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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - January 16, 1954, Florence, South CarolinaPage 4 the Florence morning news Florence s. C. Saturday morning january 16, 1954 what Are George Sokolsky Roscoe Drummond Bricker and Sokolsky columnist George Sokolsky on this Page gives powerful evidence that he like other proponents of the controversial proposal believes the Bricker amendment is the Prin Cipal Issue of the moment. Is there then no alternative to confusion or he asks and quickly sup plies the Pat answer the Bricker Amend ment offers such an alternative within the tradition of the american the amendment proposed and vigorously fought for by the Ohio Republican would if approved by Congress and ratified by three fourths of the states curb the treaty making Powers of the president. President Eisenhower opposes the amendment. As Long Back As july he expressed his disapproval. Again in his press conference this week or. Eisenhower Reiter ated that disapproval. Or. Sokolsky makes a Case for the amendment to the Constitution on the ground that it would prevent future Amaz ing and tragic performances of our presidents at the Teheran Cairo Yalta and proof positive the accusation by the chairman of the democratic National committee this week that the president had distorted major is sues in his report to the nation on Republican Progress will be met with detailed they will marshal facts to prove the democratic High command is distorting by saying the president is distorting. It is Well to remember that facts like figures can be made to lie. A skillful Tongue can arrange facts in sequences to persuade even the not so Gul Lible that this is the Only possible order. As an example believers in numerology sometime change names to meet numerological requirements. A while Back some columnist somewhere said that on this basis Queen Elizabeth should change the name of Prince Charles. Why his Contention was that Charles is a disastrous name for a King. The columnist then went on to recite facts to prove his Contention. As Best we recall some of the examples cited were Charles i of England was beheaded by his subjects Charles ii was forced into Long exile Charles Edward pretender to the throne died in poverty stricken disgrace Charles i of France was a Lunatic Charles Vii starved himself to death Charles x returned from Long exile to the throne and then was forced to flee for his life. That is not the Complete list. But neither does it represent All the facts. Re arranged and bringing in other Charless to whom Fate was More kind the list of Kings named Charles could be made to show that the name is a fortunate one. All this is recounted to remind that facts like figures can be made to lie. Facts presented As proof by partisans always should be salted Down Tor digestion with facts omitted from the Bricker amendment Clear contusion a civilized nation is one dotted with Speed trap towns. Mis. Pc rec Festa has returned to the uniter states. No doubt she will Lake up Potsdam conferences which brought upon us the state of permanent such a statement it must be recognized is merely another Echo of the right Wing republicans numerous tabbing of All disputed actions by democratic administrations As treachery. Never a mistake never an error because of later developments Over which no american had never. Premeditated treachery. The president s View on the amendment basically is this he will go along with Congress in de Claring that any treaty or International agreement contravening the Constitution is null and void. But he will not agree to any proposal that weakens or restricts the treaty making Powers of the chief executive. In rejecting the Bricker amendment the president is going by the Constitution. In its interpretation and in practice the Power of a president to make treaties is put before Congress for final approval. Con Gress has the Power to reject objectionable parts of a treaty. The Constitution says the president shall have Power to make treaties with the advice and consent of the Senate. What or. Eisenhower does not want is any semblance of a return to the procedure before adoption of the Constitution. In those Days each state had the right to repudiate a treaty. Senator Bricker and those who Back his amendment Are prone to talk loudly of past examples being the basis for present fears of future catastrophes. The examples in the main Are As spurious As those advanced by or. Sokolsky today. Teterboro tempest Arthur Godfrey says it was a Strong gust of wind not Lack of humility that caused his recent Aerial antics at Teterboro air port in new Jersey. In the event some Godfrey fans have missed explanations Over his radio and Tele vision shows the background is this the port of new York authority which has jurisdiction Over Teterboro has demanded that the civil aeronautics authority take vigorous disciplinary action against the Dar Ling of the air Waves. The authority charges or. Godfrey with careless and reckless Fly ing by bringing his dc3 transport too close to the Tower. I or. Godfrey has claimed foul. He says it in t True he intentionally