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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - February 14, 1954, Florence, South CarolinaThe weather increasing cloudiness warmer today. Mostly Cloudy scattered showers tonight and monday. High 62, Low 44. See Page 10-a. Published in the heart of the pee Dee farm area in the Palmetto state readers tip Ever hear of whisky dispenser or the riot they caused in Dar Lington for a peek at history set page4-b. Vol. 332 Florence s. C., sunday morning february 14, 1954 daily 6c sunday Loc weekly 35o Rome protest and Church suffers chisels of police Rome Fob. 13 police chiselled the name of the Church of Christ off its build ing in Rome today. A Church spokesman denounced the action As a violation of the Law of the state and said the protestant religious group would take the matter to court. It was the second crackdown in about 12 hours by italian authorities on the largely Texas financed Prou slant evangelical group which has been having trouble with the authorities in predominantly Catholic Italy for a Long time. Last night police forced italian worshippers from the Small rented Hall of the Church in the seaport City of leghorn. American Wor shippers refused to leave and continued the service. This morning police appeared with ladders at the three Story building owned by the Church in Rome and chiselled off the 10-Inch Stone letters clime a i they picked up an associated press photographer for snapping pictures of their activities but later released him. Liacomo Rose pipe Rome attorney who represents the Church said the police had violated the Law of the he said he would take action against the authorities responsible in the italian courts probably on monday. Rosapepe said that the . Embassy the italian foreign ministry and Rome s chief of police had tried to persuade Church authorities to remove the sign or replace it with a smaller one. All were told Rosapepe added that the Church was within its Legal rights in eroding the sign. Rosapepe said the Church had applied for per Mission in november to put up the sign and had received approval from Home City authorities on Jan. 13. Curiosity almost kills boy fireman Harry Lambert takes Bobby grumbles 12, under his Wing in Hollywood Hills after the boy had climbed a Cliff to watch firemen Rescue a fallen hiker. Bobby got stuck 300 feet up after trying to see what was going a wire Hato society Hill plays cops and robbers Money Gadget nets con Man Paragould ark., feb. 13 in four states Are looking for a con Man who swapped a Money making machine Worth about s5 for sheriff Chester Shirley said Woodrow Kelly 42, a Trammel Ville. Ark., grocer told of being victimized by the swindle in a Par Gould Motel yesterday. Kelly said the Man. About 35, entered his store about three weeks ago and demonstrated a machine that apparently changed is Bills into fives. He said the Man offered to return him s3 for every Dollar Kelly would put up. The grocer said the machine was demonstrated a second time to him and a Kennett mo., Man in Blyth Evoile ark., and that he and the Kennett Man offered to put up a total of for conversion. The Paragould meeting was arranged. Kelly reported that at Paragould he was told to dump his into a solution in n Bathtub. After the Money had soaked he continued the Man appeared to put the Money into the machine and then went out to his car on the pre text of getting some More equip ment. He did t return. Less than was found in the machine. Kelly said the Kennett Man. Name was not disclosed told him he was willing to lose his si.000 in order not to appear fool ish by going to the police. Sheriff Shirley said it had not been determined whether the Ken Nett Man lest any Money. Society Hill feb. 13 this quiet Community boomed to life today with a dramatic cops and robbers shooting that resulted in the wounding o at least one per son and possibly a second. Involved were two men Brand Ishing pistols and a dozen officers armed with shotguns. One of the men escaped. A Sec Ond Charlie Goodson 39, of Harts Ville suffered Shotgun wounds and gave up. He was whisked to Saul Ders memorial Hospital Florence and put under armed guard. Sheriff Johnny Stokes said Good son will by charged As soon As he can Iron out specific charges with solicitor Robert l. Kilgo. Another person Robert t. King Auto Driver has been placed in Dar Lington county jail pending formal charges of attempted burglary. Sheriff Stokes said he had been tipped off a month ago about robbery attempt Here. He said he previously had Laid out a trap but the robbers never came. Today they did. And the Sherif. And his staff aided by us South Carolina Law enforce mini ready. At 3 . Stokes