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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - January 5, 1954, Florence, South CarolinaTuesday morning january the Florence morning news Florence s. C. Page 7 fit Fang farm Section edited by Joe Dabney started in 7945 youngsters get whole Yam Story by j. M. Eleazer Extension information specialist the 4-h Sweet potato exhibit of 150 one Bushel hampers at the Eastern Carolina agricultural fair in Florence was the Best agricultural display Ever put on in this according to District agent ,1. T. Lazar. The 4-h Sweet potato of 130 at the aws to ill Vern beneficial use Florence fair in late at the october was the Best agricultural Dis play Ever put on in this according to District agent j. T. Laar. 4-h project was started eight ago. With the Aid of sponsoring firms interested in the commercial development of the Sweet potato. The highest yield of Quality potatoes has been the from the Start. And that remarkable exhibit of 150 a Josnel baskets of Fine sweets by the boys at the Florence fair indicates the Progress that has been made. Those potatoes were sold at the close of the fair and brought twice the Curry do Market Price of the usual number one potatoes. This project is carried right on to the terminal markets when la Ter the winning youngsters Pool their cured Stork and accompany it to one of the big markets up East. Growing showing and marketing pm. The youngsters get the whole water i be peer out at parched places in the far West where it practically never Rains. Saw Clouds there at i Impf that looked like ram to mi.1. BAn said. Bud no one eve tries to predict rain until he had been Here a Hundred years. And then he s not better Lonks like the Clouds would just and rain there anyway. Life and greenery out there As elsewhere follow the water. At places i be seen them bringing it several Hundred where mountains get in its Way. They Tunnel right on through. Where valleys bother they build aqueducts across them. And where they run a dead end with it they it up hundreds of feet to a new level from which it flows on to the appointed spot. With diversification of both farm and Industry Here we Are begin Ning to value water More. And by places we already feel the Pinch of its Scarcity. Good fresh water in abundance is gettir.? to be one of the world s most critical items. Water is life to farm and factory. Ours is a problem of conserving it. The Al mighty sends plenty of it Here to us. Vork de of our great water resource. We Lave a Long Rocky Load ahead on hat. He was raised on a bottle and lever weaned. Just changed the Content of the bottle As he grew up. We kids were deathly afraid of Lim when on a Drunken tear Asle frequently was. One Christmas eve we heard him coming. His whooping and veiling and the Clatter of the Bug wheels and horse s hoofs on the Rocky Road was unmistakable. Before we could get away and Lide to swished up in our and jerked the foaming horse to a sudden Stop. This upset him and fell Forward across the dash Board catching to the Singletree. With a few vile oaths at the horse he righted himself and then called us kids out to the buggy. I had been scared before. But never quite that bad. He pulled an old sack from tinder the seat. Had about a half Bushel of cans of sardine in it. He gave each of us one. Then he got out of the buggy staggered to the Back of it raised he it was plumb full of coconuts. He gave each of us one of said. Kids these is he then climbed Back in the buggy gave the horse a resounding whack with the whip and barely missed Chr Corner of our lot Fence he swirled around the curve his Way Home in the deep Woods. We later Learned he was to have sought some Christmas things for the family with the Money from their last remnant o Cotton. But theirs was just sardines Anc coconuts that Christmas. Yes. Anc liquor enough to ruin it for them and make a beast of him. Planning is key this is released for the first a of the new year. My How Short the last one has been if time moves on at this Speed Well use up our remaining Calen Dars Quick. Tomorrow is All we have. Now it brings a a Row year. Are we ready for it this swiftly moving time Calls for planning if we Are to get tilings done. Farm planning no vocation Calls for More. I doubt if any other Uch. For farmin a new Laboratory for South Carolina is being planned according to specifications outlined above. To be constructed at the Sand Hill Experiment station at Pontiac the Laboratory will have As its objective the study of livestock diseases in the slate. Funds were appropriated at the last session of the general As Sembly. Construction bids will be opened thursday at Clemson. Bids to be opened state livestock Laboratory to be built hear Columbia Chesterfield Farmers use grass rotation but mos of it runs away before we ran lire it. Later we need it or Yucai y. Surely we can