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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - February 16, 1954, Florence, South CarolinaThe weather partly Cloudy with widely scattered showers today and tonight. Tomorrow partly Cloudy and cooler. High 74, Low 48. Details on Page 12. Published in the heart of the pee Dee farm area in the Palmetto state readers tip fires roared across acres of pee Dee Timberland last week. District forester Al Kunz gives a breakdown on Page s. Vol. 334 Florence s. C., tuesday morning february 16, 1954. Daily 5c sunday Loc weekly 35c support of butter Cut to minimum by voting zone Unity sought by Bob Weirich loner years of election time confusion for florentine will end in the near future if the plans of the Florence county ill materialize. Delegation members received a Nokia of City Council yesterday she s out in the open on Spring like Day Marian Turner was one florentine who decided yesterday was no Day for indoor business. She is shown basking in Timrod pork near huge camellia Bush. Morning news photo Spring fever Felt Here More sighted Spring fever got in its first play Ful licks yesterday As florentine basked beneath Bunny skins and enjoyed Balmy Brce Zos and sum my like temperatures in the mid and says the Weatherman there will to More of the same today and tomorrow. A High of 76 degrees was re corded yesterday As office workers loosened shirt collars and building superintendents began thinking about air conditioning systems. That Mark is High above the 58 degree average for this time of the year but does t approach the record 88 degrees set feb. 15, 1918. In 1905 the average temperature for february was 38 degrees. Lasi year the average was. 50.4. And there was a temperature of 76 de Grees recorded feb. 20 last year. Even Low temperatures Are run Ning High. For instance the aver ago Low for this season of the year is 37 degrees. Rut the temperature went Down no farther than 48 de Grees in the 24 hour period ending at p. M. Yesterday. While florentine were enjoying the Balmy breezes yesterday they still were plagued with dry nostrils and dust. The dry spell is continuing and the Throat of Forest fires continues unabated. Yesterday marked the 25th successive Day without any appreciable amount of precipitation. The weather Bureau recorded 0.01 of an Inch feb. 3. Prior to that the Only rain was 0.4g inches Jan. 22. In a Pian to reorganize precincts so they will be the same for City and county elections. As it stands now a person May vote in one precinct in a City elec Tion but in another where county or stale offices Are concerned. As a result two sets or registration books Are kept. However Only the county is authorized to Issue voting registration certificates. Those certificates contain the county precinct numbers. Rep. J. B. Clements and rep Julian Dusenbury appeared before Council yesterday to ask that the City so along with a plan for re organisation As included in a state election Bill in Ludes a provision whereby each designates tie voting pre wide measure Laws. Clements clues county Cincys. He county revising said the pointed out that the is now operating with five precincts and the City four. He said Many Voles were each election because of the confusion in the minds of voters not certain of their polling place. On Hmann h. F. Dargati said be was inclined to agree with the Piv posed new plan which would Iii live precincts As set up by the county. He pointed however to the five Points precinct which covers Terri tory in and out of the City limits. He questioned the advisability of making the change there inasmuch As he Felt outsiders would be voting in City elections. Clements said that Issue could be resolved by keeping two sets of registration books there or re quire an month on qualification from the voter. D. Yakhot. City manager. Pointed Oul that it Cost s500 the last time the City reorganized its registration books by going through the procedure of copying from the county books those voters within woman Driver killed in front of Home a idiom. Feb. 15 mrs. Earl Smith of the Kains Community was killed instantly near Here tonight in a two car collision in front of her Home. Investigating officers e. G. Sum Mey of the state Highway patrol and sheriff j. Leon Casque said mrs. Smith apparently had at tempted to into her driveway when Lii a car was struck by an Nul driven by John k. Schipman of Ken Inre. Mrs. Smith is survived by her husband. Two children. Billy and Helen All of the Home and her Mother. Mrs. Julia Richardson. Zambone s meditations by Alley be was a Heap o drives dese pays my passes Council to study bids on City Hall City Council will meet in special session