buzzed the control Tower because he was t allowed to use the runway he likes. The bad thing about the Godfrey Teter Boro hassle is that because of his wide audience or. Godfrey has set about making the officials look ridiculous even before a formal complaint was lodged by the Caa. We arc inclined to doubt that or. God Frey an old and experienced flier deliberately would violate safely regulations. He has however made one statement Thot is interesting. After his plane had taken off at Teter Boro last week the control Tower radioed to ask if there was anything unusual about the Takeoff. I replied no not for Teter or. Godfrey explained. If or Oil Fry will answer the Caa officially then we will led a lot happier about old and experienced flier Godfrey. Prof. Edward s. Corwin learn organizer of a Campaign against the Bricker amendment wrote a cd student of government and now Book some years ago entitled the president office and it is a scholarly contribution to the subject. So when i received a circular letter in opposition to the Bricker amendment signed by prof. Corwin 1 seized upon his Book As an in Dex to what the professor thinks on the subject. As regards the constitutional stipulations concerning the foreign policies and relations of the United states prof. Corwin wrote the Constitution does and All that it does is to Confer upon the president certain Powers capable of affecting our foreign relations and certain other Powers of the same general nature upon the Senate and still other such Powers upon Congress but which of these organs shall have the decisive and final voice in deter mining the course of the american nation is left fur events to resolve. All of which amounts to say ing that the Constitution con. Side Rcd Only for its affirmative Grants of Powers which Are Cap Able of affecting the Issue is an invitation to struggle for the privilege of directing american for eign what the Bricker amendment seeks to do is to eliminate this particular struggle which often becomes unseemly by clarifying the authority of Congress and the authority of the president. Such a clarification is necessary after the amazing and tragic performances of our presidents at the Teheran Cairo Yalta and Potsdam conferences which brought upon us the state of permanent War. I of. Corwin anticipating one phase of the Bricker Amend ment by Many years wrote of course when it comes to legislation which would be capable of tying his the president s hands because of his constitutional obligation in respect to Law enforce ment a president has usually an effective weapon of defense for his policies in his veto Power. The trouble is that an act which was put on the statute books with the approval of a predecessor or even with his own approval May later turn out to be seriously cramping. Thus it was that president Wilson found it necessary Early in 1914, when he was being subjected to Strong pressure from great Britain on account of his mexican policy to go before Congress and urge re peal of the Panama tolls act of 1911 i ask this of you in support of the foreign policy of the administration. I shall not know How to Deal with other matters of even greater delicacy and nearer consequence if you do not Grant it to me in a grudging measure no More striking acknowledge ment has Ever been made by a president of the actual Power of Congress in the foreign relations it is now Clear that while Wood Row Wilson ran in 19ic on the slogan he kept us out of he was already in 1914 laying the foundation for getting us into War in the event that great Britain was in danger of defeat. Congress was never informed of Woodrow Wil son s Covert negotiations nor of the efforts of Walter Hines Page our ambassador to the court of St. James a to support one Side against the other in a War in which the americans had no cause. The american people actually believed that Woodrow Wilson was keeping this nation out of War. Congress did on March 4, 1913, pass a rider to the appropriations act forbidding Che presi Dent to extend or accept any invitation to participate in any International Congress conference or like event without specific authorization to do to this caveat i Rof. Corwin re Marks sagely shades of Cairo Teheran Yalta it would seem that one who has written Page after Page about the confusion that has Arisen in our history because the Powers of the president and of Congress in for eign relations have not been precisely defined would favor a Meas sure that does define those authorities precisely. Were his position that the authority Over foreign re lations be exclusively the presi dents it would be preferable to the present confusion. But then we should have to reorganize the american government on a fascistic basis making of our presi Dent a dictator even in Domestic affairs As foreign relations and Domestic affairs Are today inseparable. Is there then no alternative to confusion or fascism the Bricker amendment offers such an alter native within the tradition of the american people. Copyright 1954 3 no nets atom talks Progress administration officials Are pleased with the attitude which so Viet ambassador Georgi n. Zarou bin brought to the