tho French British and american King asses in mos cow now unanimous that Tho a viols would really like to find some Way to Send the arms race it Only for economic reasons. Ii would it Insi be interesting to test the truth of this opinion. On Tiik of tikk hand Khrushchev is singularly human with n High glow of self . Misc ass and even Virro Krince. Snubbing n Init of this kind in this kind of mood is extremity Likely to produce explosive results. One can imagine Khrushchev Sny Ink. More Ihnn Little Hii Lily Well i in need to talk serious business with the Ameri cans but it seems they Dnn l want to talk business with

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