at 31 . Today to Exa mine bids on proposed alterations for City Hall. Members will meet again at 3 . Tomorrow to conduct a rezoning hearing for a portion of property in the Vicinity of the Seaboard Railroad. The City. He Felt tint the new plan of one set of books would eliminate that Cost. City attorney Wylie Ca id Well pointed to the statewide re Regis scheduled for 1958 and said that unless the City provide for five wards instead of the present four there would be increasing confusion at election time. On the suggestion of councilman e. E. Stone Caldwell was instructed to Start work immediately with delegation members to get City and county precinct lines to conform Wlton each other in other business Hunter motor co. Was accepted As Low bidder on a new automobile for uie police department. Caldwell reported he had gotten no response to a letter written to the Alma trailer co. Asking for a title to a portion of land that firm purchased along Highway 301 just outside the City or the the City had Given the company to help it make the Purchase. The City attorney said he Felt the matter should be placed in the hands of the chamber of com Merce inasmuch is the initial transaction was handled through that office and not directly bet Wren i City Council and Alma. Caldwell j was instructed to Check into Tho matter More fully and offer a later report. Stone Dargan and com Eileem feb. 27 set for meeting of precincts with the general Assembly toss ing fuel on the embers Littica fires in Florence blazed anew yesterday with Wylie , Secretary of the county democratic j party announcing that precinct Lings Are to be held feb. Sen. Symington warns of soviet air potential Washington feb. 15 a sen. Symington d to Lold the Senate today that we May now be looking Down the barrel of a possible intercontinental attack by new types of russian Long Range bombers. Symington former Secretary of the air Force said in a prepared speech that if it is True As report. De that the soviets have swept Wing Turbo prop bombers in squad Ron service in Northern Russia their atomic potential May be greater than ours. He asserted this country does not have a single modern Long Range bomber Wing in Symington noted that Secretary of defense Wilson had said last oct. 6 that it will take the rus sians three years to get e her the aircraft or a Dro Pable bomb to deliver a Hydrogen attack on the United Many people believe the soviets Are ahead of us in the develop ment of the Hydrogen Symington said. I do not know about hat but i do know that any statement made by the defense department to the effect it will take the russians at least three years to get the aircraft to deliver an attack on the United states was see Alsop column on Page 4.1 Dill onite elected Charlotte. N.c., feb. 15 Clifford h. Hardy of Dillon. S. A. Today was elected Secretary treasurer of the Carolinas winners Assn. Elected president was Frank m. Of St. Matthews . Ant sit around feel sorry father with but 6 months to live finds hew Joy in children Trees Omaha feb. 15 does Man think of when he gets the news that he has not much longer to live i thought first of my Sweet fun a then of the wonderful world around 45-year-old Arnold j. Howes of Omaha said today. Howes a slim dark haired me chanic Learned two weeks ago that death from cancer seems inevitable. I have six months maybe More maybe he said. But if you have tried to live right As i have there is no fear of it was a Shock at first All right. It was t a Shock that i was going to die As much As a Shock of Leav ing my he and his pretty blonde wife 31. Have two children Dennis a month old and David illness has plagued Howes since his marriage four years ago and has drained the family financially. After cancer struck Howes right lung was removed but the disease spread. Howes feared the worst so he asked his pastor the Hev. John w. Mcnally of St. Bridgets roman Catholic Church to query the Doc tors. I just did t have the heart to ask the doctors Howes said. But when father Mcnally told me i decided it Monk in t get me Down like he said. I can t sit around and feel sorry for myself. I m not whipped yet. Miracles have happened and maybe one will happen to Howes said his knowledge of impending death makes a person appreciate the wonders of i like to get outside and watch the children play the Trees Sway in the Breeze watch Young people return from school and ears go up and Down the Street. You realize that things we take for granted really Are pretty won automatic tax filing for workers studied Washington feb. 15 time May come soon when about 35 million wage will be relieved of thu chore of filing Federal income tax returns although the earners still will have