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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - January 20, 1954, Florence, South CarolinaThe weather partly Cloudy warm today. Mostly Cloudy Light rain tonight and tomorrow. High today 75 Low tonight s5. Details Page 5. Published in the heart of the pee Dee farm area in the Palmetto state Reader s tip Young Man of year Candi dates reduced to Field of four in Junior chamber of Commerce con test. Story pictures. Page 5. Vol. 307 Florence s. C., wednesday morning january 20, 1954 daily 5c sunday Loc weekly 35c Byrnes gets right to work Bill tit full t i Iii Korea captives turn homeward India releases pos despite red objections Panmunjom i wednesday Jan. 20 singing Flag waving anti red chinese and korean prisoners of War be the journey from Indian custody to Freedom today de spite hot communist objections. They streamed out of their Camps in the korean demilitarized zone and marched the two Miles Over Frost whitened Plains to receiving centers in Allied territory. These were the Mon whose Fate had prolonged the korean War for More than a year while armistice negotiations wrangled. The Deci Sion no captive should map in tag a 10. Be forced to go Home against his will was a Victory for the Allied Side. And music Welcome signs and exuberant chinese nationalists. South koreans and americans wheeled up. Loaded the prisoners and moved southward in Convoy along a barricaded guarded route. And heavily the chinese were in route to a Camp near Inchon port where land Iris ships waited to transport them in a few Days to the chinese nationalist Island of Formosa. Tiie koreans were going into South Korea and into the ranks of the Republic s army if wished. The North korean Start was called for 7 p.m., but Indian guards hold them up hours because the prisoners refused to March in Loose files. Instead they insisted on bunching up apparently a move to prevent any who wanted repatriation from breaking ranks. The 21 americans one briton and 327 South koreans who chose communism remained in their silent Camp. The reds had refused to accept them at least for a time. The communists denounced in Dia s move in handing Back the prisoners a decision which the . Command made Clear would Lead to the release As civilians of 14.321 chinese and North Congress Roundup Bricker says no to a Compromise Washington Jan. 19 Bricker a Ohio today rejected a proposed Compromise in his drive for a constitutional amendment to limit the president s treaty making Powers. The Compromise was drafted by the gop leadership in the Senate splitting fight Over the Issue on the Senate floor. Bricker called a news conference to announce he had found the substitute proposal unacceptable. The Compromise was offered by sen. Knowland of California Senate re publican floor Leader and sen. Fer Guson of Michigan chairman of the gop policy committee there. The Ohio senator said the substitute would not change the pres ent situation in which treaties can override state Laws. While the Compromise establishes a Point that a treaty which conflicts with the Constitution would be invalid Bricker said it still would deny Congress and the states the right to nullify its pro visions so far As they affect Domestic affairs. If they want to test this by moving to strike out Fiat clause in my amendment. I m willing a majority of the Senate decide tiie Bricker stated. I Don t see How Compromise can be reached on this this placed the controversy about where it was last Friday when an administration official said president Eisenhower is ready to take his Case against the Brick or amendment to the people if such a course is necessary to preserve his executive Powers. Other congressional highlights statehood the Senate Interior committee voted again As it did last year to include Hawaii and Alaska in a single statehood Bill despite an administration position favouring actin i on Hawaii alone at this time. 4 feared drowned Charleston Jan. 19 a Raincoat and a Boot were found today by two members of the Volunteer Rescue league taking part in a search for four negro oys Crmen believed drowned in Waters of the big Santee River. Dulles tells reds big 4mustn t Dally Jan. 19 rotary of slate Dulles said today Tho Berlin foreign ministers con Ference will be a waste of time if Russia pursues a policy of trying to Divide and frighten the West. On virtually the eve of his de Sec views on procedures relating to be parture Moscow for Europe the West is he warned not to be fooled by such tactics. He exp d Impe foreign Molotov will show up at j the opening session monday in a constructive it he does. Duller said he will find he american. British and Finvik h foreign ministers responsive and there will be plenty to do. Later in the Day the state department announced that Dulles and Molotov have agreed to a Yniss at Berlin president Eisen Hower s proposal to Pool some atomic Energy for peaceful Pur poses. The announcement said the conversations would be a continuation of the preliminary Exchange of Zambone s meditations by Dat 50 Meam Harburt Kotch void m b6fo up St. Lawrence sen. Morse ind Ore blocked agreement on a Lim it for Senate debate on the Seaway plan thus dimming chances for a vote this week. Korean Senate for eign affairs committee unanimously approved a Mutual defense treaty with Korea and sent it to the Senate for possible final approval next week. The committee made Clear that Tho United states would not be obliged to support