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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 28, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaSaturday morning december 28, 1957 the Florence morning news Florence s. C. Page i pee Dee rambler Robert Raymond Christmas is Over at our House and there is Little left to remind us of it except the smell. I believe that there is a perfume known As Christmas morn but i Don t think any manufacturer has Ever been Able to capture the Aroma of roasting Turkey or baking fruit cake and bottle up this enticing fragrance for future use. It s a fact that manufacturers and the Ordinary businessman Are More smell conscious today than Ever be fore. That is simply because or. And mrs. America Are More smell conscious. It has reached the Point where your product or place of business simply must smell to suit the customer other Wise he will not buy your product or patronize your establishment. When something like that Hap pens bankrolls begin to Sag so it is easy to see Why there is Tuch a scramble among business men today for new smells and expert Sellers to smell them. Psychologist say that doors in fluence our be Navior to a much greater extent than we realize. To Day odor engineering is a recognized profession. Specialization has even taken place with this yet uncrowded racy profession. One firm of odor Engi neers might specialize in removing manufacturing smells from factories. Goo ii owns a glue factory. The residents in the neighbor Hood of Gooch s Plant Are grow ing More fastidious with the Rise in the Standard of living. They set up such a clamor that Gooch can Bear it no longer. He Calls in Ole Factor a recognized odor Engineer. 0. Factor puts his professional abilities to work and it in t Long before the neighbors begin to think that Gooch has forsaken glue and gone in for the manufacture of eau de col Ogne. That s just one example of a live wire odor Engineer be ing an asset to a Community. Smultz is also an odor Engi Neer in the same City. Smultz however specializes in an entirely different Branch of the profession. Smultz acts As an advisor to manufacturers. Of his work has to do with the smells of different products. Why does the Sale of one product Hoid Down its sales Smultz can Tell you. He is something of a practical smell psychologist. A tooth paste manufacturer Calls up Smultz one Day. In an agitated voice he confesses to the Engineer that the Sale of his product has fallen off sharply. A new Brand is Selling rings around his tooth paste. Smultz tells the worried Man his Trou Bles Are Over and gets on the Job. He obtains samples of the two brands and sniffs them expertly. It s just a matter of smells. The new product smells of advises his client to change the scent of his product from Wintergreen to Sweet fennel a More unusual smell. The manufacturer does so with excellent results. Odor engineers have re moved the objectionable smell from raincoats and Shower curtains. When they took the odor out of paint real estate men set up a howl. They claim it is much easier to sell a House if it smells of fresh paint. Just consider what odor Engi neers have done for a Large fire insurance company. The smell experts perfected a Type of stationery for the company which has brought in profitable results. This stationery smells of wet burned Wood and puts the Prospect in the proper Frame of mind. For the railroads and bus lines the smell boys have developed scented diesel fuel and perfumed gasoline. The sniff specialists have reached into the factory the school the Corner drug store the hotels and the motels the drive ins and the a drive its the launderettes and the superettes., but they still have a Long Way to go before they duplicate and preserve for posterity the unforgettable Aroma of Turkey sizzling in the oven or the spicy Aroma of Christmas fruit cake filling the atmosphere. in deaths of Florida family Hartsville s Howie s celebrate december red letter month for them Aynor facing problem of new water system ayn or dec. 27 this town has the Prospect of securing its first Industrial Plant. But the mat Ter of a town water works is hold ing up the proceedings. The textile Plant considering the Aynor location has asked that the town establish a water system be fore a final decision can be made. A water system which would include the Plant site and Homes throughout to Crown would Cost approximately the town is in Nhor to finance a project of this magnitude. If a Bond Issue should to float heart disease draws both us and Russia interests circulatory ailments. They include two women heart specialists and two men a neurologist and a psychiatrist. Or. Zoi Dorofe Eva one of the women told a news conference that heart disease is the no. 1 by John a. Harbour new York dec. 27 we the United states and Russia have common interests in heart disease cancer Comfort and conveniences a quartet of russian physicians declared on the eve of their re turn Home. They be just completed a month. Long study tour of . Centers i equal medical accent is put on Lor the treatment of heart and both heart disease and cancer. Reform school Escapee found guilty of murdered the total property evaluation of the town would allow it to Issue Only in Bonds. To raise even this amount property assess ments would have to be raised 20 to 100 Mills. Right now consideration is being Given to approach the problem from another Angle. It is proposed that the Aynor development corp., which was chartered to