and sled assistant chief j. P. Strom deployed men around the mansion of mrs a. M. Coker. They stayed at tin Back of the House and guided operations by radio. Stokes said two of the men go out of the car and knocked at the front door of the mansion. Gottini response they went to a smaller House in the rear. They got response there either. Then he said they returned t lie front door of the big House an went inside. The shooting broke of a Short while later when the Pai attempted to come out. Stokes said the two had wit them , chisels a Cro bar had bandanas in their pocket and wore gloves. Baby Racket busters grab second lawyer Montreal. Feb. 13 Sec i of the new York police department Ond lawyer was arrested today in connection with what police de scribe As a Multi million Dollar International Racket in babies. Louis Glazer 51, was the fourth person taken into custody since the Case broke yesterday. He was released on bail of s9ao and will face five charges at a preliminary hearing next Friday. Two women one reported to be a maternity Home operator and the other a Recruiter of unwed Moth is. Were arrested first. Police said the women were arrested at the maternity Home where detective Therese Bogata it finally happened Tacoma was. Feb. 13 Ever wonder when this would actually happen a woman customer walked into an orthopaedic Guild rummage Sale Here yesterday. She put Down her hat for a moment. It was sold by mrs. V. Mona Han for 50 cents. Austria becomes key to big 4 discussions Ike pots Birds atom sought for Industry Thomasville ga., feb. 13 us Eisenhower will ask Congress next week to give Amer can private Industry permission develop atomic Energy for a Coful purposes and authorize United Exchange of atomic information with u. S. Allies. Plans for the president s special to the lawmakers were announced Here today As he in oyed a weekend vacation of Quail Uin Iii at the Plantation estate of Secretary of the Treasury hum Uhrey. James c. Hagerty White House press Secretary told newsmen about Eisenhower s plans for a special message to Congress on Tomic Energy. The Day it will go .0 the Capitol next week has not Jeen fixed. Hagerty said the message will be in two sections. One he added will outline Sug sted legislation designed to Congress to share any information on How to weapons. Hagerty said today that the president s special message next week will not touch on his dec. 8 United nations proposal calling on Russia to join in creation of an International atomic Pool for peaceful purposes. Courage peacetime use of atomic paper discloses plot to murder soviet s Molotov 3 weeks of toil produce nothing Berlin feb. 13 a served notice tonight its Price for withdrawal of red troops from Austria is abandonment of the american backed european defense system. Soviet foreign minister curtain from the danubian re pub. Lied Security sources in Berlin As disclosing a plot to assassinate soviet foreign minister v. M. Molotov last thursday night in that City. The newspaper s Story said the assassination was to have taken place during a dinner and recep lie. Despite renewed appeals from the three Western Powers and Leo Pold Figl the austrian foreign tavern keeper found killed by a staff correspondent Darlington feb. 13 a Megro tavern operator was found dead in the Back seat of his Auto Mobile near Here last night. Sheriff Johnny Stokes said tha lenient Hines of Darlington about 40, was shot three times with a .22 Caliper weapon and was Lef in the Back seat of his old Mode Stokes said mines body was 1 ment but decided instead to double Tion in Molotov s Honor in the american sector of Berlin. A dispatch to the news from staff correspondent Floyd Barger in Berlin said in part the russians alerted Western Security chiefs after Molotov received two threatening letters wednesday and thursday. Then on thursday British Security police tapped a Telephone Call from a West Berlin hotel to new York and confirmed that the plot definitely was not a Mere Crackpot threat a highly placed u. S. Official said. This source said Allied officials considered calling off Hie recep Tion for Molotov at the last to reported she purchased a baby the baby now is being cared Foi by provincial authorities. Names o the women were not released. Glazer is alleged to have been on the premises of the maternity Home at the time of the Purchase he pleaded innocent to two counts of conspiracy in connection will birth two counts o falsification and forgery and one count of uttering. Earlier Herman duller 38. Also a Montreal lawyer was arrested j at nearby Dorval Airport As he. His a life and her parents prepared to Board a plane for Israel. Buller was charged with falsify ing entries in