to pay their taxes. A House appropriations Mittee disclosed today that t. Coleman Andrews commissioner of internal Revenue has reported plan considerable Progress in a under which no tax returns would be required from persons whose entire income is subject to payroll withholding for tax purposes. Andrews in testimony Given to behind closed ago and just he thinks the the subcommittee doors two weeks made Public said plan can be put into effect next year. Employers would then file single report covering both income taxes and social Security taxes the government would compute the tax and Send the taxpayer a Bill or a refund. Those who prefer to make out be Al Revenue spokesman said. He explained the plan was devised their own returns would still permitted to do so. An inter mainly for taxpayers whose taxi Are withheld and who use the Standard 10 per cent deduction for personal expenses taxes and contributions. An3p one who wanted to itemize his deductions would have to make out a return. Andrews Tolof the congressmen the plan would save 35 million Dol Lars a year in reduced paper work for the internal Revenue service i though it would add 10 million in costs us the social Security administration. It would leave Only about 20 Mil Ion of the nation s taxpayers still Iling Federal returns. Outlining other plans aimed at improving the tax collection machinery Andrews said he plans to double the present staff of 8.800 Revenue agents to Stern a grow no tide of tax evasion. He said that although most tax payers Are honest there Are Indica ions that something serious is happening to our voluntary com b Ance Ber mrs. Maye Stevenson were appointed jury commissioners to draw up a new venire for recorder court. F. R. Gadsden retired acl employee Dies Frank Hodgers Gadsden 73. Of 310 Cherokee fid., retired railway conductor died yesterday at a local Hospital following a lingering illness. Funeral services will be con ducted today at 11 a. M. From is. John s episcopal Church by the w. S. Poynor retired Rector of the Church. Burial will be at p. M. Today in the live Oak cemetery at Wai Tarboro. Serving As Active pallbearers will be h. W. Sharkey. H. Gas Kins c. M. Grace Julian b. Wes ton Alex Brunson. John a. Chase Jock Wright and Hugh l. Willcox. Or. A Gadsden was born in Char Leston a son of the late Edward Hamilton and Julia Webb Gadsden. He attended the John Gadsden school for Young men in Charles ton and came to Florence in 1013.1 third he worked for the Atlantic coast line Railroad co. Until january 1052, serving 50 years. He was a member of St. John s episcopal Church the men s club of the Church the order of rail Way conductors and the retired ac1. Men s club. Surviving Are his widow. Mrs. Eleanor Sanders Gadsden of Flor ence a Sisler miss Susie w. Gads Den of Charleston a brother Paul Hamilton Gadsden of Charleston. Enacted last week advances the Date of the democratic party primaries in South Carolina five weeks. As a result political machinery Musl be put into High gear at once if ail party obligations Are to be met. Purpose of the up cinch meetings is to thu club.-, and elect new officers As Well As an executive committeeman. Cal Dull last night asked that All present executive Bath Scafe sets depth record above is the French undersea Craft that yesterday went More than two Ond a half Miles Down into the Atlantic Ocean a wire photo new record set in depth plunge Paris. Feb. 15 French naval officers today dived farther beneath the Ocean s surface than Man has Ever probed before. They plunged their 35-ton Bath Scafe More than 2 i Miles into the at lactic off West Africa. It. Cmdr. Georges Hoot and committeemen inform him As soon Engineer Pierre Henri Willm made As possible when their precinct meetings will be held and where. , said he had used their second spectacular world record plunge in six months this time to a depth of 13.288 feet 160 Miles off Dakar in the South at lactic. They beat by feet More than half a mile the pre Cord set by Swiss prof. Piccard and his son. Not August last september in the division of the records of the 1952 elections in sending letters to executive Coin i Tlemcen with instructions. Ever he Felt if records May now be Complete. Delegates to the county enliven j tyrrhenian Ken lion to be held March 1. Arc to Mediterranean off Naples Italy be named at the precinct meetings. Precincts Are allowed one Delegate for each 25 Voles cast a Cordius to the election. Filing for county offices will open Al noon March 1 and close at noon March filing fees will be set at the county conversion. Filing for statewide congressional or District offices opens the Day after the stale convention and closes two weeks later. Dale