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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - February 16, 1954, Florence, South CarolinaPage 6 the Florence morning news Florence f. C. Tuesday morning february 16, 1w4 nest by Jimmie owl this Balmy weather and the talk of contracts and hold outs is Likely to turn the thoughts of More Young men to baseball than to love and if we re going to keep those lads thinking about the National favorite we be got to keep them playing at it. One Man who s been thinking about baseball seriously for the past week is Bill Jel fers City recreation depart ment Dirci for who has the Job of setting up two Little leagues in Florence this year instead of one. That will mean in addition of Only two two four learn leagues replacing one six team the Way Jeffers has it planned it s going to take almost double the num Ber of workers. The proposal is Lor one league to operate on the Maple Park Diamond that was used last year with the other using bundle Munn and Jim Wall the Junior High school Field As its base the two leagues will give More lads a Chance to play and will save Naif of them a trip All the Way across town each time n game or practice session is scheduled. Ii Ere Are some of the things that will be needed Lach team will need a sponsor to buy uniforms and equipment and a coach to school them in the fundament als of the game. Each of the two leagues will need a Spon Sor umpires and administrative personnel. It will Cost about to sponsor a team and about Belk s cops first round Crown fast closing to loses by a nurses also win a Dilly whip of a fourth Quarter provided the most rousing action of the City recreation Cage league season last night As Belk e Hung on to win the first half Champion ship and remain unbeaten by defeating Community to. The Clr Ori infirmary Blue flashes took their fifth straight win in the opener by 40 to Over the Inderl Mcdents with Mary Rose Foxworth pouring in 2li Points. Beik s entered the fourth Quarter with a 35-16 lend but it began to melt in the final eight minutes As the to club finally put together Macedonia Johnsonville win District Cage contests Manning feb. 15 the Macedonia girls and Johnsonville boys opened the Dis Rich 7 b Cage tourney Here tonight with wins Over each other s teams. Hie Macedonia girls took John Sonville by 29-21. Moving away in the final period to insure the win. Johnsonville a boys gained a split with a 40-30 win. With another fourth Quad i r surge. Macedonia led in the opener by 6-2 at the Quarter and 18-10 at halftime. Johnsonville s sextet Cut he margin to 19-23 entering the Jurth period but fell behind in Inal shooting. I and Shelby bark a Pace he winners with 15 and 14 poin a. Ilien altunian led Johnsonville wih 8 Points. Led by Arlen pro scr and her ?200 to sponsor a league. The league sponsors will inherit the All Star teams picked from each Loop at the end of the season and direct the lads that work toward the National championship. The. Fellows who manage the teams won t compare with the likes of Casey Stengel but a Man with a slight knowl Edge of the game could probably learn a great Deal More by trying to teach it to others. The umpires May be drawn from the High school ranks and some of the administrative help also May come from there. Most of it s a lot of hard work and about the Only remuneration is seeing that a Bunch of kids get i lie right slant on things. There wont be any Lime to think it Over the whole business has got to be worked out by March 1 so that Florence can get Sanction of the National Little leagues. If you feel like you d like to give the kids a hand take in the Little league meeting which starts at tonight at the teen age canteen just behind Junior High. With four minutes left Belk s Ead was Cut to 37-27, and soon it Vas further sliced to 37-30 As Ichard Leavell hit with a free How and Buckshot Daniels a Lay p. But with 33 seconds to play the television five lost its Chance when to technical foul gave the Ball o bulk s out of Bounds after e. Galloway missed three foul shots the schedule of so lunar periods As printed below has been taken from John Alden Knight s so lunar plan your Days so that Vou will be fishing Good territory fir Hunting in Good cover during the a times if you wish to find he Finui to that each Day has