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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - February 23, 1954, Florence, South CarolinaPage 4 the Florence morning news Florence s. C. Tuesday morning february 23, 1054 hurry up with that dragon the folks Are getting impatient1 extra games and what else senator Bradley Mon a of Green Ville is asking the South Carolina Gen eral Assembly to pass a Bill making it illegal for pin Ball machines to pay off in extra games. There is now a Law making it illegal for a player to be paid for winning on one of these machines but the new Law would make it illegal for the machine to Register free games. This of course would Stop the operation of the machines that play according to the legislator Many operators pay for the free games to keep one player from mocking the his Contention is that the musicians for fun there will be a concert tonight in the Jalc Clemishan High school auditorium. The Florence civic symphony orches tra will be playing in concert and the end product should be a matter of Pride for the City. Several years ago a group of musicians for fun started playing Ogeth this group is a concert or Chestra worthy of the name. The people who play Are Ordinary business professional and Home folks. They Abiy for the enjoyment Uliey receive and the entertainment they can give. This group is one of several in the City that spends collective spare time bringing something finer and better to the people of Florence. So Long As organizations like this can Prosper through Public appreciation and sup port Florence will continue of grow in Many ways. Present Law does not Stop gambling in Public places. He also contends that the machines Are operated As a gambling device by minors. If the senator is right and he seems Well armed with facts the Law needs some starch in it. Some states have made gambling Legal. They operate on the premise that people Are going to Gamble whether it is Legal or not their premise is Well founded. The concern to the morning news is not the gambling per be but who does it and where. The senator is saying positively that the machines Are being operated by children As a Means of Public gambling. If this is the Case then necessary Steps should be taken to Stop this practice. There is Little wrong with operating a Marble machine for a Nickel As the Means to a few moments of pleas ure. It loses its innocence As a Means to recreation when it becomes a game of Chance. H is most unattractive when it is operated by minors As a game of Chance. The senator s Bill has Many attractions on the surface. This paper Hopes a study will be made of the situation and his Bill passed if it has the Merit he claims. It is not implied that pin Ball Mau inns Are leading the state s youth Down the path to perdition. But Gambl ing is against the Law in South Caro Lina and gambling for children is against the Law in any self respecting stale. If the operators of machines Are using a weak spot in the Law to allow and promote violations these weak spots should be made stronger. Speech Freedom not involved what is behind the resignation by request of Clarence Manion the evidence was presented some weeks ago on this Page we believe by the Alsop Brothers when it was pointed out that or. Manion busily was speaking for Bricker amendment to curb the president s info pruners which he knew his Boss to be unalterably opposed to. The morning news ran find in logical to jct hot up about this i in Iier although or. Man inn is an Able Nii Iii in Bis Field. Lie Fon Nerly was Dean i the University of Law school. Or. Manion also is a Democrat. Two things univ obvious. Or. Blah Ion s presidential commission was badly behind on its intergovernmental sur vey. That had nothing to do his dismissal upon his own instigation at the request of Sherman Adams. Secondly or. Manion talked too much about to should have kept quiet about As loner As he was in the employ of the risen Honor administration. Noah m. Moron of Illinois Republican quit tin commis Sion in protest lip inter said maybe i be quarrel is Over the i ii kit amendment Only be it list in fire Man inn a he is n thorough Job in ret Ruine some of the Powers of the Federal govern ment to the with that we cannot agree. Nor can we agree with the state ment of senator Barry Goldwater the Arizona Republican who said if As the evidence Snir rests. It was the result of his deep Lonj stand in interest in the principles presented by the Jricker amendment then Freedom of speech and in this country has indeed dealt a or. Manion had a Job to do for president. Kise Bower. Lie evidently went out of his Way aside from his Job to fit fat against the thing the president was fighting is battling against the crippling picker amendment. There seems no logical reason that the Boss should put up with a hireling who disagreed vocally loudly and often with the Boss views. His resignation by request it spams was but logical. It May be As representative Mason says that pres ident risen Ower is a neophyte in poli tics pconoirii1 Bor and