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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - January 26, 1958, Florence, South CarolinaNew fab washes clothes Dean dear through i fab washes clothes cleaner and whiter than Ever before because new fab contains greatest was Day development Ever i whiter new fab with Duratez washes clothes dazzling nylons and Rayons cleaner new fab with Duratez gets clothes cleaner and whiter than Ever Clear just surface clean. Fab Deodorizes too helps keep clothes odor free even during wearing and every new fab washing adds More Protection against odor double your Money Back if your fab wave in t the whitest freshest Ever Juir return ump is fab with your name Eddrew to co Gole palmolive co. Dept. Of of 300 Park ave., new Yort 17 wanted for Burns cuts scrapes diaper rash and Many other first Aid needs. Medically approved your first Aid kit in a Jar it stir Reg. Lude Mark of dim Brouth Pond s inc Seffl ftps the Al ref sniffle or sneeze is a warning reach for listerine gargle it full strength every few hours. 12-year tests proved people who garbled listerine Antiseptic twice daily had fewer. Shorter Milder colds than those who did not. Arthritic rheumatic pains in All the world there is no better product available to the Public than tablets for relieving the moderate pains and discomforts of arthritis rheumatism sciatica Lum Bago whenever they occur. Dolcin is not a Miracle there is no known cure for these ailments but Dolcin is an honest product which has helped millions of people. In eleven years More than Dolcin tablets have been used. Must be i Yood if pains Check with your doctor Here s How it happened that card games Are played according to Hoyle and boxing is conducted by the Queensberry by Jerry Klein i ail to play Canasta according to Hoyle some night and you re liable to be requested to step outside and fight like the Marquis of Queensberry. But maybe you can soothe your partner by telling him All about those Oft quoted authorities on sport Hoyle and Queens Berry. They really did exist you know. John Sholto Douglas be came the 8th Marquis of Queensberry at the age of 14, in 1858, when his father was killed while Hunting rabbits. The first thing the Young Nobleman did was put in a five year hitch in the Royal Navy which May Well be where he Learned to use his fists so Well. At any rate the Young Marquis soon became known As the finest Amateur Boxer of his but boxing had fallen into disrepute As a brutal Bare knuckled sport in which blood flowed freely. Determined to make Box ing the mar quis of Queensberry helped found the Amateur athletic club to Foster clean com petition. And in the follow ing year 1867, he Drew up the famous Queensberry rules of boxing which were soon adopted in both Britain and the United states. Boxing began to be Al most a genteel sport. In affairs of Honor it substituted nicely for dueling abolished some years earlier. Even lord Byron the gentle poet took lessons in the Manly Art of self defense. The Marquis of Queens Berry apparently was a heavyweight. Visiting Cali fornia in the wild West Days he entered a Frontier cafe dressed in the style of English nobility from silk hat to shiny boots. In came a Gigantic cow boy who cast a menacing look around cursed Queensberry and his polished boots and spat on them. Calmly the Marquis lifted a handkerchief from the Cowboy s breast pocket Bent Down wiped his boots and carefully replaced the handkerchief. The co puncher roared and rushed at Queensberry. The Short scuffle ended with the Westerner on the floor and the Nobleman leaning nonchalantly on the bar immaculate As on his first Edmond Hoyle never ran such lived to be 97. For his first three score years and ten Hoyle prac tired Law in London. Then he apparently became less interested in the Law than in a card game called whist. So absorbed was Hoyle in the intricacies of this game that in 1742 he published a Short treatise on the game of whist that proved so popular there were five editions in a year. Soon Hoyle was offering to sell for a Guinea the secret of his artificial Mem Ory which does not take your attention off your this helped the Reader to play any hand Well with moral later he published an essay towards making the doctrine of chances easy to those who understand vulgar arithmetic Only in Short a Book on bet Ting and gambling Odds. Delighted at the demand for such instruction Hoyle wrote rules for other games chess backgammon Piquet quadrille and brag. Even after Hoyle s death in 1769, rules for playing various games continued to be printed under his name. A 1796 edition for example gave regulations for playing billiards and Tennis according to and Dur ing the 19th Century Amer ican publishers quoted Hoyle As the authority on Many games he d never even heard of. From the time of Hoyle whist continued to gain in popularity until the introduction of Bridge. Bridge of course gave Way to Canasta which leads us Back to fighting according to the Queensberry rules. Your no. 1 Protection against infection Jii Nunrie 26

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