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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - January 19, 1958, Florence, South CarolinaPage 4-a the Florence morning news Florence s. C. Sunday morning january 1.9, 1958 cd Fang. A Golden anniversary published by the Florence Pristine company John m. O Dowd James a. President and publisher editor the Florence morning news desires to be notified pro Puy of errors to any of its entered As tee pm class matter at the Post office at Florence. S.c., under Art of March 1 1897 member of the associated press audit Bureau of circulations and Southern newspaper publishers association. The associated Preat exclusively to the use for publication of All the local news printed in this newspaper. All carriers Are Independent contractors and the Florence morning news will not be responsible Van payment unless made at the office of the Florence morning news. Subscription rates 1 week 1 month 3 months months 1 tear City delivery .-.40 by mail p. 0. Box Section Florence.40 1.v5 5.20 10.40 20.80 by Carrier delivery elsewhere.35 1.55 4.55 9.10 18.20 by mail elsewhere .35 1.55 4.55 9.10 18.20 rates for subscription on Rural routes sunday by Carrier and six Days by mail Are same As by mail in Rural App pop Chhay suggested by the upper room Oftay Truk Iulai daily devotional guide o thou whose custom it was to go into the synagogue on the Sabbath Day give us a love for god and his House of prayer. Grant to thy Church the spirit of fervent prayer that through her witness to thee peace May be established among All nations. In thy name and for thy Sake. Amen. The Choice is there for them if the communists want peace at the close of the second world War the United states alone had the atom bomb. Its offer to renounce making atomic bombs with the rest of the world was refused by the soviet Union in 1948. Now ten years later the soviet Union was the first to launch an Earth satellite into space proving it had the missile Power to put it in orbit. The United states has begun the race to overtake and if possible pass this achievement. But again it stands ready to renounce the use of space weapons for War which would greatly increase the capacity of the human race to destroy the nations of the world face to Day another Choice perhaps even More momentous than that of presi. Dent Eisenhower wrote Premier bul Ganin of the soviet Union. That re lates to the use of outer space. Let us this time and in time make the right Choice the peaceful this was the Core of the presi Dent s answer to Bulgarin s round Robin of december 10 to the leaders of the North Atlantic treaty nations. It was a mischievous letter delivered on the eve of the meeting of the Heads of the Allied governments in Paris and designed to torpedo their Alliance. In that it failed but it created a desire to negotiate with Moscow especially among the euro Pean members. The president leaves the door open to a new Summit conference even to a bilateral meeting Between himself and Bulgarin and their advisers on condition s that Advance preparations Are made which would definitely indicate such a meeting would accomplish the desired results. He suggests diplomatic conversations to develop areas of agreement before he would risk another fiasco such As the Geneva big four meeting of july 1955. While he does not specifically ask for a show of Good Faith before starting preparatory talks the pres ident does give an outline of United states objectives these talks should develop. The United states would put fissionable materials in atom bombs to peaceful use. Since it has the greater stockpile it would make such Transfer of an equitable ratio with the soviet. It would end production of nuclear weapons indefinitely under rigid controls or if insists on continuing the race it proposes that bombs be devised to be More accurately confined to military objectives eliminating the dangers of fall out. Modern weapons know no geographical limits. Their unlimited use would destroy vast segments of human life. The Only Way to remove the menace is in ending their production and putting the fissionable materials to peaceful uses. Disarm Ament is meaningless on any other terms. The president has Given the rus sians a Choice if they want peace. He has indulged in no threats made no irrevocable conditions. His moderation contrasts with Bulgarin s belligerency. He will not Rush into a Summit meeting which could bring disillusionment dejection and in creased he has offered the Way to test whether such a meeting1 could bring Hope of settling the ten Sions dividing the world. Best Hope no significant tax change it is ironical for the president to be assuring us there will be no tax increased demands of the 1959 Bud get when Only a few months ago not Only he but the leaders of both parties in Congress confidently looked toward a tax Cut in this election year. It shows that those in High places