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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 29, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaWeather fair and Coal today. Freezing temperatures tonight. High 56. Low 30. Reader s tip purely novel is reviewed in the sunday arts Page which you la find on Page 6-b. Vol. 279 Florence s. C., sunday morning december 29, 1957 daily 5c sunday Ioc Pentagon ready to Start work on 3 Irby subs for Security billion could be spent in 58 without tax increase by Sterling f. Green Washington dec. 28 w National Security spending could be stepped up to 54 billion dollars a year a 25 per cent increase by 1960 without a tax increase the National planning Assn. Reported today. The privately supported research body said it advocates neither higher nor lower defense budgets but has tried to measure the Impact of steeply increased military out lays if the soviet threat makes them necessary. The major National Security programs in the present fiscal budget Call Lor 43 billion dollars of spending and Are considered certain to Rise in the Fis Ca 59 budget president Eisen Hower now is preparing for con Gress. The lop secret Gaither report on this country s military position reportedly recommends an 8 billion Dollar increase in military outlays. This and More the n p a report suggests could be accommodated without economic Strain but at any considerably higher level Federal taxes would have to be raised. The report prepared by n a s chief economist Gerhard Colm former Stalf director of the presi Dent s Council of economic advisers said increases to the Fol lowing magnitudes by 1960 would have these results at 54 billion dollars expect Able economic growth plus the Busi Ness stimulation resulting from the higher Oul fays would cover the new military costs without in balancing the Federal budget. There would remain enough production capacity to permit in creased business investment slightly higher spending by con Sumers and some increase in the services of state local and Federal governments. At 64 billion dollars a spending rate that might occur in Case of localized hostilities Federal taxes would have to be increased to cover the higher costs and Check inflation. Some of the government s non defense programs could not be increased but con Sumer spending still could Rise. At 75 billion dollars a spending rate approaching that of full mobilization a still bigger tax boost would be required to Levels considerably higher than those of the korean War. There would have to be drastic cuts in government civilian spending. Con Sumer buying would have to be curbed. If Congress refused to vote such tax increases spa said Price control and rationing would be needed to curb inflation. In any Case the government would have to allocate materials and Factor ies would have to lengthen work no hours. If the defense outlays were in creased to the 54 billion Dollar figure the report said the Only Cost to the country would be the necessity to forego the other Wise possible tax reductions. New taxes would nol be the study in which Colm was associated with another spa economist manual Helzner was prepared last March As a staff paper for use in various spa re search activities. It was made Public at this Lime said h. Christian Sonne. Chairman of spa because of the current interest in defense spending. Us still Strong Whitehous says by Frances lew1ne Gettysburg. Pa., dec. 28 we United Stales is nol at this time in a position of Mili tary weakness a White House spokesman said today. As for the future president Eisenhower will give his ideas on that in his state of the Union message to Congress Jan. 9. White House press Secretary James c. Hagerty made a stale men on the nation s current de sense status in the Wake of re cent newspaper reports based on leaks from the Gail her commit tee report. Stories that have been printed which indicate that the United states is in a position of weak Ness at this Lime Are not Hagerty said in response to a news conference query. He was asked to comment on the world repercussions from re ports that the Gaither committee originally headed by h. Rowan Gaither or. Had found the United sales in the gravest danger in its history. Hagerty emphasizing he was speaking of the present maintained there Nas no current Dan Ger. Trying to discuss the future situation for Hie country was like looking into a Crystal Hall he added and conclusions varied. The administration is keeping the Gaither report secret despite demands from Congress Mem Bers and others that it be made Public. Hagerty said today the re port remains a classified Docu ment and there is nothing i can do about getting it while the president was reportedly working on the state of the Union message today at his president would business callers tying one on for 1958 that forlorn look on the face of 3-Ycar-old Michael 0 Donnul of Columbus Ohio is quite easy to explain. He hos the mumps. What Way to a Pond the he Scerni to be thinking. A Pho Lolax Gettysburg farm Hagerty held a noontime news conference. He said the begin to have monday at the farm. He will see Marion f o 1 s o a Secretary of health education and welfare on monday and budget director per Cival