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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 29, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaSunday morning december 29, 1957 the Florence morning news c. Page 7-b Sahara adventure John Wayne and Sophie Loren watch apprehensively the approach of some Taures in the Sahara desert in a scene from legend of the begin Ning wednesday at the Carolina. This week theater Calendar sunday a Bow Florence Channel 8 seven Lively arts name that Tunt top inn of Jack Beany a Eum Van or utile Merrt Alfred Hitchcock Pat Boone show your hit Parade sunday Newa let i take trip the Christophers picture sunday matinee Newa of 57 Yean of crisis wuss Charleston Channel 2 Baptist Church mov Letle Steve Allen this if answer Digun theatre Dinah Shore old country Church Suea fool Lorelta mint Oral Oberli Fea Price pro football tic tac due ii Newa a Btu Charlotte Channel 3 Church in Home our or. Sun Bunny up live bib news 57 in Una Elvin 11-00 this la life years of crisis electric theatre camera Thiee grand Ole opry Hitchcock presents let s take trip . To Beaver Challenge wild Bui Hickock Sherlf of Cochise what s my line Tea 20th Century 7-00 father knows Best sunday news Spetla late Carolina Sun Mon tues. Kiss them for me in cinemascope and color with Gary Grant Jayne Mansfield and Suzy Parker. New year s eve late show tues. Jamboree starring key Mcd Ford fats Domino count Bassie and orchestra and Many More. Cd thurs Fri Sal. Legend of the lost in technicolor with John Wayne sop Hia Lorean and Sessano Brazzi. Colonial Sun Mon tues. The tin Star with Henry Fonda and Anthony Perkins. Cd thurs Fri Walt Disney s True life fan Tasy in technicolor Perri. Sat tall in the Saddle with John Wayne and Ella Raines. A re release. Circle drive in Sun Man tues wed. Rock pretty baby and shake rate and Rock Ilo Uble Rock and Roll show. Thurs Fri. The View from Pompey s head with Richard Egan and Dorothy Patrick in color also Between heaven and hell with Robert Wagner and Terry Moore. Sat. Stranger on horseback with Joel Mccrea and How to be very very popular with Betty Grable and Robert cumm Ings. Dual i drive in Mon tues. For whom the Bell tolls Gary Cooper Ingrid Bergum a rerelease. Wed thurs gunfight at . Corral with Hurt Lancaster Kirk Doug Las. Fri sat. Csc Charleston Channel s Christian science this is life a sub Van lamp unto my feet South Carolina 57 news 57 years of crisis seven Lively Arta Lase Disneyland Bachelor father Luok up and live u. N. In action camera three let s take trip wild Bui Hickock face the nation theatre o Henry playhouse 164.000 Challens what s my Una lbs news Western Movi. Sign off Mfd Wilmington Channel 6 the Christophers years review Steve Allen 12-30 this is the life newsreel Dinah Shore Oral Roberts red Skelton Loretta Young 1-30 Industry on Parade Navy lok Academy theatre 1-45 pro football Ted Mack Ted Mack hit record bit record wis Columbia Channel 10 Church in the Home Jane Wyman Sally know your Bible Steve Allen on but Dinah Shore Palmetto profiles Loretta Young week s news review Telephone time Faith for today this 1s the life this is the answer Industry on Parade or. Wizard frontiers of Faith Lawrence Welk news Ilrine serenade spirituals Newt message of Israel voice of prophecy news music for sunday Church ser Leei music for you Nevva weather Bureau music for you Haven rest quartet Abc news music for you silent service Disney land Wjmx-970 news speaking of sports Sammy Kaye revival hour Bible class week in . Men s hour Abc news speaking of sports John Edwards Oral Roberts Herald of truth hour of decision moment in music monday headlines sunday s news heart of the City overseas assignment unshackled news Sporta music we my Al Johnson Paul Harvey it s your business ave Maria hour Edwin Canhan serenade in blut revival time Abc news moods in Melody Abc news Muhle borrow show the the Maverick Queen. A curse of Frankenstein and x. The unknown. Bara Stanwyck also Beau James Bob Hope. Marlon Brando pays for privacy in life o Neill Wolfe dominate stage by William i pigs arrived in the autumn new York dec. M us the stars who jumped to stage from curtain rings Down on Broadway 1957. A theatrical year of triumphs tantrums stills and tears. These were Hie spots comedy was the dominant show mood Hilt a Stark tragedy by one deceased author swept seasonal prizes and sober drama based on another late writer s work loomed As the next Likely Cham movies clubs and networks had varying Luck. Pat o Brien Gene Rej mond Eartha Kitt Anne Bax Ter Chester Morris and Ann Todd found the boards full of splinters but Teresa Wright Wayne mor Ris Art Carney and Lena Home had successes. The year rang with romantic changes too. Nix Harrison wed Kay Kendall after divorce from Pion. They were respectively Eulilli Palmer who also Remar gone o Neill s Long Day s Jour a composer Frank Losser no a into and Thomas and his wife separated. Shelley Wolfe s look homeward an the musical Slage. Broadway s special Pride stumbled with five j Liz Taylor fast flops and Only four Clicks but my fair lady stayed solidly on top. Winters married Anthony Franciosa. Henry Fonda took his fourth Bride Mike