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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - January 11, 1958, Florence, South CarolinaFace 4 the Florence morning news Florence s. C. Saturday morning january 11, 196s David Lawrence says published by tie Florence pro Blini company John m. O Dowd j tin Florence Montos news desires to be notified promptly of error in of Iii Repoli. Entered Ai it toss matter t the Post office .1 Florence s.c., under col March 2 1197 member of the Owji audit Bureau of circulations Southern newspaper Public when Atio Sutlon. The an dim Prem exclusively to the use for publication of All the local news primed in i a driers Are Tallerc Ndell Toner Aston and the Florence morning Nam will nol be rent Nile Lor m mice payment unless made it the office of the Florence Moraine new. rates 1 week i month City delivery .40 by mail p. O. Box Section florenct.40 1.75 by Carrier delivery elsewhere.35 1.55 by mail elsewhere -35 1.55 _ rates for subscription on Rural routes sunday by Carrier and six Days by mail Are same As by mall in Rural area. 3 Montha 5.20 4.55 4.55 c Moi Tai 1 tear 10.40 20.80 9.10 18.20 9.10 18.20 do a cd by the Rev a we prayer for 1 l0ke City Baptist Church eternal god our father give us Gratful hearts that we May Jive Worthly. Teach us to in thy name and Trust in thy truth. In the name of our lord we Pray. Amen. President s message to Congress emphasizes that we Are groping president Eisenhower s state of the Union message was the sincere expression of a Man deeply anxious to provide the leadership necessary for total peace in a world torn by total cold he addressed it to a responsive Congress and to an equally responsive Public. His recommendations All basically sound brought Surprise. They Are common sense proposals calling for reorganization of the defense department stepping up development and production of new weapons Bol stering foreign Aid extending foreign Trade exchanging atomic secrets with Friendly nations spending More for education and research trying to maintain a balanced budget and co operating to the extent possible with the russians in using science for peace and human welfare. Of these comes with any sur prise. And while the details of each will be warmly debated in Congress sometimes with heated partisan Fer Vor the president s program will be generally Well received and in Gen eral favourably acted upon. But the president s eight Point program is not in itself any Assur Ance of adequacy. It illustrates the truth of a phrase used by . Secretary general Hammarskjold when asked whether any meetings on Dis armament would be held under the Aegis of the United he replied it is natural that there is a stage of groping in diplomatic operations of this that it appears to us summarizes the meaning of the president s pro Gram and indeed any approach we make to the uncertainties of these times. We Are in a period of groping seeking to Lay hold upon some approach for dealing effectively with the men of the Kremlin and the communist world. We can do what is obviously necessary. We can counter strength with greater strength. We can fight fire with fire. But the prob Lem does not respond to the norms of human behaviour. There is no com Mon basis of honesty and integrity forming a Point of Contact Between East and West. After we have bravely faced an Issue and taken the necessary Steps to resolve it new circumstances Are deliberately created to form new tensions. That is the strategy of cold War tacticians to confuse to Divide to frighten and never to let a problem be solved. Thus do we Grope for an effective answer to the perplexities of the East West impasse. The president gropes. The Congress gropes. The people Grope. What we want is simple enough. Our goal is peace and democracy. That implies not merely the absence of War. It is the absence too of frenzied fearful and destructive preparation for War. It is not merely self government. It is National Security. It Means individuals protected in their rights. It Means Small nations Safe against aggression and Large nations developing their destiny in their own Way with outside interference. We Are not weak. On the contrary we Are Strong. Our strength is two fold first in our. Power to strike and second in our resolve not to strike except in the interest of sur Vival. With immense capacity for War we Are committed to peace. In the firm Resolution of that commit ment we Grope to find a solution for the apparently irreconcilable conflict Between East and West. Even the president in his Brave words to Congress must have been haunted by the lines of Kipling East is East and West is West and never the Twain shall meet. Paradox a great Paradox of the Century is the anti imperialist posture assumed by the soviet Union. Russia is today the possessor of a vast asian Empire picked up piece by piece by that did not prevent Moscow from being a qualified member of the anti Imperia list afro asian conference at Cairo. Pecan Trees Shade Beauty profit diversified farming in the pee Dee is a prime emphasis in our changing agriculture. County agent Livingston suggests Pecan Trees. And since Jan uary is the time to put out these Trees his suggestion is timely. It is also Wise. Whether Pecan Trees Are planted As Yard or Orchard Trees they serve a Multi purpose. For Shade Trees they have no Superior. As a source of Small or Large Revenue they Are profitable. They Are easy to grow present no difficult Upkeep problem and with few years As exceptions provide a supplementary income of a size determined by the extent of production. They also add to Yard and Lawn Beauty. Only a few Trees provide easy in come for Christmas spending or tax payments while Pecan Orchards add substantial Revenue to a year s intake. No farm in the pee Dee should be without its Pecan Trees. There s plenty of land available. There s a ready Market in Florence. Geophysical year has its lessons the first worldwide scientific Ven Ture the International geophysical year will soon report the results of the first six months of cooperation Between ten thousand scientists from sixty seven nations working in Twenty five Hundred scientific stations to unlock the secrets of the uni verse. Ign began july 1957, and ends dec. 31, 1958, so that it is real an 18-month year. Public attention has been focused on the launching of the Earth Satel Lites by the soviet Union but there will be some other amazing Dis the Greenville news