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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - January 27, 1954, Florence, South CarolinaWednesday morning january 27, 1954 the Florence morning news. Florence. S. C. Pages . Garment Plant closed in strike Newberry Jan. 2c u1 reinforced them. A garment Plant shut Down Here today by a shift it that flared into a near riot non striking employees tried to Cross a picket line. The management of the new Berry garment co., which makes dress shirts later obtained a court order to keep strikers off its prop erty. The Plant employs Between 200 and people most of them women. The strikers number 150 to 200 by varying reports. Mayor j. E. Wiseman said that during the Early morning disturbance he saw 25 or More strikers holding the Plant doors closed to keep out those who wanted to work. There was much pushing and shoving and some fists flew he said although no injuries were re ported. City and county Law officers called for help and eight state Law enforcement division con stables and 10 Highway patrolmen Wiseman said the strikers could not be cleared away and that the Plant had to be shut Down. The strike began yesterday. Members of the amalgamated clothing workers Union of Ameri Ca which won a collective bargaining election at the Plant last fall charged the management with failure to take any action toward reaching agreement on a contract. Mrs. Ida Mcafee of Charleston a Union representative said tem pers flared when a Law officer failed to identify himself to strikers. The Union is seeking increased pay and holidays and vacations with pay she said. Turks chief in . New York Jan. 20 president of Turkey Celal Bayar 70, arrived today or a month s Good states. Visit to the United mayor sets think time for Bosses Detroit Jan. 26 Dic table mayor Orville Hubbard of suburban Dearborn now Nas come up with a new order for City department Heads. It directs them to observe a 30-minute think period upon reporting at 8 . Already they were required to know by heart a message to Garcia and be familiar with the boyhood and exploits of Gen. Rob Ert e. Lee. They also must attend school one night a week but can take courses of their choosing. Under his new order Hubbard said City administrators Are to shut themselves in their offices take no phone Calls nor see any they Are supposed to sit and he added. They can Jot Down any hot ideas. If they think enough they May have ideas. That is the Way sir Isaac Newton Dis covered the Law of chewing tobacco and snuff linked to cancers of Mouth Rochester . Jan. 26 i the american cancer society re ports chewing tobacco and snuff have been found to be associated with cancers of the Mouth in one group of patients studied by a re search team. Tie study was conducted by or. George Moore now director of the Hoswell Park memorial Institute in Bufalo and or. Lester l. Bissinger and or. Alsa c. Proehl of the University of Minnesota med tute in Buffalo and or. Lester l. Nou Cement by the society s new York state division Here. Investigators interviewed All men Over 50 years of age who registered at the University of Minnesota hos Pital tumor clinic during a two year period beginning in 1951. The men were questioned about their smoking or tobacco chewing habits. Twenty six of 40 men with Mouth cancers the report said were found to have chewed tobacco or snuff for Many years. Eighteen of 23 patients with Mouth Luek Polakia a condition which some physicians consider pre cancerous were tobacco users. The study showed Mouth cancers usually developed after 15 years r More of continuous exposure of he Mouth lining. Many who had chewed tobacco Ess than that time had developed Mouth sores and tissue changes which the scientists believed might Jevorne cancerous users did not discontinue the habit. A High percentage of those with Mouth cancer reported they had developed sores Early. This was considered to be a possible Indica Tion that these patients were in Orange Fla e aspirin voted aspirin. I no child Bjel buy it today Hiorth s Logest Selling aspirin for children my. My drop for a Midriff nto . Sic Etc Pilitt the tobacco usually sensitive or allergic to to Bacco. The study indicated that Cigar Ette Cigar and Pip e smoking were not significantly associated with the development of Mouth cancer. Lip cancers were not included in the study. More than 40 million pounds of chewing tobacco Are used in this