any South korean aggression. Nominations the Senate con firmed the nominations of James p. Mitchell to be Secretary of la Bor and Samuel m. Bro null to be commissioner of education. Its Commerce committee approved the nomination of Robert e. Lee Friend of sen. Mccarthy to be a member of the communications commission. Farm Secretary of agriculture Benson ran into Senate opposition to any Giveaway of the billion Dol Lars Worth of surplus farm commodities he said president Eisen Hower wants to Send overseas. He defended plans to give part of it away but said a Good part of it should be Hartford Conn., Jan. 19-Little Cynthia Rose Russell a North Carolina Belle of 3, is shown with state policeman Roy Paige shortly after she was put off a Boston bound bus just outside Hartford. The child was travelling alone by bus from North Carolina to visit her grand parents in Burlington Conn. Everything went Well until Cynthia was placed on a wrong bus in new York. She finally arrived safely. A wire photo teacher pay hike voted Columbia Jan. 19 right to work Law was recommended to the general Assembly by gov. Byrnes to Day and 16 senators immediately responded with a Bill to enact one. Sen. Wallace of York sounded note of objection however. Going Back to its interrupted consideration of the ways and Means committee s 175 million Dollar general and surplus appropriations Bill the House promptly voted a seven per cent school teacher pay increase that will add to the total. The Senate finance committee meanwhile started discussing the Bill without waiting for House Pas this is a move the commit tee chairman Sun. Brown of. Barn Well said to Speed up ultimate Senate action on the key measure and bring about an adjournment. Early final the finance committee s discus Sion was behind closed doors. Most of the committee s meetings Are closed. State handicapped Byrnes advocated the right to work Law in a special message to both Senate and House. Such Law would guarantee an individual the right to a Job without having to belong to a pointing out that Competition among the Southern states for new Industrial plants is keen Byrnes declared South Carolina is Handi capped in not having a right to work Law. Neighbouring and other slates have such Laws he said and some of these Southern states Are a Tinly engaged in trying to have South Carolina manufacturers move plants to their i believe a free Man should have the right to join a Union 01 refuse to join a he said i do not believe a Man should sex private eyes held in kidnapping san Francisco Jan. 19 a police who painstakingly checked every Lead for almost 60 hours cracked the biggest kidnapping Case in California history Early to Day freeing a wealthy Young real estate broker and Cap Turing women who demanded for his release. Got nations concerning atomic ener this preliminary Exchange was begun Here with Georgiza Rubin the soviet ambassador. Officials emphasized the Dulles Molotov talks would not involve negotiations on the pooling plan itself but would concentrate on arrangements for a future full dress conference. Dulles met privately with Zaru bin for 20 minutes today. At his earlier news conference Dulles stressed that the big four j meeting could have Large historical Russia agrees to unify Germany through free elections and to give Austria a peace settlement. Austria noels to be he said. There is no substantial obstacle in the Way except the will to do it. Germany needs to be unified. That can be done if the four occupying Powers pull Down the barriers so that a United Germany can. Through free elections create an All German the kidnappers who first de did t get a Penny. They now face probably life sentences under the state s Little Lindbergh Law for abducting Leonard Moskovitz 36, saturday noon. The kidnapping touched off the biggest and most secret Man Hunt Over staged in san Francisco. The Case was unique in that newsmen were fully informed from the Start but All agreed to remain silent to save Moskovitz life. Newt paper wire service and radio reporters manned police head quarters around the clock follow ing every detail of the Hunt. By agreement however they did t release a word until Moskovitz was freed and two former private detectives from Sacramento were nabbed As the kidnappers. The two were Harold Jackson 57, who once operated a 100-Man Juard Agency on the san Francis co waterfront and Joe Lear 43, now a hearing Aid Salesman. Both were booked on charges of suspicion of kidnapping. Pageland mayor chosen in 3 tries Pageland Jan. 19 a Pageland voters today finally chose a new mayor. It was their third try. Turning out in record numbers they gave pharmacist g. W. Kennington 346 votes out of a total of 426. Police chief Michael Gaffey said made a full blaming Jackson with whom lie had once worked in a private detective Agency for the Kidnap scheme. Lear said Jackson asked him in Sacramento for help in a Case in san Francisco but that he did t know what the Case was until Moskovitz was kidnapped. He said he was too afraid of Jackson to Back out then. The end came when was caught in a sidewalk Telephone Bootie used previously to Telephone Ransom demands to the victim s family. Fifteen minutes later guided by Lear. Police inspector Al Nelder kicked open the door of a House in a Good san Francisco residential District arrested Jackson at gun Point and rescued Moskovitz. Moskovitz said he was lured to the kidnapping hideout by Jackson posing As a possible client inter ested