to offer. Tin major periods Are shown in i boldface Type. Hresc begin at the j limes shown and last for an hour and a half or two hours thereafter. The minor Kerods. Shown regu Lar Type Are of somewhat Shorter february . P-5 Date min r major Man r major is tuesday 17 cd need y i 25 Cage scores . He the i Krs Richmond by. Virginia Tei a til Northu Chlorn 81, Michigan 73 Ohio Scalf "7. J9 Bethune Cookman 65, Allen 80 Mississippi 92. Tenni we Tulane tech 37 Atlantic Christian 87. Slort 7fi Indiana 86. Purdue 51 i led Mont North Georgia 81 Detroit 66, Drake 61 her Hannu toffs clonal 74. Union logical 54 acini Fri pal. Of Nikin i new. Ham Puhler a Maine 71 Wake Forest s3 hold Cross 87. Half 57 Volt in Kentucky i. Kentucky Uvrl n succession. Belk s controlled the Ball until he final three seconds to insure heir Victory. Paced by Tommy Alford. Who scored 14 Points Belk s boomed away to a 14-4 Quarter Lead and lad a comfortable 23-9 halftime bulge. Belk s continued to Widon he Gap in the third period before he to club coming in on All channels got red hot. The flashes had Little trouble in their contest leading 8-2, at the Quarter. They ran cold in the Sec Ond period As the led by Anderson s the Gap to 12-16. Independents. 16 Points Cut it by the third period however was 30-17. Blue flashes. Flashes Foxworth 26, Cribb 3, Gendron 4. Wilson 5, l. While 2. Galloway Mcmillan and Mcelen. Independents Wiggins 8, Bacotte 5. Anderson 16. Hodge single tary and Bigg Clow. Cable to Fisher 2. William son Daniels 5. Munn 6. Leavell 11 Mcdonald 10. Wall 2. Belk s Alford 14, Edwards Galloway 8 Flowers. Welch 6. Jones 2, Virgio 3 and Oliver 7. Shell the Johnsonville boys caught fire late for their win. Prosser scored 12 and hate Hill 11. With Dennis Cadell 11 Peri Danny minis 10, the top Macedonia scorers. Johnsonville led. 10-5 at the end of the first period and 18-15 at halftime. Macedonia the mar Gin to 23-25 by the end of the third Quarter but failed to hold the final period Pace. Tomorrow night the Macedonia and Pamplico girls open action at g p. In., followed by the Johnsoa Ville and i Pamplico boys at the Hemingway and Andrews girls play at and the same two schools boys clubs meet a. Finals arc scheduled for Friday night. Unbeaten Floyd Patterson wins tenth straight bout Brooklyn n.y., feb. 15 lp1 undefeated Floyd Patterson scored his i0th straight Victory tonight by out punching Yvon Durelle former Canadian Light heavyweight chem Pion in an eight Rounder at the Eastern Parkway Arena. Patterson Santee flashes to record run East Lansing. Mich., feb. Is Wes Santee the Rocky Kan Sas Cowboy sped for a mile Here tonight the fastest Ever run indoors. The Best previous indoor time was a by kill Dodds. Former Wheaton. Great run at Madi son Square Garden in Santee s time is not yet in the record books but track officials said they saw no bar to its Quick certification. Dodds ran his record mile on an 11-Lap banked track As a Fea Ture of a triangular moot Between Kansas Illinois and Michigan state. Weighed 167 .2. Durelle 17034. The 19-year-old Brooklyn negro was a 4-1 favorite. Although he won a unanimous decision he was far from impressive. The votes All for Patterson were referee Abe Simon. 5-2-1. And judge Joe Eppy and Leo Burn Auto each 5-3. The a scorer card had Patterson in front g-2. Patterson had the eighth round taken away from him by the ref Eree because of several Rabbit punches. Hal Newhouser tries comeback with Cleveland Detroit feb. 15 we lefty Harold Hal Newhouser if going to try a pitching comeback with the Cleveland indians at 32. He announced this today seven months after Bot i he and the de troit tigers agreed he was through after Lou seasons and 200 Ameri can league victories. He lost 147 games. Then Hal said this is the end. I m through As a Pitcher. I m con Vinced i Haven t got it any today his tune was different 1 know the indians have one of the burst pitching staffs in the majors with Fellows like Bob Feller Garcia and Bob Lemon but j Hope to make he Grade preferably As a Starling Pitcher but if not As a every other major league club waived on the lanky Newhouser following i Detroit release when he could have been claimed for rut along with him then. They d have had to pick up a 000-plus contract that could have been shaved Only 25 per cent his new York feb. 