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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - February 20, 1954, Florence, South CarolinaPage t the Florence morning news Florence s. Saturday morning february 20, 1954 nothing ventured nothing gained1 Joseph and Brownell s shocker has Peculiar history Roscoe Drummond Kimbe no Carpetbagger the Washington reporter for the morning news has a High reputation for accuracy and fairness. In a recent news Story published in this paper the Washington reporter quoted sen Ator Olin d. Johnston As calling Wil Liam a. Kimbel a or. Kimbel has been nominated for a Short term position on a United nations com Mission for european Economy. Senator Johnston at first tried to Duck under the Carpetbagger state ment but admitted he May have said it but not for publication. He has said that he did t mean anything by it but the name is not a term of affection. It is not a name that has various shades of meaning. Rebellious rebels the professional diehard Southern ers the rebellious rebels May the lord forgive them for they know not they do. Last saturday the morning news printed on Page one a picture and a Story that struck the majority As anachronistic. It was a pictorial and ver bal recording of a meeting of representatives of the North and South in pay intr homage to Abraham Lincoln. Eighty nine years after the War be tween the states it was news that a southerner and a Yankee should for the first time pay Mutual respect to a great americans it was news but it should n t have been. As a matter of embarrassing fact cities word from Savannah Georgia not Only was the presence of colonel John Virden at the ceremony As a representative of the sons of Confederate veterans a mistake but also a misrepresentation. We decided ninety years was Long enough to hold a said South Irner Verdert. Lincoln belonged to All the people. He was a Good Deal More than an Illinois that statement albeit a highly Lourk Al and Long overdue one was entirely according to Neill Rohlinger an Arka Sawyer who is com Mander in chief of the Sci. Maybe it All was a prank. Maybe Cotoiu l Virden. Who Grandfather was wounded while trying in Pierce the Union Liutik at Gettysburg was ton tie in Chechik it when he said ninety years was Long enough. After All there were two Small Confederate flags tucked in among the magnolias and Jasmine. The morning news however pre fers to think that it was not colonel Vinyl ii being Frankish but rather the commander in chief of the sons of Confederate veterans. Those who deny Lincoln was a Man of nil the people Are being foolish those who automatically dislike fellow americans because they also happen to be dam Yankees Are going beyond foolishness into stupidity. Let those who Long for Battle join the current Onos of the Day. Let not there to wasted Elf not on Battles won and loss almost a Century Hack. Section Al Prii la has its place Bill repudiation of colonel Virden s Wreath laying is wasteful vituperation. In the Southland a Carpetbagger is a Low form of animal life. It is most unfortunate that sen Ator Johnston is in a position to talk so loud while having his foot in his Mouth. The slate s Junior senator is standing Pat on his decision to Holdup the Kimbel appointment until he can How much investigating did the senator do when or. Kimbel held a similar position under the tru Man administration it is doubtful that a change in administrations has changed or. Kim Bel s qualifications. Or. Kimbel is patronage adviser for the Republican administration in South Carolina he is trying to build the Republican tarty in this state and is certainly a political opponent of sen Ator Johnston but this is not a parti san affair. President Eisenhower has the right to select republicans to serve positions under a Republican administration. The gent Lyman from Murrells in let is not a newcomer to South Caro Lina and is not just a resort resident. He is an officer of a Large corporation in this state. He is one of the outsiders who has helped bring Industry and additional employment to our state. If a Man of character reputation and influence can live in this state for years working for the Best interest of the state and still be called a Carpetbagger by our Junior senator How will this encourage others to follow his pattern or. Kimbel s business associates and friends will feel a Little reluctant to help Industry come to South Caro Lina if they Are to be greeted with the name of eager salesmen As the Florence museum struggles for assurances of adequate contributions to carry on and expand its work it May be that its fund raisers Are Over looking a potent Field of salesmanship. There is one family with which we Are acquainted where the nine year old made his first trip to the museum the other Day in a group with his school class. After is Honl he returned with a buddy. A few hours later he went Back Home to ask permission to take his younger sister. In the course of less than half a Day this one family had two museum supporters. It is a hard hearted family head in deed who can resist feeling kindly toward a civic undertaking that so in grosses two youngsters. Breathless babbling about the wonders shown at the museum wears Down More than patience it wears Down