of the state convention is to lie set by the slate democratic committee. Thu list i Himaka is Sci a. Uleta for june 8 with second and frenchmen spent six hours below the surface today. Hoot and Willm used one of pit card s old Baths cafes Given in the French by the belgian Navy. It performs something like a free balloon in the opposite direction. It operates from a Mother ship to which it is not attached navigating freely when submerged by using Small electric motors. Metal weights held to the Baths cafe s Hull by magnets take the strange vessel Down. When its navigators an ready to return to the surface they release the weights. Tons of gasoline in floats lighter if necessary Elk intervals. Meanwhile interest in Florence county political posts continued to mount yesterday. Shetley announced he would be a candidate for n House stint. Philip Finklea said he would be a candidate to succeed himself in the race. Previously. Is Lac sen. Clyde Graham and jul Ian Dusci Bury a present House member said they would be in the senatorial Nice. To i than Wati a then lift the Balys cafe a k up. Deep sea diving records which were Static for 15 years after american explorer William Beebe made his famous plunge of feet off Bermuda in skit. Have been toppled four times in the last five times in the last six months. American scientist Otis Banon us Iii he older Type of Bothy Mihare d e v c 1 o p e d he Noebe dropped acct below the sur face of the Pacific off Southern California aug. 17, Hoot and Willm beat this in a Bath Scafe dive of 5.082 feet in the Mediterranean off Toulon. France last aug. 12. But they were still Short of a mile. The Piccard chalked up their record of nearly two Miles in a Bath Seafe last sept. 30. They re ported the Ocean at that depth had a grave like Calm and stygian blackness broken Only by ghostly flickers of phosphorescence Sug Gesting unknown a cup sea forms of life. The Bath sphere got its name from its spherical shape. H was not free moving having been Low ered by Cable from a surface Craft. Hie Bath Scafe submerges Navi Gates below the surface and rises on its own. Airline girls hit ceiling at age limit new York Fob. 15 an airline wants Young attractive stewardesses with pleasant dispositions at what age does it draw the Lino american airlines draws the line re 32. From now on All its stewardesses will be Rolirod to jobs on the ground when they reach their 32nd birthdays. The minimum Attu limit is 21. The stewardesses even those whose 32nd birthdays Are a Long Way outraged. The air line stewards and stewardesses Assn., International fear ing the idea will spread to their airlines has taken the Case to arbitration and plans a publicity Campaign against calling 32-year Olds too the Union retorted that the com Pany is inferring that when a woman reaches the age of 32, she becomes unattractive querulous antisocial and commutes to Hor Job on a Ike going West Washington feb. 15 Iff resident today made lans for n five Day business pleas ure trip to Palm Springs. Calif., starting wednesday. The visit had eco widely rumoured for several Days. E Price lowering for housewives seen by april 1 Washington feb. 15 a the government to Lay announced a slash of about Eit Fht cents a Pound in ederal Price supports for but or which it expects will be passed on to the housewife some time after april 1. The action brought cries of pro est from some Dairy producers and some congressmen from pre dominantly milk producing states. They called the agriculture depart ment s move premature and discriminatory and estimated it would Cost Dairy Farmers As much As one illion dollars a year. In cutting Dairy Price supports o the Legal minimum starting april 1 from 90 to 7o per cent of parity the department aimed at reducing butter costs on Groc shelves and thereby stimulate 5airs and heading off an in crease in the already heavy sur plus of Dairy products no segment of. Agriculture or Industry could be expected to sit quietly in the face of such a said a statement by the National milk producers federation this is particularly True when the Dairy Farmers have apparently been singled out As the Only segment of agriculture to take such an official the federation said the support slash will drop milk producers Back into the depression Era prices and Cost them an estimated one billion dollars in the government s action will take the hide right off the Dairy said John j. Blaska director of Dairy and cooperative in Madison. Wis. Prof. Hugh Cook University of Wisconsin economist estimated the Cut would Cost Wisconsin milk producers alone two to three million dollars a year. Sen. Wiley a wis said he re Grets Secretary of agriculture Ben son s premature it is