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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 25, 1970, Florence, South Carolina flu Niimi Prius december 25, 1970 la season s greetings from your classified advertisers Roods flavor Tir the pudding Onue Isoe Olufs Pels Nickle in doll Library tie Sho ivs sayfsga0n0doid0rengmsh Why naughty children might dread his visits tradition. my _ where there Are dolls there s holds a bundle of switch what s for fruit cake is one of Many the spirit of Christmas. Lii la a at Christmas the Trade specially baked cakes that in the Pryor International switches Are usually ass in to this ques Are part of the food and doll at Greenwich Guidy of Christmas lore tonal Tion in England the United feasting customs of Christ there Are More than Veals that in states and Canada is mince pie and Plum one legend says that in brings Good Luck to eat mince pie on Christmas Day. In earlier times mince pie were baked in an Oblong shape meant to represent the Manger. Mas. These also Are said to dolls and naturally Many bring Good Fortune and Good of them Christmas in health a very special Way from creche figures that symbolize Kich elaborate cookies and the religious meaning of the special breads add to the Holiday to a Jolly Santa doll flavor of the Holiday season who wrinkles his dried Apple i n r i n a hat sums up l Lay ill lights an the Joys of the season. From a Christmas season traditionally Cane says or Trier legends it aimed a Hirth june Amuri min tse f Tiu Wilde. Research filing each Plum mid Tiff t a hybrid Spanish Indian from a Christmas season Man num Puc Ming too has its dial can pts a quo is not of View one of the most Virv rend of Spirk r y i a shots very legend of i Pih i Gena of Luck but Here the lies As Carat doll Library Injo fatal like St. Nicholas Pels Nickle was a european figure known primarily in Holland and Ger Many. He came by his name logically since he was introduced by Spanish. Interesting dolls is a figure generally believed to Wear i. _. Burning talc log aspect too was the the idea of gifts As Hom see from a miraculous Star to a Only Green Wood which would dates even earlier times tiny Candle gleaming lights bum. When Kings demanded special have cast a glow Over Holiday the Yule log of England and tribute from their subjects festivities for centuries. Continental Europe was often during Holiday seasons. Thus Pagan Sun worshippers lit believed to have mystical pow the Wise men in offering pre candles and kindled fires at ers to protect the Home. To Cyous gifts of Gold Frankin Winter festivals to help the re give this Protection the Yule Cense and myrrh expressed turning Sun gain strength. Log had to be kept burning All Tilljr reverence for the new traditional for both Light through the 12 Days of Christ born King of Mankind. My warmth is the blazing Mas. Giving to celebrate a Happy Yule log. Like All Christmas later the blazing Yule Ulas a familial. Part of it has both a religious wms primarily associated with festivals. And a festive significance in the feasting and festivity of Holiday lore. The Winter holidays. The romans honoured sat Beca use legend says that t he of. Urn their god of agriculture c of new monks. Mav sti11 take p Ace. Pels fickle fur coat. Pelz is the German f 8i very i the backyards of san an though Little known to mod word for Ful memo i of the family Mast Tonio. Tex., at christmastime Ern celebrants Pels Nickle holds today the custom of having an important place in Holiday Pels Nickle appear at Rah risk he Mas time is still observed in accompanied St. Nicholas As some Pennsylvania dutch g his servant and while St. Nick Homes according to the editors rewarded Good children with of the new Book of knowl x gifts Pels Nickle had the in Edge 5 Welcome task of punishing naughty boys and girls with Down the ch1mnky gifts of lumps of Coal and legend says that St. Nicho switches. Las and the italian gift giver f. The doll Library s Pels Nickle Befana rang Bells on their Santa Claus whiskers Way Down the Chimney to de a coat of shaggy fur and liver Yule gifts. Dressing dolls great excitement. For payment aka Itkis Koriun 5 France famed for its Fash of an admission fee colonial one of the can stuns k ions Early gave attention to women could see the dolls Dis Ever published x Snell f dressing dolls known As Fash played and observe the newest w Ion first created about fashions in miniature. 