indifference. Perhaps the Florence museum officials should see that More schoolchildren yet conducted Tours. Perhaps these in family pressure groups can do a More effective Job of Selling support through breathless enthusiasm than can the Subtle adults who know they arc soiling intangibles when children Are excited about there is no thing As in intangible. Just How far can a politician go in rearranging the facts to suit his own purposes the question is raised by recent sensational statements by attorney general Herbert Brownell. Shook the country when he said that he had found in the Justice department "20.000 lost documents. Some of them of extreme one of these was the famous 1945 Fri report on internal espionage which named Harry Dexter White and Many others. According to Brownell this document had never been evaluated by the proper officials in the department of Justice but just tossed into a desk this document Accord ing to Brownell contained Many names whose should have been followed up by the depart ment of Justice. Brownell remarked that he was terribly shocked when he made these discoveries and his charges which amount at the very least to charges of criminal laxity Are certainly shocking. A Good Deal of detective work was needed to establish the facts behind these allegations which Are As follows the 1043 Fri report which was allegedly tossed into a desk drawer was based on testimony volunteered to the Fri by Elizabeth Bentley. At the time a High level decision was taken to try to re establish miss Bentley As a communist thus permitting her to act As a double agent. Absolute secrecy was obviously required for this attempt a fact which lends a certain color of truth to sex presi Dent Harry s. Truman s explanation of his failure to lire White. The attempt to re establish miss Bentley continued for Sev eral months after White was confirmed. In the meantime about 100 Fui agents were As signed to the new York area and a similar number to Washington. In an attempt to verify miss Bentley s Story from inde pendent sources. In october. 1940, the attempt to Nake miss Bentley a double agent was abandoned apparently the suspicions of the communists and their soviet masters had been aroused. At about the same Lime the Fri prepared a 296-Pabe sum Mary of All that had been Learned Lince miss Bentley made her Origi Nal charges and this was delivered to the attorney general in de Cember. 1946. Until the attempt to re establish Bentley was Given up no Legal action could be taken against the people she had named since this would have alerted them. After the attempt was abandoned How Ever the appropriate Legal action was carefully considered in the criminal division of the Justice department and it was decided to present the Bentley charges to a grand jury. Edward h. Sims Thomas e. Donegan an Able special agent of the Fri who had been in charge of the Fri s new York office until the Spring of 1946. Knew a Good Deal about the Case. Fri chief j. Edgar Hoover therefore suggested that Donegan handle the Case before the grand jury. Donegan was accordingly made special assistant to the attorney general for this purpose. T. Vincent Quinn who had been an assistant s. Attorney Gen eral for several years who had More Legal experience than done Gan. And who was also approved by Hoover was assigned to work with Donegan on the Case. In Short the whole Case was riven very special treatment which presumably explains Brownell s charge that the 1945 Fri report had never Heen through the regular channels in the department of Justice. It is More difficult to explain Brown Ell s implication that the names in the document were never Fol Lowed actually All miss Bentley s charges were considered in the most minute detail by two successive grand juries which sat for no less than 36 months starting in the summer of 1947. A determined attempt was made to get indictments on espionage charges against those named As spies by miss Bentley. This attempt failed for Lack of corroborative evidence. Corroborative evidence against one of those charged by miss appeared in the celebrated pumpkin papers. But by then. White was dead. Hiss and Remington were to be sure both indicted but on a per jury rather than an espionage charge and the first Batch of 12 communist leaders also were indicted but for conspiracy rather than spying. The failure to Gei indictments for espionage appears to be the Only reasonable explanation of Brownell s sense of Shock. Yet Thomas e. Donegan. Who was principally responsible for the presentation of the Case is still a special assistant to the attorney general who is of course none other than Herbert Brownell. Nor is this All. The interdepartmental committee on internal Security is directly responsible to the maternal Security of the United states eternal Security of the United states Brownell chose to represent the Justice department on this vital committee none other than Tho Mas e. Dunegan. Nothing that Brownell said is untrue undoubtedly for example at one time or another the famous Fri report was indeed tossed into a desk even so. What Brownell said does seem shocking although not quite in the Way Brownell intended. Copyright 1934 Benson optimism seems misplaced Secretary of agriculture Benson Way in what