country according to the report and about 4 per cent of All deaths attributable to cancer Are cancers of the Mouth Tongue palate and tonsil. Churchill Calls Rumor he plans retiring false London Jan. Minister Churchill 2g prime tonight spiked the swelling Stream of rumours to would retire soon branding it his declaration with a wide Grin in the House of com Mons apparently was received with pleasure by both his conservative party colleagues and Mem Bers of the labor opposition. The question of cd year old Churchill s future plans Lias been raised with increasing urgency both in and out of parliament in recent Days because of the pres Tige his name carries in International negotiations such As the current big four foreign minis ters meeting in Berlin he was finally prodded into Mak ing the statement tonight by la borate Eric Fletcher. Fletcher referred to current talk the Vener Able statesman planned to step Down after Queen Elizabeth ii re turns from her tour next May. We Are entitled to know what the intentions of the government and prime minister he said. Can we be left in suspense like Churchill preparing to break the spell leaned Forward and said i am sorry 1 did not bring my hearing the prime minister s son in Law Christopher Soames brought in the Aid and Churchill adjusted it saying i Don t want to miss Fletcher resumed his probing for the facts behind the rumours say ing Lindbergh says survival dependent on character no doubt we shall be receiving some distinguished enlightenment Russia s v. Molotov right Center talks with an unidentified Man Back to camera in the conference room of the Allied control authority building in Berlin before the Start of the big four foreign ministers conference. At left is British for eign Secretary Anthony Eden and in Center background is Russia s Deputy foreign minister Andrei Gromyko. A photo via radio from Berlin red deputies jeer Fanfani Luce Rome Jan. 20 deputies chanted Luce Luce in a derisive reference to u. S. Ambassador Clare Booths Luce today As Italy s new pre Mier staked the life of his Rovern ment on a communist crackdown higher taxes and sweeping social Reform. The chant began when the fledgling Premier Amintore Fanfani 40, remarked thut foreign observers have noted an increase of communist ideology in in identical speeches to the sen ate and the chamber of deputies Fanfani pleaded for parliamentary support against efforts to upset guided by a foreign the cries of. Were changed to shout1 of fascist As Fanfoni vowed he would Ciu Iet radio propaganda beamed from behind the Iron curtain. A Christian left of pro Western in foreign policy fan Fani addressed parliament As it Aly s third Premier since elections last june unsettled the National political picture. Very then came the and declaration Churchill Grin of his intended retirement great misgivings. It is a Fletcher observed we shall All know How to interpret that oracular the l a b o r i t e explained that members of the opposition have Corne to have the greatest Admira Tion and affection for the prime minister and had heard reports bus Driver charged Anderson Jan. 20 we a negro school bus Driver was charged today with passing illegally another school bus. Sentence upon conviction is or 30 Days. Trial will be set before magistrate c. D. Burgess. We make real estate Loans few Init ablation of new water Lei rom and bathroom facile let us for your requirements National finance corp. 212 North Dargan Strewl dial 7153 aviation reporter new York Jan. 26 a. Lindbergh urged upon Ameri cans last night a less materialistic Outlook and asked them to concern themselves More with human Char Acter and with Basic values. Making one of his rare Public appearances. Lindbergh suggested in an address before the Institute of. The aeronautical sciences that in emphasizing Force efficiency and Speed americans May be los ing a humility simplicity and Tranquillity without which can even in worldly Competition " addressing the Institute s annual honors night dinner of 2.200 members at the Astor hotel Lind Bergh declared i think we Are in danger of confusing problems of Long term and of Short term sur Short term survival May de Penneys Lay s f i r s i open All Day wednesdays double knee end on the knowledge of nuclear physic Isle and the performance of supersonic aircraft but Long term survival depends alone on the character of he said. Our scientific economic and military