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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - January 8, 1954, Florence, South CarolinaFriday morning january 8, 1054 Florence morning news Florence s. C. Page 7 la Fang farm Section edited by Joe Dobney red Pepper Market off off idol says concentrates on Blacks Farmer saves on sparse Spray by j. El1cazf.r Extension information specialist d. Causey s Herd of 100 Hereford Brood cows is now feasting off Lush Clover and fescue in the valleys away up in the Northeast Corner of Pickens county near the mountains. That Pae Turc was irrigated and that s Why on top of proper management he now has plenty if grazing. Over 2.000 Bales of Hay were Cut there last summer when his Pas Tures needed mowing. Most of this will be sold. As he showed me his Herd. 1 noticed a few Mack cattle among them. He explained they were his Fly eat chars. He said Flics prefer a Black cow. So he just keeps the Black ones sprayed with effective poisons. And that takes care of his insect prob Lem. J had never heard of that. So i asked some of the Dairy and cattle folks Here. They said it was fact flies bother Black cattle worse than others. Even on a Holstein that is Black and White the flies work on the Black spots practically All together. Causey used to try to keep his whole Herd sprayed against Flics. Now he just keeps the few Black ones sprayed. And thereby he saves Over a Hundred dollars a year on sprays and spraying. Something new every Day in this hat s a staggering item. 1 know o no food product that has increased like broilers in re cent years Twenty years ago this country produced 34 million a a. Last year that figure had grown o 886 million broilers that s Only about 5 for each of us. Experts say we could easily eat 8 Umes that. So there is Sill a it of room or broiler growth. At the present this country needs additional broilers each Day for this new population ust to keep up with present con urn Tion. Now that s Over 20 Mill on More broilers we will need each year at our present rate of eating pm. Clemson has a major course in poultry production. Poultry projects Are popular with thousands of. 4-h club members. County and Nome agents have free bulletins rom Clemson carrying the latest know How about poultry growing. Marketing is an All important feature of any crop. Years ago tile county agents started poultry new us in 11 diverse agriculture that s growing a marketing from the Small farm in our midst. Progress research and Extension hand Maidens of Ture there was progressive Agricula a time when famine stalked the Earth. And it still does St and places. But thanks be that is not general nor Here. Science is rather much in the Saddle Here More than elsewhere the Man with the test tubes Check plots and hypodermic Needles bring new truths from behind the dark curtain of the unknown. The county agent demonstrates them in the Field. The Good Earth then yields a greater Bounty. And men arc Able to eat Well and be clothed better. Extension is now 50 years old. In that time the findings of science have been gotten from the Experiment stations and their reports and widely applied in the Field. As they Are gradually adopted they become a part of the very Farmer himself. An he looks ahead for More Light that s Al ways coming. Folks Aren t these the things that make America great look at a world map. This coun try covers a very Small part of the space. Vet our production Bath farm and factory is the mar be of the world. Not Only do we provide Well for our own. Out vast surpluses often pile up and Are Able to help fill the vast needs of the rest of the world agriculturally research and Extension account for much of this Milost countries of the world have and folks Here to see How we do we have Learned some Learned a it from the Way we go about bringing new abundance from our soils. Broiler Boom our population is growing by about 6.000 a Day now. In terms of food and clothing. Quick Loans Southern finance co. To dial 8434 988 w. Evans Street Nocks that existed then. These were in the form of seasonal car lot and truck shipments As needed. But in late years few if any such movements to Distant Points Lave been necessary. Poultry markets and dressing plants have sprung up at a number of Points n the stale. The other Day i was Over on the Green i be Farmers Market and visited the Marshall poultry dressing Plant there. They told me that almost All of i hair live chickens had to come rom Georgia when they started there several years ago. Their volume has grown enormously since then. Yet about half of the chickens they now kill come from around there in the Greenvill area. Progress for sure death stalks there is something pathetic about a dead Community. 