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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - February 26, 1954, Florence, South CarolinaPage 8-a the Florence morning news Florence s. Friday morning february 26, 1954 farm Section edited by Joe Dabney phenomenal growth South rebounds from War ashes by j. M. Eleazak Extension information specialist. A Hundred years ago the per capita wealth in South Carolina was far above that of any Northern state. But War took it away. And As a conquered province we Grove led around in the very ashes that Sherman left for a half Century. At Long last a Little Lite ebbed Back into our dead economic car Cass and we began to stir again. Industry started growing in our midst and Cotton s eroded acres began coming Forth with tree and Sod. 01 late that growth has been phenomenal. Cotton s yield has about doubled diversification has grown and Industry dots the land giving Good employment to Many. An now that old Complex of the ugly duckling grows vague Here. With soil and climate richly endowed this whole Southeast is beginning to stir. And that inferiority Complex that cruel Circum stances forced upon us is begin Ning to leave. Our leaders in Industry agriculture and the professions can now stand in any company and not a afraid. Not boastful nor haughty. But confident thankful and with due humility. Change change the constancy of it. Once a Farmer took a Wagon Load of watermelons to Columbia and could t sell pm. So he decided to give pm to the slate Hospital. They assigned an Able bodied and harmless inmate to help him unload them. To Start conversation the Farmer asked the inmate if he had Ever Farmed. To this he answered he had. Then the inmate asked the Fanner if he had Ever been in the Asylum to which tie Farmer said no. Then the inmate said it beats farming by a helluva talking about watermelons you remember that new one i was lulling you about last summer and fall. It was simply known As 51-27. That s the number it car ried in the Breeding experiments carried Charleston. At the station near 1 understand it is being increased this year and will be named and released next year. I saw a very late Field of it in Chesterfield last fall. I asked county agent Willis what they thought of it. He said simply at two of our Experiment stations everyone picked it out at Blind cuttings. It is a Long Gray Melon very uniform in shape prolific with thin Tough Rind of High Quality and considerable disease resistance. Last summer i came through our great Southwest. It was As dry As the average speaker from Washington. And folks dry desolation is just about the most frightful thing int afflicts this Earth. For water is life. Take it away and Little be they have torn Down the old Coal chutes at Slighs and Hodges. The fire eating cinder scatter ing steam belching Coal burners of my later boyhood got their fuel there. We lived in the Stone Ellills Between the and Southern railways. The former was nearest us. And i can Well remember when i had never seen a Southern train Only heard their whistles echoing through the Hills when the air was right. But the old i came up with it. It was a Wood Burner until i was almost grown then they built the Coal Chute at Slighs Between Liose at its terminals Columbia and Laurens. But before the went modern i saw some Coal at Laur ens once a Lump that had fallen off a engine there by the station. My daddy was the country doctor and they let me ride on passes when 1 was quite Small. To Laurens was my longest trip. 1 put that piece of shiny Coal in my pocket and brought it Home. We kept it As curio for a Long time in the tray on the spool what not in the Corner of the parlor with the stereo Ticon. Folks would walk the tracks out Between White Rock and Hilton dealer in this area for Butler steel bins Boyd Willis takes great pried in his poultry flock a vital part of the Willis farm at Tabernacle. Here he is loaded Down with a Basket of eggs. The Willis farm won the Flor ence county balanced farming award for 1953. Young Jersey rated top dam a registered Jersey cow owned by Fred h. Young at Ebenezer has been rated a tested dam by the american Jersey cattle club. The distinction was awarded de sign eminent Duchess for having three offspring with official production records. The cow s progeny averaged 658 pounds of milk with 577 pounds of butterfat on a twice daily Mieting 305 Day mature equiv Alent basis. The records were made under one of the programs of official testing of the american Jersey cattle club. The tested dam rating aids Jer sey owners in the selection of Superior Breeding Stock. Abs continually trvin6 to conceive new services for Moor pleasure picking up lumps of that Coal for their forges. Up to then we a always used charcoal that