in some real estate property. Pm betting billion on future new York. Jan. 19 w Gen eral motors today put a billion Dol Lars behind its Confidence in the immediate future and the Long term demand for its product. Its president Harlow h. Curtice announced the corporation will spend that sum in expanding the production facilities of its various divisions. The announcement one of the most significant in Automo Tive Industry history was made to luncheon meeting of business men and industrialists. Curtice s optimistic Outlook was seconded by Alfred p. Sloan jr., motors Board chairman. The said to thought Curtice May ii ave been conservative. My Sloan said is iat before it the expansion pro Gram 1 gets through it probably will be a billion and a the luncheon meeting was pre Minary to the opening thursday of general motors 1954 Motoyama a huge presentation of the Corpora Tion s various products and on in Cering research. Curtice told his listeners is no depression in 2. It is my belief the National Economy should be Strong and healthy throughout the there 3 seek to boost rehabilitation id by Bob Wei Uch morning news City editor Columbia Jan. Amendment that would tack approximately to the state appropriations Bill for vocational rehabilitation for the physically handicapped was introduced today As the general Assembly parried with the Biff Money measure. Were rehabilitated the Bill was introduced by three Cost of and that their earn members of the Florence county Sam Han Ell Julian Dusinbury and j. B. Clements. Dusenbury made a Strong plea for passage of the measure. He reminded House members that Federal Aid to states for vocation Al rehabilitation had been slashed 11 por cent. Under the new quotas the United states will pay 55 per cent of the training program. Us Sunbury said the figure in the amendment rep resented that 11 per cent difference which he wanted the state to carry. There is a great area of unexplored productivity in Handi capped he said. To cited figures to show that South Carolina spends s5 million annually on Public welfare and the rehabilitation programs. He pointed out Fiat last year 238 families drawing Public assistance Cost the state he Suid those same or. Townsend 37, in better shape than his Long ignored tax plan by Arthur Edson Washington Jan. 19 Lyl it came As a Surprise today to learn that both old Doc Townsend and his pension plan still arc alive and moderately healthy. But they Are and or Francis safety contest closes Drivers think they can a total of Florence Drivers line registered for the Drivers safety Content police reported yesterday at the close of registration. Between yesterday and june 18 contestants will do to Weir Best to drive with out Accident or motor vehicle Rule Viola Tion to be eligible for two awards. First award is n week s vacation for two with All expenses paid in Miami and san Juan puerto Rico. Second place is n free week for two More in the Smoky mountains. Officials expressed pleasant Surprise at lie registration total for the contest. They also were pleased at. The number of contest stickers that have blossomed on autos in the City. The stickers yellow with Black letters proclaim i think 1 in obvious refer ence to Safe driving. Ulicy also will serve coir want reminders to Drivers from now until june. Sponsored by automobile finance firms into insurance companies and the police the of its kind also will serve As a springboard to future Competition on a Iarj tar scale. Kastern air lines is handling arrange ments for the top award. Tho recipient and his guest will Fly from Point to Point. Queen City Trail Wilys is to handle transportation and details on the trip to the mountains e. Townsend is in town to prove it. Of the two the doctor who has on Are too lawyers in Congress. And just turned 87. Appears lube in there on in 20 who has the better condition. I m in Beau a j through my real hardship. I think health today than i Boon in 50 he said. But the Townsend plan which has just turned 25, seems a mite peaked. Townsend said the memberships Don t Roll in As they once did Back in depression lie would t say what the present enrolment is though. The Townsend plan has Bien before Congress for so Mulhim like 18 years and t passed in yet. Still tin1 Doi Tor is that s lie thinks or Sivils a Laving Meir off by the in and he Flag uses a recession May Scarp Congress into passing the legislation he wants. The plan has t changer inure during the years. Townsend wants a on Gross income with the returns to be passed around to the aged and the infirm. Lie used to advocate n 3 per cent tax but now he thinks 2 per cent will do Tom Job. Hut of Townsend and his plan Tho doctor seemed to this reporter at Lossl to be by far the More . He s in Alert r7, with an opinion on almost Veryl Hizir Sample opinions we d be bettor off if we had 50 per cent women in Congress. Mature women would look at All through the eyes of the family the on television sometimes i throw a Brick at the dam or. F. E. Townsend counting on re Euion Ings for the first year will be More than the Florence count Ian said re habilitation aided the handicapped As Well As the state. Those rehabilitated families he said now Cost the state nothing. Instead the state gets Money from them b Way of taxes. Lie closed his address which Drew favourable comment through out the House Chambers by saying Fiat labor is the basis of our wealth. It is the sum total of our land s greatness. We must utilize it to the Dusenbury was