Todd married Noel Coward returned beaming after a 25-year acting absence. And Paul Muni wound up the most the prices people paid scalpers run of his career in to see it and other smash the abetted rising backstage costs in j there were squabbles Gak keeping regular Box office prices actors equity tussle a Success going up. Off Broadway groups also Felt the fiscal Factor but continued to expand activities. Year s end 17 of 1957 s fully to prevent importation of Edward Mulhare to replace har Rison in my fair later the Union found itself in the Broadway offerings were St ill stage spot of apologizing to Ethel around. The tally of hits and misses poin cd two principal fac tors the Public is still frequently ignoring the critics and the mag Merman for Sharp things another performer said about her in Happy miss Merman herself berated net ism of such stars As Helen first night audiences haves Rosalind Russell. Noel Coward. In a Home is the great est lure of All. The plays of such giants As Shakespeare Ibsen Chekhov and Shaw were in Complete Broad and Kim Stanley Lave led new shafts at press critics. Playwright Meyer Levin engaged in two court arguments Vith producers challenging changes Wroght in his compulsion script by James Bacon Hollywood. Dec. 28 if Marlon Brando s privacy has a multimillion Dollar Price tag on it. Brando won t discuss his private life with even his closest friends let alone the press. Recently he asked the advice 01 a Veteran publicity Man. How asked Brando. The South seems to be the at Liioi Tiofil me new romantic duo 1-Erri and Porro discover each other in a tender scene from Walt Disney s new picture another fantasy based on the novel by Felix Salten. Ocean going vessels can go into he port of Baltimore because of suspension Span in the Center of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge lifts l 198 feet above the ship Channel. Mansfield trademark Jayne Mansfield and Cory Grant share Billing in the comedy kiss them for me which starts today at the Carolina. Visit to the dentist Gobel s chair chatter convulsed Doc Leagle by George Gobel it s funny How things happen to you when you least expect them. Like the other Day Alice and i were just sitting around the House. The girl whose hand seat of most prejudice in look in marriage not realizing country he explained. I thought Lluc rest of her came with the Deal maybe if i could play this role we were just sitting a southerner then maybe some of 11 was trimming my Ballet slippers the people Down there could see themselves in a similar situation Hollywood in producer would you Jay it will Cost me to Joseph Kaufman now in London maintain this attitude on pro for a film a postcard each with sequins and she was spot welding a reinforcement Bone into her Girdle. Anyway All of a Sud Den she looks up and says. The publicity Man made a Hasty estimate that Over a 20-year Span George have Vou checked your Teeth and i said no. Week stating simply Yankees go but there Are no International be checked my hat and coat but usually keep my Teeth in my Usu urdu Lillou Vuci Al Azcui t j to j it might Cost five or ten millions evolved the cards in decreased grosses on Marlon s i own pictures. It s Worth it calmly replied the actor. The right to his private life is a matter of principle with Marlon. Doctors lawyers and other professional men command a re Spect for their right of says Marlon. Why not As he expounded his views an associate started to read him what i a columnist wrote panning mar from his wife Doris stayed in California while her husband worked overseas. Well this went Over like a Cement Duck and she really lit into me. She said George i m j serious. You re going to the dentist Hollywood Iff Coogan after 40 years in the Busi Ness has made a Happy discovery. Let actors like Cary Grant and Errol Flynn look to their Waist lines. I Don t bother. I m Iso pounds and could t be busier in Jackie i the first thing in the Lon s desire for. Privacy. Don t even read to interrupted Mario Way blackout but the writings of Aiko Sung the diary of Anne Oiler masters like Dylan Thomas Frank company his play Carson Mccullers Aldous Huxley j version was ignored. William Inge Sean o Casey and three other authors William Saroyan came by with tried Don t want to hear it. 1 never read any of that he said that he Seldom reads anything written about him. A re Porter then said then you Don t know whether you re a Good actor or Marlon smiled no i Don it used to bother me if some ont criticized Mere added but analysis cured me of the cure he explained is Sim ple. Just Don t read anything about yourself. That s Why this town is filled with said Marlon. Someone reads something about himself in a gossip column and then starts off to work with a Hatchet in his Marlon also explained something else controversial his Southern accent in some critics have argued that it detracted from what is one of his Best performances. I Felt that i could Advance the to i cause of brotherhood a Little he and television if i tried. Worry. I m not a kid actor any More he added patting his Tummy. I m and 1 said i m not going to the she said you Are go ing to the and Well the next tiling i knew 