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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - January 15, 1958, Florence, South CarolinaWeather mostly Cloudy and mild today with rain tonight and thursday morning. Turning colder thursday. High 58. Low 43. Details Page 2. Reader s tip Rabid dog bites several in Cheraw. This and other pee do area news in details on Page 9. Vol. Xxxiv no. 299 Florence s. C., wednesday morning january 15, 1958 daily 5c sunday general Assembly 58 session i South Carolina legislature opens speaker Blatt presides Over session news in Brief plane crash kills 9 at a Tuxen my. Crador. William w. Lamar jr., formerly of Charleston. S. C., was killed in the crash of a four engine Constellation yesterday morning along with eight others in the Crew. The flaming crash occurred at Nas a Tuxen md., after the plane had been waved off in an instrument Landini. Ohio state University scientists report hint sputnik i split into eight distinct fragment be fore plunging to Earth earlier this month. School and police officers combined forces in an attempt to Der. Then they slipped away Nightfall. Two Oil Ankers ran agr null i the Suez canal yesterday and were re floated after blocking lie waterway for 12 White haired Louis St. Laurent curb Young hoodlums who have retiring after 10 years As Leader been preying on High school St dents. Extortion rackets beatings and knifing and even assaults on teachers have become an increasing problem at Kansas cily schools it was reported. Eleven White men have been indicted on two conspiracy counts in the cruel Case and five of them were indicted on two counts which alleged assault and Battery of a High and aggravated nature and housebreaking. The Case involves the alleged wounding of a Greenville county negro Claud Cruell 58, last july. An engine caught fire under Neath Park ave. Ill new York City yesterday knocking out All train service at grand Central terminal for an hour. Sixty thou Sand commuters jammed the Sta Tion at. The evening Rush hour Only to find themselves in a brainless bottleneck. Eastern airlines flight Engi neers served notice on the air line they will go on strike Friday if a contract agreement is not reached on or before that Date. Fidel Castro s rebels swept Down Cut of the cuban mountains and sealed off the bustling sugar ship Ping City of Manzanillo in a Day Light rampage of pillage and plan Zambone s meditations by Alley Skap m no Hatter Start night 15 billion More in debt limit sought by Ike Washington. Jan. 14 i the administration asked today for a five billion Dollar increase in the National debt limit to 280 billions. First reaction in Congress pointed to approval As a matter of regretful necessity in View of the Ever climbing costs of National de sense. Thi debt has already pressed to up with two Bills i Iliin less than 750 million dollars person to Register easier signing of voters urged Columbia Jan. 14 up easier registration for voters was proposed today in the general Assembly As it opened its 1958 session. House and Senate got Bills to make most expiring registration certificates Good for this year s june 10 and 24 primaries and the november general election. The Senate also. Received Bills to enlarge registration boards and their manpower to take care of the Rush in the new 1958-68 ten year period for which re registration now is in Progress. Sen. Lawson in the Senate and heps. Harrelson and Stanoak of col Leton in the House proposed thai 1950-57 certificates be. Extended through tills year. Present Law in validates them May 1. I registration boards have been a swamped As thousands upon thou j Sands of the estimated 600.0001 eligible voters try to preregister in j their respective counties. Sen. Lorrah put in a. Bill to Al-1 Low the governor to expand boards with up to 15 deputies to expedite liquor tax Money go to schools. With that requirement out was son said the cry what Are you trying to do Hurt the no longer will be valid against local continued Oil i age 12 bout for hike government had led Canada into a i ing the ceiling. Within of the present 275-billion limit. Chairman Hills dark and rep. Reed us by of the House ways and Means committee introduced a Bill to carry out the request from the Treasury for lift state of uneasiness and uncertainty during its seven months in of fice. Premier Felix Gaillard of France told soviet Premier bul Gayln that a top level session must be preceded by a foreign minister s conference to draw up a program a demand he rus sians already have rejected. The army has named it. Gen. Arthur Gilbert Trudeau to succeed