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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - January 19, 1958, Florence, South CarolinaWhere a renowned German born Pioneer in the new age of rocketry Willy Ley was exploring the theories of missile travel More than three decades before Man s initial probing of outer space. In 1927 he helped found the German rocket society whose members gathered much of our fundamental knowledge of rocketry. Later he became vice president of the society and a world authority on rocket and missile development. Hitler s Rise to Power caused Ley to take an extended vacation from his Homeland in 1935. He settled in the United states became a citizen and made outstanding contributions to the understanding of Man s future in outer space. Author of 10 books and numerous articles Ley is a member of the american rocket society Institute of aeronautical sciences society of american military engineers and the american association for the advancement of science. He is also a fellow of the British interplanetary society and the Meteoritical society. In the rocket race by Willy Ley Here is an expert s Post sputnik analysis of the struggle for missile supremacy. Tver since the first sputnik appeared in the evening sky last oct. 4, i have been answering questions from the press from radio and television commentators from chairmen of lecture groups and from the Public generally. The following of course in t a Complete list of All the questions i be been asked but it covers those which were asked most frequently about sputnik and rocket development. 1. What did the russians do Aid How did they do it the method of putting an artificial satellite into an orbit around the has been discussed in scientific circles since 1923. It was known to scientists that two things would have to be done a. A rocket would first have to Rise to a height of More than 150 Miles. It would not have to go straight up but could go at a slant after vertical in fact the slant Wise ascent was deemed better for various scientific reasons. B. Once the rocket had attained such a height it would have to move parallel to the ground and in crease its Speed to 4.6 Miles per second. That would put it into an elliptical path around the Earth. Travel ing in this momentum would pro Duce enough centrifugal Force to counterbalance the Earth s gravitational attraction at that distance. This is what the russians did they got their rockets into the upper atmosphere and provided them with the necessary velocity. 2. What kind of rackets did the russians use and did they use new and unknown fuels the russians must have used two different kinds of rockets for their first two satellite shots. For sput Nik i they certainly used the missile which they Call t-2. This is the kind that we Call Irby intermediate Range ballistic missile and which has a Range of Miles when used As a weapon. It is a two stage missile with liquid fuels. For the satellite shot they put a third stage on top of it instead of a warhead. The third stage carried the satellite. For sputnik ii they probably used the missile which they Call t-3 and which is their icbms intercontinental ballistic this soviet missile when used As a weapon has a Range of Miles or better. In spite of much talk they probably did not use a new and secret fuel their official reports say that the fuel for these rockets is highly refined kerosene and liquid oxygen and american observers have found no reason to doubt this statement. 3. Could such o sputnik drop on our Heads no. If a rocket or the satellite it carried has enough Speed to stay in an orbit it will remain in an orbit there is no known method of suddenly stopping it in its orbit and making it come straight Down. What will happen is that these rockets will gradually come closer to the Earth because they still find a Little bit of air resistance at the height where they Are finally they will hit denser air at a height of about 20 Miles and will be heated by air friction to such an extent that they will be vaporized. This will happen about a year from now but it May take longer. _ Ley claims army Redstone shown Here big four rockets include left to right . Intermediate Range ballistic missiles in Jupiter a was used in in flight is an excellent honest John. Nike. Wac Corporal and Redstone elude army Jupiter left and air Force Thor. Ful test of re entry nose Cones family weekly january 19, j95s

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