True that we have a serious problem of Dairy surplus on our Wiley said but he added the future of Many Dairy Farmers depends to a serious Exon adequate parity sup ports. It s a pity the agriculture department is so Barren of ideas it can t come up with something bet Ter than said sen. Humphrey he said the Cut will Cost Dairy Farmers goo million dollars a year at least Humphrey commented the agriculture department should have preserved the status quo in lil Congress acts on current Price support legislation. Support of Kimbel urged no Retreat seen in soviet demands Berlin feb. 15 v. M. Molotov tonight offered modifications of the soviet proposal for a european Security system. But he Clung to demands that uie european army must be banned. Germany neutralized and american troops sent Home. Molotov fought a four hour run Ning word Battle with the Western ministers at the Berlin big four conference in an Effort to sell his plan As securing Europe for tile France s Georges Bidault and Britain s Anthony Eden charged the soviet plan would outlaw the North Atlantic Alliance As a Kev Stone of Western defense. They Columbia feb. Is do a Leader of the South Carolina independents tonight urged . Sen. Olin d. Johnston in St i to support confirmation of William a. Kimbo of Murrells Inlet As pin Sidcot Eisen Hower s representative at a Forth coming meeting of the icon onus commission for Europe. Temporary slate Douglas Mckay of Lac Organ Ivalinn that is the outgrowth of the 1952 South carolinians for Eisenhower movement said he had heard Johnston May oppose Senate confirmation of Kimbel. Kimbel headed lie citizens for Eisenhower movement in this slate in 1032 and since has been Lio pub Ali in patronage officer for the National parly in South Carolina. Mckay snid to met with David Carroll of Bennettsville and Wil Liam Hodge of Sumter Active in the South Carolina independents and i. Cliff Harper Lender of the Highland Columbia county inde Pendents before sending his Mes Sage to Johnston. Mckay indicated further Active Ilies of the independents May be announced tomorrow or later this week. Mckay gave newsmen this copy of Liis message which he said to telegraphed o Johnston William a. Kimbel possesses Fine nullification for appointment representing the president at the meeting of the economic commis Sion for Europe. The Only ground for your opposition will he interpreted As based on he fact he was one of South carolinians who supported commie Maia Hans waiting West visitors Berlin feb. I a those pleasant English speaking girls in russian sector night clubs Are actually communist Mala Plaris search of information West Ber Lin police warned visitors to the big four foreign ministers con Ference tonight. Police said the band of female spies was recruited by the soviet zone police weeks before the Fig four met with just tills idea in mind. They were chosen for swivel hips and Jaunty airs first but those with knowledge of English and French also got priority. The girl spies Are paid an aver age of 20 to 30 Marks East a Day or rather a night for their work. Liis is about what a medium placed red Public official earns. The girls Are instructed to ret chummy with any Westerner who srams to want to. How far they go with tills is up to them so Long As some information is forthcoming. Said they would never agree to this. Molotov retorted the collective Security treaty is an alternative project against the Edc european defense the Edc is aimed at a rebirth of Ger Man it has been said the collective Security treaty is aimed against nato. Let s study this question let s find out where and How this treaty is directed against any other trying to pin Molotov Down. Bidault asked in t the treaty in compatible with nato what is your Molotov snapped i propose we Western officials viewed h s i a n minister s tactics aimed at dragging them into other Blind Alley debate for propaganda purposes. These officials made Clear they want no further. Futile argument on Germany and european ser Writy wherein Molotov has sought to Clinch soviet domination on uie european continent. The red red push repelled Saigon Indochina feb. 15 French forces beat off a Tierce two pronged Viet Munh attack eight Miles nor i of imperilled Luh Iii Pra Banc today. Military observers Siirid the red invasion Force Pear cd to be moving in for an As in not on the Royal laotian capital. The Union command said troops were rushed North from the ? Rabang Garrison to Block n Viet Munh battalion which slipped across the Mekong River find san Boxil it the French def Ness. The communique snid Iho were thrown Buck after fierce libel inf by losses on both sides

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