All the spa noels of u v Bill dismissal Seeni n show that to e presi Dent is in Neophy in la does t a p y n Ian who vigorously snob Hikcs his Aims George Sokolsky poll taker Joseph and Stewart Alsop presents a loaded question having an allergy for questionnaires i picked up one to which the Post office department makes important reference. Apparently the Wencl service corp. Of Prince ton n.j., asked the questions and got the answers. The question is do you think the Post office department ought to take in enough Money from postage to pay All its costs or is it All right if it does t take in enough to pay All its the Only sensible answer to the first part of the question is yes. Nobody could give any other answer. Of course the Post office should take in As much Money As it can and every american would say. Amen. Nothing in this question says anything about How it should be done by eliminating inefficiencies by improving the service by Cut Ting out bad bookkeeping which loads expenses on the Post office and that should go to other departments. Nothing is said about anything except do the citizens want the Post office to Stop losing Money the second part of the question is really silly. It reads it All right if it does t take in enough to pay All its it is kind of quarrelsome question if you Don t want me to make Money what do you want me to do it is a neet sort of question which nobody can really answer although 14 per cent did say that it did not matter much to them one Way or the other. It is a Little hard to convince some of our Citi Zens that any Branch of our government ought to pay its Way. After All nobody knows offhand of any department that does. But to get Back to questionnaires this one is so loaded in one direction that it is like a so Viet election. The vote is a under any circumstances. Precisely How do you say no to the above ques Tion tile Way it is put. The statisticians report 78 per cent of those who were asked questions replied ought to take in enough.1 How Many were asked it says that they were in 200 cities and towns As Well As in All 48 states and the District of co Roscoe Drummond Lumbia. But How Many were Samp led Kinsey reached absolutely conclusive beyond doubt conclusions by sampling women out of a nation of persons. Kinsey has indicated a new morality a new family system based on this tiny Sample. What Sample did the Wengel service corp. Use to decide that most americans want the Post office to raise its rates because it ought to take in enough Money from postage to pay All its did the questioner present the questioned with any kind of a plan for making the Post office self 1 supporting was any explanation offered As to the distribution of in creases of postal rates or did the questioner go boldly up to the proverbial Man on the Street and say buddy i want to ask you a who Are asked John citizen. Of i m just a question Man. We go around asking questions i m supposed to pick out a Man around 4ft, married works in a Bank for an insurance company or is a Junior executive. You look that kind. Are How did you John Citi zen asks in Surprise. Well it s like this. These Days everybody wears White shirts so that does t help much. But you Wear a hat. So that proves you re through with High school and Junior College and Are probably married. It looks like a Homburg which Only a Junior executive or a Junior banker would Wear the Bosses no longer giving a Damn what they look like. So i pick on you. Do you says John citizen looking important. Ask your ques so the questioner asks he aforesaid question herewith already quoted and John citizen answers naturally As a businessman i am All for business methods. Naturally any business must pay its own Way. The Post office is a business in t at this Point the questioner gently fades away. He has his answer. Just ask yourself How Many times in your life has any questioning organization been Annid 1o ask you a question copyright 19541 Plain facts about nation s recession unemployment has reached a Point in the United states where it is politically explosive. Most republicans want to make the situation look better than it is. Most democrats want to make the situation look worse than it is. Politicians Are rarely a Good source of economic fact or of eco nomic appraisal. Because politics and economics arc going to be joined in Washington for some Little time to come it is important to get As near to the facts As possible in answer to these three ques Tion question one is there a business recession in the United state today answer there is. There is an appreciable business downturn which has been in Progress Over the last six months and which has affected in greater or lesser degree every major Industry. Anybody who nervously jumps at the word recession is either a sensitive politician a Wishful thinker or hoping the problem will go away by not looking at it. At a recent press conference president Eisenhower was asked if he thought it was unpatriotic to refer to a recession. He said he thought nothing was to be gained by quibbling Over termino logy that obviously there was a recession from something. There is. The Federal Reserve Index of Industrial production has been declining. There is a drop in the nation s Gross National product and this Means unemployment. Unemployment has been Ris ing for several months and in january on the basis of the com Merce department s revised Sam ple of 25.000 households it stood at slightly More than about 5 per cent of the total labor Force. Government spending will be visibly less this year than last. Business buying for inventories is sharply. Consumer spending vill hold the key to a hoped for and expected upturn. Question to o is this a serious recession answer it is unhelpful and dangerous to belittle the problem. 