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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - January 22, 1954, Florence, South CarolinaThe weather mostly Cloudy with rain to Day. Tomorrow partly Cloudy and rather cold. High today 68, Low 28. Details on Page 7-b. Published in the heart of the pee Dee farm area in the Palmetto state Reader s tip in All kinds of weather Revenue agents Are continuing their War on illegal liquor stills. See feature Story on Page vol. 309 Florence Friday morning january 22, 1954 daily 6c sunday Loc weekly 35c billion budget proposed worlds first atomic sub launched Silver Beaver awards were presented last night at the pee Dee area Council s an fila boy scout banquet. The awards Are for distinguished service to boyhood through scouting. John h. Martin right of Hartsville presented the decorations to the Rev. Ben or Mand Center of Marion. Sidney Smith of Flor ence left also got the award. The third win Ner Charles Coker was absent. Martin a member of the Council s executive Board was toastmaster. Morning news photo 3 pee Dee adult scout leaders awarded top recognition Here by Jim Banbury Silver Beaver awards the pee Dee area Council s top decoration for Volunteer adult scout Lead ers were presented to three men last night at the Council s 26th an Nual banquet at tile Myca. Winners of the solid Silver to kens Sidney Smith of Flor ence the Rev. Ben f. Ormand of Marion and Charles Coker of Harti Villo. The awards were All for distinguished service to boyhood in the areas the men represented. Principal speaker for the night was or. Hoswell c. Long of Char Lotte .n.c. Presbyterian minister and regional scout executive. He patterned his laughter Laden speech on a framework of building a Man by spirit team work and giving him a spirit a boy must have he said a spirit not unlike that of our ancestors of 61 to 65, who rebuilt Liis Region from nothing until it stands As the finest anywhere to to be part of a team was also important he emphasized As a boy must grow with others and do his part to be a Man. Aslo skill. Or. Long said that f on tile Avera. In Eagle scout he would Perfer with no College education to a College graduate who had never been in scouting. The Eagle he said has Many skills he can do Many things and do them officers for the coining year were installed by mrs. Ormand who charged the men to Lead the boys Well and to be an inspiration to them. De elected president j. E. Copen Haver of i Hartsville missed the ban Quet because of illness. Vice presidents named were a m. Ervin of Florence. Brown Ham Zambone s meditations by Alley he. Mam to Lek a else hit keeper of Dillon e. F. Sweeney of Bennettsville and Otis Williamson of Kingstree. The commissioner is t. Benton Youngjr. Of Florence and the treasurer John Scott of Florence. Scouter s keys were Given to v. G. Spivey of Loris. Matthew Bel Lessary of Darlington. J. B. Hodge and Boyd sing of Hartsville s. Frank Moore of Bennettsville. Lan Cey e. Martin of Conway and Jack Barringer of Florence. Moore also won a Scouter s award along with Otis trader or. Of Hartsville. Scout executive w. E. Stallworth presented his annual re port and also introduced the Mem Bers of his professional staff. Also recognized were All scout masters explorer advisers cub masters Den mothers and their assistants. The Rev. Curtis Derrick of St. Luke s lutheran Church of Flor ence gave the invocation and John Martin of Hartsville served As master of ceremonies. Eagle scouts presented the open ing ceremony with scout Charles Easterling of troop 503, Hartsville handling the closing. Congress Roundup House passes Bill oking More Cotton Washington Jan. 21 Tel a Bill permitting Cotton Farmers to increase this year s Cotton Plant Ings by nearly million acres passed the House today without a record vote. It also relaxed the ban against potato Price supports by permitting government purchases for use in the school lunch and other pro Grams. Growers by Marconi Type durum wheat were also Given in creased acreage due to a shortage of this particular Type of Grain. The Bill adopted by voice vote gives Cotton growers a quota allot ment of acres for their 1954 planting and provides new allocating formulas for wider distribution of Cotton acreage. The Bill a Compromise of differ ing Senate House measures adds the additional acreage to the orig Inal Cotton planting allotment of fixed by Secretary of agriculture Benson under the farm Law. Chairman Hope of the House agriculture committee said the Compromise was designed to take care of hardship among cot ton Farmers whose acreage was too drastically Cut. Republican 11 o e Leader Hall Eek undo in urging the Bill s passage termed it a temporary adjustment in the farm program indicated to be lie snid that in of existing sur pluses Congress can t continue forever to Lime it both Hep. Hughe of Union and 21 other introduced n Bill to submit to popular vote