were caught Flat footed by the tremendous soviet scientific advances. They have already brought supplementary requests for More funds in the current fiscal year that will raise spending in 1958 to an estimated billion and produce a deficit _ of.400 million. The 1959-budget will be balanced with a precarious 500 million which could vanish if developments require More supplement Al appropriations after the election. So we Are fortunate that no tax Rise is indicated. Tax rates on corporation income and certain excise taxes scheduled to expire july 1 will continue. That was anticipated. The Best the country can expect in the tax picture is no significant change. Their work is Cut out for them the new officers of the merchants division of the chamber of com Merce have a Job Cut out for them their Job is sales promotion. The importance of Florence to the pee Dee area As a shopping Center is very Large. How this Community can better discharge its responsibility As a shop Ping Center and enlarge upon its shopping volume that is the prime concern of the merchants division. The Wisdom of wednesday after noon closings needs re studying. Can the Charlotte observer we reconcile our importance to the pee Dee and the half Day wednesday closing of Many of our most import ant business establishments the subject needs some careful thinking. More attention needs to be Given to a carefully planned program of year round sales promotion. We need to develop a philosophy of promotion that places greater responsibility upon our service responsibility to the entire pee Dee area. Poynor school building erected 50 years ago by James a. Rogers this january 1958 Marks a Golden anniversary for building now used As Poynor Junior High school. Prior to its construction the Florence school system consisted of two schools one for while pupils on Cheves Street and the other for negroes on Iho Southwest Corner of Dargan and Palmetto named Wilson school. The site for the negro school had been obtained in the Early seventies by the Freedman s Aid Bureau and a two room Frame building erected. The school was Given he name Wilson school in Honor of vice president Henry Wilson of Massachusetts. Following establishment of the Florence school District by an act of the general Assembly in 1833, and after ten years of teaching in temporary school buildings situated in various parts of the Community the school on Cheves Street was completed in 1893 at a Cost of and became known As the Florence graded school. At the time of its construction. It was considered the finest school building in Eastern South Carolina. By 1903 during the administration of superintendent j. L. Mann enrolment had increased to the Point where it became necessary to consider erection of a new building. Initial consideration was Given by the Board of school com missioners to buying a lot next to the Cheves. Street school. Sex landmark in education 50 years ago tended deliberation however resulted in a decision to move the negro school from the Palmetto Dargan Street location to another part of town and erect the new White school on what was then the site of the negro school. Accordingly Wilson school was moved to the present location of the Wilson Junior High school and in january 1908, at a Cost of 000 Florence s new Central graded school now Poynor Junior High was completed and occupied immediately. Architect for the building was w. J. Wilkins of Flor ence who was employed for that purpose in 1906. Or. Wilkins took Ever plans and specifications drawn by c. C. Wilson and on May 31, 1906, he advertised for bids. J. F. Dig s bid of was accepted. F. Tennant was superintendent of construction. An act of the general Assem Bly on March 14, 1907 authorized the Board of school commission ers to Issue in Bonds. The Bonds were Only advertised and sold but subsequently rejected be cause they had not been issued As provided by Law. It then became necessary to borrow at seven per cent interest until the next meeting of the general As Sembly when the charter of the school District was amended in reference to bonded indebtedness. Continued on Page 10-b major state paper Ike s proposal shows reviving initiative by Stewart Alsop Washington president Eisenhower s letter to Premier Bui Ganin is not Only Well written and forceful counter propaganda it is also a major state paper representing the kind of Basic National policy decision which Only the president can make. The decision is to press seriously for an agree ment with the soviets to eliminate the Long Range ballistic missiles from the arsenals of both sides. That is lie meaning of course of the president s proposal that outer space should be used Only for peaceful the proposal is at least comparable in significance to the old Acheson Lilienthal Baruch plan for control of nuclear weapons. As in that Case nothing at All May come of it. All the same because the pres ident s decision embodies