we burned once a year in a Kiln Down in tile pasture. This new Coal got a lot hotter we thought burned better ant lasted longer. But it had one de feet we had to master. It would form a dross or clinker in the Furnace after a while. And you could t Weld anything if am of that got in your fire. 11 would stick to the hot Meta Ana prevent a Weld. But we eventually Learned to fish that out will a poker and then your fire would be clean for a White and that Fusei dross did not bother. We live in a world of change Ana the old Coal chutes that Wen new in my Early Days have gom from the Wayside now. Smoother Oil burning Wcisel now move in majesty along Thos same rails where the old Power packed Coal Burner snorted Anc jerked its great loads of Commerce along on a now Distant Day sort of hated to see pm go. Donkey milk has been used of human consumption for counties centuries. Platinum Sells for about a Pound. 0 help yourself to Blue Mold prevention Withane clean easy to use recommended by tobacco experts today for dusts or sprays Rohm a Haas company Wash Mcton 10uaki Phinia Dilphia spa. Work pays off for willies Tabernacle family gets county award it was armistice Day 1918, that Boyd Willis brought his Bride of Jive years to the now farm he bought at Taber Nacle Community near Evergreen. The 137-acre tract was in a sorry shape dotted with Pine stumps. A Friend declared i sure do feel sorry for Boyd Willis. I Don t see How he s going i make a living out today 34 years and three wars Ater the Willis farm stands As i shining example of what Faith ind work can do to change the farm has been selected As Florence county s 1953 balanced farming Winner. The farm which has been turned into a diversified and productive enterprise1, has been selected As Florence county s 1953 balanced farming award Winner. The Wil lines received the plaque at a ban Quet last night at the Myca. The Willis farm is made up of 137 acres altogether of which 40 acres Are under cultivation. Always firm believers in diversification the willies have carried out a program that has not Only enabled them to successfully raise a family of five children but has also provided them opportunities to give of their time and Energy o Community projects. Their farm shapes up like this tobacco takes up 5.6 acres cot ton 7.5, and peanuts 3.4. Twelve i acres. Are devoted to Corn four to Oats and six to a pastur Eland of carpet and Bermuda. In their live at Home program hey have emphasized poultry and livestock gardens and Orchards. As Frank Fleming assistant county agent puts it the farm is Small but it is certainly Well Laid out for big pro the farm is Small but it carries out a full the willies gather nine dozen eggs a Day from their flock of 175 icons. They have a Small Herd of Hereford beef cattle. In past years Willis has promoted the Guernsey Dairy Breed saving had Many outstanding Ani Mals on his farm. T about 90 acres of the farm is in Forest. Willis practices selective cutting and thinning. A new pack Louse and tobacco barn have recently been built from lumber produced on the farm. Farm boasts also of e Fine Little Orchard of 50 Trees. It contains Apple peach and Pear Trees and grape vines. The progressiveness of the family has been shown also by the demonstrations with the Extension serv ice Willis conducted the first to Bacco irrigation demonstration and has also carried on an Orchard demonstration. Willis has financed and encouraged the son of one of his share croppers in joining the 4-h Sweet potato club. Through his assist Ance Franklin Dewitt was the county s Champion Young potato grower in 1952. Or. And mrs. Willis have lived on the same farm they purchased in 1918. Five years ago they constructed a new House and Short time later built a Long fish the House affords run Ning water a bathroom and a modern Kitchen something the old Kitchen did t have. Since 1948, the willies have been cooperating with the county Home demonstration agent on a beautification pro Gram for the Home grounds. Furniture has been arranged for convenience and new pieces Are being added gradually. The Kitchen recently was rearranged to con serve time and Energy. Mrs. Willis contributing a vital part to their live at Home program uses recommended methods for Canning and freezing. The Home Freezer purchased in 1950, has changed the food habits of the family because Frozen fruits vegetables and meats Are available Al year. She stores an ample sup ply of food to give to her married children and neighbors _ Many passersby Admire the White Home on the Knoll which is reflected in the quiet Lake. Around the Home the Lush tightly aligned farm glitters in the sunlight. The Quality of the farm which won for it the 1953 Florence county prize did t come through Luck the Willis family has worked Long and hard to build the former land of stumps into the productive operation it is today. They have conserved the soil they have utilized their land to its Best advantage. It was Jan. 1. 