this fall a proposed in million Dollar Bond Issue to pay in to bonuses to veterans of Woi a wars i and ii and the korean War. It was referred to the ways and Means committee. Other congressional highlights taxes the House ways and Means committee working on n Complete overhaul of the lax Struc Ture struck Mil the Rule hint Chil Dren making Mure than goo a year Rannel be claimed As Liy their parents. Mill it rejected a proposal to increase personal in come tax exemptions from to Bricker Mansfield a Monti lined up with Eisenhower in opposition to tiie pro posed amendment to limit treaty making Powers. Sen. Humphrey predicted 15 to 20 Senate democrats would oppose the amendment in its present form. Racket House probe of Union racketeering will begin next week with an attempt to find out what the administration is doing about the problem. Several Cabinet officers and other officials Are slated to testify. Air Academy the House voted to establish an air Force West at an initial Cost of 2fi million dollars and sent the measure to the Senate. . House set to Send Money big to Senate Columbia Jan. 21 a House of representatives finally decided today on How to spend a big treas Ury surplus and then gave the general appropriations a Sec Ond Reading. The Hill Hill too far away from the Overall 175 million Dollar total proposed by the ways and Means committee will get a routine third Reading tomorrow and then go to the Senate. N the Light of past history the senators can be expected to do an extensive rewriting Job. 2 major changes the Bill approved by the House made two major changes in1 tiie measure introduced by the ways and Means committee the House 1 eliminated a three million Dollar general Reserve fund item and provisions for expanding it in future years and 2 provided an at least one year 7 per cent increase in state Aid for school teacher pay. These and other actions left approximately unappropriated out of an expected million surplus but put 1954-55 operating appropriations in excess of anticipated revenues by about other changes compared with the Bill As introduced 1. Elimination of to Start an enlargement of the state House. Addition of for improvements at the state training school for mentally deficient White children at Clinton. 3. Doubling the state Aid to county tuberculosis Santoria to a Day for each patient instead Olsi for non county residents. This would Cost an additional 4. Addition of to the usual appropriations for vocational rehabilitation. House guarantee1 the representatives tried to guarantee the teacher pay increase and it allocation to coun ties for school purposes to come out of surplus funds by saying that should the surplus fall Short of expectation other surplus fund appropriations would be reduced proportionately. These other surplus appropriations proposals nearly two million to buy school buses for an infirmary for negro women at the state tuberculosis Sanatorium for improvements at the state negro College millions to Complete the state prison rebuilding 000 for improvement at the deaf and Blind school to Reno vate state Hospital buildings 000 for improvements at the state training school for mentally defective negro children for buildings at the boys Industrial school and for improve ments at Clemson Extension serv ice Camps. The House adjourned its five hour meeting after hearing rep. Arrowsmith criticize the state Highway department As a he also scored it for planning o relocate v. S. High Way 301 away from Florence. Both House and Senate meetings tomorrow be limited to in cd tested county matters. Florentine s Kin killed worry was Roc Rived Here last night if the death in Tampa. Flu., yrs Torday afternoon of d. Nance brother of mrs. W. Tal Lavast. Florence Flower shop proprietor. Or. Nance was killed m Groton conn., Jan. 21 the wife of president Eisen Hower smashes Champagne bottle on prow of world s first atomic submarine As the presi Dent s naval aide cmdr. Edward Beach watches. A wire photo India begs reds to accept pos turned commie Seoul Jan. 22 Indian command appealed a today to the reds to take Back americans and 328 other prisoners who have renounced their Home lands in favor of communism. If they Don to the indians have promised to open the prison Camp Gates after Midnight and let the pos go where they will. But the communists remain silent throughout the morning. Instead piping radio pourer out bitter tirades against the return wednesday of nearly anti red prisoners to the Allied com Mand. One of the darkest pages in history is now being written by the american aggressors with the blood and tears of the prisoners of the korean piping said. The broadcast said that the u. S. Secretary of state Dulles had boasted unashamedly that human dignity and the rights of the individual were being respected n the Allied decision to free the pos As civilians. The United states stood firm i rough nearly two years of truce wrangling