600 years ago the fashion two by three Ancl i Lull 5 babies in later years became.01 today one thing is certain inches greeting i Ink d in i ambassadors for French styles. In every generation packages x in the Early american Colo from Santa evoke the same London in 1862 by Goodall and Nies for instance the arrival sparkle in Young eyes for a son features a Robin presiding of a group of fashion babies child s Delight in a dream Over a pastoral Winter scene from France was greeted with come True never changes. Framed by paper lace. Christ child was washed and in la with a Winter festival called dressed beside an Ash Wood since the Wise men gave of the saturnalia. During this lire the people of Early eng their treasures to the Christ joyous feast they exchanged land always had Yule logs of child giving Lias been part of gifts Wax candles Clay dolls Ash Wood. Ash had a practical the tradition of Christmas. And various trinket i i Lii let to it in Chris tin in miss if err lie s Pir Turt d is lie no pears in inc i with every Good _ wish for a Beautiful Christmas and May we express our sincere Joy in serving you. Your patronage is appreciated. Aileen Waddell Linda Watford Billie Hunter Jenny Brown Brenda Parker Dorothy Turner. Owner Nell s Beauty Shoppe 229 South Church dial 662-5462 Carol can be Tongue twister on the first Day of Christmas my True love sent to me a Partridge in a Pear so begins the twelve Days of a traditional and favorite song of the Holiday season. The Ballad tells the Story of the gifts a Lover sends to his lady on each of the 12 Days from Christmas to Epiphany. The first gift a Partridge in a Pear tree May have been inspired by an old. Drinking song a pie sat on a Pear say the editors of the new Book of knowl Edge. As a twelve Days of Christmas is an example of the number Chain in Folk songs. As a Carol it is of the Type that marked the change from formal hymns in latin to musical poems in the vernacular of the people. The song can be Sung in a variety of ways. In great Britain and the United states it often becomes a game song in which each person following a Leader in repetitions must pay a forfeit if he misses a line. Sometimes the descriptions of the gifts turn into Mouth defying Jay Holiday happiness Shine your heart or Best wishes fora Christmas glowing with cheer. Fly Christmas comes you year we warmly wish that i May in Jcj o holy a coning Ever deeper Hopes Ever joyous Ever n Cher. Barnwell co. Realtors 44 years service 224 West Evans Griffin construction company inc. 196 s. Nashua drive dial 669-6461 Moss welding Iron works dial 662-6122 1816. Gregg Avenue Florence s. C. 5 b of the gilts turn into mount _ a j i a i i w defying Tongue twisters a l i 1 8 j i. A w i if i a i -4 a f i a wishing you exd Tours the Best this has to give. Aat1 to All our patrons we Kate cd our hic artiest gratitude for Tii Kir lova1. Support. Folk nursing Home in the spirit of Christmas we wish you a Day Bright with Hope j Rich in the blessings of the season. As much As v. Enjoyed the Opportunity to serve you our Hearty thanks mrs. Kathleen Dunn supervisor of nurses mrs. Elsie Jolly Len manager dial 669-4403 Florence s. C. Pamplico Hwy. Affiliated Malcolm s seafood 902e.chevesst. Dial 669-7953 Summerford heating air conditioning inc. Dial 662-4384 180 South Nashua or. Florence . Commander nursing Home mrs. Joyce Larimore r. N. Supervisor of nursing Florence . Phone 669-3502 Hopewell nursing Home thank you Pinewood Road route 2 s. C. William p. Betchman administrator co owner Joe a of commander jr., co owner Flirence s. C. Dial 481-8591 very much for a very good1 year the Salvage Watt we Welcome the glad Christmas season 8 and All the Heartfelt Joys it brings. 2 we Welcome too the Opportunity to pause in the midst of our daily occupations to recall anew How fortunate we Are to have the favors f. And Friendship of our valued customers. To All of you we offer our n real appreciation and our Best wishes for your Holiday enjoyment. 9 real estate insurance property management mortgage loan t Aiken co. 265 West m f Mumm 862-3211

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