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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - February 19, 1954, Florence, South CarolinaThe weather increasing cloudiness and warmer today and tonight Tomor Row Cloudy with showers. High today 68, Low tonight 42. Details Page 4-b. Ivol. 337 published in the heart of the pee Dee farm area in the Palmetto state Florence s. C., Friday morning february 19, 1954. Readers tip student nurses of Mcleod infirmary ended a probationary period with capping ceremonies last night. Story on Page 4-b. Daily 5c sunday Loc weekly s5c court martial set for red Collaborator Schwable co Pilot tells of capture _ Washington feb. 18 the Marine corps in Quiry into a false germ warfare confession signed by col. Frank ii. Schwable was suddenly broadened today to include Schwable s co Pilot on the flight that ended in their being taken prisoners of War. The new party to the inquiry called to determine whether any disciplinary action should be recommended is maj. Hoy h. Bley new figure in germ confession probe col. Frank h Schwable subject of Marine inquiry into his false germ warfare confession in to Adams says gop control depends on Ike program new York. Feb. 18 presidential asst. Sherman Adams said today the Republican party will lose its control in Congress if the Eisenhower administration s legislative program is rejected. On the other hand he said if Eisenhower s program is adopted with enthusiasm by the Congress with the popular support it de then the gop will hold a majority in the next Congress. Adams former new Hampshire governor spoke at a meeting of the american paper and pulp Assn. At the Waldorf Astoria hotel. He assailed the former demo cratic administration As arrogantly complacent and characterized by a creeping irresponsibility and decline in standards of. Honesty which entrenched Power enc our the secrecy with which it sur rounded he said in an address created a climate in which occasionally spies and subversives and Low Grade Public Jeru ants could and did he said the turn has been Ruide in correcting these conditions and in restoring to its proper role a government that had be come bigger than the Adams said Eisenhower s Leader ship has offered a moderate course Lii politics. The president s program he Laid is a Liberal program in rela Tion to human problems and a conservative one in its approach to fiscal affairs. New carpet factory announced at Dillon by a staff feb. Carpet hire approximately 150 workers when be constructed at Dillon. The Miqu Cement was made to Day from Columbia by l. W Bishop director of the s. Re search planning and development Board. Bishop said Dixiana Mills inc of. Laurinburg n. C., is acquiring a site for the new Plant near Here the factory will be part of in French Tell gains in terrorist Hunt Hanoi Indochina feb. 18 French Union forces killed or Cap tured 113 vie Minh today in the ked River Delta As they pressed a Hunt for red led terrorists in that strategic Rice bowl area. They took 111 into custody As suspected communist partisans. French armoured forces guarded tile terrified Catholic Community of than fining 60 Miles Southeast of Hanoi where 700 raiders gunned Down at least 20 villagers and kid naked a provincial prelate. Nearly 500 of the 2.000 villagers who fled into nearby Rice Fields after last Friday s attack were still missing authorities said. Fears were Feli for their safety. Campany s expansion program. The company manufactures cot ton and other types of carpet produced by the tufting process the Plant will be located three Miles North of Dillon jus off Highway 301. Officials said the building will be one store air conditioned with about Squar. Feet of floor space. Construction is expected to Start March 1, subject to clarification of details relative to the acquisition of the land. Charles t. Main inc. Of Boston and Charlotte Are architects and engineers. Contract for construction has been awarded to Daniel construction co. Of Greenville Bishop said sen. Dixon Lee and Gen John c. Henagan chairman of the chamber of Commerce new Industry committee had Cooper ated with him in securing new Industry for Dillon county. In to said a p. Gibson d. E. Ellis and other members of the legislative Dele gation have been cooperative in making the arrangements to bring Dixiana Mills to Bishop said officials of the com Pany conferred with Carlisle trav wich several months age. He is chamber president of the Dillon of Commerce. Dixiana Mills officials also expressing their appreciation for the enthusiastic reception from the local Community. We have never s con a Community that displayed greater interest and officials said. They directed special thanks to sen. Lee Gen. Henagan. D. B. Ellis and m. S. Stackhouse who made it possible for the company to acquire the tract it desired. Mccarthy s wife Hurt in Auto crash new York feb. 18 a sen. Joseph h. Mccarthy a wis said today his wife s ankle was broken in three places and her right knee injured last night in a collision Between their taxi and an Auto in mid Manhattan. The senator was shaken up. His Only injury was a Welt Over his Eft Eye. At first mrs. Mccarthy declined St Aid. Later she was admitted o Flower fifth Avenue Hospital or treatment. The Driver of the Auto Bengt Norberg. 