secure the new Industrial Plant take Over the water project. The corporation has As sets of in Cash and 000 in pledges. This was secured in a drive to secure an Industrial Plant for the town. According to the proposal the the Sam homies cram december with festivity by Robert Raymond morning news roving reporter Hartsville dec. 27 this month has been crammed full of events for the Sam Howie s of Hartsville. On december 22 this couple celebrated their 50th wed Ding anniversary Christmas came on the 25th followed by Sam Howie s birthday on the 26th. The Howie s have been Cele Brating All month but 100 guests attended a formal reception held on the 22nd observing their Golden wedding anniversary. Mrs. recalls vividly the Day of their marriage. We were married by. A Baptist minister the Rev. Thomas Hender son although we Are she said we were just 18 and we eloped without telling anybody. We went Riding up to the preacher House in a rubber tired first rubber tired buggy i Ever Uncle Sam put in. Mrs. Howie explained that they had been childhood sweethearts and their Romance actually started Way Back in grammar school Days when to drought her Little gifts to the classroom and some limes carried her books. And we had to walk four or five Miles to school in those her husband added. He pointed out that things were a lot cheaper at that time. Why you could get a shave haircut and a shoe Shine All for 35 cents. We started housekeeping on since then he has been engaged in farming and for the past 33 years has operated a store. I was forced to retire from Active business about a year ago due to my Howie explained. He is now 69 years old his wife formerly of n. C. St. Petersburg fja., dec. 27 m police today explored the Angle that Harry Sanford Wil Liams a Man beset by problems of an old age project might have drugged his wife and two sons be fore killing them and taking his own life. Williams a methodist minister was an Active member of the Western North. Carolina Confer ence until 1954. He served for two years As pastor of the Hillside Street methodist Church in Ashe Ville. During his ministry the Church merged to become Hillside Merrimon methodist Church and is now St. Paul s. He came to St. Petersburg in 1954 from Rutherfordton . Where he had been pastor of a methodist Church. He also had served a Church in Kan Napolis . Mrs. Williams a former second lieutenant in the was and one the National retirement Toundas Rees and a shirt. Police theorized the noise of any of the three shots from an army .45 automatic fired by Williams would have aroused some member o f the family. After shooting his wife and two sons to death Williams went into a bathroom and killed himself with a fourth Bullet. Detective inspector Earl new Berry said he will Confer with a medical examiner to determine whether an autopsy on the bodies should be held to Check out the drugging Angle. The time of death either was at 10 . Monday when a neighbor said she thought she heard four shots or tuesday morning. What kind of a family were the Williamss Williams had his heart soul and savings wrapped up in the project. Ered he dominated the Home com Gannaway said. Williams was a former ordained a methodist minister army chaplain securities Salesman who was con used about what he wanted to the minister also explained. William Howard Greene a vice president in the foundation which Williams headed said things weren t going right with the foun Dation and that Williams appeared concerned Over the financial Side of it. One mystery which has t been cleared is where Williams got his death weapon. Army chaplain Aren t issued weapons. Williams left no suicide note. He left no will. One of Williams pet ideas in working with the elderly was that All persons should leave a will. Time Church organist in Asheville was described As a Lovely per son and a very conscientious the four members of the Wil Liams family were found dead thursday. There were no signs of a Strug Gle in the Williams four bedroom House. The wife and two boys Lay in separate Beds. Mrs. Williams. 49, was almost completely clothed. One boy. Ward 10. Wore pyjamas. Eldon. 9. Was dressed in dung Tion which is designed to provide care for elderly persons. He was rather eccentric at said or. Bruce Gannaway a methodist minister. He was an explosive Type and Yon might even describe him As a Gannaway added. I believe that he had gotten to the Point in his foundation work that if that failed then everything had the minister went on. Mrs. Williams was very quiet. He did All the talking and i Gath was miss Fannie Byrd town Community. Mrs. Howie explained that she and her husband had received Many presents on their anniversary. Why i hardly know just what to do with All of she said. This Union of 50 years has been a childless one the homies explained but it was pointed out that a Niece and Nephew had been corporation might take of very close to them and were re its Money Drill a Well and construct a tank of 100.000 gallon capacity. It would he for the Uso of the factory Only but the town might be Given an option to buy Garden As their own children. The tank and the Well for future expansion to reach local consume these she said Are the two j biggest medical problems crash survivor rest after Harrow escape Chia Trist and or. Dmitri Lou Nevi Charleston dec. 27 for about an hour and a killer in Russia As it is in this j the neurologist were asked if Marine pilots rested at the i half in water that was sometimes programs in the .s.r and the other woman or. Nina Zhdanova agreed. Or. N Nicolai a Jasemski the pay country. In Russia she said soft living in the so called Privil-1 Charleston air Force base Dis aged countries might create an Pessary today and Descry Obj their additional Hazard for heart disease i escape by Parachute from a mid they answered that in Russia i air collision of their Jet planer As Long Beach. Calif., dec. 27 15-year-old Reform school Escapee described As vicious treacherous and to Day was judged guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment for killing a 2 year old girl. Dep. Dist. Atty. Ted Sten said the Only reason the state did t ask the death penalty for John Larry Miller was because the i wanted to Mil somebody just for the Heck of today in court he showed re too the aim is for greater com fort and conveniences and com we were Lucky to get out cannot be agreed it. H. B. Nolan of Laguna Beach calif., and it. I Nichols Jans of Chicago. However they agreed with or the car Cami last fort and convey once Paul Dudley White Boston heart Oyer Lake 25 specs asst who had treated presi Dent Eisenhower that a certain North of Here. Morse for the first time saying too amount of exercise is necessary i m sorry. I would t do again. Sten told the court one of the most vicious Treacher Ous and cold blooded murders the court has Ever had the displeasure of Facin or. White who had been Host to inc two women specialists during this is their study tour was at the news conference As was or. Howard a. Rusk director of the Institute for neither Man was injured and both were in spirits As they talked of their Lucky escape to newsmen Here today. Jans alighted in the Lake and spent about two hours in the cold Moultrie Waters before Unet Lui it tote it by inc ii physical Medicine and he clip a person at new York up to his Knees before reaching the w. 0. Davis farm homr about 17 Miles Northeast of monks Corner. The two pilots separate missions Are stationed with a. Rine fighter Squadron 122 at the Marine corps auxiliary air Sta Tion. Beaufort. They were flying furies. It was cold in that water. Don t think i la Ever get said Jans. All we Are looking for now is getting out of the Hospital and Back to they agreed. It was the first Parachute de scent for both. The too air Lsne apparently locked rim wings i while travelling in opposite direct Nolan came to the ground Iii the i ions under difficult conditions of for saturday december 28 resent for you and yours watch your credit standing at this time. Don t go nto debt or extend too much credit to others. Economy and shrewd buying will make your come stretch farther. Don t betray the Confidence of person who trusted you with some information. Astro guide by clean past on december 28, 1941, the construction Bat la Lions to p u 1 a r 1 y known As sea representing 60 crafts organized to Aid wartime construction in amphibian operations. Future although there May be some shifting among the individual items the. Original Esti mate of billion foe military expenditures for the fiscal year ending june 30, 1958, will probably be Correct. The Day under your sign Libra sept. 33 to if you re wrong adroit it. It s a sign of tar Czetli. Scorpio ocl. 23 10 nov. 22 in Xii for Shin cuts inventive methods. Don t drive yourself. Sagittarius nov. 23 to 21 you ire i no Linn to eel dual Hiril. Con cancer june 22 to july Capricorn dec. 22 la . 19 do some Liivik you be been wanting 30 Don t lie it fist. Share your Milcas with do. To somewhere associates. Aries born March 21 to april 20 Don t others about business matter. 1-el.triem come to you. april 21 o mjy.20 try to Burlil Confidence of others. Irritability May Stem from i hymnal Unis it. Gemini may2l to june 21 this in t your Day friction and con Leo july 23 to aug. 22 Don t Jose 1-eri.pective by becoming Side tracked. Take Long Range View. Virgo aug. 23 to 22 it s easier now to do something yourself than to wait for others to do in aquarius . 20 Don t let unchecked desires get you into Pisces feb. 19 to Marci 20 thing j that appear Imp runt today maj be Forf come tomorrow. Don t get i cited Cotton cloth makers in profit squeeze Charlotte dec. 27 to Fol ton cloth makers Are in the tight est profit squeeze in years. The . Department of agriculture reports that Cotton Mill mar gins the spread Between the prices of raw Cotton and textile the narrowest since june. 1952. The spread averaged 24.69 cents Asl month compared with 26.38 he previous month and 30.37 in s wember 1956. The value of cloth obtainable. Rom a Pound of Cotton based on wholesale prices for 17 selected constructions declined last month or the 13th month in a Row. The Jover Hber average was 59.72 cents he lowest monthly average for More than 11 years since june 946. At the Simc time prices of the Cotton used in these 17 construct ions averaged 35.03 cents a Pound delivered at Carolina Mills which represents an upward trend. And his upward trend is continuing. Tigerville school honoured Tigerville. Dec. 27 tin the South Carolina chapter of the american Institute of architects today named North Greenville Junior College at Tigerville As the Winner of its annual special Merit award in architecture. The award was Given for the void of feeling an ill tempered j Bellevue medical Center. J swamps surrounding he be. He visibility. Law forbids execution of one so i wild animal who wanted to kill i or. Rusk had been Host to the Young. I someone to see it fell two men during their study at the Miller