11 is unhelpful and irresponsible to exaggerate it. The most honest answer is that any recession is serious. Much of the unemployment is seasonal Iii unemployment is above the level. Few economists foresee a depression or continued recession. It May be of Shorter duration Thun the recession of 1949. The upturn is expected in the Spring. The reason any recession is is rious is that a full employment Economy cannot afford a recession Over any extended period. It must grow not recede because of the vigorous sustained population growth of the nation and because of the constant Advance in productivity. Some appear to satisfaction in the fact that 1954 will in All probability he the Ond Best year in american eco nomic history True. Fine. N growing Economy which a grow ing population Ami a mounting cannot afford Many second Best years. Long Range growth is possible despite second Best years but let s not attempt to make a virture out of second Best. Question three is the Eisenhower administration showing itself Alert and ready to act unemployment does t shortly be Gin to drop answer at none of his press conferences has the president shown any tendency to belittle the problem. He does t shrink irom calling a ression a Spade. His Eron mice report to Congress was Frank and informative. His chief economic advisers Arthur Burns chairman of the economic Council and Gabriel Hauge have shown themselves sensitive to the Dang ers. Or. Eisenhower said last week that he was watching develop ments on a Day to Day Alert and declared that if unemployment did not begin dropping by March he would not hesitate to use every resource of the govern ment to Stop any catastrophe. Democratic sen. Paul Douglas himself has accused some republicans of trying to soft pedal the facts but he has never that the situation has yet reached a Point where the government should take drastic fiscal measures. He has often stated that in his View Federal counteraction is inappropriate unless unemployment is 6 to 8 per rent of the total labor Force. It in t. Copy right 1954 double take do you real la Wal Walil i think of ill How military decided on Radical new look no decisions of the Eisenhower administration Are More in need of understanding than the great strategic decision of the new look at american defense. And the Best ii proach to the Many problems of the new look is to see How it originated. The time was oct. 13, the place a meeting of the National Security Council. The chairman of the joint chiefs of. Staff adm. Arthur Rad Ford had been invited to the meet ing to present results of what is usually regarded As the joint chiefs new look which was not the real new look at All. Three months earlier on july 10, the president had instructed the new joint chiefs to re examine the whole design of american defense in the expectation of a Long per Iod of tension and danger. The chiefs had done Many weeks of hard work. Adm. Radford now gave the Security Council the results in the form of proposed forces Levels for the army Navy and air Force. Through Radford the chiefs ask Eri for bigger armed forces somewhat bigger than we have now and Sun Sta a tingly bigger than shall have in 1955. Big. Immediate cuts in the de sense budget Wero wanted by most of the men at the Council table. When the comptroller of the de sense department w. J. Mcneill put an annual Price tag of on the forces Levels Rad Ford proposed. Budget director Joseph Dodge and his allies were vocally horrified. Darn. Hadford answered their protests with an historic Little speech. The civilians Radford said had never told the military what sort of War to get ready for whether a conventional Biff War or an atomic big War. An old fashioned Small War or an atomic Small War. After Korea there was every reason to doubt that use of the new weapons would Ever be permitted in any War. Yet the new weapons were our real strength. Preparing for every imaginable kind of War was necessarily costly. Tell us what kind of War to fight Radford in effect summed up and then the joint chiefs can have a real new look and no doubt save you some Money As Well. Not Long after the oct. 13 meet ing therefore the National Security Council directed the joint chiefs to plan on using the new weapons wherever and whenever these would be effective. The joint chiefs then jettisoned the