opening negotiations at the state department this week on the president s proposal for an atomic peace Pool. Yes the soviet government would like to have a full understanding of what president Eisenhower had in mind and How it could be worked out. Yes the soviet government would Ike to use diplomatic channels rather than the plat form of the u. N., to carry for Ward the atomic least in their Early stages. Yes the soviet government agrees that the present discussions should be conducted privately and avoid premature publicity. Well there Are three soviet Yesnes to no nets and while these agree ments Are Only procedural that is a lot of Yesnes the Way soviet negotiations usually go. These agreements have not been announced formally but they can be read and i am sure accurately into the care fully worded communique which came from a spokesman of the state department after Ambas Sador Zaroubine and Secretary of state Dulles had their first session on the atomic plan. This evidence that the soviet ambassador is exhibiting a genuine earnestness at the take off of the atomic discussions does not mean that there will be smooth flying or Rood Landing. But it is Good even if modest news and conceivably could cast a Small Shaft of Light ahead. This peace use atomic Pool re Mains to be spelled out beyond the general words which presi Dent Eisenhower used in his u. Drew Pearson congressional quarterly lobbying Kingpins include railroads Washington cd with Congress expected to consider some transportation legislation this ses Sion powerful pressure groups Are preparing for action. These organizations which speak for railroads Waterways truck operators and airlines include association of american rail roads composed of leading rail roads in the United states Canada and Mexico car has one of Washington s largest legislative depart ments. Its president is William t. Far icy who plays Golf at burning tree country club where president Eisenhower also tees off and maintains a wide acquaintanceship among congressmen and top government officials. J. Carter fort car general counsel is credited with being among the higher paid and More effective lobbyists. He is aided by a committee of 47 lawyers of the member roads. Federation for railway pro Gress established in 1947 by Rob Ert r. Young head of the Chesa Peake and Ohio railway this group represents shippers suppliers and railway Security holders. Its legislative department is headed by Wil Liam r. Merriam. Former publicity Man and fund Raiser. Hill contacts Are handled by Esther Lipsen who previously worked for sen. Estes Kefauver american trucking associations a federation of 51 Independent and autonomous state trucking associations Ata is the major truck operators lobby. Its legislative activities Are handled by John v. Law rence managing director and James f. Pinkney general coun Sel. Whenever a vital legislative Issue comes up congressional quarterly was told Lawrence and Pinkney practically live on Capitol Button holing congressmen to line them up for or against the Bill. The trucking organization alerts its member organizations to the need for grassroots support on key issues. Air transport association As the major organization representing scheduled airlines the association operates through cum milk is of air limit. Executives and through its in Washington. Its new president to take office feb. 1, is Earl Johnson Pri sent under Secretary of the army. Contacts with the Hill Are undertaken by Stuart Tipton former government lawyer who serves As general counsel and Edward Rodgers former Secretary to sen. Carl Hayden Darin and now assistant to the association s president. One of the most important sources of Ata legislative strength is said to be extensive Field support which these men can marshal Dur Ingri showdown fight on any key Issue. In its lobbying activities Chi Soei it inn sometimes in or rules with Nohrr members of the hoc in Washington. Those include National aviation trades association aeronautical training society Airport operators Council aircraft industries association and other groups. American Waterways operators termed the largest of the Waterways organizations Awo goes to Bat for the Industry on legislative issues. Its lobbying is done by sex Hep. Chester c Thomp son d-ll., 1933-38. National water carriers association another leading spokesman of Barge and Tow lines Owca frequently teams with Awo in opposing proposed charges for use of Waterways. Transportation association of America designed to serve As focal Point for bringing transport groups together in developing agreement on policy Taa serves As consulting service to con Gress. Leif Gilstad an sex Newspaperman who now Heads the Washington office does much of Taa s legislative work. Copyright 1954 a writer suggests that comedians be brought into govern ment. The laughs the tax payer gets Cost him enough already. Nowadays when a Man s ship comes in. Uncle Sam does plenty of Docking. Double take big speech. It probably will emerge More concretely after Dulles talk with Zaroubine and by the time the Secretary and Molotov Are ready to discuss it in Berlin a number of questions come readily to