1 saw one like that the other Day that had mushroomed Down near the atomic area. That is saw where it had been. A sign was still standing pro claiming "4.000 trailers for Sale they must have sold for were All gone. The operation Down there has shrunk and All of the facilities Are not now needed. A few signs remained there in the unt racked Fields. The one Stop shipping Center was lifeless and spooky. Fire plugs red and rusting marked the Corners of what Hac been streets. Light poles without wires still stood. The word land Rutlt marked the Side of a vacant building. And a modern one Stop service station had a cow itch Vine grow ing from a crack in the Cemcem and running up its sign Post there in what is now but a Sandy Field with a few obstructions on it. Yes the stillness was intense there where a milling throng had been of late Way with grass and Eattle. Am site of his. In a Bieak and Drislan Valley Oil was struck. We went there on a wide am winding new Road ate in a Hur ried shanty that had been put up an on the Way Back saw a six room House going out there wheels. The Bright lot by arc Shank Wilt Fusarini Wilt resistant Bright Joz Shank. We in Sarlim Wilt resistant 1-1 is Shank has mint no out 2r or Nelville Wilt resistant r Bottoms special i titres Broadleaf Harvest Virginia Gold Flatt site Gold cure those who demand above varieties priced the rest Plant la the Best Plant poun1 tobacco seed All Watson Toh Arrn Jerrt and dry to insure ass Flor All ten son Tuhn can Firtl Tuff Rel in Uwin Wal Mil Sturc proof lit ski Hollm. You run sop he i tobacco bred Rhib tour Tiriro now Woltti Jour local need or write to Watson farms r. O. Hoi phone s-4m Rocky mount . Brunson cautions against plantings the red Pepper Market Outlook this year is discouraging r. Curn mints Brunson president of the Carolina Pepper association of Florence said last night. Although there was Only Mal planting in 1953, Brunson said is organization is presently carrying a surplus from the 1953 crop for which there is of immediate Prospect of Sale. This he said emphasizes the seriousness of the problem which Means there will be no justification for any increase in 1954 red Pepper plantings. Branson s announcement came As Farmers seek to fill in the cot Lon acreage lost through allot ments. He advises Farmers not to expect to turn to red Pepper for a Money crop. The last time Cotton was allocated was in 1950. That year numerous Farmers in Florence Anc Darlington counties planted rec peppers to make up for their re a common sight around the pee Dee these Days is the treatment of tobacco Beds As Farmers launch their initial activities prior to the tobacco season. Here Steve Andersonjr. Of Peniel Community surveys his father s 30 Beds of tobacco. These Beds in addition to providing enough plants for Anderson s details scheduled monday 10-acre tobacco allotment allows him to sell quite a number to Farmers of the county. The Small Structure to the left houses a pumping station for the irrigation of the plants. Anderson supervisor of sales at the Timmonsville tobacco Market completed his planting of tobacco seeds on Jan. 4. Morning news photo Ike urges flexible Price supports to spark consumption of surpluses Ovid a Martin Washington Jan. 7 we pres Dent Eisenhower told Congress to Day future farm programs should use flexible Price supports rather Han present mandatory High level looks to stimulate consumption of crops now piling up in government hands. But he said a shift to the flex ble set to go into effect next year Congress directs avoid any abrupt slump in government Price guarantees. The president said full details of the administration s new farm program jul be Laid before Law makers in a special message next londay. But he outlined enough of the program today to indicate that it Lay be headed for rough sledding on Capitol Hill. Farm leaders in and out of Congress Are sharply divided Over the Issue of Price sup ports. Some including most Mem Bers or the House agriculture com Mittee favor present High level props. Others including chairman Aiken a it of he Senate Agricula ure committee and sen. Anderson schedule listed by Home agents the schedule next week for the Florence county Home Demon stration agents will concentrate on lecture of life insurance for the family for Home demonstration clubs and let s do it the easy Way for 4-h clubs. Here s the schedule for the agent miss Vela Smith and her assistant agents. Miss Jessica Dantzler and frs. Gene Sanderson. Monday Jan. 11 Gibbs hic p. M., mrs. Earl Flowers Cartersville hic. 3 p. M., mrs. Allen Tolson hostess. Tuesday Florence Market Johnsonville Junior and senior 4 h. A. Vox 4-h, 12 noon. Wednesday tans Bay Junior and senior 4-h, a. Wood in Lehac 3 p. A. Miss Georgia Hodges hostess Vox hic p. M., school. Thursday Florence Market Jake City Junior High 4-h. 12 noon Evergreen 4-h. P. A Friday Timmonsville outside 4-h, 4 p. M., mrs. Earl c. Ander on old Johnsonville hic 3 p. M., mrs. Wilson player hostess. Saturday Florence Market City Market. 