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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - February 23, 1954, Florence, South CarolinaThe weather partly Cloudy Windy and mild today and tonight fair and cooler tomorrow. High today 70, Low tonight 42. Details on Page 5. Published in the heart of the pee Dee richest farm area in the Palmetto state readers tip Mcclenaghan High school girls won their first basketball game of the season last night defeating Dov Lington. Details Page 7. _ vol. 341 Florence s. C., tuesday morning february 23, 1954 daily 5c sunday Loc weekly 35o quiz of Gen. Zwicker new yorkers shove for bargains attracted by George Washington birthday specials this shoving shouting crowd jammed up outside 14th Street store at new York a youngster Arrow above for some reason was passed Over head through the unruly mob. A bargain hungry mobs Stampede in Street by Arthur Everett new York Fob. 22 wild mob of shoppers rioted on 14th St. Today storming learn s big department store in a Savage quest for Holiday bargains. Fists flew windows were smashed women were trampled underfoot. Unheeded were cries for mercy from people trapped in the Rush. Lost children Hud riled in terror their thin wails of bewilderment drowned in the angry selfish Din of the bargain crazed mob. At least a dozen persons fainted or were injured As they risked their lives for such marked Down items As s6.95 television sets and 29-cent umbrellas. Shoppers began lining up last night. The Early Birds were trapped in tie store by latecomers who burst police lines to shout scream and Elbow their Way in Side. Hats and even shoes were torn from women in the dangerous scramble. Smaller mobs also stormed Klein s department store a Block away and Hearn s Uptown store in the Bronx. Windows there also smashed in the wildest shop Ping since the door smashing 1951 Price War Between Macy s and Gimbel s. The idea of Washington s birth Day sales originated 30 years ago in Washington where government employees have the Day off from work and Are attracted to bargain counters. It was the first time new York s big stores had tried the idea. Hearn s president said it was the biggest volume sales Day in the store s history surpassing even the greatest events. Of Christmas shopping residents of Washington mean army sets return of gel. Batchelor Tokyo tuesday feb. 23 Cpl. Claude Batchelor american War prisoner who changed his mind about staying with the communists said today he would Fly Back to the United states Tomor Row. He said he had just received his army orders but added i Don t know yet where i am Batchelor s Home is in Kermit Texas. His abrupt departure lie said will make it impossible for his japanese wife Kyoko Araki to accompany him. Her letters to him while he was held with 21 other americans in the korean Neutral zone largely influenced his decision to desert the reds he has said. While Start i their biggest shop Ping spree since the Holiday sales were inaugurated. Although the mobs there were More orderly at East one store door was shattered. Washington bargains included a 1941 Nash Sedan for 99 cents to sets at the same Price. Fourteen year old Philip Gold Stein seeking a 99-cent to set set up Camp in front of one Washington department store yesterday afternoon. When the doors opened on the Sale some 20 hours later he was blocked off from an escalator. When he finally got where he was headed the bargain to sets were gone. He got a sprained Back and a bruised leg for his troubles. Thousands mobbed Klein a a big department store a Block East of Ream s on 14th St. Several show windows were smashed. At Hearn s Uptown store. Shoppers pushed a policeman through a showcase. Another cop s gun was knocked from its Holster. It failed to go off however and he quickly picked it up. Hearn s downtown store was scheduled to open at 10 . Est but police kept the doors closed against a mob already surly with impatience. Finally the doors Weru opened about 15 minutes late. But they were locked again within two min utes inspector Joseph f. Weldon expressed concern for lives and safety of these peo police reinforcements r e called in. Fourteenth St. Between 5th arc 6th aves. Was completely blocked to traffic by the restless tide like motion of the massed thousands. Finally a single door was opened with the idea of admitting 10 per sons at a time. But five times As Many forced their Way in ignoring screams from persons injured in the crush. As fast As the Many entrances to the store wore opened the mob breached police lines and poured in like water through a riven Dike. Hearn s front door was smashed. Another door was torn from its hinges. Women fell and vanished beneath the Crest of the mob. Police barricades finally held and the throng outside began to melt. By noon the main outside crush was Over and traffic was moving cautiously again through the area. Preliminary work begins on City Hall Zambone s meditations by Alley no Mattush a Mam Al mos folks re 6ood the first step in the actual work that will give City Hall a face lifting Interior renovation and More room was started yesterday and it least one office in the building announced temporary removal plans. Workmen for Harllee Quail a Baum construction co. Of Florence erected Frame walkways around the sidewalk in front of the build ing and leading through the Alley Way alongside to the police department. Hall cd quattlebaurm last week was awarded the contract for the Long discussed renovations and re pairs on a bid of . Meanwhile t. To. Mitchell