historic american de sense concept of balanced forces. They substituted the new concept of a National defense entirely built around american air atomic strik ing Power. This single change from conventionally balanced forces to forces primarily designed to exploit the new weapons is the. Strategic essence of America s new look at defense. The change required larger investment in air Power allowed Sharp cuts in the army and Navy with resulting Over All Economy. Over the protests of the army and Navy chiefs Gen. Matthew Ridgway and adm. R. B. Carney the new concept was adopted and the budget based on it was approved at a Security Council meet ing on dec. 15. The decision to make this very far reaching change of concept must also be judged against the background of the Long evolution of the Eisenhower administration s defense thinking. This has been Complex indeed. Back in january 1953. The Lead ers of the new teams had Only Uvo Aims. The first was to end the korean War at All Cost. To achieve this aim it can now be revealed the president was getting ready last March to order National mobilization and an unlimited Effort to win a final Victory. Then came the chinese truce offer Ipi Bably stimulated by word of the president s decision passed on by Pandit Nehru. That opened the Way to the new team s second aim which was to balance the budget at All Cost. Yet the soviet air atomic threat was rapidly growing. The budget balancing drive immediately raised a very serious question which was to have first priority the nation s military Security or the nation s fiscal stability at first men like Secretary of the Treasury Humphrey and Secretary of defense Wilson tried to pretend the conflict did not exist with unhappy results apparent in last year s defense budget. Then the big question was squarely tack led last Spring in an informal de Bate of the highest administration policy makers called together by the president in the top floor Sun room of the White House. This debate rave birth by the president s order to the elaborate National Security Council study known As operation Sola solarium event on through the summer. The explosion of the soviet Hydrogen bomb in August clinched the decision. The solarium findings were summed no in the Security Council policy paper known As Nsc-162, which was approved on get. 7. Nsc-ki2 de fines the threat to the United states As and gave first priority to the nation s military Security. The new look really began a week later at the Council meeting of oct. 13, when adm. Radford made his Little speech but the prelude was the approval of Csc 162. Thus the budgetary Spur May have caused the new look but Only after the administration Lead ers had unanimously agreed to give first priority to the National Security. In Short the new approach to defense planning is not Mere Penny pinching it is a sincere at tempt to a dept american defense concepts to the revolution in weapons development. Copyright 1954 Drew Pearson Wilson angered by adm. Radford who slips in to see president Washington Secretary of so called Security which defense Wilson is burned up Over the Way adm. Arthur Radford has been slipping around to the White House behind his Back to see the president. Radford by passed Wilson and went straight to Eisenhower to get air Force technicians sent to indo China. He talked the president into the idea without even taking it up with the joint chiefs of staff. Again last week he pulled the same Man Euver. Radford slipped in to see Eisenhower and persuaded him to increase the number of aircraft carriers on Active duty from 12 to 14. Radford took the chief of naval operations adm. Robert Carney alone with him but did t bother of Clear it either with the Secre tary of defense his Boss or the other joint chiefs with whom he is supposed to cooperate. The first time Radford by passed his Boss the Secretary of de sense said nothing. The second time he hit the ceiling. Wilson figures that part of the heavy expense of running the defense department is due to the inclination Are now turning out to be about 10 per cent of that figure. Bir budget deficit assistant director of the budget Rowland Hughes has admitted behind closed doors that the Eisenhower budget was based on assumptions 1 that unemployment would remain Between and 2 that there would be no change in the International situation but unemployment already has soared Over and the crisis in Indochina will Cost triple the Eisenhower estimate govern ment economists now predict privately that the deficit will he at least four million More than the president figured. Dulles is Happy president Eisenhower has been advised by John Foster Dulles Berlin conference actually improved prospects for peace with Russia even though it failed to Settle any prob lems. Dulles sent a special re port saying that Molotov s stub born stand in Berlin clearly shows the russians Are gravely worried by the brass hats to get the bit about developments inside the Iron curtain because of this uncertainty Dulles claimed Premier Malenkos will sit tight and make