it. Gen. James Gavin who will retire at the end of March. Trudeau is now commander of an army corps in Korea. He will take Over april 1. Cited by Solon registration. Law requires that Al Columbia Jan. 14 South least two Hoard members must be i Carolina legislators were pal on present when a certificate is is a notice today that an All out fight sued. Jojn be made this session to get sen. Leppard of Chesterfield i another wage hike for Scibor l they expressed regret in a joint statement that even a temporary increase might be needed but said Congress would have to give consideration to the request under present world conditions and the realities of managing our nation s fiscal affairs on an orderly Mills said the committee would hold Public hearings next Friday with Secretary of the Treasury Anderson and budget director Percival Brundage As the first witnesses. Chairman Byrd a a said the Senate finance committee would take up the matter As soon As the House acted and hold full and open Byrd has been the staunches advocate in Congress of a debt limit but indications were that he j would go along with some in crease at this time. We will take action that is proper and right in the Light of military needs and the Best in Teress of the United he said. W bile the administration scorned to support for its debt limit proposal trouble developed on another financial mat Ter president Eisenhower s proposal to hold Back spending on new water resources projects. Some evidence of Republican Ushii priness Over the proposed of he debt increase came out at a meeting of House re publican leaders late in the Day. House cop Leader Martin of Massachusetts reported to news men after the policy meeting that differences of opinion were expressed. Came in with a Bill to double the a proximately appropriated last year for the 10-year re registration that began in septem Ber. Rep. Clement of Florence him self Blind offered a Bill to make it easier for Blind persons to Reg ister. Rep. Duncan of Richland put Forth a similar Bill applying to All physically handicapped persons. Two Bills rep. Blanton of cd Serokee came one to allow a for his or her spouse the other to give Deputy registrars such As Morrah pro posed the same Powers As registrars. The House judiciary committee appointed a six i member subcommittee to consider the entire House Batch of registration proposals. Sen. Brown of Barnwell offered two Bills on registration one to allow a person coming of age in the 30-Day period preceding an election when books Are sup posed to be Register ahead of time and one to allow boards to Issue duplicate certificates during the 30-Day period. A measure to pave the Way for county local option of Legal liquor sales was offered by sen. Wasson of Laurens. The Senate dry Leader proposed a november election referendum to Amend the Constitution eliminating a requirement that state inside dimes collector James Jones drive for funds to fight polio begun by Jones i jumps Jones Florence s one 1 Man campaigner in Hie annual i March of dimes begins his two week Viii Linn a oilily and As usual he is devoting his Lime to Hie drive against polio. James n Rcd Cap Al the Horence allanic cons line railway sin lion will to out to bowl his i9.i7 collection.-, us u Leal hint h Hus been Over since he started his project in 19.18. His collections to Date 11 11 9 comics family Friend markets finance pee Dee news. 9 Roscoe Drummond. 4 society women 5 sports 7, 8 Heaters to. 9 weather data. 2 teachers. State sen. Charlie Moore of Spartanburg who fought for a 22 per cent raise last year when the legislature gave Only 10 per a told fellow lawmakers at the on ening 1958 session today that teacher salaries Are still too Low. He sail the Contention that Lair state is already faced will a serious financial deficit is something of a a Niue screen thrown up in an Effort to Cloud the Moore often mentioned As a possible candidate for lieutenant governor said he will try to get a higher salary schedule f o r teachers inserted in the general appropriations Bill when it conies before the Senate finance commit tee. If unsuccessful there he said "1 will try to insert it from the floor of the since the adjournment of the last session events have certainly borne out the Contention of those who fell something must be done to improve education in South Carolina. I want to urge members of this body not to pro judge the situation on Hie basis of information Given since the last session. It s been something of a smoke screen trying to Cloud the Issue still hollering shortage of funds. Let s try to accomplish something