41. Of Scarsdale n. Y., As fined s10 for driving without License. He was freed under s300 3ond on a charge of driving while intoxicated. His hearing was set r March 25. Mccarthy is in new York for a enact subcommittee hearing into now assigned to the Marine air station at Eltoro Calif. Bley testified that he and Schwable were shot Down in North Korea in july 1952, and that Schwable could have escaped if he had not gone to Bley s assistance. When Bley testified that he also had signed a fictitious statement about the United states engaging in bacteriological warfare the court of inquiry composed of three Marine generals and a Navy Admiral went into closed session. On returning the court notified Bley that he was being made an interested party to the proceed ing and As such was entitled to be represented by counsel and to Cross examine witnesses. That placed him in a category similar to that of Schwable 45 year old Arlington va., flier who has said he yielded to communist torture and signed the phony confession in the Hope of remaining alive Long enough to help expose by first hand testimony one of the greatest hoaxes that any nation has Ever attempted to foist on the the hoax he referred to was the communist charge that the United states was practising germ War fare in Korea. Bley testified that the first inti mation he and Schwable had that they were Over enemy territory during a reconnaissance flight was when their plane was rocked by gun bursts. Cpl. De Dickenson first go charged Washington feb. 18 army today or dered a court martial trial for the first american Soldier charged with informing on his fellow captives and collaborating with his communist captors in Korea. He is Cpl. Edward s. The Virginia Mountain boy we changed his mind about stayin with the hods and returned to Thi country after first refusing repair Cpl. Dickenson non capital action. Meanwhile the Marine corp broadened the scope of its invest Galion into the germ warfare con fission Case of col. Frank i Schwable by naming his co Pilo and fellow captive maj. Roy h Bley an interested party in the Case. The court of inquiry a called to determine Whethe Schwable was justified by extreme mental and physical torment t break Down and sign a false con session. Dickenson is the first Arr general Assembly Senate oks work right b ill possible subversion in the orces armed Columbia feb. 18 a a mildly amended right to work Bill passed the Senate today As the general Assembly effectively closed out the sixth week of its session. The senators also sent the House i measure to reduce the movie theater seat tax from about 000 to a year. Representatives advanced a numer of Bills but delayed further Vork on rewriting election Law until next week. The anachronistic anti dueling portion of the state oath of offic would be wiped out by constitutional amendment under a measure submitting the question to the voters this fall. Passed by both Senate and House the measure gained routine formal enactment the House ordered enacted a Bil to permit inclusion of ground Corn cobs and other specified scrap mat Ter in commercial feeds for live Stock. The Assembly extended Gen. Mark Clark president elect of the Citadel an invitation to address a joint House Senate session March 3. Under Bills Given second House readings doors would have to be Coffee Call Conway ark., feb. 18 we a drugstore this morning began sell ing allot the Coffee you can drink for three cents. A. T. Maddox manager of the drugstore said he was tired of waiting for customers to buy 10 cent a cup Coffee. Zambone s meditations by Alley say you mos y6 e Industrial aide sounds warning note them state county and local employees could get Federal old age insurance and Imi tation ice Cream made from vege table or animal be made and sold in the stale. The representatives killed a Bill to set mandatory Highway and Street maximum speeds. Present speeds Are advisory but May be enforced. The House education committee gave a favourable report to a Senate approved Bill ratifying a constitutional amendment to eliminate a requirement that the state have free Public schools. The voters approved this in 1952. Gov. Byrnes recommends it As a preparation for a possible u. S. Supreme court ruling against segregation of White and negro Public school pupils. Adoption of the amendment would give the Legisla Ture a free hand in the matter of maintaining Public schools. New Bills in the House would create a five member Beach erosion House Bill by rep. Harris of Ander son. The Bill would outlaw Union membership or non membership As a condition of employment. Union leaders have called it a Union busting gov. Byrnes has advocated it saying it is right and that it will encourage More new Industry to move to the state. Its Fate in the House is unpredictable but the representatives several years ago passed an identical Bill that the Senate let die. Delay on the election Law Bill which has been debated for to weeks came when rep. Evins o Spartanburg successfully moved to adjourn debate until next week. H said time was needed to draft fur ther amendments to the much amended measure. Both House and Senate set to Morrow for uncontested local mat ters Only. They will resume state wide lawmaking next tuesday the the Senate expects to take up its finance committee s 175 million Dol Lar version of the general appropriations and surplus spending by control Board of people appointed by the governor for four year Erms and give Amateur radio operators special automobile License tags. The right to work Bill went through both second and third sen the readings without debate and Vith Little comment. It had been expected to bring on a bitter fight. Sen. Lewis Wallace of Vork explained this by saying there s been a terrific fight behind the scenes to Roach a reas Nable Compromise. The opponents f the Bill have done everything n their Power to preserve for or everything possible they could Reserve. The proponents in the majority gave in on everything hat was consistent with their senators Are upset by asian Parley by Jack Bill Washington feb. 18 of the son ate foreign relations committee called tonight for state department guarantees of no appeasement of red China the Bill now goes to the House Tec next week to report on wha and will be referred to the labor Commerce and Industry commit which is holding an identical morning news photo necessity of sound foundation for Industrial expansion told Southern cities should to urn. S of Southern cities should be a Jive in it track business but i Ulli should be do j Fondati. Warned ii. Mev it lil in i address to members the chamber of comr Clicc Alfo of he chamber of Commerce Al s annual banquet. Hey general sales manager of the Carolina Power and Light co. Of Raleigh. N.c., said now pm Nils migrated Inlo us men served by my company purim hi.000 Ain Ouillin. Iii ill Ami Lille in the . Dui Iii the past tin in be will. my but he Chal to Linik at what Florence is today and consider what it could t. J. Mitchell executive Secre tary of the chamber presented n in service Phi in a map c. Carter my the lil.