15 a peace in the Battle of the baseball pen Sion plan is the objective Omorrow when the two player representatives and their lawyer meet with the major leagues two Man com Mittee to try to work out a solution. Allic of the new York Yankees the Anu no an league player representative and Ralph Kiner of the Chicago cubs the National league Delegate will huddle with j. Norman Lewis the players lawyer at his office. At . Est they will meet with John Galbreath. Presi Dent of the Pittsburgh pirates and Chison Down to one Chicago. Feb. 15 Vito Valentinetti. Rookie right handed Pitcher today signed a 1954 Chicago White sox playing contract. Leav no Only Minnie Minoso. The team s tar outfielder. Yet to come to arms. Valentinetti the 38th player signed had 12-6 for Waterloo la. N 1950 and 3-2 Colorado Springs n 1951 before entering the service. Year. An old pal is giving the often Seton or in i Minn 72, nyx ten in 78, Wisconsin in Kish ii a Dent Alabama Florida 5 Rhi Ragn r Iii mate 68 Grays blues take negro re Dep tilts Simon Thomas led the Grays to a 28 to 22 Victory Over the Pine Street boys in an afternoon con test of the negro City recreation Avila Smith sign Cleveland contracts Cleveland feb. 15 Cleveland indians announced today that second baseman Bob Avila and outfielder Al Smith have come to terms bringing to 25 the number of players signed for the coming is. L. 7u. Tulja s thur May 19 Friday saturday 21 Maryland tops deals College Park. My. Feb. Shue Charles named Maryland Sci a basketball Vic torn Over War Forest tonight on a 29-Point performance and some fancy Ball handling As Ilia Terra-1 pins tightened their grip on the Atlantic coast conference Lead. League yesterday. Season. Thomas scored 10 Points to off Avila. Who hit .280 in 141 games set the eight Point scoring of Milch i last year conferred with general Smith who was tops for the Pine manager Hank Groenberg in a Tel Stroeters Ephone Call from Mexico where i in i ii Fht conk St. The blues i he i playing Winter baseball. With 11-i-arli.fl Over the Littles by 40 to the indians four years the infield Ijo with Arthur Robinson leading or said he would report for duty Ilu victim i Willi 12 Points. Pm v to notice 01- tax Sale state of South Carolina county of Florence by of certain tax sic ii Tiwiah directed to me by e. L. Treasurer of Florence or icily and by the South Carolina tax commission and to h. N. 1-v s h. I cell. Cite trea City of Florence have i vied on. And will fell for a he highest bidder at pub at the place of Busi Collar of West Palmetto Street and Cherokee Road i Lor p c. On monday March 1st, a esd Ayi at ten 10 o Clr or . The following described meat Case. Id it. Meat Case 8 it. 1-Vi a i i a and Conden s f drink 1 i drink Box. Kan Minner inks contract Chicago. Fob. 15 lefty Paul new York. Feb. 15 a Charles former heavyweight Cham Pion today named the Janu Ary Winner the Competition for the Hickok pro athlete of the year award. Charles sensational knockout o Brut Ikhil up from the tribe s american Assn. Farm club the in i Diana Polis indians. Smith batted .240 in 47 games last season. The indians did not make pay terms Public. Dropo signs contract Detroit. Feb. 15 base Man Walt Dropo signed his 195 baseball contract with the Detroit tigers today. He was the 32nd to Minner. Who had a 12-15 pitching Rob Satterfield before a National record last season today became Ltd audience earned him the Edge j agree leaving Only 11 still to sign the 36th Chicago cub Plaver signed Over Bob Cousy. Star of the Boston before Spring practice starts March Tor 1954. Celtics basketball team. 1 i. Alliie it a on and Tuil us tin i if h 1-. .1h., five 1 oink in Lihty said Paul i Fly la of incl Arati by Iti a by item and Tun offered a a while. Tin prud in Iii Chr greatest will be accepted and the property delivered to Mich bidder on compliance with ins bid. The Pir Ona properly nest be j moved the Biddy i. Can he made with the owner of the int for to Tiu same. .1. Walkk Wilkinson a ller Lor for a Rueni a i ii. N. Kink a i l i Pilj of i Kii in in in i . Lli-22-mar. 1. Temperamental Southpaw a new Chance. He is general manager Hank Greenberg of the indians who was clouting Home runs As a first baseman Tiger teammate of now Houser s much of their playing careers. Ill be just like a Rookie getting a Newhouser said