Brundage on tuesday x tile president will give in the state of the Union message his estimate of the military position of our country As it is now and what has to be done in the future to continue thai hag erty told newsmen. He said the president would base his Outlook on information from the Gaither report As Well As from information from other committees and his own personal information. Newsmen asked Hagerty for some comment on the Gaither re port whether the leaked information regarding the National peril were True. The press Secretary said he had rather expected this query and was prepared for it. Denying the country is in a position of weakness at this time he said Hal is not in the Gaither report and As a matter of fact is completely contrary to the re port. The report says just the of Hagerty said All of the factual information in the report was available to the Sunato subcommittee on preparedness although he said the report itself had not been Given to the Senate group headed by majority Leader Lyn Don Johnson Schoolfield asked by bar to step Down Nashville tenn., Dee. 28 m Tennessee bar Assn s governing body asked Chattanooga judge Raulston Schoolfield today to step Down until charges against him Are proved or disproved. The association s Central coun cil was one of two groups meet ing today to consider recent charges before the Senate rack ets committee that Money was passed to fix cases in his criminal court. Schoolfield was unavailable for comment. The Council s statement said in part thai if the charges Are True the judge should be impeached and likewise if the charges Are untrue the judge is entitled to have his name cleared As quickly As noting that a member of the Slaff of the Hamilton county District Alloney general s office was mentioned in the testimony the Council said it is our opinion that the Hamilton county District attorney general and his Slaff be permitted to withdraw from any investigation to be asst. Dist. Ally. Gen. Harold e. Brown told the Commilles he accepted for Schoolfield from a Bondsman bul that he consid ered it a Campaign contribution fur the judge s 1954 gubernatorial Campaign. V the committee also heard Testi Mony that was passed to get 13 teamsters Union men freed on charges stemming from strike violence. Schoolfiel denied All the accusations in television speeches Here and at Chattanooga Friday night. Florence area hit by Low dense fog the Florence area was hard hit last night by a wave of lying dense fog which held week end traffic at a Pace along much travelled Highway 301. Highway patrol reported no accidents of airy consequence in the area shortly before Midnight. The u. S. Weather Bureau at Columbia expected the fog to Clear before Dawn however. The Central and Eastern part of the state were affected but the Columbia Florence and Augusta. Ga., areas appeared hard est hit by the fog according to reports. Less than 50 feet of visibility was reported on Highway 76 be tween. Florence and Columbia becoming heavier Al both ends of that link of the Road High Way patrol reported. News in Brief 85th Congress set for Long session nuclear units to fire Polaris by Elton c. Fay Washington dec. 28 Iff the defense depart ment was reported today to be proposing an almost immediate Start on building the first three nuclear powered submarines specially designed for firing the Navy s Polaris intermediate Range ballistic missile. Funds for procuring material and carrying Forward the design of the boats would be included in the proposed one billion Dollar supplemental military budget for the current fiscal year which ends next june 30. This would represent a Speed up of the original intention to in clude Polaris submarine Money in the next fiscal year s budget. The Navy had said it expected to ask funds in that budget for a Start on one such submarine. Congressional action on future budgets usually is not completed until mid summer. Secretary of defense Mcelroy told newsmen last week he would submit a request for approximately one billion dollars of additional funds for the 1958 fiscal year. He said a Large part of this would go into missile programs. In addition it is expected the supplemented Money Bill will in clude requests for funds to be used in research and development and for expanding the program of dispersing strategic air com Mand bases. All three projects were included in topics singled out by president Eisenhower in his first nationwide address on defense needs last month. Special task Force pacing Hie development of the Polaris missile itself has been a special task Force of ship design ers and armament experts engaged in developing a final design for a Polaris firing submersible. Navy official have said several different submarine designs Are under consideration. Because of requirements for handling the Polaris missile the Interior layout of the new submarines presumably will be changed substantially from that of even the newest design nuclear submarine filled for conventional torpedo fir ing mine laying or guided missile launching. Unlike the surface launched regulus guided missile the Polaris rocket will be fired while the submarine is submerged. This Means that the launching tubes several must be mounted