looked like serious trouble last he made several speeches that had the farm ers in an uproar acid there was even talk at the time that the president would have his Scalp. But Benson flew out to Denver where Ike was at the time talked his problems Over with the president and came away in Good graces. He told the president he was trying to get at the farm problem in the right Way even though some people were against his approach and that As time passed More and More people would come Over to his Side. Last week he faced a congressional committee and told l Mem Bers of Congress that most of his recommended farm program would be accepted by them in his opinion. Moreover Benson said a majority of Republican lawmakers in Washington and a number of democrats were in favor of his flexible parity Price support proposals. On his Side he has the presi Dent among others and this is keeping some of the gop Legisla tors More silent than they would be inclined to be otherwise. But Headset in their opposition to the Benson Eisenhower program and nothing is Likely to change them Over to the Side of flexible parity Price support for the six Basic crops. It is extremely doubtful if the Secretary has i Power on the Hill or believes he has in this sphere. And whether he will get most of his program through con Gress at this session is highly doubtful. There Are indications which Ben son can t help but recognize which Point to Independent action in both the House and Senate agriculture committees. And the Bills expected to come out of three committees will nut provide flexible Price sup port for the six Basic crops. So de spite Benson s opinion that most members of Congress will accept the Inge part of the administration s farm program it looks like most members of conf less will oppose him on the major thesis of his approach flexible parity. What is More members of the two committees concerned with farm Ifni Slanin arc preparing to write their own farm Bills. If Hills pass it will definitely by a slap in the fare to the Secretary and put him in an even More in secure position than he is in now. Up until this time he has been hoping that Hie american farm Nuriu could rally enough support behind the flexible support system to put it Over but the farm Bureau has not been Able to convince farm ers in the South that flexible Price support is what they want. Southern congressmen who keep in touch with the Farmer say the count in t even close. The National Grange also has supported the Benson Eisenhower program but neither has this Heen enough to sell it to Farmers in the various sections. Benson says bravely that his1 pro Gram is gaining adherents steadily just As he said last year when the letters started pouring in about his disaster Aid speech. But he prob ably is being optimistic on this score too. He is probably being optimistic on a lot of things. The significant thing he said before the congressional com Mittee was that he did t intend to let gop opposition to his program disrupt the Unity of the party. That is the first White Flag to go up from the Secretary. It looks like an admission from him that vigorous pressure from the White House and from his department will not convince con Gress and that it will on the other hand probably do More harm than Good. It looks like the Secretary is saying his program still i Good one but that he won t get mad with anyone if it in t adopted which it probably won t be As far As Benson s standing is concerned failure of Congress to adopt most of his program will partly discredit him. The president May also feel that he is a liability by election time. It May work finally out so that it is up to Ben son himself. Paragraphs Cannibal frogs from France Are invading England and Nob bling up their English counter pans. Could be the frogs Are tired of name calling. What will happen to Daylight saving time the International Date line and the Calendar when Jet planes Start flying As fast As the rotates. The Man who says flying saucers Don t exist was t around when the Cook had z fight with the waiter at the Corner restaurant. Talent was recently granted on a rotator to rive sunbathers a uniform Tan. Lei s Hobo the Hoys and girls Ron l Kol so while turning that they Forscht to turn off the switch when they re Well done. Berlin conference a positive failure the Only Way to measure the results of the big four conference at Berlin is to look at what we hoped it might accomplish. We hoped that an agreement might be reached on Germany and Austria which would make a real beginning toward liquidating the cold War. We hoped that even if agree ment were impossible the Confer ence would reveal to the world whether there were any actual changes besides soft music in Post Stalin soviet foreign policy. We hoped that whatever course the conference took it would leave the Unity of the big three and of the Atlantic Alliance unimpaired. On the basis of these criteria the consensus in Washington is that the big four meeting has been a use Ful failure. The conference was a fail ure because it made not the slight est headway toward any agree ment on any important Issue. If a big five conference is to be held on asian matters that can Only be judged later on its own results. The conference was useful