accomplishments Are rooted in the human Quality that produces them. In the last analysis All of our knowledge All of our action All of on Progress succeeds or fails according to its effect on the human body mind and spirit. While we concentrate our a Tention on the tools of economics and War we must not neglect the Basic Means of surviving the Basic reason for survival Man Lindbergh agreed to Mace his first Public appearance in several years after being assured that three would be no interviews or television cameras and no recognizable grown heavier and Balder the 52-year-old flier has refrained from Public appearances generally Foi seven years. Lindbergh was awarded the Dan Iel Guggenheim medal for Pio Neering achievements in flight and air with reference to his famed Solo non Stop new York to Paris flight in 1927. Solon group okays sidewalk proposal Columbia Jan. 26 Gen eral Assembly committee today approved a Bill to require the state Highway department to build walk ways Miles from schools located on highways. The measure by step. Gaines of Spartanburg won approval from the House education committee of which to is chairman. The group agreed to make the measure a committee Bill giving it priority on the House Calendar when it is reported. The measure was recommended by gov. Byrnes in his annual legislative address. School bus regulations set Miles As the minimum distance buses May carry school students unless there otherwise is extra room on the bus. The Bill would have the depart ment build and maintain walkways along All highways leading from a school that itself is located on a Highway. Boy7s Sanford Zed double knee Blue jeans Zipper front 8-01. Mcmin heavy duty pockets bar tacked at All Points of Strain Sanford Zed for permanent fit triple Needle scams for extra strength others size 14-16 weather facts Florence and tee Dee data from the United states weather Bureau in Florence for the 24-hour period ending last night. Temperature year year year .-59. Year Sunrise Myrtle Beach tide a. M., . J1 ., . Washington Jan. 26 Bureau Reni to of of and rainfall for the 24 hours ending b p. A. In the principal Cotton growing areas and Al where station 11. I. Or. Station ii. F Alpona 33 20 .11l 45 6s 21 Louisville 5fi .12 .32 at Nola All City Dir Ham la Ftp All Buffalo harlot to fifi Memphis Meridian 46 Miami 34 Minn sip 52 34 .37 Mobile fid 43 month Roy to Iti 60 40 Montr cell 3fi 32 .11 Hungo m 31 Orr inns 76 Cincinnati m m .30 now York i7 Cleveland 51 a .30nlrfolk 6fi 37 As 4 7fl 69 14 9 70 53 Dallas 71 Ilov. N in incs Dulith a a finn 36 Ftp flu is .031 to Only 8 Potla Hirk 35 ski fit 39 37 m 35 str Ortland 43 33 Duluth u 2 Onich Mont 67 3fi or finn s2 31 is 28 a Gnu Cuton 59 Sun to nolo 7fi m 53 40 fi9 52 Luck Al lip 75 3s 36 32 .06 big still destroyed g k e e n w 0 o a Jan. 26 m county and Federal officers yesterday destroyed a still capable of in King or More Gallons of. Whisky n week. I Mercury s entirely new overhead valve v-8 olfers you proven performance because it is Mode by the manufacturers who have built More a a s Llian All other companies combined. Ami remember it s a amed with the first Hall joint front wheel suspension in its Field for easier handling Safe sure control on any Road. Better acceleration More Power per Pound Mereny has always been i Iii ious for pickup this year s Mercury is livelier than Ever. You Haven Frey scr feeling of safety passing or entering Highway traffic. Any driving is easier. Matchless Economy More Power per cubic Inch displace Hekt Mcrury has always born famous for Mummy. And although this year you 2fv i More Pover can deliver even More Miles per gallon. And you can use gasoline Why this new gives you the finest performance the popular priced Field new 1954 greater Reserve Power exclusive 4-barrel carb ureter Only another Mercury Sun Valley America s Mercury in held you a a Harryl carbs Relner with two Rar. You can re through the liar res Rac Uinn Nuci Atco. Mercury s tremendous Reserve Power Rock Hie Sun Valley along Wilh All Mercury in instantly automatically when you need it. Models is up wired by the All new viol engine. The car that makes any driving easy quieter Fine car vibration is virtually eliminated by balancing All important parts before Assembly and he completed engine. I a k in _ r Matt motor sales inc. 604 South Irby dial 3251 Florence South Carolina

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