3-nm, former Secretary of Agri culture favor flexible supports. Both Aikin and Anderson praised the president s farm proposal. Congressional reaction to the Arm portion of today s presiden Ial message was divided largely Long the lines of individual views on the Price support controversy. Little new Eisenhower indicated that his farm program May offer Little that is radically new. He said it should be built upon farm acts of 1948 and 1949. These provided for flexible supports ranging from 75 to 90 per cent of parity. Under this system supports would be High in times of Short or Normal supplies to encourage o maintain production and Low times of surpluses to encourage consumption and discourage Over production. But Congress has not permitted the flexible provisions go into effect. Instead it has extended War born mandatory 90 per cent sup ports through the 1954 crop year. Eisenhower said the High sup ports had served their purpose of spurring production for War needs. But now they Are encouraging Over production and discouraging buy ing. I have this farm pro he said because it will build markets protect the con mers food Supply and move food into consumption instead of into a k Ilure of the president s proposal was that farm now totalling More than five Bil lion when the new program begins would be Insu farm h and tips Atod from Normal channels of Trade for special those uses he said would in clude the school lunch program disaster Relief emergency assist Ance to foreign friends and Block Citadel reverting to semester system Charleston Jan. 7 the academic program at the Citadel will revert to the semester sys tem in september authorities of the military College have announced. For the past 10 years the Citadel has used the Quarter system under which the regular academic year is divided into three Quarter and a fourth Quarter is offered during the summer. Beginning in september the Aca Demic year at the Citadel will be divided into two semesters. Students will be Able to Complete semester courses during Tho sum Mer session but will not be Able to Complete an entire semester s work in the summer. No prescription needed for newest medically approved cough treatment new super 666 cough syrup gives you ingredients previously available Only on a doctor s prescription contains no Norco it or harmful drugs at Loit without n in scripting you con now rot n modern Couch syrup containing ingredients per scribed by doctors and Throat sprain Linti just for Nutu 6fifi double action Coupe syrup for coughs Dun to colds and Law Giefel. Only 666 cough snip contains 7viro for a now principle of treatment that Gippa extra Relief that Fiffi cough syrup Tho truly cough Nymph. It t different from flit Tho old cough Nymn in reuse thin now pro Cine formula a ring Doi Ikin action in lion noting locally to Noolen irritated Tamim into Nelly to loosen phlegm Clear Throat congestion. No other nationally advertised cough syrup has this new exclusive that Al Why you nerd 6gg Coupe syrup for that medically approved cough Relief. 666 cough syrup is guaranteed it s pleasant test ing. Children love it. I f you Don t think that it a better More effective than any cough Fly nip you have c ver used your Money will be refunded. Return Ottlo its Newi it tastes Woodi children love it i 666 cough syrup contains "throcom1ne" Only w at your or Kooist piling for National emergencies. Under the flexible system now on the Law books Price supports could be reduced progressively from the 90 per cent of parity level to 75 per cent As crop sup plies increased above Normal. The larger the Supply the lower the would be and Tice versa. In sup polls of flexible supports shoud go into effect in 1055 and if present sur pluses were included in a calculation of supplies an abrupt drop in Price supports would follow for several crops. But by sealing them off As the president proposed the surpluses would not be included in the Supply calculation. The effect of this surplus proposal would be to give the flexible by Jessica Dantzler assistant Home agent suggestions for january in the Flower Garden set roses and shrubbery. Before setting shrubbery know How High each kind grows in order to place it properly. To produce More new growth and blooms Cut Back a third to half the new growth of Crape Myrtle and Hydrangea this month or next. To change Blue flowered hydrangeas to Pink or red apply some Lime around them. If you want to change them from red to Blue apply aluminium sulphate peat Moss or Sulphur. To save the pain Sheltia Plant you received Christmas follow these directions after leaves have fallen put in a Cool place. Do not water it until about april. Then Cut Back excess Wood and report the Plant with fresh dirt. Put in warm place and when Trees begin to Leaf out Plant in a sunny spot. Poinsettias Are very easy to grow rom cuttings. Tall plants you Sec n Yards Are propagated from Cut Ings of mature Wood planted in january and february. Start them in a cutting bed inc Hen transplant them to the Yarc when they Are Well rooted. The Flower Lover s Guidebook by l. A. Nivea 4-h ers Plant Bocolor plants by a staff correspondent Jan. 7 Williamsburg county 4-h club boys have recently planted Les Pedreza Bocolor plants for Bird food l. 13. Harrington assistant county agent has announced. The plants were furnished by Tho s. C. Wildlife resources department and distributed to 4-h club members As a wildlife conservation project. This is the fourth year the plants have been distributed in the county. One thousand of these plants will Plant one recommended size Patch of one fifth acre or. Harrington said. Boys participating in the project Are bran Turner and Richard Stuckey of no Smith Sidney Springs and Harry Hugghis of buddy Hanna Rob Ert Tiffalo and Johnny Cannon