executive Secretary of the chamber of Commerce and merchants association said his office would move today to temporary quarters in the old Woodley House across from the morning news on South Irby Street. Mitchell snid arrangements had been Marir with Mcleod infirmary which has control of the building to use the ground floor rooms in front of the House for chamber of Commerce business. He added that it was estimated the office would remain there for six months. Preliminary plans cell for the changes at City Hill to be completed sometime in july. The alterations at City Hall will allow All main offices o City gov Jet blast kills 1 Savannah. Oa., feb. 22 tipi a 1147 stat bomber caught fire and explode to. On the flight line at Hunter air Force Muse Here to Day. One no Rutan was killed and two re curved minor injuries. Tin air men nil ground personnel were refuelling to aircraft at the Lime of Hie Accident Ern ment to be under one roof and for certain departments to been Large. Too. A recorder s court room will be constructed in the alongside the colonial theatre which is housed in City Hall. The theater will remain open while the work is in Progress. Stevens Date is postponed Washington feb. 22 Mccarthy r. Wis today made Public the transcript of a Stormy closed door hearing in which he told Brig. Gen. Ralph w. Wicker that the army s promotion and honorable discharge of an alleged communist major was a tremendous disgrace to the the transcript showed that Mccarthy also accused Zwicker of Hemming and hawing in reply to questions which he said am five year old child could answer at other Points in the interrogation the senator told the Genera he was not fit to Wear his unit Orr and that you should be remove from any Zwicker. A much decorated hero of world War ii who took part in the a Day invasion of Normandy is now the commanding officer at Camp Kilmer n. J. Like Mccar thy he is a native of Wisconsin. Hearing postponed along with the release of the transcript Mccarthy ordered Wodny postponement of the appearance of Secretary of the army Robert t. Stevens who had been invited to t2stify tomorrow at a nationally televised hearing before Mccarthy s Senate investigations subcommittee. Secretary Stevens has accused Mccarthy of humiliating . Army officers with his investigative tac is and weakening the army s prestige and morale by unfair countering Mccarthy s Stevens has refused to Sanction the appearance of Gen. Zwicker and Gen. William Bergin army adjutant general whom Mccarthy lad summoned As witnesses. Zwicker became the target of Mccarthy s fire at a closed hear no in new York last week when he Wisconsin senator tried to pin him Down on responsibility for the promotion and honorable discharge f maj. Irving Peress now a new York dentist. Formerly stationed at Camp Kilmer. The transcript. Mccarthy told Zalc Klekat one Point in the rapid fire Exchange either your honesty or your can t help impugn no one or the other when you Tell us that a major in your com Mand who was known to you to Lave been before a Senate com Mittee and of whom you read the press releases very now have you sit there and Tell us you did not know whether he re used to answer questions about communist Mccarthy made the statement after Zwicker had testified he did not know specifically whether Pertsis had refused to answer such questions. Mccarthy asked Zwicker whether he had any idea whether per ess1 had walked at questions. Zwicker of course i had an Mccarthy what do you think in was ailed Down Here Zwicker for that specific Pur try and be truthful Mccarthy then you knew that Hose were the questions he was asked did you not general let s by and be truthful. I am going to keep you Here As Long As you keep i edging and Zwicker i am not Mccarthy or Wieker i am not hawing and Don t like to have anyone in Man my honesty which you just bout Mccarthy Drew an admission rom Zwicker that he would hold p the discharge of a Man who and stolen 550, and the senator de handed you did learn did you not at this Man Pere set was part of communist conspiracy or at Ike keeps golfing avoids the storm Palm Springs calif., feb. 22 Eisenhower enjoyed another round of Golf at this desert resort today while his vacation Headquarters continued to decline comment on the Dis Pute Between Secretary of the army Stevens and sen. Mccar thy at a news conference White House press Secretary James c. Ila Gerty smilingly brushed aside a question As to whether Stevens has the president s personal backing in the Stormy clash with Mccarthy. Try Hagerty replied making it Clear he had no intention of airing any Eisenhower views on the controversy. Least Thorn was Strong evidence that he was. Did you not think that was More serious than the theft of never been tried Zwicker he has never been tried for that communist conspire sir and there was evidence or. Chairman Mccarthy Don t give me that Zwicker said he would hold up the discharge of a Man found steal ing s50 until the Man had either been tried or exonerated. As he finished that statement Mccarthy asked but if you heard that this Man was a other words in Stead of hearing that he had stolen s50 from the Corner store let us say you heard that he was a Trai Tor he. Belonged comm hit s Senate com Mittee had sworn testimony to that effect then would you hold up his i charge until he was either exonerated or Zwicker i am not going to answer that question i Don t be Lieve the Way you want it sir on All the evidence or anything that had been presented to me As commanding general of Camp