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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - January 9, 1958, Florence, South CarolinaPage 4-a Hie Florence morning news Florence s. C. Thursday morning. January leadership or chaos published by Tbs fort not Prillm company John m. O Dowd Miks a. Flo Gem president and publisher e41lor the Florence Moraine news desires to be notified promptly of errors in any of its report. Entered i Mound Elass matter at the Post office at Florence. S.c., under act us March 2 1897 member of the associated press audit of circulations and Souther new Snapir publishers association. The associated press is exclusively to the use for publication of All the local news printed in this newspaper. A carriers arc Independent contractors and the Florence morning news will not be responsible for inc payment. Unless made at tie office Bates 1 week 1 month Ike facing most fateful test of his career City delivery to by mail p. Box Section Florence.40 .75 1.55 1.55 3 months 5.20 4.55 4.55 6 months l year 10.40 20.80 fl.10 18.20 9.10 18.20 by Carrier delivery elsewhere 35 by mail elsewhere 35 rates for subscription on Rural routes sunday by Carrier and six Days by mail same As by mail in Rural area. Do a cd and by the Rev a w brickle a kayak Ruk 1 guat Lake City Baptist Church o lord our Hope i in thee. Bless and give Wisdom to the leaders of our governments. May thy love fill the hearts of All Mon everywhere. In the name of Jesus the Prince of peace. Amen. A key requirement is effective diplomacy to influence neutrals the Neutral world holds the balance of Power. As we go into a new year any estimate of the Power blocs that overlooks the neutrals is Short sighted. The statistics of the three great Powers prove this. The United states and its North Atlantic pact and Western allies make up Miles of the world s surface peopled by 000 persons. The soviet Union and its communist bloc cover Square Miles with a population of 000. The neutrals make up a quark Miles peopled by persons. True military Power today lies in atomic and Hydrogen weapons and the ability to transport them on tar get whether by bomber plane or mis Siles and the balance of Power has been tipped at least in the Public mind by the Success of the soviet in launching their Earth satellites. But that is a psychological not an actual alteration. When we say there has been a psychological change in the balance of Power we mean that some concern has been aroused in our own and our allies ranks that there is added Confidence and elation among the enemy that these reactions affect the neutrals and their View of the world struggle. That is Why neutrals hold the balance of Power. Neutrality lies in four great areas. India is the great Neutral and she is dominant in South Asia. Indonesia is key to Southeast Asia the second great Neutral zone. Egypt s position of dominance in the Middle East is uneasy but her influence is decisive in a Neutral More important for its strategic position and its. Oil than for its populations. The vast Conti nent is a great Neutral with Egypt seeking to influence it from the East Tunis and Morocco from the West and the newly freed nations such As Ghana in its heart land. Obviously we need our most experienced diplomats in new Delhi in Jakarta in Cairo in Tunis in Rabat and Ghana. These Are the keys to the neutrals. They Are As import ant As satellites and sputnik. They Point up the urgency of effective diplomacy. It s More effective than from Moscow the integration extremists were heard from in the new York annual meeting of the a act. The principal voice was that of Roy Wilkins a act executive Secretary who rejected All moderation and called for front Al attacks against segregation every where in our Effort to remove All vestiges of that of course is the known goal of the a act. It is also a made to order weapon for the communists. Nothing could please communist conspirators More than for Roy Wilkins and his a act to preach and pro Mote extreme Integrationist views. The new York meeting was a sound ing Board for divisive propaganda More effective than anything that could come right out of Moscow. It has within it the seeds of hate Vio Lence and turmoil that could rip the country apart. While sensible voices Are calling for Calm and reason the a act fans the flame of division and strife. A act extremism is no More the answer to the race problem than Vio Lence. If Little Rock furnished the drama for effective communist propaganda the a act must be held responsible for providing the driving Force to make the propaganda Avail Able. By Roscoe Drummond Washington president Dwight d. Eisenhower today faces the most fateful test of his whole military and political Ca reer. If the president during the next few weeks loses to Congress the initiative in defense and Security matters that is in the whole Range of what the United slates must do to meet the soviet lunge ahead in weapons and in science consequences will be in calculable. They could be disastrous. Things Are that serious. The reason the consequences of or. Eisenhower losing the Initia Tive to Congress will be bad and could be very bad is that the alternative to decisive presidential leadership is not decisive congressional leadership. The alternative is congressional chaos. The presidency