a birth certificate with an indictable offence he pleaded not guilty and was re leased on s2.000 bail for preliminary hearing next Friday. Sgt. Hilda Beau nge of the Treal police department assisted the woman detective from new York in her preparations for the alleged baby Purchase a police spokesman said. The negotiations had taken some Days. Energy in this country by private under the Law at present the government has a monopoly on atomic Power production. The present monopoly Means Only the agents it possess or work with the fissionable materials which produce atomic Power and weapons. There was no information immediately available on just How free a hand Eisenhower believes private Enterprise should be Given in peaceful use of such materials. The other Section of the Eisen Hower message will Call for legislative action on proposals he has made in the past that the govern ment be authorized to Exchange tactical information about atomic weapons with America s allies. That information would Deal with the effects of such weapons As observed in tests conducted by the United states. The Law now prohibits the sharing of such data. For one thing the change in the Law the president wants would ivc the North Atlantic treaty countries of Europe information about the use u. S. Atomic weapons available for defense against imy soviet attack. Eisenhower has stated publicly that he has no intention of asking found eight Miles from Darlington off the Timmon Shiue Highway. Two persons have been picked up for questioning in connection with the killing. Their already heavy Security pre cautions. Throughout the affair More than 30 armed agents kept a Cioc guard on the soviet spokesman. Colombia eyes reds for Gold Ike s farm Price program to be launched in Senate Washington feb. 13 essentially would give what the Aiken Senate agriculture president requested. Committee chairman said today Aiken said he believes the and Medellin Colombia feb. Right Wing newspaper co i ministration s Bill. He plans to Start the Eisenhower administration s flexible farm Price support program on its Way through the Senate next week. The administration seeks to get away from the existing policy of. Rigid High level supports for Basic farm crops which president Eisenhower says is hurtful to those whom the jaws Are intended to Aiken said his committee staff working with officials of the Agri culture department is putting Fin Shing touches on the administration Bill and he will introduce it in he Senate this week. He declined to spell out its details Eisenhower has outlined his wishes in Only Broad terms. Aiken said that after the Meas ure is introduced he will move fast o Start Public hearings on it per haps a week from monday but certainly in the week of feb. 22." Aiken said he will Call Secretary of agriculture Benson As the first witness in two Days of Section by Scalion Public analysis of the and grow. Aiken said he once had hoped to Complete the hearings mid have minister. Molotov cited to the foreign min ister s conference Here the buildup of american and Western strength generally in Europe As the reason for his demand thai Austria even if granted must be garrisoned by the soviet army until the German peace treaty is signed. He added that it would facilitate matters in eventually freeing aus Tria if the thu be Western Powers United states France and Britain were to reject their plans regarding the setting up of the european defense Community and a resurgence of German Mili the East West deadlock Over Austria remained unaltered despite More than four hours argument. It followed a private talk Between Molotov and u. S. Sec scary of state Dulles this afternoon in which they failed to Nail Down procedure for an International conference on the peaceful pooling of atomic Energy. In three weeks the big four Parley has failed to make Concrete Progress on any major Many Austria relaxation of inter National tensions and peace in Asia s wars. Afler his inconclusive atomic discussion with Molotov the Sec Ond and last to be held in Berlin Dulles led a Western Maneu Vei designed to get the russian s approval to Early austrian Independence or to Shelve the topic american be Settle at itch articles which had held up the austrian pact for five years. French foreign minister Bidault stalled Molotov by announcing he Craty being concluded now in Berlin. Obviously fearing being cornered Mogolov beat a diplomatic Retreat covering it with a protest about procedure. Dulles himself gave specific american acceptance Only to the first disputed article no. 16, on displaced persons. The soviet amendment to it would require Austria to deny Relief to Mcm Ders of organizations and groups which encourage