oui economical Means of Taining More of it for future use. M fms of As much for f. Our legislature is consider in is a thing. A Good Farmer has to be All sorts of a Man. The vagaries of nature. The whims of Man the economics of the world they All Bear intimately on his business. And he must plan and project it All with these imponderables in mind. As a Reward or Public recognition Clemson has been awarding plaques to a few farm families Over the state who have done Well in executing their farm and Home plans. Many farm families Are making seasonal Progress in writing out their plane into practical form on their farm and in and around their Homes. They arc prospects for future Jda lanced farming awards from . County and Home agents help work out the practical plans and also assist As needed along in developing and carrying them out. You might ask what is balanced farming anyway South Carolina National Bank member . Ial 3294 for drug store needs prescriptions called for and delivered a registered pharmacist on duty at All times Evans drug company the National geographic society estimates Parchment diplomas awarded at in the United states Cost More than a million dollars annually. By Carl d. Boggs work unit conservationist , Jan. 4 Dur ing the past year two Farmers cooperating with the Chesterfield conservation District used grasses in their rotations. In both cases the grass was fescue. Garland Sellers slowed under two year old fescue previous to planting tobacco. His yield was 2170 pounds of to Bacco per acre. He is sold on grass in his rotations. Garland stated this is the High est yield of tobacco i have Ever made and the Quality was As Good As i have he does not have fescue to pre cede his tobacco for next year by intends to have two year old pcs Cue for the following year. He attributes the bumper yield to the ability of fescue to remain in the soil and not decay readily after it is slowed under. This dead Sod and turf held Mot hire in the soil All summer and i. Tobacco remained Green. Or. J. Deece Funderburk of Dud icy Community slowed under six acres of two year old fescue before planting Corn. This Corn was the Best on the stated Mcmanus the Farrr operator. It doubled the the yield was not measured by Mcmanus estimated it to be 50 mishels per acre. On the other land in Corn. Me Manus stated. It would push i o make 30 bushels per acre fertilization and management of All Corn were the same. This Corn remained Green All summer and looked like Bottwin and advised or. Funder Hirk. At harvesting time scattered parts of a decayed fescue Sod could be found. This organic mater held moisture in the soil. The soil conservation service As sisting the local District is not and the use of grass entirely in rotations. Fescue especially is restrictive in that it is Only adapted to Well drained Bottoms and Clay Type up lands. However Bahia a new perennial grass adapted to Sandy soil and promises results As Good As fescue. Both these grasses should be used in conjunction with a pasture program. The rotation would be two or More years of fescue or Bahia grazed or for seed followed by Row crops. Special to the morning news Clemson Jan. Will be opened Here thursday afternoon for the construction of a new livestock research Center for South Carolina. Plans and specifications for Structure were released to con factors last week. The building vill be used to help prevent and combat livestock diseases in the state. The Laboratory will be erected at Clemson s Sand Hill Experiment station at Pontiac 15 Miles East of Columbia on u. S. High Way 1. During the last session of general Assembly funds were appropriated for the construction of he Laboratory. It was located at the Sandhill station close to the Center of the state so that it would be More j easily accessible to livestock i raisers and Farmers in All parts of the state. Containing approximately 14.000 Square feet of floor space the diagnostic Laboratory will consist of one Complete floor and a half 1 basement. J space will be provided for offi Ces for the state veterinarian the tors and government agencies a Laboratory director Field Inspru Library and a conference room. Separate facilities the Laboratory space will con Tain separate facilities for postmortem work pathology blood testing and equipment sterilizing which will be fitted out with the latest technical advances in this Field. Air conditioning will be used throughout. Construction will be of slag and Concrete Block faced with Brick veneer and cast Stone trim. Port land Cement plaster will be used on All Interior Walls and ceilings will be acoustic Zed. F floors will be Concrete slabs topped with Asphalt tile. The roof will be made of pro cast Concrete slabs with fiberglas insulation and a tar and gravel finish. Water Supply will come from a new Well to be driven at Thi site furnish 600 Gallons per hour. The design