vertically within the Hull. The Polaris is understood to he of somewhat smaller dimensions than the air Force s Thor or the army s Jupiter Irby although of the same mile Range. This would suggest that the Polaris missiles could be mounted vertically within the pressure Hull of a submarine without any great change in the boat s exterior measurements. Exhausted mine Foreman Woodrow Evans 44, head in hands after leading 13 other trapped Coal miners to safety. Eleven men were killed in the explosion that ripped an Amonate va., Coal mine Friday night. A photo fax in Virginia mine explosion killed 11, probe of disaster begins Amonate va., dec. 28 up eleven Canvas draped bodies were carried from the explosion torn Pocahontas fuel co. Mine at Dawn today. A few hours later a 30 team of Federal state Union and min e company investigators began a probe m Ranegan Chambers straddling the Vir Ginia Border. Rescue workers wit i heavy oxygen tanks strapped the disaster feet below ground. The Gas produced explosion Early last night trapped 25 miners in two areas of the vast Sumter to their backs burrowed through fallen Rock dust and fumes to reach 14 survivors and Lead them to safely near Midnight. officials said All but three of the 11 victims had just 5% hours left in the mine before gunmen believed in North Carolina the 83th Congress returns Jan. 7 for what is shaping up As a Long Busy and probably acrimonious election year session. Its leaders expect it to work until mid july or Laler. With a few recesses and Loni weekends to break the con linux by. Sen. Mcnamara a Mieli said sonic of his Senate rackets com Mittee colleagues Are so lint on efforts to got Waller readier and he United Auto War Ken Union that in is almost an of tills country can put a manned satellite into orbit by 1962 if a National space establishment is created soon and Given ample funds and Powers a group of prominent scientists asserted to Day. A Survey disclosed Ilia six months before Russia launched a Man made Moon More than half of Macri Chis questioned bad never Henna of space satellites. Reports of rebel uprisings and fam inc readied Inlo Jakarta in Donesia yesterday As the Indonesia Christian Pineau direct from talks in Wilh Nasser. France faces 1958 with inflation threatening a business recession unless a foreign loan can be arranged to prop up the sagging Economy according to finance minister Pierre Pflimlin who is reported seeking a million Dol Lar loan to help Industry pay for raw materials. Charlotte. Dec. 28 state Highway patrol kept watch tonight for a 1938 automobile believed to be carrying two gun men sought in a double slaying in Washington d. C., which was sighted earlier this evening about 35 Miles North of Hern in Iredell county. Charlotte police said their own roadblocks set up about 8 p. M., were taken Down about hours later. The car had been thought headed for Charlotte on u. S. 21. Inside arts Page deaths and funerals pee Doe pen sports 6, Heaters to weather facts. 6-b 2-a 4-a 8-a 7-b 2-a teenager Calm at hearing for murder of Mother new York dec. 28 a night of ceaseless sobbing in a jail cell 17-year-old John Jessup was dry eyed and reserved today at his arraignment in the Rifle slaying of his attractive Divorcee Mother. The handsome i Eaucutt youth who said he slew his Mollier in a fit of Blind anger when she complained about his phone Call to a girl Friend stood quietly in Brooklyn felony court As a mag Istrate told him there is no More consecrated love than a Mother s love for tier child. For the child to kill his Mother is juvenile delinquency past the breaking Point. This is a charge of murder and the defendant is held without Jessup spoke Only out words during the proceedings. When magistrate Albert d. Divorced from the boy s father 10 years ago shared an apartment in Brooklyn. Neighbors said they could hardly believe the boy capable of kill ing his Mother. They termed him a Model youth describing him variously As a wonderful kid and a Lovely Jessup told police he was Home yesterday with a Friend Howard Denlea 15, examining a .22 Cali Ber Rifle which he used on Hunting trips along with three shotguns he also possessed. He said that he then picked up the Telephone to Call a girl Friend vol Ella Marascia also 17, Only to have his Mother appear and say Why do you have to speak to they would have been Laid off in definitely. The company said to was cutting 70 per cent of its 534 employees from the payroll at mid night due to a shortage in Coal orders. Heading the investigative unit which moved Inlo the mine at . Today was Marling am Kemy. Chief of the . Bureau of mines and top officials of the West Virginia Bureau of mines the United mine workers and the mine ownership. Survivors testified that explosion of gases found in All Coal mining operations sent the Shock wave reverberating through the sprawling underground reaches of mine no. 31. There was no immediate explanation As to what touched off the blast. During All mining operations equipment is used to disperse the fumes. This was the second explosion in a Pocahontas mine in 11 months. A february Gas blast at a mine near Bishop. Va., also in Tazewell county snuffed out 37 lives. Yesterday s explosion placed at . By survivors