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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - January 24, 1958, Florence, South CarolinaPage 10 the Florence morning news Florence s. C. Friday morning january to your Good health by or. Joseph g. Molner m. D. Dear or Molner what is u cause of swollen Ankles from a ing Salt in my food mrs. . Did you Ever notice your a cellar in humid weather it soak up moisture. So of course i other household materials us not to the same extent. Why is this so because table Salt contains sodium and sodium has an Affinity for water. The to just like to get together and stay what happens outside the body can happen inside the body there s the basis of the problem next you May want to know Why this trouble happens with some people and not with others there s a Good answer to that too. One of the rules of Thi body is the circulation of Thi blood. The blood is constantly be ing purified in the lungs and in the kidneys. We pump the blood out to our fingers our toes our chins our hips and our Scalp. Am aut to All the other Standard equipment. The fresh blood carries oxygen and nutrition. The blood comes Back carrying the impurities or waste materials that Are left after the Muscles and Otter tissues have used up the nutrients. Now suppose your circulation is somewhat impaired. Perhaps your arteries Are somewhat clogged or for some other reason you Aren t pumping blood out and Back at the usual brisk rate. Then you Don t pick up the impurities quite is rapidly. The process is not As simple chemically As i have described it. Actually the blood does t pick up a tiny solid speck Here and there. Rather since All the tis sues Are always moist it is a matter of the bloodstream picking up liquids in which the waste pro ducts Are dissolved. Now when the circulation or current is somewhat slowed Down the moisture containing the impurities is not swept through quite As efficiently. Further let s say the person is eating a lot of Salt. The Salt or the sodium in it is distributed through the system. It tends to Settle the likeliest place will be the lowest place hence the Ankles although it can. In some cases congregate elsewhere too. Since the bloodstream in t run Ning swiftly enough to Wash in on through to the kidneys which will filter it out and dispose of it. The sodium remains. And since the sodium likes to stick to any mole Cules of water it tends to hold some water. That is what the swollen Ankles signify. The sodium is holding water there and the Ankles swell is a result. If the heart or some other part of the circulation system is Labouring under some Strain then Avert this tendency of water to gather in the extremities. It will Wash through More easily. Cholera decline listed Geneva. Jan. 23 we the world health organization one of the . S specialized agencies reports a further decline in Chol Era last year. The number of recorded cases dropped from in 1956 to approximately in 1957. And that is Why when we have edema or the gathering of fluids in the tissues the doctor tells you to Cut Down on the Salt you eat. The purpose in t to keep your Ankles slim. The purpose is to give the circulating blood less work to do. It no longer has to carry along quite so much stagnating fluid. Crossword dear or. I would like your opinion on the use i Alu Minum cooking utensils. I under stand England France. Germany and Brazil have prohibited their that s a lot of hokum but i be heard it plenty of times just the same. When one of these silly notions get started it s hard to Stop it. There in t anything wrong with aluminium utensils. We use them at our House. Mrs. H. L. If my say so will do any Good you can Tell your husband that anybody who puts away four to five quarts of Beer a night is most certainly doing Lim self harm and he should Stop kidding and trying to us you. Tested tips for All types of Dia relics Are Given in my Booklet sneaky to receive your copy write to me n care of this newspaper enclosing a Large self addressed stamped envelope and 25 cents in Coin o cover handling. Or. Molner welcomes All Reader mail but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received daily he is unable to answer individual letters. Readers ques ions Are incorporated in his column whenever possible. Across 1. Thickness 4. Horseback game 8. Springs 12. N. Guinea port 13. Foray 14. Ringlet 15. Pulpy fruit 16. Limb 17. Spiteful 18. Jolly 20. Scheme 22. Poverty 24. Small animal 28. Along 30. Halt 32. Needle fish 33. Musical instrument 35. Dine 36. Only 37. Sprite 38. Forebear 40. Exclamation 41. Rectify 43. Close 45. Flower 47. Rubbish 50. Fear 53. Horsefly larva 55. Perish 56. Variety 57. Repast 58. Poorly 59. Cover with Wax 60. Poker stake 61. Of great age Down 1. Fruit 2. Bathe solution of yesterday s Puzzle 3. Long for 4. Entreaty 5. Paddle 6. Be lame 7. Hypothetical Force 8. Reads metrically 9. Place 5 6 h 10. Knack 11. Crafty 17. Salient Angle 19. Factual 21. Hark 23. Visions 25. Self 26. Unruffled 27. Card with 3 spots 28. Across 29. Egypt River 31. Attention 34. Away 36. Heavenly body 38. 39. 