and engineering work i the Laboratory was done by faculty members of the Clemson school of engineering. Professor John Gates head of the architecture department a architect for the building assisted by g. C. Means e. A. Gunnin and j. O. Stakely of the architectural facility the engineering work was done j. D. Glenn j. M. Ford h. W Humphries j. F. Button and s m. Walson of the engineering fac ii Ltd. Weatherman Aid behind 401 acres Burn during december across District luring the month of december. Al Kunz District forester said Orest fire losses were Cut to a minimum because forests were wet Gas 5 for Sut free gifts super a South Why Street Cannon it Atli towels lollypops Candy bars Loans lot into Slatton of that Row water and bathroom focal Titt or us pm Riquier mints National finance corp. 21? North Dargon Sirut do 7153 Quick rub on Muster Ole to relieve coughs Muscles of Chest coins you need More than a Salve to quickly relieve coughs sore Throat and aching Muscles of Chest colds. Rub on highly medicated concentrated Muster Ole. This Grent rub not Only relieves your distress but it instantly starts to help break up painful congestion in nose Throat and upper Bron chm tubes. Muster Ole creates wonderful protective warmth on Chest Throat and Back. You can feel it work Lor hours to by Lar Long in sting Relief. In 3 Benson s pcs plan blasted by Bennett or. Hugh h. Bennett founder and former chief of the soil conservation service says Secretary of agriculture Ben son s recent reorganization of the service cuts the heart out of soil conservation in this country. Writing in the january Issue country gentleman the world renowned conservationist Calls for abandonment of the reorganization Man which he says the Secretary put into effect despite Strong pro ests from Many of the nation s farm or. Bennett writes let s not destroy the soil conservation service by a drastic reorganization of the work it is already doing very efficiently. Instead let s try and repair the damage quickly shake hands the matter and get those soil conservation men Back on the Job armed with the same Pride and crusading Zeal that has stood us in such Good Stead or. Bennett also urged that Soi conservation not be made a political football because every Farmer knows it should be a non Secretary Benson s abolishment of the seven regional offices of the soil conservation service May seem like nothing More than a simple administrative or Bennett comments adding but actually it Means tearing Down a carefully built organization of skilled technical men and Dis Persing them to Washington to state offices or to the under the reorganization the conservation work will he handled by 48 offices at the various state land Grant colleges. Or. Bennett claims the work can be done More efficiently and at greater savings by operating from seven regional offices. Or. Bennett retired from the pcs in after nearly 20 years of service As its founder and chief. Tuck to that Job we the u. S. Weather Bureau is no providing the kind of service farm cars need most according to Coli try gentleman. Or. C. Warren Thornthwaite professor of climatology at John Hopkins University writes that the weather Bureau originally was s lip to establish and record the climatic conditions of the unite he adds if it had would not now be dragging our heels behind several other coun tries in the world in our knowledge of How and when to Plant and Harvest crops when to irrigate and a Host of other things that take the Gamble out of farm ing however he says the Bureau is too Busy meeting the Public de Mand for storm warnings and daily weather forecasts and is left with almost no time at All for studies that would interpret these records in ways genuinely useful to farm Start Pullet flocks Oil now for top profits an analysis of a s. Government records shows tha t Pullet flocks Are started As Early As january and no later than Early Larch should earn substantially More profits than flocks Start d later. Flock owners can figure on to 40 extra profit per 100 pullets by Tarling Chicks Early simply by aking advantage of peaks in sea onal Market trends. Figures issued by the u. S. Gov rement show egg prices have consist Nelly averaged higher in september october november and december than they have during he next four Winter months. Year after year this Early Price difference1 Over the country aver Ages about 12 cents per dozen Anc in some areas the difference is As High As 15 to 20 cents. Chicks started in Lebrun re should each Lay at least 20 Mon Early fall cos than april Slart i Chicks which is a gain of 20 cent per Bird or s20 per 100 pullets january Chicks should Lay Abri 40 More eggs during the High priced months than would april Chicks which represents s 40 cents per Bird increase. The u. S. Government report of average prices for the past five years shows october and novem Ber to be the Best egg