for i Haven t signed any contract Wiki the indians and will not discuss one until i see if my pitching is a Lull Good enough to make the since everybody waived on him in 1953. Newhouser would t Cost anybody anything this year and he could sign a thin dime contract if he wished. Newhouser always known As a Sharp Bargainer. However with the tigers. Peaceful meeting seen for baseball colleges seek no raid pact with majors Hamilton. N.y., Fob. 15 College baseball men turned Clown once More in their efforts to effect a no raiding agreement with the major leagues will try again next july. If they Don t succeed then they re ready to put up a Heck of a fight against the pros. In the furore Over the players pensions it was t publicized that the colleges received another turn Down at the Jan. 30 meetings of the National and american leagues. They submitted a Resolution calling upon professional base Ball to refrain from signing or negotiating with College players once they had commenced their soph Omore year. The National league voted 5-3 against the Resolution while the american tabled it until the july action regarded Asen Cou raging by Colgate s Eppy Barnes. Plank Grcic nacre. General of he Cleveland indians at Gal breath s office in the Chrysler building. Have a number of problems but we re hopeful of a said Lewis. With Hie meeting so close it would be silly of me to Alk Greenberg said Jan. 30 there 10 serious disagreement in what the players want and in what the owners want give them. Boiled Down the player demands arc that if the world series to and radio income after the present contract expires Are much higher they would like to study the possibility of Gott Itig greater benefits. The owners and play Pri have the same goal. We differ Only in hmm it can be done Antl How much can be the players have asked to be consulted on future radio to con tracts for world series games and want allocation of a specific share of the series radio to Money to the player pension fund. Bingo thursday february Lith 8 p. M. Public invited Moose Lodge Marion Highway not womb Lyl As a Man of discrimination Don t just ask for Bourbon m risk for Bourbon Fie luxe Kentucky blended a Bourbon whiskey Kab proof 51% Kentucky s1raight Bousbon whiskey 49% Grain Neutral spills 1he Bourbon de luxe company. Louisville Kentucky expect t to i he Beautiful new 1954 Cadillac is now in our show this is an automobile that every american Motorist should set and inspect and drive they should do this first of All because it will give them a better of the things by which to judge the world s motor cars. And they should do this too because it will give them a revealing glimpse into the hit Urc of automotive design. I or it can be said with the full support of historic precedent that much of today s Cadillac will find its Way into the cars of tomorrow. Cadillac s sweeping new lines its new proportions of Glass and steel and its Many superlative new details of design will unquestionably have a profound influence on automotive stylists the world Over. The new roominess of Cadillac s interiors the new Beauty of its appointments and the new Richness of its fabrics and leathers will give the Industry completely new Standard of Comfort and luxury. And Cadillac s great new Power and responsive Ness its wonderful new handling ease and its incredible smoothness of operation Are certain to serve As engineering guideposts for years to come. But imitation is one another. And no amount of imitation could Ever produce Cadillac s Happy combination of Brilliant styling extraordinary luxury and magnificent performance. Nor could it bring to another motor car Cadillac s unprecedented acceptance among the world s motorists the feeling of Pride that conies to the Man who sits behind its wheel or its reputation As the Standard of the world. These Are Cadillac hard won through decades of motor car leadership and through in deviating adherence to the highest ideals of automotive production. We ought to come in and see the new 1954 Cadillac. For it is Cadillac s annual report to the nation on the Progress of american motor car the news has never been so exciting Lou la be most Welcome at any time. Superb Cadillac co. 131 East cd cacs Street Florence South Carolina dial 3296

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