this year for the Bene fit of the children of South Caro Moore was a Leader last year in the fight to get teachers a 22 per cent salary boost. A 10 per increase was finally okayed. Teachers arc seeking an in crease of approximately 20 per cent this year. The Spartanburg senator urged this colleagues today to throw up your hands in holy terror when they Start talking deficit As a reason for not granting in other j wage increase. Redstone army fires its big one Cape canaveral Jan. 14 up the army launched a Redstone missile the first stage of its forthcoming satellite bearing space vehicle at pm tonight. The largest and heaviest of the army s ballistic weapons the 69 foot Long six feet thick Redstone blasted off into a starry almost cloudless sky and appeared to make a successful flight. The Redstone will be used As the first stage of the Jupiter a vehicle with which the army plans to establish a Small Earth satellite in orbit. Tie tall weapon biggest in the army s missile Arsenal Rose ponderously from its Concrete launch ing pad. A fiery Wake made it visible for Miles up and Down the beaches of the Florida East coast. Sheathed in flame it climbed v fit him slowly and majestically a giant space age Bill slated House today in night flight by Redstone race relations in South said Worsen 7.957 Tuskegee. Ala., Jan. 14 we Flace relations have worsened in the South in the past year says Tuskegee Institute and realistic action is imperative if serious washingtonian. 14 i the House agreed today to vote to Morrow on a author difficulties Are to he avoided in the near but some Progress was made lost pair of boys found sightseeing special to the news . Jan. 14 two boys left Iligir Homes Al this created quite n stir in Dillon Early tonight when they Oviln l i Elburn Home. The parents reported to police in hint Kyneth Linson. 9. And Charles Brown. 11, were miss ing. An Alert Well to the Lieseke and n missing person anti oui Emend was i Nile Ovi i and the town moved fast to Liml the missing pair. They found them no walk ing along main is. We were said one of the youngsters. We be been walking about and we be seen about Everyl Jinjr in this town they were found by City police men Rill Watt and Carol while. Toward peaceful settlement of differences notably in actions taken Federal government. Presi Dent l. Ii. Foster said today in the famed n euro College s annual race relations report. All branches of the government made Clear the report observed that american citizens must receive treatment which is racially nondiscriminatory in education transportation recreation voting and employment. Nevertheless. Foster said race relations in the Southern states Are in a More unsettled and Dis Turbed status than a year ago. The divergent segregationist and do segregationist Points of View arc held More resolutely now than in recent there is an urgent he said for realistic and constructive communication on the South Ern scene if serious difficulties Are to be avoided in the near continuing the negro educator said several factors operate currently to affect the state of race relations in the segregationists have at their command substantial control of the Economy extensive authority in political affairs and consider Able influence on the publication policies of most Media of mass i communication. There is. Ton. Tho Bill for age defences. Emergency space Torch being raised for All to see. But once aloft it accelerated More and More swiftly until within seconds it had become a winking Star High in the sky. The Roar of its rocket engine did not reach watchers on the beaches four or five Miles from the launching area until fully minute after the Takeoff. For a minute or More after the missile vanished into the Clear prompt clearance by the House night it could be heard still Roar rules committee was expected for the legislation which came to Congress Only a week ago. It is part of president Eisenhower s re quest for some i billion in elemental defense funds for the fiscal year sliding. June 30. Meanwhile Bolh the House and Senate continued their investigations of . Progress in the bal Listic missiles Field in the Light of recent russian advances. Gen. Nathan f. Twining told the Senate preparedness subcommittee that it soviet Russia at tacked the United states has present Power of retaliation that would be effective and sufficient. The chairman of the joint chiefs to staff testified behind closed doors and his testimony was relayed to newsmen. He was quoted As saying con Gress and the nation should go slow on various proposals to re to muffle the joint chiefs of staff or