months rach having a 52 cents per dozen aver age. December is next with a 51 cents average and september is close behind at 49 cents. The report shows that egg prices drop sharply after december to 42 cents per dozen average in Janu Ary and 38 cents in february March and april. With More flock owners starting their Chicks in january or february proper could weather manage ment becomes of greater Imp air Tance. Early Chick Starling Means Thore will be an extra month or Are in the Home agents list week s schedule Here s this week s schedule for Florence county Home dam nil ration agent staff. Members of staff Ore miss Vela Smith ome agent and miss Jessica Antler and mrs. Gene Sander on assistant county Home agents. This week s schedule tuesday Jan. Mar it Mhz hic 3 ., mrs. M. Gaskins hostess. Hic 3 p. In Community House. Junior Anc Canior 4-h. . Hannah Junior and senior 4-h, . Ohn Sonville hic Mrs Uby Rogers hostess. Leo hoc ., mrs. Jack Cook hostess meeting a i culture building p.in., a i Lorii a Coward Junior and san or 4-h ., school. Scranton a. ., school. Market Lake Ity Market. Sexton elected Claude l. Sexton of Florenc As been elected to membership in he american Aberdeen Anu breeders association. Fran Richards made the announcement oort times too Don t scratch Emusic Black and White ointment u promote Healing Check itching. Voc m million packages sold. Get i1 cleanse with Black and White soap leaders to plan report at meeting Here Florence sol conservation Dis supervisors will meet in the conservation service office Iho agriculture building this morning. They will elect officers and vill also work out their annual for 1953. To begin at 10 ., the meet no will be presided Over by f. I. Weaver sr., chairman of Han nah. Other members of the soil conservation Board Are w. K. Jor Dan of Olanta de Young of Florence m. D. Stone of Johnson vice and w. D. Boling of fast Ventu Lite custom venetian blinds aluminium awnings Bamboo match stick drapes and Koll ups sales service laundering special on cleaning dial Utsey s 5 Points Florence when the Chicks Brooder . Or. Thorn Waito who directs a Good litter two to four inches in Laboratory of climatology which deep is of great importance to Chr John Hopkins maintains at the health of baby Chicks in cold Weih famed Seabrook farms in Southern i or. Particularly if they Are on ele Mew Jersey says studies there of rated or Concrete floors. What climate does to crops and soils have paid off on thousands of acres with increased yields and improved Quality. He maintains that Farmers All Over the country should have Rio climate maps would be just As useful As the de the Florence District recorded 31 stalled Solls and and Caparbi Orest fires which burned 401 acres maps ulat arc now drawn up for most of the agricultural coun ties in the u. S. Farmers should also have Cli mate testing services for areas As Small As a single farm just As they now have farm by farm soil casting services he says. Good litters May be of ground Corn cobs coarse Wood Chippings or Peanut hulls where they Are plentiful. If those materials Aren t available chopped Straw or com Mercial litter May be used. During most of the Holiday Hunt no season. Month Florence county experienced Al fire which turned Over 229.g acres Preston Tindall county Forest said. One of the worst Firos in Flor ence county took place Doc. 20 it Mill Ray near Coward. The fire covered us acres. During the fiscal year since last july 1, the county has had 85 fires which swept Over 1.179 acres. Kunz called on All Lumiere to to especially cautious during the com j ing season. Head carelessness i on the part of Hunters could bring about Livim Midutis Fuit St fire losses. To Way kill to Lor dry eczema itch when itching per slots due to Lack of natural oils. Rusinol ointment Quick Relief. Rich Onole. It oils dry skin As its no Medican soothe fiery itching. 1-v a Relief bring Long listing comfort., since that Smith Douglass fertilizer Salesman started coming around there s been twice As much tobacco to haul. Tick a out him i you get a High qua irys a fertilizer of tin Erade and in the amount reduces unit production Cost by increasing yield an Quai by fire. Let the nearby so extremely sensitive to fertilization tobacco to pet the Best you can give it Smith Douglass Blue ribbon in the plam bed. Orange under the crop and taut Ripen he. On top. Quality counts in to Bacco Forti Lixta the same As m tobacco. Smith Douglass fertilizers Fen representative help you keep your income up listen to Debnam views the meet daily Fortune shoes for men Friendly shoe store 11c n. Dart an St. Tootie a Roomy Quick Loans Southern finance co. To dial 8434 788 w. Evans Street Yon make no when you get a Steik of Baroody s Steak House Canna tobacco s department store department store in Florence giving so Green Stamps

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