who will serve his sen-1 the defense argued for a sen a Institute. The russians had been Tenor it a stale prison for adults 1 nce for murder invited Afler or. White and or. Pleaded guilty to the nov. 11 slay i saying Miller is mentally Dis Rusk visited Russia last year. All ing of Little Helen Wetzel of near such s sol acc would four of the russians Felt there by rolling Hills mates. Have put the youth under the should be a greater interchange of after Liis arrest in Reno of the and students Between Laid i Don t m not sorry youth authority. The United states and Russia. Committee has study session Columbia. Dec. 27 Spe sources for the state held another isl House ways and Means sub-1 in a series of study sessions Here commit acc seeking new Revenue j today. I Anil jeans chairman Wil Chi. Abodes of Hampton appoint Liy Lilym subcommittee shortly after Honor chief Moody with Gold watch end of revolt state troopers at Chatham and prison guards frisk convicts it he of an abortive revolt yesterday at a Virginia state prison Camp near Chatham. Intimidated by 11 ringleaders More than 70 prisoners refused to go on their work assignments. Thi revolt was quelled without injury. W photo lax Lake City dec. 27 in rec ignition of his outstanding service o the Lake City fire department ire chief Walter Moody has been resented with a Gold watch by members of the department presentation was made during in annual Christmas party held y Lake City firemen. John p. Grimsley is assistant Hief of the Lake City fire de Artmont Raymond Askins. 2nd chief captains Are in old Candy and Gahe his. Drivers include Walter Kenny. Leo Harrell Earl Collins and Ide Moody. Regular firemen arc d. N. Ard Luther pro scr e. L. In Rick Roy Rogers Joe Tucker Rock nellies Weldon Lee Bert Homas. R e. Mclawhorn Ralph Lilos Grover Irick Richard net los. L. Mcdaniel Rill Hyman Villiam Miles. Mouson nil Kelly Len neck. The full committee received the budget and control Board s report on recommended spending in Fis Cal 1958-59. The report called for a general appropriations Bill totalling More than million dollars. Based on current the amount would mean a deficit of about seven million dollars next year. Before setting up the Revenue study group. Rhodes said it would he very difficult to reduce budget Board s recommended spending. Rhodes committee which will submit an initial appropriations Bill to the general Assembly when it convenes . 14, is scheduled to receive the subcommittee s re port in the next week or so. Air Rifle users warned in Darlington Darlington dec 27 a Liberal Reward will be Given for information leading to the arrest of persons shooting win Dows with air Rifle chief of police j. Peele Privette said. A wave of window shooting has been going on Here since Mon Day. Damage has been cited Sive chief Privette said. W i n Dows have been broken on the Public Square and throughout the City. Most of the damage j has been to business establish ments. Otherwise the Holiday week has been very quiet and Urt event Ful Here the chief said. School s new administration and classroom building. It was de signed by architect Harold Wood Ward of Spartanburg. Paul Heffernan head of geor Gia tech s department of Archi lecture and the contest s judge said the design was Crisp and integrated the the Structure was selected from nearly 150 entries. The steel Frame building features a special mural of mosaic tile depicting the his tory and background of North Greenville Junior College in addition to the special Merit award the South Carolina Archi lets announced Merit awards for fight other buildings. Among them were Aiken High school and the Russell House student activities building at the University of South Carolina firemen were Busy during past year in Lake City area Lake City dec. 27 chief Walter Moody said today that 1957 has been a record breaker in number of Calls answered by the Lake City fire department Dur ing that time. It was pointed out by chief Moody that during the first six months of this year there were 43 town fires and 13 Rural Calls answered the next six months period shows a Sharp Rise with 97 town Calls and 29 Rural fires he said. Woman found dead rites scheduled Darlington dec. 27 funeral services will be conducted Here at a Date to be announced later for a 69-year-old Darlington negro woman who was found dead in a cow pasture near Columbia on Christmas eve. Jordan s funeral Home manage ment said today that the body of Lizzie Hare had been turned Over to them by the Richland county Coroner s office. The deceased is said to have been visiting her daughter at the Bayou Homes a residential development off of Bluff Road in Columbia. She thought to have wandered away from the Home and have met death accidentally according to the funeral directors. Rogerson s Garden Nursery Kare and outstanding camellias i Roiland Park phone 7346 Mullins newspaper changes ownership Mullins dec. 27 a change in ownership of the Mullins enter prise has been announced by the publishers. Maywood Rogers formerly co publisher has terminated his connection with the paper due to ill health. He has sold his interest to j. Keith Mcmillan local Auto Mobile dealer. Suits by Schaefer famed fitting to club 151 East Evans Bess Cottingham Florist Flowers for All occasions 117 West coves and door. Weal Laflor Mitre. Tei. 1-4.101 Nile im1 How much Money you need Loans up see us Columbia Industrial finance corp. Ims. Irby St. Dial 8601 Sale

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