mind and i have been seeking at least partial answers to some of them from those in Washington who have Access to the facts. Such questions As these question would it be a serious Drain upon the fissionable materials now owned by the principal Powers to create an International stockpile of sufficient size to be worthwhile Drain at All. There is plenty of fissionable material. The problem would not be to get the fissionable material but to agree upon significant and practicable projects which could be uses fully undertaken. The amount of fissionable material which would need to be used would Bear no relationship to the production of at Omic weapons in any of the Prin Cipal Powers. It be difficult for the countries to agree upon the differing ratios of contribution which each would make should t be. Primar ily because volume of contribution is not important. The contributions would make no appreciable Dent in the National stockpiles of fissionable materials. The contributions quite reasonably could be in ratios comparable to what the participating nations contribute to the u. Budget. Question where would the proposed International Stock pile of fissionable materials be located would not be located in any one place. The stockpile would not be like the Gold in it Knox. It would represent a commitment by the member countries against which the u. Atomic Agency could to the limit of the proportionate commitments order to carry out agreed peacetime atomic projects in Dif Ferent parts of the world. Would these projects Likely be located both the soviet Union and the United states accepted the plan the projects would he aimed at helping under countries and would be carried out in parts of the free world and in the communist world. Any of these atomic projects be in danger of seizure danger does not seem great for two reasons. The value from seizing them would be slight. The amount of fissionable material would be minutely Incon sequential. The risk involved would be great since it would be a visible act of aggression. It is True As the soviets have insisted that his plan for a Pence use Bank of fissionable materials has nothing directly to do either with the control of atomic weapons or atomic disarmament. It is because the soviet Union and the West have never been Able to come within nodding distance of an agreement on International at Omic controls that president Eisenhower suggested this different approach and a Way to make a modest beginning toward the peace time International develop ment of atomic Energy. Its biggest potential is that if it can be worked out it could Cre ate a degree of cooperation and a climate from which More could emerge. Even one Day of negotiation with out a yet is headway. Copyright 1954 Gen. Omar Bradley tried to seek Senate seat but he s worried Washington Gen. Omar Bradley former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and one the great military men of modern times has been approached by California admirers to run for the . Senate As a Democrat. His reactions to the Senate approach Are extremely interesting. In the first place Bradley is Wor ried about Money which is understandable since he has lived on a meager military salary All his life and if he goes Back on the Federal payroll As a senator he would forfeit his retired army pen Sion. But More important Uncle Omar is worried about the of military men mixing in politics. He regards this principle As most important. The trend started by Mac a thur and Eisenhower is danger Ous and should not be continued he told California friends for the military profession politics Don t mix. A general for instance must be trained to insist upon Mili tary needs entirely apart from any political considerations. The Politi Cian on the other hand must be willing to Compromise. As Long As military men Don t have political ambitions Bradley explained they will perform their jobs fearlessly and without Compromise. But once a political career lurks in the mind of a general his military actions Are bound to be influenced by politics. Therefore concluded Brad Ley military men must stay out of the political Arena. It so happens that Uncle Omar gave exactly the same advise to his close Friend Ike Eisenhower Back in 1948, and this was one Rea son Ike refused to run for presi Dent at that time. Bradley is intrigued at the idea of being a senator however feels that be might make some contribution. But the negative factors outweigh the positive at least for the moment. Note 1 adm. Thomas Hart a Republican military Man was appointed to the . Senate after the War and served with Honor and distinction. He filled the unexpired term of Connecticut s sen. Francis Mioney and did not run for re election. Note 2 was born in Missouri As a Democrat but has never been identified with politics one Way or the other though he was appointed by Truman to be veterans administrator and later to the joint chiefs of staff. In each Case he did an excellent Job. Ike modifies stand president Eisenhower had a Frank Chat on loyalty probes with a non Messing democratic Congress Man the other Day in which Ike con ceded that some people May have misunderstood his