-. In hic serving i a.-, savings Bond chair tur Flou Iny .1. I1. A Roll is was i w Ini ski ii the Cha Isilita Wilh w. Ii. 0.x. In St vice press Lent l. O. second resident m. S. Chafe treasurer and w. Ii. Blackwell National councilor. Guests included Luther ii Stokes and w. J. Ellison of i Carlsville p. I. Unstick and w. M. Dickson of Marion and 1. W. Bryan and Kern of Sumlor. Snuff habit puts dad before judge Gadsden ala., feb. 18 judge George Motley asked a father brought before him in juvenile court Why he did t Send his children aged 9 and 11, to school. Because they dip snuff and have no place to spit in school the father answered. Why asked Tho court did he permit them to dip snuff. They inherited the the father said. The Case was passed with the lather agreeing to Send the Chil Dren to school without their snuff. 45-42 Senate of Given Norb aide Washington feb. 18 Al Al Bert c. Boeson s confirmation As a member of the National labor relations Board squeaked through the Senate today by a margin of three votes. The appointment which and aroused a hot controversy. A Alk a hours proved of debate. It i min u business Nan from Jose. Calif., was endorsed by most republicans As eminently qualified air minded mid with a character above reproach. Rut democrats challenged his testimony before the Senate labor committee and sen. Nicely id a denounced him is a Man Itterly destitute of occurred at Berlin. Sen. H. Alexander Smith of be Jersey the committee s senior re publican member told a report warning of the dangers of appease ment he believes Are inherent i the diplomatic talks. Tie reds will try to Trade the unification of Korea for recognition of red China and her admission to the United Smith pre dieted. He said that to agree would be appeasement a Compromise with and that he Wouk denounce any move in that direct lion. Sen. Ferguson another member said Dulles knows wha he is agreeing to the diplomatic talks with red China i a very calculated risk. It Couk bring if it does not Russia will have gained for her self and red China in this re Spect ban been trying All along to get red China into a diplomatic conference with the other nations of the world and we have of "1 know Dulles has no intention of recognizing red Fer Iii Sun added. But sen. Humphrey a Minn said he will Tell Dulles he thinks this agreement was n mistake. Humphrey Salil he will demand j spoil in answer us to whether this in a preliminary Hep by the administration Luann a recognition of red China and insist on assurances against recognition. I want to hear tin Humphrey said of Why we think it Wise to engage in High Diplo Matic level talks with the reds at Geneva before we have achieved anything in the talks with them at Panmunjom. They in pc stalled and insulted us stories on end of big 4 Berlin conference Tage 2-a. In the scheduled asian peace conference at Geneva. The big four foreign ministers announcement in Berlin that the had agreed to Start the Genev conference on april 26, with re China and North Korea partic paling clearly caught most con Mittee members by Surprise. The agreement shifts Korea peace talks with the reds fron the military Leve to which the have been limited at Panmunjom to the diplomatic plane an brought some Eyebrow lifting fron committee members. They announced that Secretary of slate Dulles flying Back froth Berlin will go before the commit Wilh charged formally squealing on his fellow prisoners to gain belter treatment for him self. The army is known to have under investigation the cases of other former prisoners who May face similar charges. Dickenson is charged with Violat ing the military code of Justice and specifically with violating two articles of the code. The first Al Leges that he gave information to his captors concerning his fellow prisoners and that by so doing he caused other americans to suffer punishment and hardship. He also is charged with unlawfully collaborating Wilh the enemy and giving information to him. A conviction on the first charge could result in life imprisonment. The maximum sentence for conviction on the collaboration charge is death. However Dickenson s was de scribed As a non capital Case i maj. Gen. Edwin k. Wright com Mander of the military District of Washington who ordered the pre trial investigation. This Means the extreme penalty would not be invoked in event of conviction. Dickenson was arrested Jan. 22. When he appeared at Walter Reed army Hospital Here for a medical checkup. The army conducted a two week pre trial investigation of his Case before ordering a general court martial. The court will con Vene in Washington on a Date to be announced. In announcing the action the army and Hie defense department emphasized that the charges were based solely on Dickenson s Al eged conduct while he was a i i sonar in the hands of the communists in North Korea. The fact that Dickenson first said that to wanted to remain with the reds and stayed for several weeks in he Neutral custodian Camp oper item by Indian army officers has it and will not be held against no the army said. Dickinson was one of two Amor cans who changed their minds while in the repatriation Camp he other is pfc. Claude j. Batch Lor of Kermit tex., who is still n the far East command. The army is known to have cached its decision to bring Dick non to trial on the basis of in Irma inn obtained from other americans who were prisoners in Orth Korea but no further de Lils of the Case have been made Public. All broken up sgt. Richard b. Rice is a Ait puzzled by it All but his ton Dickie 2, and Tho family Pup skipper have similar troubles broken legs. The rails tex., boy and dog arc victims of mysterious injuries the boy s injury is thou Flat to have resulted from a fall the dog s f of a kick. A win photo

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