Kil Mer i had no authority to retain him in the service. I was never officially informed by anyone that he was part of the communist conspiracy or. Sena tells of order Zwicker went on to say that he could not have held up Perr is discharge without official notification to do so because he was acting on an official order to give Peress his discharge. Mccarthy you were fully sat spied then when you got the or Der to give an honorable discharge o this communist Zwicker yes sir i Mccarthy in other words you think it is proper to give an Honor Able discharge to a Man known Loje a Wirker no. I do Mccarthy Why do you think t is proper in this Zwicker because i was or dered to do so anything that am ordered to do by higher a Hority. I must Mccarthy repeatedly asked Zwicker whether he thought a Superior officer might be guilty of improper conduct in allowing an honorable discharge to a comm list. Finally Zwicker replied i hink it was procedure. Sex klan Leader Hamilton Given North Carolina parole Raleigh n.c., feb. 22 w klan Leader Trio runs l. Hamilton who directed the Kun flux klan As its hooded night riders created a reign of terror in Columbus county two years ago will leave prison this week under parole. Or. Ii. Patrick chairman of the state Board of paroles announced today that the Board has recommended and gov. Umstead has signed a parole for the Pudgy 47-year-old sex grocer from Lucs Ville . He said it might take two or three Days for the parole to be processed through the state prison department so thai Hamilton can leave the new inn Over county prison Camp where he has been imprisoned since oct. 1, the parole for Hamilton Cnoc approximately three months Nufler Hamilton had issued Sunlo Mills saying i am through with the Kun. Flux klan and believe All my former will inst serve the a solves Lind society As a whole by Ink left n so Molnr Hamilton s conviction in Colum a where his wife and daughter live. Bus Superior court in july of 1952 climaxed a determined drive on the klan by state and Federal officers which resulted in the arrest of More than 100 persons. Nearly a score were sent to prison and others were fined and Given suspended sentences Hamilton was the last one left in a North Carolina prison. Hamilton went on trial along with other klansmen. He pleaded guilty on two charges of conspiracy growing out of the flogging of a negro woman and received two years the maximum on each count. Hamilton already had completed serving one of these sentences and with gained Lime for Good Beha Vior would have completed the other in jul november if he had completed his term he would have been completely free. With n in Rule he remains under supervision and can be returned to prison if to violates its terms. Under parole. Hamilton will re turn to his Home at acc Svilich he will be under the supervision of South Carolina parole authorities and has been offered a Job by an Augusta ga., Auto dealer. The paroles Board said most of his work will be in South Carolina. In addition to his Public state ment renouncing the klan Hamil ton wrote several letters to the paroles Board saying that if he is released he will be Law abiding. In one letter he wrote that to would go Back Home to my Job and forget everything but being a Good and Church member leaving All organizations but the Church alone from oils Day on 1 shall make it my business to see that my family is cared for and my daughter Edu the Hamilton file also included letters from the solicitor who prosecuted him Clifton i. Moore who is now n Superior court Lupe. Willard Colo editor who won n pulitzer prize for his stand no Jinsil the klan Miles apart in Many ways Twenty five Miles part but each in front of a Washington painting army Secretary Robert Stevens left and sen. Joseph Mccarthy right speak after accepting americanism awards. In speeches they continued sparring Over subpoena ing of armed forces personnel. A wire photos the american Way m Carthy and Stevens both receive honors Philadelphia feb. 22 Joseph Mccarthy a wis and army Secretary Robert t. At Odds Over the subpoena ing of armed service were 25 Miles apart today accepting Gold medals for contributions to the american Way of life. The Wisconsin senator Gold medal from the sons of the american revolution at a luncheon in Down Crri Philadelphia for his outstanding work in fight ing communism both in and out of this Stevens accepted a Gold medal from the freedoms foundation on behalf of the armed services at historic Valley forge 25 Miles out Side Philadelphia and scene of the revolutionary y s struggle with the Winter weather. The two Are at sword Points Over an order issued by Stevens which forbids army officers to appear be fore Mccarthy s Senate investigating committee after the quizzing of Brig. Gen. Ralph w. Zwicker not week in new York. Today Mccarthy said he thought Stevens was the finest dupe i be Ever met for issuing the order. Stevens in his speech said i in tend to accept tile responsibility of the Secretary of the army whatever the occasion May be As part of that responsibility i in tend to support the Loyal men and women of our Mccarthy was closely guarded in City police during his 5m hour visit because of an Anonymous Crank note which was mailed to the police department. It said we think Mccarthy ought to be bumped off and this is a Good time to do uniformed patrolmen lined both of the platform when Mccarthy s train arrived. Surprised passengers blinked at the police Uard and the milling photograph is who along with newsmen and he reception