a major National policy it is Worth trying to understand the reasoning which lies behind it. The proposal raises two be Vious questions. Is an agreement just Don t lose the ticket Syndicate inc. Victor Riesel klan better skip than powwow Awu stockpiling Money those who feed on hate usually Are willing to Range far to satisfy their appetites. So it is with the Kun flux klan which has announced its intention of holding a rally in Robeson county tonight As a warn ing to indians against race mixing. In this Case the klan s aim May be bigger than its grasp. There were Quick reports that a group of Robe son indians is preparing to break up the rally. The town coun cil and three Maxton ministers look stands against the Kkt proposal. Mayor j. C. Oxendine of Pembroke the Indian Center snid to did t think there would be any i rouble. Then he Al Mfd calmly Thorn no of us. We ought to be Able to keep things under Fri Lipinn hns Long Hud Xvi Kame Thrupp any Nydem. Of think its citizens can solve any racial problems that May have Arisen with out outside from the twisted souls under the klan hoods. Kkt members would to Wise to Roboson s indians alone. It might be healthier for them to spend the evening just hating each other. James Hopkins Smilh-jr., the new director of hip. International cooperation administration has been vice president of pan american world airways and assistant so Crolay of the1 Navy fur air. Hut he prefers Small business whore decisions Are in Dependently developed to Large corp Oral inns where they Are subject to coordination and review. Thai philos Ophy is Why thousands of Wilile men per for to run their own show to to Iniz wheels in Lii or ones. In Many Vil 11 in. Is it is is ill synonymous with . 1 would like o share the Prophet s predictions with you. The Vise men inside labor Are saying that soon the Auto workers Union. Led by Walter member will he stockpiling Money up in the Aulo Industry s big three will be Stock piling car up in and by some Blamy Day in june. Imlah Sites will have piled up enough to Light it out in i strike that could Roll right through the Winter. The will he Reuther s up strike fund which now has some in the brinks. It could be More than doubled by june by additional special dues of a in Only per member. The Union s notional Headri Carlors would Hen net As n distributing paying strike Relief to ill Auto workers called Mil right in Romigh inc end of the year if necessary. Wmk tikk the shuls Rinon the flush ably lines depends n course in whether the dig three of Auto make last minute concessions to he Aulo Union As they have for the past decade or More. Union strategists arc wailing for Iho. Import land Lipoff on the Industry s toughness a sudden recalling of Laid off men and the speeding up of car production. Thai will mean the companies Are finally deciding to take on Walter Mother. A Speed up would Only mean Stock piling because the one thing the Industry needs less than the return of the horse is More ear production now. There arc Over 850.000 new already stockpiled Liy returning to Lull production the Industry could whip Oil in extra or More. This would give the nig three Ford and Chrysler enough tars to sell through without producing mini her headlight. They would have filled their 58 Quoin by and without overtime. They d then by for a strike n Long Ono. Reu tikk and his colleague had this All figured when their exec live Board met last week in Del Oil and debated strategy for iwo full Days. In the Back ground were Nickels and rockets. All of labor s Public relations was bad for the moment. The Day of the sputnik. They fell was not the Day to Call for i four Day week. Kellher called the signals for a four Man Luckfield. Con sisting of himself Leonard Wood cock a Haw vice president Mil heal of the Union s division Jack Conway Kolher s special and t a s special projects Dii Volm Mai Winborg the of the guaranteed annual . They described in de Tail share the profits orgy. Mohind in ill is Kolbor s Hunsic strategy Hilling again and fill Kiln Al profits so dial if he can t win a share of them in Iho end to can Al least argue for a bigger wage increase. By mid year Well know whole it Culvor is n Prophet in his own House of labor. To eliminate the Long Range Ballis tic missiles1 technically feasible and would such an agreement be in the National interest of the United Stales those who favored the proposal inside the government they faced bitter opposition answer both questions in the affirmative. Their reasoning is largely based on the nature of the ballistic missiles at the present state of their develop ment. In the first place a ballistic missile follows a trajectory which carries it loan Altitude of several Hundred Miles. Any test firing of a missile is thus subject to detection at a great distance by line of sight radar As our own turkish radar installations which have detected hundreds of soviet missile firings