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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - January 18, 1954, Florence, South CarolinaMonday morning january 18, 1054 the Florence morning news. Florence s. C. Auto unionists ask for boost of lowest wage Washington Jan. 17 a the Cio United Auto workers asked Secretary of labor James a Mitch Ell today to enact higher uniform standards for state unemployment insurance and boost the minimum hourly wage to s1.25. Walter p. Reuther president of the jaw and Cio wrote that both of the requests were within the jurisdiction of the department of citing declining and insufficient Benefit payments Reuther recommended Federal standards Lor maximum benefits of 65 to 85 per cent of the slate or National average wage whichever is higher. The Federal government s responsibility cannot be discharged through appeals to the Reu ther charges. Such appeals have been made in the past and have proven Reuther asked Mitchell to improve old age benefits increase the income tax exemption from 600 to and establish a farm program that would give full equity to the Farmers. The Union Reuther said was for the higher minimum wage and Extension of the mini us wage Law to cover More work ers to bring the Law More nearly in line with business and Industry the Law chief added that the purchasing Power of those de pendent on old age and survivor s insurance must be increased to a maximum of a month. Another Way to restore buying Power Reuther said is to increase the personal income tax exemption. It would he said be a vital Stim ulant to the Law proposals were adopted at the Union s National full employment conference held in Washington last month with Mitchell As one of the main speakers. Video repair Gyps slowly losing fight new York Jan. 17 Tel Evision repair Gyp who caused set owners and manufacturers such pocketbook pain in to s Early free Wheeling Days is slowly but surely being run put of business. There Are two big reasons 1. A Public education project backed by the better business bureaus of the nation to Wise up owners to the Wiles and Gimmi of the to repair Gyp. 2. A system of National to serv ice organizations staffed by men trained in everything from electronics to human relations. There Are still plenty of Gyps around waiting to snare the unwary however. They flourish chiefly in areas newly opened to television. We be noticed a general in acting sane about television and been established for a a better business Bureau spokes Man explains. Usually though it takes about a year to get people acting sane about television and establishing standards of Reli Abil to Gyps operate in Many ways the better business Bureau states and it is hard to establish any hard and fast rules on preventive methods. Set owners however should be suspicious of any repair service organization offering to make Calls at the alluring Price of s3 or less. Few repair men can afford to make Calls at those the bbb says. To sets Are a lot Dif Ferent from radio and a lot More complicated. It takes time to locate the trouble and several tests May be necessary. It is very easy to lure people on with a cheap Price and then Load on plenty of extras As parts or no set owner should Ever let repairman take his equipment from the House for repairs without first establishing the reliability of the repair Man and also receiving a receipt for the set. And no Sej owner should permit repairs to be undertaken without first receiving written estimate from the re Pairman on the Cost. The bbb recommends checking its office in your town when in doubt or at least the local Cham Ber of Commerce. Reputable Deal ers in television sets should be Able to recommend a Good repair service although some Shady Deal ers have been found who receiver kick backs from dishonest repair services. For several years National to repair services closely tied up with two Large manufacturers have been operating and other manufacturers and appliance dealers have been working in cooperation with Many Community groups to protect the Public from Gyps. Kennie Taylor associated press science reporter Berkeley calif., Jan. 17 opening for a new attack on a Ong standing scientific Low a single cell con grow into a complicated organism like a Man a Plant or an icon found by a University of Cal fornia genetics expert. The Opportunity arises from a cries if Laboratory findings particularly some tests demonstrating hat embryonic frogs and Sala Manders can grow body parts for set micks Page hence life 15 for her am. Serial play in which by 50me cuwoli5 dramatic License 15 Able to k. Both actor and Spectator the curtain is about to fall on a romantic meets Worth widow in a Piaf she chooses to convinced that the surest was to meet interesting people it Tobe inter ested in people what drama fan matters Little maw. Six you has a reserved seat the. Show 6reat, thanks. You know leaving her to worry before the fish is worse than waiting for the Bel pretends does t worry. But of course i m not fooled. 