committee of the Sar were the Only ones allowed o meet the train. When Mccarthy made a Long distance Telephone Call from a Booth at the station the area was cordoned off by police. When he eld an Impromptu news Confer ence in his hotel suite two police Nen stood guard outside the door and police inspector Albert do 3ois stood just inside the door. Checking those who entered and Eft. Demo chances Rise in West says Mitchell Washington feb. 22 w democratic National chairman Stephen a. Mitchell said today tha control of Congress is going to by determined in november by whether voters feel they Are better or worse off financially than a Yeai calling that the principal Issue Lotical Campaign Mitchel of the political Campaign said that democratic Stock is go ing up mighty fast 1 in nine West Ern Stales which he has just toured. Asserting that the people feel the republicans Are not doing enough to word off n threatened economic recession Mitchell said he thinks voters non turning to the democrats on this Issue. But Mitchell avoided predictions of the political outcome there. Mitchell said he feels president Eisenhower s popularity is decline average ing because he said the voter is beginning to identify Eisenhower much More closely with his party and they know from previous experience what the republicans Are some republicans have reproved the democrats for what they said was an apparent Effort to talk the country into a but Mitchell made it Clear his party s not Goin i in de silent about the economic Issue. Dulles gives Barley report Washington Fob. 22 of slate Dulles assured 15 members of Congress today he scheduled asian Price Confer ence will bring no . Roc Orni Tion of the Coniry Junist re a department spokesman issued a for mrs to thai effect several hours after a 00 min Ute conference Between Dulles Ami thy lawmakers at the state department. Most of the my democratic mom tiers of co Woss Cifuno out of the brushing Asido inquiries with a no some of sad dul Les Lind Itske them to let him in the Tel Kirifi. Snob loses to snobs h1ci1mond, feb. 22 a South Richmond woman told Sci inday Tinl someone Hal stolen three Condl Lonc Hub Caps from her 1039 Chevrolet. Huk forces ignore ultimatum to quit Manila. Tuesday feb. 23 Midnight deadline for the communist led hunks to surrender was ignored night As an estimated philippine troops took bit be positions for an nil out offensive. Ramon said there vill be no Extension of the deadline for the huk Yum i the chief executive gave the rebels tiie Choice of ret riling to a peaceful life or of Sciny the full of the military. Expert Hoover sees present As a passing dip Washington feb. 22 Mer president Herbert Hoover said tonight he had one depression named for him but he does t see signs of another anywhere on the landscape at the present time 1 the present Hoover said comes from a mixture of sur plus production and dehydrated you can have High Confidence that this is Only a passing dip a slump a readjustment or a recession not a great he declared. Hoover proposed a remedy along lines suggested by president Eisenhower reducing taxes if Essary to increase the buying Power of All the people so they can absorb the surplus production and Jack up the Standard of living an other notch. Hoover sized up the economic situation in an address at a ban Quet at which he received Good government award from the american Good government society. Gov. Allan Shivers of Texas was honoured similarly. Tie former president said that dips recessions whatever they Are called come around inevitably about every five or seven years in the ebb and flow of a free economic system. "1 should be regarded As an expert on these he commented dryly. At he went on i was credited with having constructed one All by myself the entire world wide depression which lasted in the United states for 10 years from 1931 to 1041. I even received the Nonor of having that depression named after me by various Politi Cal candidates. However out of modesty i must again state that this was an overdone Honor and that i have never claimed such Gigantic Politi Cal economic or intellectual out of ordeal by fire Hoover said he can say from expert experience that the combustible a finals Are not hereabouts to construct another conflagration like hat of the decade of the asks indo peace new Delhi India feb. 22 us rime minister Nehru extended an Earnest and Humble plea today or a cease fire in War battered Ndoc Hinia. But he made Clear in Lia will shoulder no responsibility for such a move. To experts find . Inconclusive Washington feb. 22 my a government appointed committee of i Iii exports today that Lien Eisei in effects were not in the first wide use of Gamma globulin to combat polio la summer. Hul the National foundation for infantile paralysis immediately do dared this finding did not Rule out Llu ism Sibilly of employing . Effectively in mass injection in epidemic areas. Awl Hie foundation reaffirmed previously announced plans to in pc 19 million dollars Worth of the material three million doses available for use in this summer s polio the u. S. Public health service. Said a special 17-member commit tee assigned to evaluate the effectiveness of . As used last summer rep ried it could find no evidence that the blood derivative had any effect in pleven Lonj or mitigating paralytic poll Wincn used either i in the mass inoculation of children in epidemic croat. Or 21 in the of am other close contacts of Popli already stricken with polio

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