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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - January 26, 1958, Florence, South CarolinaMedical Center reports faster More effective cough Relief soothes away coughs fast. By relieving the cause lets your child sleep. You tool fast effective Relief for coughs of colds 1. Controls deep Down Brench lil 2. Booths risp Hij troit to Coli 3. Uses skip rowing croup coup v. Films dry tucking Courti Mother Here s fait Relief for Hose nag Ging coughs that turn nights into night mares. More effective Relief too because new Vicks cough syrup relieves he cause of coughing. You see coughs of colds ure often caused by irrigation in the Throat and by congestion in the bronchial passages. Because new Vicks cough syrup has a special penetrating ingredient he first spoonful slops Throat Lickly. Then i works internally o control Bron Chial coughs thereby getting a the Ici Tise of the cough. 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Getting up nights make you feel old new thanks to new. Scientific Laboratory formulation thou Sands of men and women now escape feeling old. Tired irritable and depressed from losing sleep and worrying about bladder frequent burning find itching urination. Bed Wel Ting. Getting up nights or Strong Cloudy urine due to common kidney or bladder irritations which Otten result in secondary incl yacht headache and in such cases Neu improved Castex usually gives Quick calming re Lief by combating irritating germs in acid urine and by relaxing analgesic pain Relief. Over a billion Castex tablets used proves safety and Success. Out Laboratory tested and certified Castex at druggist today. See How much better you feel Toi an l pm violin wheat germ Oil helps heart action endurance 400 persons Middle All showed increased endurance and better heart response Send for free Book no. 10-Ibyn. Uni virility write to violin Monticello Illinois Hifumi Lubit Lutvi. Only violin Prawd cover Phoebe Dunn. Page 7 United press. Detergent and soothed with medicated fast acting of the radio 9 f c i ill it i kbl9iivul. Contains lanolin by William t. Brannon Art by de Augustiny i o boost the morale of his employees Elmer Nellis owner of a Coal and material company looked about for something to relieve the Monotony of work in his Evanston 111., office. He rejected would be too much of a settled on an expensive radio the radio was installed on a shelf in the office and was tuned to a local pm station that offered continuous music with no commercials. It was an instant hit not Only with the office help but with the out Side workers in the Coal Yard. Its soothing strains seemed to Lessen the Burden of loading Coal into delivery trucks. As Nellis came to work one july morn ing typewriters were clicking in the office and the sound of scraping shovels could be heard outside. But amid the activity there was a strange silence something was lacking. The Nellis exclaimed. It s he questioned the office employees but none of them knew what had become of it they thought maybe the Boss had taken it Home with him. Nellis telephoned Evanston police head quarters and detective Sigmund Wrob Lewski came to investigate. What about your he asked. Are they All Here at work i Don t know but we can fired a Quick Check was made and every employee was accounted for. Detective Wroblewski questioned the office staff. At first they were reluctant to talk but finally several told of one Man Norwood Hadley 18, a worker in the Coal Yard who had an absorbing interest in the music. He had found numerous excuses to come into the office and he seemed fascinated by the radio. Hadley denied knowing anything about the disappearance of the radio. Let s have family weekly. January 2fi, 195s a look at your the detective said unconvinced. The radio was found in Hadley s Home and he was charged with larceny. In court i said he was sorry and promised not to do it again. He was released on probation the radio was restored to its accustomed shelf and another Man was hired to take Hadley s place. The incident was forgotten until a frosty morning the following february when the radio vanished again. Detective Wroblew ski did t bother to Stop at the company office but went straight to Hadley s Home. Even before he entered he could hear the Silvery strains of pm music. It came from Nellis radio. Hadley was taken to court again but this time the judge was in no mood for promises. He ordered Hadley sent to a reformatory and the radio returned to the Coal company. Time passed and the radio provided pleasant background music for the Nellis employees. Then one Day in january it disappeared for the third time. Detective Wroblewski was notified. Hadley must be he said. He found Hadley at Home but the House was silent and the wandering radio was nowhere in sight. Where is Wroblewski demanded. Where s Hadley countered with a show of innocence. The radio. Where did you hide i Don t know what you re talking about. Why accuse let s see the Bottom of your Wroblewski said impatiently. Hadley reluctantly displayed the sole of one shoe then the other. Both were coated with dark particles unmistakable signs of a recent visit to a Coal Yard. Want to get Wroblewski asked. Or would you rather have me find it in my own you Hadley said. He reached

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