no aggressive move in Europe for at least one perhaps two years. Army caterer the army chief of staff s office has granted a special unprecedented promotion to the enlisted Man in charge of decorating the tables at the it. Mcnair officers club. He is John Sab Tuii who was in their Teeth and run away with things. This is especially easy when another military Man is president of the United states. So Long As he is Secretary of defense. Charlie Wilson intends to run the defense department. If. On the other hand the military Are going to run the defense department hell resign. Capitol capsules Ike s act paper president Eisenhower now sends out a fact promoted overnight from a sergeant a11 Bureau chiefs giving to a chief warrant officer though the official White House policy line it usually takes written Examina on important questions. He has tons and four years service for been working on a fact paper anyone else to make the warrant explaining what officials should Grade. Say when asked about the very reason for this sudden promo embarrassing question of the lion was that Sabitini threatened to quit the army and a Back to private catering. It happens that the High Penta gon brass do most of their enter Taining at the it. Mcnair officers club and they like the Way Sabi Tini decorates their tables so in order to appease him they rushed through special orders to make him a chief warrant officer. Tie order was disapproved by the army personnel Section but the chief of staff s office overruled the personnel Section and made sgt. Sabitini a chief warrant officer in charge of it. Mcnair parties. Senate sights new York s 75-year-old sen. Her Bert Lehman strolling Down the corridor holding hands with his wife the gum chewing demo cratic Leader. Texas sen. Lyndon Johnson being out chomped by Maryland s sen. John Marshall Butler sitting across the aisle Delaware s quiet sen. John Wil Liams the Scourge of the tax Chi Selers waving affectionately to his wife in the Senate gallery mrs. Pat Nixon wife of the vice president growing More Beautiful and her a deeper red every Day. Other Senate ladies want to know the name of her new hair rinse Maine s attractive sen. Margaret Chase Smith the Only lady member wearing a fresh red Rose sent her every Day by a Washington Auto dealer not to be outdone. North Carolina s sen. Clyde holy shows up each ring with a red Carnation in his Lapel handsome sen. John Bricker of Ohio running his hand Over his Silvery locks making sure every wave is in place Washington s Bachelor sen. Henry Jackson dash ing around the Senate in a shabby Brown sweater Idaho s self conscious sen. Herman Welker glancing up at the press gallery to see whether folks Are watching. Copyright 1954 a look at yesterday Twenty five years ago today was saturday feb. 23, 192fl. Florentine Reading did you Ever Stop to think in the morning news read that Florence High school boys and girls did themselves proud in their annual orchestral exhibit last night freight agent Here even Davidson of Charleston assistant general freight agent of the at lactic coast line spent yesterday in the City in business for his company. Signs repainted the re Tail merchants association signed a contract with the Florence sign works for redecorating the eight sign boards owned by the chamber of Commerce. They arc located it favourable Points along the High ways close to the City. Bill in Senate the Bill of the Florence delegation placing All county officers on a salary basis instr and of the fee basis has been by Chr House on third read ing and is now in the hands of the Senate. Food pricks at a local mar Kot bread was Selling for 7 cents a loaf Siri Iii Steak for Cruls n Pound and Coffee or 45 cents Pound personals James Cooper of the University of South Carolina will spend the weekend in the City with his parents or. And mrs. T. B. Cooper at their Home on South Irby Street. Mrs. J. D. Stevens of Norway s.c., is visiting at the Lime of mrs. W. D. Tyler. Monroe Parnell has returned to Columbia after spending a few Days in the City. T William Douglas of the University of South Carolina is spending a few Days at the Home of his parents or. And mrs. W. D. Doug Las on West Cheves Street. Sumter Man to speak the Lii v. ,1. B. Walki a episcopal a Lor of Sumlor will make the and Cliss at the service at St. John s episcopal Church next wednesday evening. cu1ij with or. H. Tucker Graham As speaker the Lions club devoted its program yesterday to a Celebration. Of the birthday of George Washington. John k. O Dowd motor my pm Law the Mornini Natwa Deil to to nodded promptly 01 error of Ftp tie knit. Ai Frond Clam Minter he Offler at s.c., Arl it March 3. 1is7 it mfr of audit Bureau it and Southern new Spur a Asso Lalion the u cell Tartt 17 to the Uit for Piihl Rainn Ftp All lha Turat Nrown printed in this new Upmier. A am and the f Lur fire morning will not for Advance pay Tala Imler mater it the Fri morning Hayek cite Ono Wrex sir. Mail 7mk a to Tiu 11.10, Ihram Mondun Monlai h it year

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