be cause Molotov finally had to show the Kremlin s hand. He had to unfurl a Long series of nets As to leave no doubt that the Malenkos government however much it May have shifted tactics is not giving up a single one of Sta Lin s purposes. This is Well to know. It is Well to have it so fully in the open. It does not encourage Hope that Moscow wants to remove any of the principal tensions which make up the cold War but it is better Drew Pearson for the free world to know that Post Stalin soviet foreign policy is essentially More of the same. There is now ample reason to put Wishful thinking aside. Or. Molotov said no at every critical juncture no he would not accept free elections As the basis for uniting Ger Many. No he would not accept any German unification unless the in elected East zone regime was made a partner with the elected Bonn government. No he would not accept any United German government unless the East zone communists could have a determining voice in writ ing a new electoral Law which would make sure that Only the right people got elected. No any new United German government must not have Complete sovereignty it must not have the Freedom to decide to join with the Oher nations of Western Europe in the common defense. No. Moscow would not even accept its own treaty proposals Austria unless there was a prior settlement on Germany obviously on soviet terms. Thus having imposed terms As to make agreement on Germany impossible or. Molotov used the absence of agreement on Germany As the Only reason for refusing an austrian treaty. These negatives add up to a very definite positive Moscow positively will not. At this stage agree to anything which does not extend and fasten soviet control deeper into Western Europe but Molotov was not always negative. He made several con Crete proposals. He proposed that France Ger Many Italy the Netherlands ills him and Luxembourg not be allowed to create a common de sense through Edc. He proposed that nato be Dis mantled and abolished. He proposed that the . Supplant the . As a principal guarantor of the Security of Western Europe and that the europeans pan the United states from their military councils. When Tou put together what Molotov wants to get and what he wants to reject when you add up his negatives and his positives there can remain no doubt whore Post Stalin soviet foreign policy is headed. It wants to keep All its con quests including East Ger Many it wants to see the West Ern european nations kept apart divided and weakened it wants to Plant the Kremlin s hand on the entirety of the continent. The evidence is that no Western european nation was taken in. Ger Many was t. Bidault made it Clear that he was t. To the contrary All were put on their guard As they have not been since Malenkos started to play deceptively soft music after Stalin died. We Are in for a Long test of strength and stamina with those who want to suffocate human free Dom everywhere on Earth. It is Well that soviet purposes however unpleasant have again been made visible. Copyright 1954 railroads lacking imagination says bouncing Texas tycoon Washington i talked at length the other Day with Robert h. Young the bouncing Little tycoon from Texas who has taken on the second biggest Railroad in the Usa and the biggest big Busi Ness Battle the nation has seen in this Century. Among other things i asked him what he would do if he should lose his stockholders fight to acquire the new York Cen on May 20. There will be other May Young replied and i am Only 57 years old. I have eight years left before i reach the new York Central s retirement age of 65. I m going to keep on i had not realized before that Young was Only 57. I discovered As we talked that he had made a Fortune before to got to be 35, retired from business and then went Back into business again. Retirement was too he explained. "1 got tired doing bom on a Texas Caule ranch which Bis father managed he had gone to work during world War i for the do Ponts became assistant to John j. Roskob Learned the game of finance from the inside and became one of the Early spark plugs inside Gen eral motors. Why did you go into the rail Road business after you decided to go Back to work i asked. Because it was the most run Down business in the he explained. You have the greatest Opportunity in any business that is backward and the Railroad Busi Ness has been held Back for years. If the automobile business had had flip same Lack of imagination As the Railroad business it would t be anywhere today train x when i asked Young what he intended to do for the new York Central that had t been done be fore he replied that one of the chief improvements he would in stall would be roller bearings. Can you imagine an Industry with More friction than any other not using roller he claimed. Their use on the rail roads would save millions of Dol Lars yet there s been a conspiracy to ban roller Young went on to Tell about a the Model Streamliner he and built patterned after a Spanish train lighter in construction lower on the rails and costing one third less to build than we modern Pas Senger car. I built h for use on the Chesa Peake and he explained hoping it would set an. Example to other roads and that they would follow suit. However a since