42. Make speeches 44. Wireless 46. Boy s nickname 48. Horizontal Timber 49. Contained 50. Medal of Honor abbr. 51. Mahogany Streak 52. Make a mistake 54. Cereal seed 57. Mother fab time 21 min. I-z4 the family guide How to save Money on operating a tool by Kiplinger Agency q. Our oar costs us an awful to to run. In figuring up the Cost for last year i was amazed to find that a great Deal of of Money goes for Upkeep. Are then any ways to save on car expenses or. T. A. Baltimore my a. Yes or. M., there Are ways to Cut Down on the Cost of running your car. The secret lies in keep Dennis the menace if a Dlon want to cow Over so much who a Euy color to they la do it every time by Jimmy Halo of characters there s the moody1 Dame who gives Voo the world s warmest 6reetim6 one How s my very hello r4vorite couple now 1 h stillet4. Am glad i As Vire Here vat the next two tip to Neville Shl Irve Beverly Hills i c4uf. Ing your car in Good condition. Though this in itself will Cost you something As you Well know the savings should in the Long run More than make up for the Money spent. 1. It will pay you to spend an hour looking at the owner s manual which comes with every car. You will keep repair Hills Al a minimum and lengthen your car s life by following the instructions therein. 2. Follow a few minimum maintenance rules even if you Don t go by the Book. Lubricate your car religiously every 1.000 Miles. A greasing can save you a front end bearing and Kingpin Job or Worth of repairs to a Bone dry rear transmission. Change engine Oil periodically. 3. Keep your front wheels in alignment and the brakes in adjustment. This will spread Wear evenly Over All four wheels. You la not Only lengthen the life of the ining you la be safer. 4. Keep rest inhibitor in the Radiator and have the Radiator flush id at least once a year. 5. Have the. Motor Lune Levery to Miles. It will run letter and give you better Gas mileage. 6. Wash the car yourself or have it washed every few weeks and polish it once or twice a year. 7. Periodically examine the teams where fenders join the Jody for signs of corrosion and Check the edges of the doors and the Hood for Chipping. To prevent gradual spreading of corrosion ouch up these spots with paint after cleaning them thoroughly. 8. Use seat covers and keep the Interior clean. When the time comes to turn the car in it will be welcomed by he dealer As a Cream and you la be bet Erable to drive a Good bargain. 9. Remember that for any conomy program careful driving at moderate Speed is a necessity. Tack Rabbit starts Cut Gas mile Ige Quick stops and scree Chim urns Wear out Brake linings ent ires. High speeds cause Oil to hum away faster. The extra heat fiction and Genera shake and train produced by fast driving increase car troubles and repair us. One Way to Cul car costs is to my a used car. How to go about t intelligently is explained in the leaflet get a used car " for a rce copy write to the family Juide in care of this newspaper. 09 a g x m o o o i m indispensable around this office ill demand a can i have his Job. Jill1 ? you knew j was just fooling did t you. .dithf.rs? and i m 6oim3 to sit rk5ht hers till i went on a Piet Buti overdid it now i m Suffern Fijor malnutrition Back of a wonders in Yore of thar s f another Young All the world As i Happy As or just and Sairy Grunt of East cockroach no wonder the Board o health ordered run outa town of would merely puncture the reason for the Vidu know who Bill Waverly of course in fill in1--foramoment i was afraid the waverly5 could t come Why would that be 5uch a tra6edy3 i heard that 5ish of Myu what happened the have asian Ann so i called mrs. Worth ii Vou and we will play we can still have two tables Bru ther is that Corner my Mother said. What they used to Call a i take them Down to the record shop and play them for the gang they la f to Len it up loud and play it Over and he tells us where the other two Are d you know we got the a same girl my Gooon uss. I Don t stand no Chance with a 5-Slick, 6000-l-Lookin City Feller like a him Suess when she told me in Parania that i was Greg by Peck Tony Curtis Kirk Douglas an Rock Hudson All rolled into one the pore Sirl was just a lonely and feeling romantic Al Fer 600dnu5s gracious Sakes the thank you kindly. Miss Ivy my sweetheart. I could t wait to see you and put my arms will retire vessels Buenos Aires Jan. 23 he naval operations command is Ludying a plan to revoke Argen Ine registration of any ships with lore than 30 years of service and n years under the Argentine Flag he plan s aim is to relieve this lation of responsibility for old Cassels that May he hazards at a. Help of huh matter just dreamed i was . Dont get excited.1 it s Only a Ore am you re not but look at my bed it s empty z z Stop now we can find what covers my nothing in darkness. I baby this night Here 15 Blanket sleep we find him in Howrani sleep How Ste meat up vhf vhf up us us md6 a path Mth a 0icvcie the Kitchen s my favorite spent Kiaie i pass Mother birr you and Start map. sort of Pian Nins to. Well everyone s Sone and what a wonderful part it Jei Illta Peak now How about a cof of and upstairs Jusifa Waits for her. Fli Offler

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