1 was sitting in the dental chair with a heart panic and a Mouth full of lingers. And Don t get the idea thai 1 was afraid cause there s no reason to be afraid of dentist. Your dentist is your Friend. A character actor and it s taken Joje a not your Best Friend. He s me 40 years to discover the Jackie is now 43. Hollywood Kaye. Just Back from a French location Lor me and the reports he had a Baba Aazaad time with some unfriendly sheep. In trying to escape capture by pursuing soldiers. Kaye was sup posed to mingle with a flock of sheep for a camera closeup. The sheep suspicious of Kaye. Kept backing out of camera Range. Jacques Appel the Farmer who supplied the sheep solved the Kinky problem. He exchanged clothes with Kaye. The sheep smelling their master s clothes gave the camera no More Trou ble. Kaye has a different explanation to was wearing a Wool outfit and Appel a Cotton one. I think the sheep smelled a deceased rela live on varying there Are about eight million take their names from the debacle said seriously. Sayonara is the people living on Long Island across that was the Genius and the j Jove Story of an air Force Jet Ace i the East River from Manhattan i Island. You d Calt him a mortal enemy is what he is. But this does t apply to my dentist. He s been in the Gobel family Mouth for years. Old Dot Klugle. To look at him you prob ably would t have much Confidence in him cause his hands shake and he does t Sefe too Good. Matter of fact if he finds your Mouth it s just Plain dumb Luck. When he says open you better open or he s liable to come in right through your ear. But you just can t help Admire old Doc Leagle. He does t believe in All this newfangled stuff. He answers his own phone keeps his own files cleans his own instruments and i Tell you Sloppie office you never did see. And old Doc has a real quaint Way of putting things. Like on this particular Day he s looking in my and i said Well i got a couple of bicuspid that Haven t won any Seii Uty contests Well this got Doc Chucklin and Lau Hinand the next thing 1 knew he dropped his Little Mirror Down my Throat. But he finally got Down to work and while i was sitting there 1 got to thinking. The trouble with most people is that they refuse to recognize the fact that they have a dental problem.1 like this one fellow i know named Toothy gala Han. Of he had the same number of Teeth that everyone they were All uppers. And his favorite dish was Corn on the cob but do you think anyone could Tel him he had a dental problem no on your lower plate wobble. By we finally talked him into going to see Doc Leagle and the pro Lem was solved. Doc did t Pul out his uppers he just put in two sets of Lowers. This left Calahan with sixty four Teeth. Sixty foil Teeth when he smiled it took up half the room. But what i m getting at is Thi neglect your Teeth. And the next time you re sitting ther in the dental chair just relax Ana Don t worry if you bile your Den list when his Bill comes hell pulling the bite on you. So Long neighbors. Mouth you be and says. Gobel. Of an ugly molar teen age problems Sal Mineo stars in a new film crime in the which shares the billboard with Calypso heat at the Palmetto drive in tonight. Edgar Allan Poe is buried in Baltimore where he died at the age of 40. His grave is marked by a Monument built by Baltimore school children. Truman ends Yule visit to grandson new York dec. 28 Mer president Truman left for Home today after a Christmas visit with his daughter son in Law and grandson. I never had a Butler time visit ing new he commented As he boarded a train with mrs. Truman. The grandchild Clifton Truman Daniel was born last june to his daughter Margaret wife of Clif Lon Daniel new York newspaper Man. Jap population jumps Tokyo. Dec. 28 we the statistics Bureau reports Japan s population is now More than 91 million. At the end of world War ii it was 72.100.000. The i was a Hatch of dramas i a Trio of directors quit j and a japanese girl rom writers hitherto Active in a Huff during tryout j in television and the arc was Copi Tours. A dispute with stagehands helped abrupt shuttering of waiting for i Ous transfusion of new directorial blood from the same source. Some of the year s Best offer ring out the old sing in the new year at our gala new year s eve late show tuesday dec. 31st p. M. Are in it make your Date now Nave a of fun , dec. 29 30 31 also return of Jack Slade starts tonight 2 hits both 1st outdoor showings How can you Tell them to be the girls like them better when they re bad with Sal Mineo today s hottest teenager 2nd hit 1st. Outdoor run1 will Calypso beat Rock n Roll see Calypso heat wave and color cartoon the Pat Boone Chevy showroom tonight s guests the Texas boys choir Elaine Malbin and the Trotter Brothers tonight . Channel 8 a Bow brought to you by Carole in behalf a your local authorized Chevrolet dealer. At the theatres a four Day leave. With four months pay. With two of the most Beautiful women in the world Suzy Parker for color by deluxe i wic of cartoon news shows today Paramount presents Henry Fonda Anthony Perkins cartoon double horror thrill show also the curse

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