coteries to stir the world when the first formal report is issued. For in stance it has been established that cosmic rays charged with messengers from space achieve energies of several billion Electron volts As com pared to the millions of Electron volts of Energy released by splitting an atom. Ign is proving Man s constructive capabilities when his knowledge is pooled for Good. It is also proving mail s depravity when the reverse of that is True. Solid evidence of Confidence year end reports of the Commerce department show that through much of 1957, americans bought saved and invested More than in the previous year. They acquired 13 per cent More liquid securities and an annual rate of billion during the first six months. They maintained per Ritin in vines in the second of Elf despite lower personal this is Strung evidence of Confidence in i lie National Economy on the part the Consumers the largest group in the nation. Some business men May look with misgivings into the Start of the now but. Prudent americans put. Aside Enigl throughout this your to Faro the coming year with confide non. Consumer Confidence can dispel the gloom spread by experts Congress has been steadily losing prestige Washington whal s the matter with Congress does t anybody Trust it any More is it concerned solely with politics and personal ambition and is every thing that it does therefore Dis counted As politically motivate questions Are asked be cause the country has lately been fluent Al in the Field of science foreign policy and defense. Like the Gaither it has a sense of urgency but it does Deal largely with generalities. Typ ical of these is a sentence in the formal conclusions which says this is clearly not a time for complacency it is just As clearly not a time for hysteria. What is Serrations or the had talks with various officials and got considerable background on what has been happening in the National de sense situation but at Best this is fragmentary. But in t it function of Congress to do All this the Heads told that its Fate even its required throughout the country of governmental departments and Vival. May be dependent on what it does about the so called Gaither report and now the Rockefeller Here Are two comprehensive pronounce ments on what our National de sense should be and How much Money should be spent to catch up with the but the american people will Start asking where Congress has been All this time and Why the facts have not been studied and issued before in the form of reports too by Congress itself. The Rockefeller report is the work of 20 prominent citizens some of whom used to hold responsible positions in the govern ment and some of whom Are in Billy Graham my answer question with All of the wickedness Here in America How do you justify missionaries go ing to other countries to preach . Christian missions Are justified because they Are in obedience to Christ s command. He said go be into All the world and preach the gospel to every in another place to said go be therefore and teach All nations baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy ghost teaching them to observe All things whatsoever i have commanded you and to i am with you always even until the end of the Christian missions Are also Justi fied because the gospel is the Good something which must be told to others. You and i would not be living with the privileges of the Church and knowl Edge of Christ unless people in past generations had been faithful in passing on this Good news. Christian missions Are also Justi fied because of the change which Faith in Jesus Christ brings into the heart the life and the future of the individual. There Are Mil Lions of christians around the world who join in thanking god that there Are missionaries who were faithful and obedient to Christ. As to conditions in our own country the Bible does not teach that All who hear the gospel will believe. Many hear and reject it. But Here in America people have More opportunities for hearing the gospel than is True in any other part of the world. There Are churches everywhere there Are radio and to programs which Tell of Christ. That so Many ignore god s love and his proffered Sal vation is a great tragedy. We must continue to preach Christ in America and All around the world. Is an attitude of sustained and in the average Man will have a hard time coming to grips with a paragraph like that. He is being told not to get excited but that maybe he should t remain too Calm. There is a single word in that paragraph which Means More than any other it s the word but How Are the american peo ple to become to give out All the confidential formation the various governmental agencies collect would be to inform the russians. So that s not practical. Then what s left it might be called informed of agencies will Tell everything blow to congressional commit tees on an off the record basis. Sometimes members of Congress preserve secrecy and sometimes they leak bits of testimony to the press. But by and Large the executive departments information is available to congressional committees. Yet Congress has not taken advantage of the Opportunity it has to inform the country. Either there Are issued some bit Terly partisan comments from the Senate foreign relations commit tee which causes the country to lose respect for those who play politics with american foreign pol icy or else there is a diversion Ary tactic into unimportant and trivial Fields As whether a Prospe Clive ambassador can pronounce the Many syllable name of an asian prime minister. Congress has been steadily los ing prestige because it is self entered and politically minded. Lately press dispatches have stated that there Are Only a handful of men in the Senate on either Side of the aisle who do not have ambitions to be a presidential or vice presidential nominee. What answer does Congress usually make to criticisms about its negligence the customary response is that the executive should furnish the leadership and that if the russians get ahead of us on the administration in Power is at fault. Certainly the incumbent parly is responsible for recommendations but under the Constitution the Senate and House have the primary responsibility for writing legislation and appropriating funds. Just a year ago Congress was in an Economy mood and was cutting National defense expenditures right and left. A Bud yeah i m still in 9fb the Wash

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