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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - February 1, 1954, Florence, South CarolinaPage 4 never mind what s on my mind the Florence morning news Florence 8. C. George Sokolsky local Effort heeded to get Good roads monday morning february 1, 1954 Drew Pearson honorable discharges needed the resignation last week of a state department Security agent who declared his Ogency was riddled with fear and intimidation Points up the great rat race going on in the name of cleansing the Federal government of loyalty risks. The unsuspecting Point out that one who has nothing to fear in his personal record has nothing to fear from the clean up Campaign so assiduously pursued and broadcast by the administration. Such however is not the Case. Recently on this Page the Alsop Brothers badly stated that of the two thou Sand employees the administration boasts of having turned out As suspect there was not a single one who was found guilty of subversive action or even intent. Briefly the Al sops said the entire program was dishonest. South Carolina senator Johnston Hai demanded on the Senate floor that attorney general Brownell resign. The senator lays if two thousand two Hundred govern ment employees have been fired As loyalty suspects they should have been prosecuted. Of course they should be prosecuted. But they will not be indicted we feel sure because they were bounced from Federal employment without basis for subversive Ness. The Republican administration has done itself and the american Public an injustice in allowing the great communist Hunt to prey on the innocent. Behind this is the fact that the administration wanted to take away from senator Mccarthy the head lines and subsequent Power they generated for him involved in the crusade against communists in government. Partisan politics being what it is the change in administrations was expected to result in numerous discharges of workers. But to fire Federal employees under the Guise of ridding the government of subversives is As outrageously dishonest a method As the lowest Type spoils Man could scheme into be ing. President Eisenhower a personally Hon est Man had Good reason then last week to accept seriously a suggestion that employees leaving government employ in Good standing be Given some sort of a Honor Able until attorney general Brownell comes up with indictments of the two thousand plus loyalty suspects discharged the fair minded citizen can but assume that poli tical spoils has reached a new Low defamation of character along with the Pink slip. The decay of a civilization is always marked by a deterioration of the Means of communications. In older countries these Means were limited to two land roads and Waterways. The roman Empire for instance was knit together by a system of roads remnants of which still stand the great Brit ish Empire was held together by control of the seas a control now lost and perhaps no longer Neces sary. The United states from earliest times was Road conscious and As the population moved Westward the roads and trails were expanded. River traffic played an enormous role in this expansion and at one time numerous canals were built. The dramatic development of the american Railroad filled earlier generations with Pride of accomplishment. The Good roads movement followed the popularization of the automobile which required sur faced roads for greater efficiency. In this movement counties states and the Federal government played the important role. It could by said it one time that the United states possessed the Best Road system in the world. Today that Road system is Dis integrating. Many factors enter in to this condition wars the Large numbers of cars the enormous size and weight of trailer trucks bottlenecks that were not forseen bad planning wasteful covering of ancient roads without adequate engineering corruption Etc. Etc. It is estimated that it will Cost billion to modernize the entire Federal Road system which is beyond the National capability while we Are expending our wealth on past and future wars. Now along comes a very Wise Man. P. W. Litchfield chair Man of the Board of the Goodyear tire and rubber co. Who knows More about roads automobiles and rubber than any Man i know. He says a e need to organize at the local level. Let s go after an adequate cure for the bottlenecks we know about through out own personal observation. Let s concentrate our efforts on getting roads built and Bridges and streets widened in our own neighbourhoods in our own cities in our own Many of our great efforts need decentralization. Our people have become so accustomed to expecting the Federal government to do every thing on a vast scale involving billions of expenditures that we Highway safety conference it required fifty years for the United states to reach its Millionth traffic fatality but at the present rate the second Millionth death in traffic will be recorded in 1976. That is just half As Long a time for another million. That is the reason the president has called a conference on Highway safety next month in Washington. Governor Byrnes along with governors of the other forty seven states has been urged by or. Eisenhower to attend. It is hoped that the governor will find it Possi ble to attend for South Carolina stands High on the list of states having excessive traffic tolls. Behind the Call for the february con Ference is the knowledge among traffic safety experts that the question is not what to do. The knowledge of How to Cut the trotnic toll hos been Blu printed for years. There Are additions from time to time to be sure but the master plan is available and has been. The tragic fact behind the climbing toll in the United states is Thot each Driver and each pedestrian is concerned in it but few actively seek to prevent the climb. It is a National problem and it is a local problem. In Florence we Ore engaged now in a safety Campaign that emphasizes the problem. Approximately three thousand five Hundred Drivers registered in the i think i can safety contest. Already some registrations have been pulled from the files because of traffic regulation violations. There will be Many More disqualified before the june ending of the contest. There arc several Hundred others Thot should be disqualified for violation of traffic safety regulations but most of them will escape detection. The first Washington Highway Ference in 1946 dealt with the peril rated by thirty six million vehicles. The Hazard is contributed to by More fifty million vehicles. Nationwide the problem is terrific con Gen now than but it starts at the level of the smallest Community. Traffic safety must be recognized As a local problem and dealt with accordingly. Gossip column for the Benefit of the Roosevelt haters and the Idle gossips without political motivations we will Endeavor to set the record straight on the marital record of the fam ily

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