is the Only in Billy Graham my answer question i am greatly concerned about a matter of importance. I was married and two children were born. My Hus band became involved with an other woman and we were divorced. Shortly afterwards i mar ried a Good Man who has been a faithful father to my children. After studying the Bible and praying for god s will in our lives i have become puzzled As to whether i was right about our remarriage even though i was the innocent party in the divorce. Have i sinned and caused my husband to sin . Answer according to Jesus divorce is never permit Ted except for unfaithfulness. He said shall put away his wife saving for the cause of fornication Causell her to com Mit adultery and whosoever shall remarry her that is divorced Coin Milbeth Matt. Some interpret this to mean that in Case of unfaithfulness the in Nocent party is justified in remarrying. Others say that the divorce is justified but that remarrying is not allowed. It All boils Down to a matter of conscience. You say you Are praying about the matter. I am sure you will be Given Gui dance and direction. Some things Are difficult to in do. Eggs cannot be scars cannot be1 removed. You arc and another divorce would Only make matters More complicated. My prayer is that god will make known. His will to you and give you peace. Christ can forgive All past sins and mis takes. Come to the Cross and let him touch your life. So Rumen of National leadership elected by All the people. Only the president can Ernaie the climate of dedication and rally Public and congressional support for a set of coherent actions equal to the Cris is. In time of National peril there is no satisfactory alternative to presidential initiative which lifts the sights of the nation to the sternest tasks. Without such Initia Tive the Congress which re convened this week will soon be rid ing off in All directions heading everywhere and getting nowhere. It he a turbulent session. That s All right. You can t expect the Congress to make the kind of decisions which Are now needed without heat scuffle and Contro Versy. Let it come. The danger is not that the present session will be turbulent. The danger is that it will be unproductive squeezing out measures unequal to the need. There will be two conflicting forces focussed on Capitol Hill. There will be the unifying pres sure of the soviet Challenge in science in new weapons and in economic penetration into the soft areas of the free world. There will be the divisive pres sure of the oncoming elections one third of the Sena Teall of the House 33 governorships and two years hence the presidency. Congress is rarely at its Best in an election year. We face elections this year with divided party control of the government and with the president s personal prestige at lowest since he has been in office. The ingredients of an unproductive Congress Are at hand. Dark night along Potomac wit integrations Speaks Don t ruin our schools there Are roads in Florence future if you took a look at the map in yesterday s Florence morning news of the superhighway system proposed for South Carolina you noted Flor ence s relation to two highways pro posed for construction. One of them the main North South super route is now listed to pass directly West of Florence. The other leaves the North South route near Florence and tra verses the Center of the state and enters Georgia at Augusta. While the location Survey for these routes has not yet Beer made it appears reasonably certain that there will be no marked change from the location now tentatively set. Add to this super route construction the plan also to four Lane High Way 76 into Florence and Highway 301 North and South of Florence and you have a program of Road construction which will sharply influence our future As a City. We will catch the flow of North South tourists along both Highway 301 and the new con trolled Access superhighway. We will also catch the flow of state East West traffic from the mountains to the seacoast. Planning to attract tourist Short and Long stopovers should be a part of our thinking now. One of the prime attractions of Lake Florence if and when it materializes will be As a tourist attraction. Coker loses a Brilliant scientist we note with sorrow the death of or. Velma Matthews of the Coker col lege faculty. She was a Brilliant and dedicated scientist in both botany and biology. At Coker she had headed with distinction the biology depart ment for 22 years. During that time she saw a Long time dream realized in the handsome new science building which now graces the Campus. In the planning and construction of this building she played an important role. Few things brought her More Delight than to show interested visit ors through it. Of special interest to Florence and the pee Dee were her love for and knowledge of camellias. The hand some plants on the Coker Campus were her special interest and Pride. In the. Propagation of camellias she contributed generously and lovingly of her knowledge and experience. We share her loss with Coker with a Carlsville and too with the Plant and animal world in which her knowledge was profound. Lyndon Johnson utters Fine words senator Lyndon Juli Wistin spoke wisely to Beni orals in a ses Sion to Brinsf i hem up 1o

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