the father of another important Bill introduced today. He said he was prompted to introduce the Meas ure by difficulties encountered by Florence in attempting to obtain sidewalks from state funds for Cherokee Road. The sidewalks he said were for the safety of the schoolchildren using the heavily travelled Road. Florence could not get the Side walks because there were no state funds available. Funds set up for the use of the county delegation in such Road matters were almost exhausted and slate Road funds could not be touched. Under the Dusenbury Bill the stale would build walking areas for one and one half Miles in either direction along roads leading to and from recently consolidated schools. He pointed out that the state was consolidating the schools bringing Many hundreds of pupils together in one area. He Felt it was responsibility of the state to pro vide safety measures. Of the seven cents of each tax Dollar set aside for roads six cents is spent by the state High Way commission As it sees fit and without the recommendation of county delegations. The latter must use the one cent to finance secondary Road programs in their counties. The sidewalk Money under Dusinbury s Bill would come from the commission funds. Be denied the right to work be cause of his membership or non membership in a Union. Many Young men and women reared on the farms of South Caro Lina wish to work in the new industries coming to this state. Ii they wish to join a Union they should be entirely free to do so. They should not be forced to join Union in order to get a Senate sponsors the 16 senators introducing the right to work Bill Weathersbee of Jasper Tuten of Hampton my Rick of Allendale Vlis Hoe of Williamsburg Wheeler of Saluda Baskin of Lee Yonce of Edgefield Wilson of Laurens Taylor of Anderson Grantham of Pickens Lee of Dixon Graham of Florence Ellison of. Lexington Harrelson of Marion Kearse of Bamberg Miley of Oconee. Wallace said Byrnes fears have not been borne out by the rapid development of Industry in the state. Sen. Gressette of Calhoun told Wallace he evidently has not by or he would realize that other states Are using our Lack of a right to work Law to induce Indus try to move from South Wallace replied that he is familiar with the right to work proposal. He recalled he talked 12 hours in the House once against such a Bill. A right to work Bill was passed several years ago by the House but died in the Senate. Other House action the House approved the teacher after refusing to table it on a 38-72 Roll Call vote then spent the afternoon apparently groping for some solution to division of an expected million Dollar sur plus. It first Defea Ted then refused to table a proposal for million to build a state dental school at the medical College in Charleston. The representatives failed however to get to a vote on approval of the allotment. They also failed to reach a vote on a pending amendment by Hep. Carter of Beaufort to increase a distribution of state funds to counties for school uses. He would add two million to make the total or a rate of fur every school child. But the House made available the Money for Carter s pending proposal by knocking two million off a proposed three million Dollar Start on a permanent state treas Ury Reserve fund. An amendment by Carter did it. The House will continue debate on the Bill tomorrow. Greenville school demolished by fire , Jan. 19 la fire demolished two Story Elk montary school Horn late to night. Firemen wore battling the Blaze at Midnight but the 40-year-old building s Brick Walls had col la Sud. No estimate1 had Boon made of the damage late tonight and plans wore being rushed to take care of Tho children who attend the school Mithry will not attend classes to i Morrow h. Cities compete for pea s Home it has been revealed officially that Florence is competing against Charlotte and Greensboro. N. A. In efforts to get the professional golfers association Headquarters. Dugan Aycock of Lexington n. A. President of the Carolinas Sec Tion of the pea told the associated press yesterday while it is Sec editorial the Selling s just Page 4. Not definite pea will leave Chica go Tho matter is being considered seriously. City Council on monday voted unanimously an invitation to the organization. Aycock served As chairman of a five Man committee that studied the question at the annual meeting to Detroit. Tho com Mittee recommended to the pea executive committee that each of its .10 sections be notified by feb. 1 of the requirements of the nation Al office As to space needs the number of employees rental and other details. The sections May Hen enter bids if any for cities in their territory. Aycock said the pea lease on its present offices expires in the fall. He added that a move if it s made probably would not until late this year or Early in 1055. To said High rental wan one of Tho chief reasons for considering a nude. There Are other factors he raid. Aycock said chamber of com Nert officials from both greens Boro Ami Charlotte have been especially interested. A Greensboro invitation was extended at the de Roit business a Eeling. Charlotte Hambur of Commerce officials Lave had considerable correspond Nee with pea on the matter a cock said Godfrey ruling near new York. Jim. 10 my a Caa spokesman said today there May c a decision tomorrow Al television Star Arthur Godfrey s actions n Fly Duff incident at Tel Silwio w. J., Airport

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