the has to link up with other hues we Haven t been Able to use it yet because we can t Hook up to their one trouble with the Railroad Young continued is refusal to change. The present Day freight car for instance got its height from the old Plantation wag on drawn by a team of mules that used to Load Cotton Bales into freight cars. Freight cars were built a convenient height for those old Plantation wagons and have been kept at that height Ever among various plans Young has for the new York Central is to put a woman on its Board of directors put motion pictures on Over night passenger trains modernize equipment and let Railroad personnel buy Stock in the Road so they become its owners As Well As its do a tors. Dwindling margin a serious illness in the House of representatives plus the conviction of rep. Ernest Bramblett of California has reduced the re publican working majority to Only one vote. This leaves the republicans with a minus one vote margin in the Senate and a plus one margin in the House. Actually rep. Bramblett will continue to hold his scat in con Gress during his Appeal which will take about 90 Days and which will be Strung out As Long As possible in order to keep his vote in the House. Meanwhile the last gop Congress Man to reduce is Alvin Weichel of Ohio who has been suffering a nervous breakdown. Weichel has had diabetes for some time and friends say he neglected All care of himself so that the suffering has caused a mental lapse. Doctors have advised that he will not be Able to return to Congress and there Are no plans for his re election. This will be the third committee whose chairman the Republican leadership will by pass or plans to by pass because of incompetence incapacity or recalcitrance. The other two Are Clare Hoffman of Michigan chairman of the govern ment operations committee who has become so crusty and difficult that his committee voted 22 to 1 to by pass him. The other is 78-year-old rep. Dan heed of new York chairman of the ways and Means committee. Reed is still going Strong As chair Man of his powerful lax Pritim committee but Eisenhower leaders have found Reed so uncooperative that they plan to use the Senate finance committee to rewrite his tax Bill. Copyright 1934 a look at yesterday Twenty five years ago today was wednesday feb. 20, 1929. Florentine Reading did you Ever Stop to think in the morning news read that passage by the . Senate of the Jones Bill making first offenders along with the Biff liquor leaders liable to a Maxi mum penalty of Fine or five years in prison or both is a pitiful admission by the great Law making body of the failure of the government to enforce the prohibition Laws. Body found the body of Sam Kennedy a negro Man apparently 60 years of age was found on tiie High Way. Officials believe he was struck by an automobile travelling at a High rate of Speed. Parsonage fire damage by fire was done to the Interior of the Cumberland methodist Church parsonage on South Coit Street. Look and learn by a. Cordon 1. What country s people Are conceded to be the heaviest eat 2. Where is the largest Loo in United states 3. Of what in the medicinal world was Wlhelm k Roentgen the discoverer Wlinich is the longest state in the ., and which is the widest 5. What was the name of the Peoples of ancient Mexico conquered by Cortez answers i. The Irish who according to idles statistics average Ca lories a Day. 2., the Bronx 7oo, in new York. Has a greater variety of animals than any Nohrr in the . The a Ray. California the longest Texas the widest. I. Sileci. Birth announcement or. And mrs. David w. Alderman announce the birth of a. Son James Aldrich on feb. 17, 1929. Personals or. And mrs. W. E. Eachols spent the weekend Wilh relatives in Rocky mount n. Miss Bessie Mae minims of Elliott visiting her Mother mrs. Letha Mimms on South Irby Street. Mrs. 0. N. Wymple left sunday for Danville va., on business. Mrs. J. Ii. Ford of washing inn. D. C., was spending some time with her aunt and Uncle or. And mrs. .1. K Wood on Wem Cedar Street. President Hoover presi Dent elect Herbert Hoover s special Atlantic coast line train passed through Florence Friday. He was returning to Washington from a vacation of several weeks in Flor Ida. Lesson in English by cordon words often misused do io1 say. I generally see him when to is say i usually see of t e n mispronounced Equine. Pronounce a Kwin e As in me. I As in mine accent first syllable. courier a Currier one who dresses synonyms contemplate meditate consider Ponder. Word study use a word three and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word Eracli Day. To Day s word dudgeon ill humor. Tie Man s dudgeon did not go unnoticed by his o Dowd Toh Pla Ninet Mornion Natwa to notified 01 Errora 01 it mild. Eburt Ai j Frond Clam matter it Hanii Oil scr at s.c., under id March 1, it brr m the Aunrik Ert Yrtti audit Nucum of circulate uni and Southern Newi Paner rutile Hitri am acini Ion ii entail cd to to int or publication of All it local Cwi print Tel in thai Newi paper. All Earr Lori Ponard Cindri and the a Urrica Mornini my m for Advance in Ltd it off Ca of the mining twi. Cum Cristion dam Okiw Witk mail a tic my 11.11. Mythi i1.u, Rii Mantta we

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