while fighting continued for the principle that each captive reely could choose or refuse to go lome. And it insisted that those who refused repatriation could not held in Captivity for a Long discharges for the 21 Washington. Jan. 21 21 of the american prisoners of War in Korea who decided to stay Vith the communists will be Dis charged by the army tomorrow As mrs. Eisenhower christens ship As lid cheer Groton conn., Jan. 21 first lady of the land today launched the world s first atomic warship the huge Blunt nosed submarine Nautilus. Built for War the Nautilus also was heralded As an Omen of peace Ful Progress if that Day comes when Man devotes his atom ingenuity to the Pursuit of happiness. Mrs. Mamie Eisenhower in fur coat and Pink hat cracked a bottle of Domestic Champagne on the ship s prow. Then she bit her lip grave concentration As the Nautilus Slid into the water to Mark new Era in the age old history the sen. She was the first president s wife to Christen a submarine. Hit it Spectator had admonished mrs. Eisenhower. And she did As onlookers roared and River Craft set up a Din of whistling. Thick Damp fog lifted suddenly almost at the instant the Nautilus Dagan its slide Down the 400-Fnol ways Bright Sunshine bathed the 340-foot Hull and set the Blue Waters of the thames River to shimmer ing As the Nautilus took Graceful la to the water. Her test runs Are five or six months ahead of her. Her Atomi Power Plant is not yet Complete if she lives up to expectations the Nautilus almost unlimited Range hey Speed and her diving Power will make her the mos lethal warship in naval annals. Aboard thu Nautilus Mannin her rails As she slipped into the water were most of her Crew. Her first skipper cmdr Eugen Parks Wilkinson 35, of san Diego calif., stood straight and proud 01 the Bow of the 3.uoo ton Hull. Adm. Robert b. Carney Chic of naval operations hailed Thi Nautilus As either a potential for peaceful use of atomic Energy or an Omen of devastation As he told the crowd Nautilus is a Symbol of Man s Bright dreams cer and if Man is not Wise nightmares As the Champagne frothed about he sub s Iskiw a Little Gray Man n the front Row of dignitaries breathed a Long easy sigh of Relief when the Nautilus began to move lie was rear adm. Hyman g. Rickover the director of the historic planning and building of the Nautilus. This was his greatest hour. Spending trimmed still unbalanced Washington Jan. 21 Eisenhower turned Over to Congress today a pared Down budget that still Calls for highest in history spending on atomic development Continental defense and military Airl for allies. Bodies still sought in Inchon tragedy Inchon Korea Friday Jan. 22 Navy Crews groped today through icy swirling Tidewater for missing bodies among the 28 . Marines who drowned yesterday after a collision of Landing Craft Quick Rescue work saved 22 other men from the treacherous currents of Inchon Harbor. The 50 were aboard a Small Landing Craft which was Cut in two and rolled Over by a big list Landing ship. Tank Florence to enter Carolina contest and for Airpower Eisenhower proposed the largest expenditures since world War n. The president sliced 000 from the government spend ing program for the 1955 fiscal year starting next july 1. Even so that leaves the budget nearly three billion dollars out of balance. With this Outlook for More red Ink Eisenhower Drew a line against any More general tax cuts at this nevertheless he urged a vast revision of Hap Hazard tax Laws to make them fairer and lower the tax Load m individuals and businesses by billion dollars. Capitol Hill seemed to like the Dea of a smaller budget Eltho some democrats took pains to note hat in Spile of 1952 election Cam sign promises the budget in t balanced yet. Neither Eisenhower nor his chief financial advisers vere ready to predict when it would be. Balancing sought chairman Faber Rny immediately announced that the House appropriations committee will try to trim the budget enough to bring t into balance. The Eisenhower defense plan commanded widespread support in Congress. But comment from both republicans and democrats Addic up to trouble for the president foreign Aid program and his renewed request for a boost in the 175 billion Dollar limit on the National debt. The chief executive took near two thirds of the budget Cut out o National Security items. But sect Rity still would get More than to of every three dollars the administration expects to spend in the How . Dollar spending split Washington Jan. 21 tonal Security interest on the fed Oral debt and veterans benefits a the three biggest items in the budget president Eisenhower sent t Congress today. National Security includes de Csc department spending Aid to allies atomic Energy and other sex Erh Kifuri s. Altogether the budget Calls for pending g5vi million dollars in the Iscol year beginning july 1. Here is a breakdown showing of each budget Dollar would be pent purpose cents la Lional Security .68.2 act. Services benefits fi.3 International affairs finance Ocial Security welfare health 2.8 research 0.3 educational agriculture natural resources transportation and communication finance. Commerce Industry Abor and manpower Jeneral government Reserve for contingencies housing and Community Deejon nent were estimated to bring into he government More through in Erest on Loans made by the gov rement than the program costs. Representing net receipts of 277 nillion in lbs. Or 0.4 per cent of he expenditures budget. 