recent statement that disloyal americans be deprived of citizenship. Ike told rep. Harley staggers of West Virginia that he referred in his state of the Union Mes to those who committed treasonable acts to undermine the government. He did not mean former communists who had been duped into joining the communist party but later renounced communism. I do not have the Power As president to give citizenship to anyone but i do have the right to restore citizenship to a Felon who has paid the penalty for his Eisenhower said. If i convicted Felon can come Back and be a free Man in a free world then certainly those who espoused communism but repudiated it should not be stigmatized by their fellow citizens for the rest of their lives. Thai s not the american i m glad to hear you Clear that up or. Said the West Virginia Democrat because i was a Little confused myself by what you said in the state of the Union staggers then read to the president an editorial in the Wall Street journal stating in effect that the newspaper hoped Eisenhower did t mean what its editors thought he implied. Ike repeated his statement quoted above then added i also did not mean to imply any partisan ship in what i listen or. Replied staggers this question is bigger than the Congress the administration or any one Man. It s the most important problem that the nation faces today and it will take our Best brains to solve it. It is far More important than the Job the Hoover commission is doing to reorganize the government. If the current investigations cd disloyalty by various committees of Congress competing for publicity Are allowed to continue in two or three years there will be so much confusion in the Public mind that political opportunists May be trying to outlaw the demo cratic or the Republican party As i think you re replied the president adding that he was going to give serious attention to a Bill staggers has introduced pro Viding for a thorough probe of subversive influences by a 12-Man commission of outstanding citizens selected by the president the vice president and the speaker of the House. Navy confesses adm. Jim Holloway the Navy s personal chief is in the Pentagon Doghouse for sending a written statement to the House armed services committee without Clear ing it. Trouble was that he gave away Annapolis secrets. The congressmen had requested Holloway s views on an air Force Academy and the Admiral wrote a statement in favor of it. But buried deep in the statement was a confession that the Navy had been using High pressure tactics on Annapolis midshipmen to keep them from joining its chief rival the air Force. When Deputy Secretary of de sense Kyes saw this paragraph he ordered it struck out. He was told however that it was too late. The statement already had been to Capitol ill. Kyes hit the ceiling ordered that the paragraph he skipped Over when the statement was read into the record. He hoped that Congress and newspapermen would thereby Overlook it. Meanwhile Hooloway was called on the carpet by his fellow admirals. What s wrong with the asked Holloway. After All. It s True. We work Over the midship men to keep them from signing up in the air Force. We Don t want them to join the air Force. We teach them Somo things we Don t want them to use against us or. The truth indicated his fellow admirals does t always pay. Copyright 1054 a look at yesterday Twenty five years ago today was saturday Jan. 16, 1929. Florentine Reading their morning news saw that although Zambone was much younger than today he was still the same on that Day he allowed that us i shut Dot Ole Billy Goat up in the Back Yard Las night but done forget bout Ole Oman s sunday stockings Hangin on de spouts item Carolina finally wins Over Clemson. The University of South Carolina won its first Victory Over Clemson College since John Cody took charge of Lei Sou athletics in the full of 1927. Personals e. C. Willis and son. Billy Are visiting in Charlotte and , . Or. And mrs. W. F. Taylor have returned from Norfolk is. Where they spent the holidays with their daughter. Mrs. Harvy Atwuil and or. Alwill. Accompanying them Home were mrs. Atwuil and her two children who will remain or h visit. Or. Mid mrs. K. D. Skipper or. Anal mrs. T. E. Skipper and or. And mis .1. Shuman spent sunday in Wilmington , fashions straight from Par is Madame Nicole pro Iii is her self a slender woman am most of her models Are for equally Slen Der women. One of her Advance Spring suits is a fancy Sill Moltu Man with u Sprinkle of beige in it. Hie straight slender coat is easy enough to Wear but the skirt Tui Der Cath led in to Boot is not for very woman. The skirt has a fitted Tipper portion slightly flared lower Section. The Blouse is Gray Satin and joined at a Normal Waist line with n Bow in front. For soup Bunches Kulp Bunches Suup Bunches Charleston style 20 cents each. All ingredients for a nourishing Deli Cious vegetable soup. Try one to Day. Telephone 1163. Little lied fish inn m. Or rom a Tor Jiu menu in Lam Moln it Uit of Hui lurks qty dbl Ivkovi uni Wmk. Lie. Mail Dei. Ski tvs whom ninth 11.10, Monski , i month.

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