revamp present missions assigned to the army Navy and air Force. It was reported on the House Side that the Navy will be firm test models of its Polaris missile by Early 1960. The Polaris designed for launching from atomic sub marines above or below water has been described in some quaring on higher and higher toward he Southeast. A semes of More than a dozen Bright flashes like the popping of photographic Flash bulbs marked the Trail of the Redstone through the avenues Between the stars. First there were three flashes in a Row about minutes after the Takeoff and while the red Light of the missile was still plainly Visi ble. This was followed by five More flashes then four or five More still higher and farther and then two More clusters after Sile had disappeared. These flashes Are a Standard part of a Redstone shoot. They Are photo Flash charges used to help in the photographic tracking of the missile. Or. Wernher von Braun father of the Redstone reportedly flew Here from the Redstone Arsenal at Huntsville ala., to witness the test launching. Von Braun is chief of development testing at the army ballistic missile Agency it Huntsville. Lers As the Best weapon in sight to counter the threat of soviet intercontinental missiles. Secretary of defense Mcelroy who is testifying at closed door sessions of the House armed serv ices committee is reported to have held out Hope that production orders for test models of the Polaris will be issued before july 1. 1959. The Bill would authorize 189 Mil momentum of decades of opera-1 of for k on of these resources in behalf j Warni f missiles and about 29 million for the Semi automatic ground environment system the eyes have it son. Edgar Brown of born will chairman of the finance committee exchanges private word Wilh it gov. Hollings Back to camera just a Colic opening the general Assembly a photo Tox integration its. On the other hand. Foster said have the sup port of an awakened and pressed National concern for the welfare of All the american peo ple. They also have the urgent pressures for Freedom on the International front and the widely proclaimed doctrine of human i the Tuske gop president said he mum two Basic to favor relations. Pm unc thing he said there is my Tilisi Riuter Biml the Wei Public in ii rials Repi i Seiling Hie South make in Clear in their talks or writings thai Amer Ica s welfare depends critically upon the old Iii Cracy Al Iii air soul in ill spokesmen do Lii the opposite pin Luis Iii Etti Al the in in Puci pour race irl Lions in America is inconsi1 ii said. Koster said Hove cd in Diverl attention from jul Weir policies of rps Richion and Lii Iii in Ideal no Ial Solon be Ioil in Hie Liap been widely publicized in the South. Council elected in Cheraw vote special to the Cheraw Jan. 14 incumbents r. W. Bob Moffatt Glenn s. Kirkley and John d. Burr and newcomer e. J. Gene Keels were elected to the Cheraw town Council in an election Here today. Kirkley and Burr led he ticket winning 394 votes apiece Keels and Moffatt received 387 and 383 votes respectively. Defeated in the race were for Mer councilmen Lewis Hill and Jack Poston and newcomer t. B. Watson. Russell e. Bennett had no opposition. Ben Mcbride pres ent member of Council did not seek re election. Dog quarantine remains in sections of Florence Southern and Western sections of Florence were still under quarantine yesterday As a result of a Rabid Don scare Iff saturday. A dug i Kiili Icid by the county health Ivel Lor died yes inlay and a it Ullh depart ment spokesman said the animal was definitely Rahill. Tho dog reportedly hit Severn Oiler Ani Mals in hip area. Also reported bitten were several persons who Are Iii i Rii Bies shots. The urdu includes Delmae Ali ii has. Kose Hill. Hill Crest Kive a Nils and Coles Crossroads. The re quires i Lull All dogs in hip area be Ninf Lipil until Lurcher Neoliee by Hie health department. Persons of Lowrim their pets to run at do so Uilah the risk of them killed or picked up. The Mitil. He pointed out Hud inc situation a particularly hazardous Condi Tion since several schools Are located in the area and children Are Risily trafficking streets in the area. Or. John a , county health director said last night that health department sanitarians have been working in the area during the past few Days in an Effort to remove stray dogs Troin the streets. Reports from residents of the quarantined area indicate sorrow Ini concern Over the situation. Area deaths i Franklin Jallen Kinni Rof. Mrs. Mill he Llor Lurhl i k f View. Conk inf Neil. , pane t

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