have proved. Thus a limited number of agreed radar installations would be sufficient to detect any illegal test fir Ings on Ither Side. Obviously this country has no intention of agreeing simply to cease testing missiles. But it is also considered technically feasible to Render Els Long missiles use less. For in the present slate of the Art both icbms and icbms require an elaborate base Struc Ture. Each base is like a Small permanent factory since the liquid fuel must be constantly manufactured on the spot. The Pentagon has already publicly announced the precise location of our first projected icbms base Sim ply because it will in any event be impossible to hide the huge installation which will Cost in the neighbourhood of million. Because the bases Are so visible and elaborate a manageable inspection system would be sufficient to locale missile bases on both sides. In fact our own intelligence already has a rather precise idea of the location of existing soviet missile bases and once the bases were located and dismantled neither Side could threaten the of her with decisive Surprise alack simply because the weapons Are useless without the bases. So much for technical feasibility. As for the Mil ional one Point is obvious that the soviets arc already far ahead of this country in Hie missile Field. But Carey Williams paragraphs that needed lift in life comes easy to Iho Man who has the Jack. Our idea m hiking advantage the pot lie License is to rhyme something Wilh sputnik. Utopia Nusl to the. Place whore Here has never been a flu Bug. Children did t need a recreation room in lie old Days. They did chores Ami Odd jobs around i lie Home. There s no Job Security in being Premier of France. It s like lining coach of a losing football Loam in inc United Stales. Ii was different in inc old Days. 1 took but one preacher to Luigj the Aye rage Man the depression was ii l period when n Man ale an egg instead of throwing one at some Public figure to disliked. The census Aburomi says Thorn Are enough Monitia Genilo men to go around. The problem is making them hint old go. That is not All. By the very nature of the weapon the ballistic missile favor a closed society Over an open society. For a closed society they offer the Ideal weapon of Surprise attack. For an open society they impose the almost impossible requirement of an instant on the spot decision to strike Back which is in the nature of things almost impossible in a democracy. Take our own icbms base mentioned above. Soviet icbms will obviously he in on that base. Given less than Twenty minutes warning time who is to decile to fire the missiles before the base itself is obliterated and even if an automatic and most undemocratic on the spot decision is pos sible will that be enough for in the present state of the Art a liquid fuelled missile requires com plex lopping up preparations be fore it can be fired. These preparations take not minutes but hours. These Are some of the arguments which persuaded the pres ident to make the control of bal Listic missiles the key proposal in his letter to Bulgarin and a key Point of american National pol icy. There Are As there always Are. Arguments on the other Side. One such argument is that the soviets might secretly perfect air breathing missiles which could not be surely detected by radar or solid fuel missiles which would not require the easily detectable base system. In any event it is no doubt unlikely that the soviets will negotiate seriously now that we have by our Folly allowed them to gain a decisive Lead in the mis Siles. Even if they do. Extremely powerful voices will be raised in this country especially in the Pentagon and in Industry against any real agreement. But when All this is said it is still True that the president s proposal is a Hope Ful sign of reviving initiative after the Long years of Drift. Billy Graham my answer question i heard a Man say the other Day that Christ never claimed to he tic son of god that ills i its give him hint Honor. What about ii. . Answer turn to John and to following verses. Jesus had made n Man born Blind whole again so that he could see perfect. Those who opposed Jesus were persecuting this Man. Jesus found him and asked him a dose thou believe on inc son of god " thai Man re plies who is lie. Lord thai i might believe in then Jesus 10 him Thieu Hast both him. And it is to dial Lal kith Wilh when Jesus said this. We Ore Lold hint the Man cried lord. I and he worshipped him. Another Lime Jpn is was talking to a Samaritan woman a Oil spiritual truths. Shi said i know thai mos sons to Mold which is called Christ when he is comp to will loll us All to this Jesus replied 1 hint speak unto shoe am you Road inc gospels you will find Nunin and again dial Jesus was opposed Boca Uso he claimed id he inc son of god mid that in one of inc Ron sons he was Al Nelly crucified

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