trapped men in iwo sections. The 14 res used were led from the automatic her and tie up he phone you Coal loading machine Section and. Just recent la saw following medical examinations the boy said he suddenly was were sent Home to joyous rela overcome by anger picked up Rifle and shot his Mother once in j Schanzer set Jan. 10 As the Dale i the head. Then he said he for a hearing on the homicide j loaded and shot her again. Charge he inquired of the Young afterwards he called the girl1 Friend who became when lie related what opened. Jessup said he and Denlea dragged the Mother s body to the hot Hood then left the House. Jessup walked around a bit and Ster is that Date alright for the boy nodded his head vigorously and replied yes he had no attorney to represent him and the magistrate said he i finally went to a police station and would ask the Legal Aid old of the killing a private organization which i pro a officers searched the apartment Vidics help for those without i looking for anything which might Means to Supply a lawyer. Further explain Why the boy would and his 3.v year old suddenly burst into such a Hon ii reds tests nuclear had clap weapons saturday blonde Mother Gladys who was Cidne fury hut found nothing. Israel new target for talks Washington. Dec. 28 Russia set off another nuclear explosion today the atomic Energy commission announced. A Brief announcement by the dec said the soviet Union is continuing its testing of no Elcor weapons. The most recent nuclear explosion occurred saturday dec. 28 at the usual soviet test site in this is the first announcement of a soviet atomic test since last oct. 10. Cairo dec. 28 i. To the african asian delegates j marked the conference j persisted conference All week conference pro shaped resolutions today to Widen Grams except for tin dissenting milion s economic crisis. Fierce lib Ihling Depuit Ftp in Makassar on dug met with French lenders Yeit Rilay and is said in have. Convinced them lir believes Kio phun 1 reside no Nas ser wants in tighten his links with the Vint. The . So arc Inry general it fms to j urls no Hie of foreign min enter attacks on the West with included As a new Israel voice of Sava t Priol delegation Leader. Observers from communist and British Icsis As a greater countries reiterated charges Hal j menace to Japan than soviet the United slates is guilty of age tests. This View is not shared by greek Gressing. Interference atomic War some japanese scientists who Sny most of the radioactive rain tall the. Palestine subcommittee of he told session of the the nongovernmental conference. That the african and drafted a Resolution assailing is a asian Rovern meals loudly pro rat As an american Fri Lisle a claim self Clermina Lidia Lor peo French base and demanding a j pies hut failed to support the head of Iho conference concerted Effort to gel palestinian refugees resumed to their Home land. The draft Resolution Insl be approved by a Parent political before being voted on by tin Lull i on i it Iki of Ion Dele Gates from 42 minium and de pendent Arii is. Another committee including a Solel representative who came hero As nit invited observer was working on n Resolution hide ounce nuclear bomb and foreign military bases. The anti Western Linn that the communist line was pin ing in Lanny comes from soviet phas feed in All discussion of Dis a lusts. Armament and nuclear weapons. J the Dele Creek Cypril Campaign fur committee said tiie res Iii Depew Kolence irom Brilain when the j him being prepared will Call for Wisnie came before the . Re i j eneral disarmament and Willi Henlly. A drawl of foreign ii also Moling the 14 abstentions by i is expected to condemn sex Perl of a lean and asian run Nories. L.oi-1 nuclear weapons. The t Nithil titles1 Lulu like Enn Leiyiu e you Stales pl.in-. To Send Wear see How divided were the afro i Allan countries on the of i Ami the apply Calion of Hie Pine Isle. Of self j his speech was also Nolau oily for being the first Hal did not denounce the United Stales or the Wisl. Argest Hie taken a leading role in preparing the nuclear weapons slalom enl. Like Many of the others tile Kemp from Japan is frowned upon by its government. Of the Delet Ati s an Wolfi rial of Jive in nil ill oil1 la some of its allies. We Uhitil the Olmi weapons is a Type no Ami Vasnji said. We t l h opposed to All tests. Lie should nut he the Smih he Iii inner Willee Aili Leil. The cominiuct1 Ihal Tini. The itis. pro Knisal s tide Gale. Hum . The a Nam Len Iii Knipl. India mail liar. Snarl Mikhail i inv sail Hemni Niilre a nuclear Hill i i gales in ago leaves Beauty to drive to resort a stand Switzerland. Dec. 28 Lav tie Aga Khan abruptly left a mexican Beauty in Austria to Day and drove 350 miles1 Over perilous icy Mountain roads to this ski resort. There were reports lie would see a lir Ilish girl Friend in is Baacl Bill the nuni Aga Khan was not i have nothing to Ayr he told reporters. "1 want to be left Ray just i rut lie said he re u. A mini he take part. Area deaths John w. Thrown Darlington. Miss Manley Llyord . I sch Sooil mall Liws Owril o. W. Knits by Lynn girl n. A Henry cd Nile car err Bennoui vol p. Mrs. Rulif can Melton

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