displaced per sons not to return to their coun tries of when Dulles tried to go on then to article no. 27, dealing with Austria s cooperation in prevent ing German rearmament Molotov hotly demanded that the articles be discussed not numerically but in order of this was a bid to swing the de Bate to his new proposals of yesterday for indefinite Garriso Ning of Austria and for Banning Trieste As a Western military base before there is an austrian treaty. The farm Price support Bill ready j would accept All the old soviet for Senate action by april 1. He said that now looks like an impossible target Date but i think Well have it ready some time in amendments to these articles. British foreign Secretary Eden announced his agreement to the Peanut radio joins police Atlantic City n.j., feb. 13 w a pounding his beat in Atlantic City no longer has to Slop at a Call Box and Check with Headquarters he s now got a midget radio concealed in the Peak of his Cap. The tiny receiver is the size of a puck of cigarettes and weighs less than five ounces including Bat Terlet. An Aerial about As Long As a Billy club Sticks up from the front of his Cap. With his radio hat on his head the local policeman looks a Little like a fugitive from a television patrol. The policeman can receive or Ders on the radio but he can t talk ack to Headquarters. He has no transmitter. The sets were built by Lawrence i. Smith police department radio technician. He says they have a 20 soviet amendments Loo but made mile radius and work Well inside this conditional on the austrian steel and Concrete buildings. Women s prison Sterling example of Superior penal system work editor s note this is the Sec Ond in a series of articles on the its Lombrano today published a that Colombia will sell her Coffee to Russia if the United states the senator said he believes it will take not More than four weeks of Public hearings to give the com hangs the Coffee producing All the evidence it needs if the United states undertakes a co fee the newspaper said the producing countries need not worry because Russia is re nov for its final drafting of the Meas ure. He said some modifications perhaps some compromises May tentative approval on that request. Conspicuous by its absence from that list is any recommendation for the woman s prison just North of the Broad River farm. In truth it would appear at the present at least that the prison is All that could be asked and More. A a i Lelson official who report to gov. Byrnes recently he had t visited the women s Section included a list of additions and re-1 for some time recently made a South Carolina Penitentiary assets and its by Bob Weirich morning news City editor i Columbia. Feb. 13 when col. W. M. Manning superintendent of the state Penitentiary made his out of the prison. Political Patron age where the Penitentiary is concerned is Over. Our legislators rec ogni7e that fact. We Are never asked to use our influence to place a Man in a Job Here As a political Manning enlarges on that theme. Not since the prison Board placed me in this Job have 1 been pairs he Felt was urgently needed i tour of it. At the end of More asked to give a Man a Job when he estimated the Cost of those than in hour of quiet position becomes vacant All changes would be about one a to buy it and pay for it in enter the final draft. But he pre one half million dollars. The Gei dieted that in final form the Bill eral Assembly has stamped Friendly gestures furious salvos Dot political War Liv Douglas b. Cornell Washington feb. 13 publicans brought Lincoln Day oratory tonight to a Climax that mingled Friendly gestures toward moderate dem cats with another furious fusillade of charges that counter blast that republicans sen inn wind of California the Are trying to cover up disunity and democrats i Republican Leader of the Senate j an inability to get things done. The opposition party coddled and treason munits. Here and there Knowland seeks end to capital bickering St. 1.0u1s, feb. 13 observation thai it was not unusual know land a Calif said today the Fate of the nation depends Oil the for a person like Harry Dexter White to be fired by being allowed communist willingness of members of con to resign. Atty. Gen. has press in View and act upon import tabbed White ant legislation As americans Rath spy. Or than narrow in the midst of a drum fire of political fighting Between the major parties the Senate s Kupu Alienn paid tribute to the Moder ate democrats he said had joined Wilh the republicans in support of foreign and Domestic policies is act in to the nation. Despite this plea for moderation knowl Antl look occasion to Creti cow president Truman s Knowland said thai he had