1.7 2.2 0.2 0.4 1-8 0.2 ear ahead. Eisenhower assured Congress our Security is being strength rated not the Man who made the army most a lifetime career said this s possible because of heavy re dance on hard hitting Airpower and Arsenal of atomic and other ice weapons to protect America and the free world in a period of More about the Eisenhower budget and diagram on the Bud get Dollar showing breakdown on income and outlay Page 8-a. Uneasy the shift in emphasis away from Sailor and foot older As Eisenhower sees it will allow economies in manpower equipment and total defense spend no. Record for a work it will permit he said i pending record on atomic millions More Han for the present fiscal in All time High of o bolster the military Power of Friendly nations. The military Aid program is up 75 millions. Much of the Money to be spent n the record foreign military Aid program will come from funds appropriated by Congress in past ears. In terms of new funds Eisen Hower proposed a slash of for combined military economic Aid. He asked for 000.000 in new Money compared with appropriated for the current 1954 fiscal year. Eisenhower did t spell out the total Cost of radar warning guided missile batteries interceptor planes and other items of Continental defense. He did say the figure will be greater than Ever this is the first Complete National budget in 21 years from a Republican administration a budget Eisenhower said is Ade quate to meet defense problems and fulfil responsibilities to the world and the american people. Wrapped up in it the president said Are domes tin programs to promote the welfare of All stir people and plans for encouraging american Genius to keep production jobs and economic growth on a High level. In addition there is the 25-Point a revision program designed to Irp mothers with jobs people Vith big doctor Bills Farmers businessmen and parents of children n College. 00 feared killed n train collision Karachi Pakistan Jan. 21 w the Pakistan mail express train roaring a mile a minute across in sind into a slow Reight today and survivors Esti i a Ted f rom 100 to 300 persons Ere killed or injured. The express drawn by an Amer diesel engine was in onto from Lahore to Karachi when hit the train of Oil tank cars 75 Nilos North of this City. The first two coaches carrying Iwer class passengers were re sorted completely two Ier foward coaches and both in Ines were badly by Thelma Smith Florence will enter the j mently in an automobile Accident. Carolina contest ii finer these three men will spearhead local efforts of Florence competes in the 1954 finer Carolina contest. Or. M. R. Obloy Center will serve As general chairman. Charlie to Mack loft will handle Public ill. Shown with them is Tom Ector local manager for Carolina Power Light sponsors of the Conlest in South Carolina and North Carolina cities. Morning mows photo or. R. Mobley As general chairman it was decided last night. Tiie decision was made at a Din Ner meeting of Florence City officials and representatives of local civic groups at the country club. The meeting was called by Tom local manager for Carolina Power Light co., sponsors of the annual contest. Or. Mobley president of the pee Dee men s Garden club was named to head the program and Charlie Womack who recently has instigated a vast one Man Highway beautification drive was elected publicity chairman. Tile rules of the contest require that five beautify Eltion projects be planned and submitted by feb. 1. From the suggestions proffered by those present the two chairmen Are to select the five projects to be entered and appoint a can Iron for each. There Are three offered by i for first place for second and for third. The Money is to be used for further City Beaulis Catlon. Cities of North Carolina and South Carolina served by Chi Are eligible to compete for the three awards. I Irasville last year won the con est while was second in its division the Marion Jaycees last night presented their 1953 citizen of the year and Young Man of the year awards a banquet at Caddy s Mill club. Horo or. Henry v. Sawyer president of the Junior chamber congratulates Joseph m. Davis citizenship Winner and Billy Cox Tho Young Man of the Rudiger Westor Dorf of Florence a Gorman Exchange student Mode the principal address. Morning photo by

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