1907 that Boyd Willis and his brother a. E. Willis Rode a buggy and led a mule across the pee Dee River from Marlboro county. Their father had punch i cd a big farm at Cole s Crossroads and they were coming to launch the operation. A few years later. Wil Lis father purchased a farm at Hannah. And Hoyd was sent Down to operate it. It was at Hannah in 1912, that Willis met his Bride to be mar Garet was Lurling a teacher at Hannah schools. They became friends in Short order. And the warmth of their Friendship was kindled extensively one weekend before Christmas that year. Willis was on his Way Back to Florence for the Christmas holi Days. Miss Easterling was plan Ning to visit her parents at Dillon for the holidays. Why Don t you come on and Rido to Florence with Willis said. From then on. They went fairly steady. They got married on june 1913. It was five years later Ohni Willis left his father s place it Hannah and bought his own Arm near Evergreen. Mrs. Willis was sort of taken Aback at the wilderness her Hus and has purchased for a farm. But Willis father had told him the soil was All right. The elder Willis said when you see Black jacks grow ing like that the soil s Rich Arlen so the willies set to work. And with determination and fortitude with Faith and with a progressive spirit they began to blast the stumps from the Black Earth. The St years were hard. But within two years they had he farm producing bumper crops. They turned the profits Back into building up the farm. In the work of their ambitious project however the Willis family lever failed to ask the help of Jod. Immediately after moving to Tabernacle they became members of the Tabernacle methodist Hurch. Willis hns served As a Steward having become a trustee n recent years. Mrs. Willis has been Active in Church work also. Willis in addition to serving in the Extension agriculture commit tee is a committeemen for the production marketing administration in his Community. Mrs. Wil Lis is Active in Home demonstration club work and in the county Council of farm women. Their children All of whom Are married except the youngest Are Eugene Willis 38. A construction ror scr of Darlington mrs. Marion Matthews a farm wife of Ever Green William Willis a construction worker of Lumberton . Frank Willis a furniture company employee of. Florence and Charles Willis the youngest member who will soon receive his discharge from the u s. Navy. He s stationed at key West Fla. Although it s been a hard Strug Gle the willies say they re proud of every minute of it. They say they re not through yet either both Are in their 60 s. Still planning for a More efficient farm they Hope to set out new Trees in their Orchard to in crease their poultry laying flock to 500 and to increase their Din ing room space with the addition of Corner cabinets in the place of other furniture. Farm living is a Good life the Willis family will Tell you. And a visit to their neat Little farm at Tabernacle convinces you of that fact. Other photos Story Page 1. 7-15 february Forest fires reach Peak Columbia feb. 25 i More Timberland burned in South Caro Lina during the first three weeks of february than in the entire preceding seven months state forester c. H. Flory said today february s toll so far is Cris destroyed by fires. The seven previous months Lio cd a record acres by fires. Last week Forest fires were re ported from All counties except Abbeville Anderson Chester and Newberry. Toll for the seven Day period was a Roc burned by 57rcccnt b showers provided temporary Relief for weary fire fight ers Flory said but dangerous conditions will continue until a Good Mink rain covers All parts of the slate. Rubinoff sets area concert Darlington feb. 24 huh in the violinist will make his Sec Ond annual appearance at Darling Ion Friday sponsored by the local Lions club. Officials predict the noted Musi n in who is famous for his inter Irr tuntion of popular numbers As As Tho Cut Iscis will draw Mother capacity audience. He will present two concerts it he Smul Orlinm of the St. John s Ligh school. They will be at 2 and i d. M. Friday. Taking it easy at Home or. And mrs. Boyd Willis look Over a favorite Magazine. The willies who in 1918 bought their farm near Evergreen last night received a plaque denoting them As winners of the 1953 Florence county balanced farming award for 1953 a Complete program of diversified farming and Home life was the predominant feature of their entry. Morning news photo mrs. Parnell hew Home agent . Frances h. Parnell of Timmonsville has been appointed assistant Home