1 i la never sleep with that noise. Heh heh. Knobby claims Jerow snores and Jerry claims Knobby does. They sure make a Racket Blaze which consumed television sets the modern contents of three of the historic smoke envelopes the Brooklyn new York City waterfront Jan. 15, As four Ware houses once used As ammunition depots in the civil War go up in flames. A freighter finds its berth alongside the burning build Ings a precarious one in this air View of the structures. Twenty one firemen were injured most of them by falling debris when a Wall gave Way and damage was estimated at three million dollars. A photo science still trying to meddle into secret of life organisms re t Enes wrapped up in 48 thread oped Ike things called chromosomes. Ust before the cell divides the chromosomes double by splitting Lengthwise so that there Are 96 f them instead of 48, and they supposedly contain twice As Many Enes As the original cell. When he division occurs there Are two cells just alike each with plus genes and 48 chromosomes. This goes on and on until the dividing and growing cells form each other. From this the researcher Theo Rizes that embryos while they Are still Mere lumps of living matter develop different Ness at various spots which affects the genes or hereditary factors in some of the dividing cells causing them to pro Duce different kinds of tissues. The enormous of genes n each living cell and the Many areas of different Ness in a grow no organism add up to the possibility that humans plants and animals could go on evolving in definitely. Millions of years hence a human thus might be something a different than he is now. This theory is offered of or. Urt Stern a professor of zoology widely known for his research in genetics. He introduced the idea recent lectures a More elaborate presentation will to pub shed in a forthcoming edition of the american scientist publication of the society of the Sigma i an organization devoted to scientific knowledge. An organism such As a human begins with a single cell. The cell nucleus contains or More Hap prescribed for longer life by Alton l. Blakeslee new York Jan. 17 up for longer life lie Down on the for a Little while that is. A Brief Nap or 10-Minule rest after lunch is Good for you. Thai s the advice consulting psychologist Peter e. Siegle of Chi Cago offers business executives in a report prepared for a manufacturer of sleep equipment. It could go for anyone who works under tension and High pressure. A Little rest and relaxation on an office Couch might help avoid heart attacks or fatal Auto Acci dents when driving Home tense Anc worried during Rush hour traffic he says. Siegle cites statistics that the life expectancy of the average american Man is nearly 66 year but Bosses in Busy occupations May die at any time from 57 to 61. And Many in really High pres sure Fields never live to be 50. Most workers get regular res1 Breaks he says and so do sol Diers on Long marches. The Busi Nessman who works like a horse should give himself the same break. Chicago a sprain or Strain and you get advice to. Treat it with hot packs or cok packs. Which is better a medical consultant writing in the journal o the american medical Assn. Votes for cold treatment As usually Best to Start with. The injury Likely rup tured Small blood vessels and cold packs help Stop bleeding and re Duce swelling. A Day or two later hot packs help step up blood Olmi to the injured area to relieve pain and promote Healing. Wishing Well registered u. 3. Patent Nass that becomes a sizable form Ess Lump of living matter. Since each new cell is supposedly exactly like its ancestor there can t be any differentiation which forms arms legs eyes Bones blood. It s just a living Lump. How then does it develop into a complicated monthly functioning organism or. Stern who cites the findings of other researchers As Well As his own suggests that tiny differences arise in the developing egg and influence the actions of the genes n cells where these local differences exist. The differences May begin when he original single cell divides and becomes a body consisting of two this Little body then has a Tont and a Back a top and a Bot .0111. The cytoplasm or filler sub stance of one of tile cells May 3e More dense or More viscous n one place than in another. Or the nucleus May not be exactly in the Middle of the cell. Again the cell May be lined up crosswise of the embryonic body instead of parallel to it. Some of these things or. Stern theorizes May stir dormant genes into action and bring about the production of differentiated cells. N of All the genes Are Active at any Given time. Some of them Al ways Are inactive. It is these Little he suggests that triggers the change. In the Case of the Frog embryo. One of the first outward signs of development is the formation of opening which becomes the Mouth. Prior to that time the Only change in the appearance