never heard where an embezzler was allowed to resign and then the head of the company a riling him a letter commended his in eerily and great financial Truman wrote a letter of com defense and f of our told a news Confer i wednesday any statements but House speaker Martin Nii uding to All democrats As Trai mass called a ism the gop to unique and Polilli swoop for All Lime the tide food Josh. He said he would of waste bankrupt spending and communist coddling dial us to he i de of counsel administration officials against extreme partisanship and would expect the re publican a is to me cose 01 would expect the he publican and Wendell b. Barnes head of commit Lee chairman. Leon he Federal Small business and w ohm that Ndvich. The. Ministration wrapped together in one speech All the Republican no Cusa Linns that have inn hiking democratic tempers to the boiling in his prepared text. Brnes spoke ton of comm Nuisl Sixl dig .1 .1 a. Gloom and now arc Ped doom people win doing a fear and scare playing politics with human misery and the safely of the Medalion for while when he trans free world he said they arc cry feared from the Treasury to the monetary Kund. Kim land also Toni shots lit pre Vious demoed stir admin Stalions on the Issue of Chinn policy. Ing All Over the place and in Riali a ii i in needed legislation if the president do in l Hall his from sen Holland a Fla came but it was Barnes sworn in Only yesterday As a member of the and minis Lvalion family who swung the hardest punches at the democrats. Above the noise of the political bombing Rose the soothing voice of sen. George saying Here in Washington thai the Only people who Are disturbed by what a politician says arc other George told a reporter he did t think Uherc would be much lasting effect from All the charges Ami counter charges because this is a political year and you be got to i expect things like and he turned to mrs. .1. S. Wilson j applicants Are considered alike and a head Matron and asked is there solely on the basis of their qualify its anyway 1 can make a reservation cations not who they Here it s just like a hotel personnel choices apparently i at first glance woman s prison j Lave Boon governed by qua Ifica does look like a hotel. Tiou alone. The rambling Brick Structure walk with any of the Many with its simple landscaping and guards in the Yard of the main gardens presents the picture of a Penitentiary. Stroll Down the Corri i count v Retreat. I Dors at the women s prison. In i sect facilities at the Broad Kiver but Allan Nib does not be company of the super in coding prisoners. The f men who work under him As Well As the prisoners apparently respect the Sulle Ness usually associated him for his methods. He is kind j Wilh prisoners is absent in their and but strict. And greetings. They Are not cocky nor i has one firm Rule no partial do they appear afraid. Ltd they Greet officials by their m. Kolchin. Penitentiary Busi-1 titles and the greeting is filled with Ness manager summed up the respect. As a matter of fact it Pic lure Whin i said i appears at times the voices Are could i ii. Tiu top floor of touched with reverence. Hist hotel in own and put our prison guards we Nee Doo the state s d have no1 "i.-m-. O prisoners Are on i Well fed and Well kept. Modern re habitation methods make we try to aset up but i never u they an in prison being punished for have Conini Iki a took of tin worn Liki Ilia of the Culm .1 crime the penitent Inry Are in Idem lung the efforts of col. Mann ing. That Cellblock was erected in Orget Lih nil Enli i in Little different. Ci-1. Manning has to change thai condition before it s too n s prison. Nil ciliary like Hal of the Culm i i germans seaborne with liner sailing signs of the times miss Joan Martin holds her cars at the intersection of Burr and Winter streets where the temperature plunged to 13 below Zero at Brewer Maine. Neighbouring new Hampshire s mount washing ton reported 39 below at its Summit. A wire Hato Pelitira corruption the is Bright and airy the physical of prison Pali pics by col. Manning. It was under tin a Minimi action of gov. Iia Siminic Williams that the a Arlod. Prior to that time jobs in the prison system wire parcelled p favors. I. Chandler of Florence. Sci brr of the Ifni Longiary of dim tors puts in simple gov. Williams took the politics new York feb. 13 i the liner i steamed into new York Harbor today to signal the it turn of Germany it Lite trans Atlantic passenger service after an absence of 15 years. It was the first time a Clirman liner had been is in Here since the departure of tin Bremen on aug. Ill Iii Iio. One by Fon the outset of world War ii

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