demonstration agent n fkr Enre county. Mrs. Parnell succeeds mrs. Gene m. Sanderson. Hor appointment Vas announced yesterday by miss c Kurtys Ballentine pee Dee District lome demonstration agent. Mrs Parnell is a 1953 graduate if Winthrop College with a Bache or of science degree in Home economics. She will have her office in the county agricultural building with miss Vela Smith Home Demon stration agent. Mrs. Parnell has already assumed her duties. . Will help Arm Pakistan Washington feb. 25 we president Eisenhower announced today the United states will Grant military Aid to Pakistan a move which prime minister Nehru of India has said his government would consider a unfriendly act. Before making the decision pub Lic the president sent Nehru a letter containing assurances that Stop does not in any Way affect the Friendship we fell for Eisenhower said in a separate statement he was complying with Pakistan s request for military assistance because this country wants to help strengthen the de lenses of free nations in the mid die East. India quarrelling with Pakistan Over the Kashmir territory and aspirins to leadership of a natural bloc in Asia looks askance at any plan to strengthen Pakistan s Mili tary potential. Nehru has been mobilizing in Dia Public opinion against any american Pakistan military tie up on the ground it would upset peace i bigger Square Freer flowing crystals of new arca Dian nitrate of soda arc just what Yon need to make pastures grow earlier faster stronger. Grass Grain and other pasture crops make More and belter feed with this Quick acting nitrate nitrogen. Top dress each acre now with 100 to 300 pounds of Arcadian Nitrrsi-1 of soda. The new bigger easy to spread crystals provide 16% or More nitrogen All in Quick acting nitrate form plus 26% sodium. Order Abood Cut Tow Tost nutritious posture Early by or to Riig Arcadian nitrate now for prompt delivery look far undo Sci f Pic Ture on ice bog. American nitrate of soda Many East indians originally imported to work on sugar plantations live in Trinidad which is ii the West indies and half a world away from the Orient. Other farm news on 7-b disaster Loans available Here to fun Ronreo county Many farm ers Are now using from the emergency loan program of the Farmers in my administration. U m. Bulk Cha county supervisor said today. The Loans Are available to farm ers who have suffered substantial losses due to unfavourable farming conditions brought on by the pro longed drought. Florence county has been designated by the Secretary of Agri culture As an area where the farm ers Home administration can make Loans of this Type. In addition the Agency s county office also makes production or farm adjustment Loans and extends credit for the Purchase or develop ment of farms. It also can make special live Stock Loans to drought stricken producers of cattle and sheep to help them maintain Normal production. Applications for any Type of loan cannot be approved by the farm ers Home administration if a Farmer s needs can be adequately met with credit from private or cooperative lenders. Cheste Fieldian Heads association Charlotte n. C., feb. 25 Utu h. E. Wilson of Chesterfield s. C., was elected president of the hard Ware Assn. Of the Carolinas Here today. The election climaxed the group s three Day show and convention. Wilson succeeded t. A. Groce of Asheville. Other officers elected were Abel Warren Garland and Banks Gladden Chester s. C., vice presidents w. A Trotter jr., Greensboro senior director and Lowman Tyler Wagoner s. t Junior director. Rid your Home of Roaches pint 69c qt.51.19 get some today sold on Money rack guarantee by progressive Independent drug grocery stores for bigger profits Gas tobacco Field soil before setting your crop do fume w-85 controls Natnat Odds am aids healthy toot development of crop plants w-85 can help you get the most from your Lovacco planting. As a result of soil treatment with this efficient ethylene i Hromic soil Fuini gait your tobacco yield May be boosted As much As 200 pounds of High Quality Leaf per acre. Many growers use do fume w-85 for Row treatment applying it with either two Row tractor equipment shown or one Row mule drawn equipment. A High strength formulation it is particularly economical for Large scale use. It controls Root knot and Meadow nem Alodis japanese Beetle larvae cutworms and White helps crop plants develop healthy Root systems that gel full Benefit from fertilizer. Also certain Plant diseases such As Black Shank and Stem rot Are controlled indirectly. Ask your Dow dealer for Complete information. The Dow chemical company agricultural chemical sales depart ment Midland Michigan. Yon can depend on Doit agricultural Cli Micals

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