of the embryo is a tiny bulge where the Mouth will be. Things happen fast however after the bulge appears. Cells in the Region change markedly and Mouth forms. Or. Stern grafted the Mouth re Gion of an embryonic Salamander onto one of these Frog embryo bulges. A Salamander Mouth com plete with Teeth developed. This Means the geneticist said that the Frog embryo was ready to pro Duce a Mouth even if it had to use the structural parts of another animal. The same thing happened when Frog bulge was grafted to embryonic Salamander. It devel across 1. Food Staple 7. Source 13. Abode of King Arthur 39 total 14. In front of 40. Box 15. Postpone 16. Maid 17. Bone 18. Thing 19. Penny 20. Insect 21. Aeri form substance 22. Step of a ladder 23. Purchases 24. Near 25. Arrow 26. Large receptacle 27. Wig 29. Fight 32. Playing card 33. Vexed 34. Exists Frog s Mouth. The evidence thus far for the appearance of different nes or pre Paul cons As or. Stern Calls them is not yet Strong enough to constitute a Well settled theory. He expressed Hope that solid physical and chemical evidence would be found to reinforce it. Sex florentine boosted Joseph h. Jack Brjch jr., for Merty of Florence has been promoted to commercial manager of the Greensboro n. A Branch of the Duke Power co. Welch went to Greensboro in 1948 As Liming Engineer for the Branch office. He is a vice president of the Junior chamber of Commerce there and a director of the Gree Boro engineers club. Business directory 21" table Model be television Morgan refrigeration service we give s ii Green Stamps 228 e. Evans phone 7224 Jack s refrigeration service dial 6648 Oil Heaters cleaned 715 West Palmetto Street Quick Loans on autos appliances la Moikis watches radios combinations. Also unredeemed items for Sale. Harry i finance company 188 e. Front St. Ace bedding co. G. W. Stokes owner renovate your old Cotton or old innerspring mattresses like new. We also make now Felt Cotton and innerspring matter Csc pick up and deliver 900 East Cheves Street phone 6124. Or 8566 41. Hail 42. Toward 43. Rubber Trees Correct 46. Rubber 48. Unwilling 49. Color of the Garden Mignonette 50. Abate Down 1. Tablet 2. Glutton led 3. Stories 4. Alack 5. Plaything 6. Forward solution of saturday Puzzle 7 b 2 y 3 8 r j 2 u t e o e 2 r 5 8 f u 7 n 278 o i o 437" r s c 6 4 2" g s a 3 n t e 2 c 8 4 l l 7 2 f r 0 4. G o 5 4 t v t 2 d r n u e 4 o 2 3 5 a c t 5724 r r p e 1 3f a n e 2 u e e m 2 e 8. Freedom from activity 9. Conditions 10. Proceed 11. Subtle sarcasm 12. Cozy Homes 16. Penitential period 7. Former Gold 19. Heal japanese 20. Sister o Coin one s Parent Here is a pleasant Little game that will give you n message every Day. It is a numerical Puzzle designed to spell out your Fortune. Count the letters in your first name. If the number of letters is 6 or More lust rect 4, if the number is less than 6, add 3. The a cult it your key number. Start at the upper loft hand Corner of the rec tangle and Check every one of your key numbers left to right. Then Impf letters under the checked figures give you. To Willlim j. My Lar. Dmitrl Bulli by Kolni in Turret. Int. He 21. Opening 22. Garden implement 23. Sting of an insect 25. Tube for conveying a fluid 20. Farm building 28. Foray 29. Dutch South african 30. Authoritative Permis Sion 31. Super Lativs ending 33. Mineral Springs 35. He Vcrne 36. Idolize 37. Musical composition 38. States positively 40. Vehicle on runners 41. City in Iowa 43. Utility 44. Night before in event 45. Snug room 47. Like 48. Indian Mulberry january s tiievt4lk.tiie boats approach a lonely i love the wilderness As does the Indian the comin3 of the settlers Means the end 0 that forthe settler destroy5 the 6ame and cuts Dom the Forest he w4ste5 mo5totp-but it 15 coming-wotiiin6 can Stop it Asom Day farm w1l l be eve re Wiere the game and the free life 0 the Forest will be 60ne-ti5 the mature o Tii Inas. Miss Debby figure stamdin5 do the River scrims be favor the Indian t i do wot under i hear it Junior or like a baby be certain Sipps might make a noise like toe Birk heard it first and th4ts who i had Vou just let go Mesa the makes one a Oreface t done ski word scares honest Abeland that one Ahto Lewt Stop is Scarim honest Abe j what the game Ain t even started yet us he Donte Vun look like a Memluk of Shooman race the that him one Dinah heard Braggin about Bein a me Buh in groan s time tidily spotted into crowd has 60t All upset passing from All anqle5 and positions. And when possible hit your teammate Chest High with the it s easiest for him to handle How did h a t tried the front door Andi in it was a i unlocked i forgot my Kev ill have1o go through a window Well Vou my Uncle Joe took for a headache he took a half of a Glass of Paregori and half of a Glass of iodine Why you Boob Yeh it did that would he Hever got another headache Mutt you get a lot of headaches i know mow you can Stop getting headaches

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