of Cedar swamp Alva Williamson and Quillen Evans of Hubron Wayne King of tree Jack Cannon and John Wil son of Earls Tommy Mccants of Greeleyville and Arthur Mont Gomery of lanes. Young Farmers slate convention the sixth annual Santo convention of the South Carolina association of in unto of America will 10 hold it Tho Hampton to in Columbia 15 and 36, l. Barton executive Secre y of the association announced yesterday. The annual banquet of the association will to held Friday night n the Wade Hampton hotel rail room followed by the annual Younki Farmer dance. A special program for ladies has been scheduled for Friday after noon Jan. 15, with special Redrea inn arranged by mrs. Mary her Bert and mrs. Hatsy Young. State officers of the association Are Carrington c. Herbert Laurns. President Henry Crouch Sauda vice president Heyward Dantzler Holly Hill Secretary Ansel Cooley Chesnee treasurer and Joe Rankin Loris reporter. Support plan a Chance to Star operating tree of the Handicap o surpluses built up under another program. Whether this proposal will soft congressional opposition to flexible supports is a question which on. Time can answer. However in comments did not so indicate. Typical of the reaction of opponents of flexible floors was tha of sen. Russell a a. Lie said he Wiiri not believe a sliding scale of Price supports would anywhere near reach the objective of a prosperous the president also said future programs should make use of so called modernized formula for determining parity prices. This was embodied in Tho farm acts of 194e and 1949, but Congress has postponed its use for Cotton wheat Corn and peanuts until 1956. Ii would set lower parity prices for Giese crops. Eisenhower said the transition rom the old to the new formula should be gradual so As to prevent m abrupt drop in Tho parity prices. Films scheduled at Elim Pamplico a John Deere Day show will be it scented at Tho Bonaire school auditorium at Elim at 7 . Saturday and at Pamplico High school next wednesday at p. N. The programs will consist of five and educational ures including the full length full color picture or. the programs will be free to All armours and their families. Admission however will be by tic hots to be obtained from Turner implement co. Kidneys must remove excess waste Pepan Demercy. Wandac Hafl it and Din inc mar be due to Down of kidney function. Doctors Rood kidney function in very important to Good he nth. When Jimr everyday 6.1 birr i and brain. this Impo runt function to slow Down Many folks emf Turnak Gink miserable. Minor Blad Der Irit Nationn to cold or wrong diet any cause Jet Init up nights or Don t neglect your kidneys if Thovie conditions Uither you. Try Doan s tills a mild diuretic lined successfully by million for Over yearn. It s or nailing How Many times Ponn n rive Heppt Relief from Throp Din com for help the kidney tube Send Fil ters flush out waste. Get Doan a pills to Dat diced Cotton acreage. Most Weru new growers. Brunsm recalls the red Pepper Market soon became Foo Dcarl. As result his organization started out that year with an Advance pay ment to its members of 25 cents a Pound. The Price soon dropped to 20 cents then to 15 cents and 10 cents. It finally had to quit making payments altogether he said. It took two years to sell All the surplus that was made in Brunson said adding that 25 to 30 per cent of the 1950 crop was left in the Fields . Officials pointed out red Pepper is an expensive crop to produce compared to tobacco. To must be started from seed Beds transplanted to fee ids must be cured in tobacco barns and. Must be hand graded. Unlike tobacco it must he clean and treated is a food As it comes under the scrutiny of the Federal pure food and drug administration. Pointing up the expense involved i launching into red Pepper pro action Brunson said a Farmer ust build crates with screen wire Bottoms. Those Are used in curing Epper in tobacco barns. Lie Points out an inexperienced rower usually has his first few ads of Pepper rejected because failure to meet various Quality of the u. S. Food and drug act. The Carolina Pepper association and its beginning 50 years ago and of lists among its members some the most outstanding Large and mall banners in Florence and Arlington counties. Brunson states his association applies most of the Domestic red Eppers consumer in the . And nit it enjoys a splendid reputation the Trade. However there arc Only so Many tons of red Pepper consumed every year in this coun by and there is no Way to in Case this. Brunson said he strongly advises everyone against planting red Pep or in 1954 who does not have a contract with a Strong marketing organization. Anyone who did not Plant in 953 should not plan to Start into t in 1954, he said. Happy birthday ugh Moscow Friday Tan. 8 soviet Premier Georgi Malenko is of today. The big Moscow morn ing pravda Izvestia not mention his birth Day. 5 for s1.44 free gifts super a South Irby Street Cannon Bath towels Candy bars we make real estate Loans Tor Anitol lotion of that water and bathroom fall Tim or us pm your requirements National finance corp. Jul North Dorion Otal

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