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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 22, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaPage 10-a the Florence morning news Florence s. C. Sunday morning december 22, 1957 look what i be got mrs. Hilton Barefoot of 420 w. Cheves Street shows off the 3 foot Long 14 Pound eight ounce Rockfish she pulled in tuesday morning while fishing with her husband at Mcleod s Landing at Santee. She was trolling with a supersonic plug when the Tig Fel Low hit. Besides this big one they brought Back a 8vz Pounder to Pounder and a few morning news photo by Kirkland at Santee Cooper new landlocked Bass line makes appearance sport fishing Institute bulletin South Carolina fishery biologist Robert y. Stevens recently sub melted to the fish and wildlife service a Job completion report covering the third full year of partial Creel census of the Santee Cooper Reservoir the work is be ing undertaken with Federal funds it charts the development of a remarkable new Inland fishery of landlocked striped Bass found i those Waters. There i also exec Lent fishing for such other specie As Large Mouth Bass bluegills Black grapples and White Cal fish the Reservoir consists of artificial lakes on the Santee an Cooper Rivers that Are connect by a diversion Cana they collectively comprise Abri acres fed by the Watere and Congaree Rivers. Impound ment occurred in 1943. At that time an upstream Rac of striped Bass was unwitting separated from a downstream race by fortuitous placement o Pinopolis dam. It has been sine about 1950 that the striped has population has virtually explode in the Reservoir. Outstanding research on the life history of these fish by Fisher biologist George Scruggs then employed by the South Carolina wild life resources department an Jefferson Fuller state fishery and racial studies of thes fish by or. Edward c. Raney an his associates Cornell University have served to demonstrate the truly landlocked nature of Thi unique population of striped Bass Duck Hunting at full swing for Winter in North Florida Florida state news Bureau there s a lot of squawking go ing on in the Apalachicola Bay Marsh lands of Northern Florida and it will probably be continuous for a couple of months. The Duck Hunting season is on in full swing see these Gars before you buy 1954 Buick Century 2 door riveria Dyna flow radio Heater exception ally Dean. Onty 1953 Chevrolet Bel air hard top Coupe straight drive radio healer to tone tires exceptionally clean. Only 1952 Ford custom line 2-door Forda Matic radio Heater a Wall tires exceptionally clean. Only 1952 Chevrolet deluxe 2-door, radio healer exceptionally clean. Only 1952 Buick super 2-door riveria Dyna flow radio Heater to tone a Wall tires exceptionally clean. Only Quality motors inc. Unur bulk i in tar urn or for 2.1 years n. Inn St. And pin tails mallards Wood ducks american and red breasted mergansers and hooded Mergan Sers have set up Winter House keeping in this Florida Gulf coast area just South West of Tallahassee. The loud noises emulating from the Duck family squad Dies about who s Gonna nest where mean nothing but Sweet music to the Nimrod packers who head for this area every Winter to Cash in on some real Fine Duck Hunting. One of the age old questions that is now taking a new twist is the use of decoys or types of decoys that will lure or. Duck into Range. A fellow who has been Duck Hunting in the Apalachicola Bay area of Florida since he was eight jeers old is one buddy Myers of Apalachicola. And buddy is from the old school that dictates the use of Wood decoys and wond de coys Only when tempting the pin feathers into the family roasting pot. Not that Myers can t be con Vinced that other types of decoys Are useable and profitable. He just j seems to prefer the old fashioned kind such As the group of decoys j he has been using for almost 20 years. When each Duck Hunting season Rolls around Myers simply brings out the teat up peppered Wood robots that have gathered dust in i his garage All summer and splashes them with a new coat of paint f that would make Rembrandt turn Over in his grave. Don t claim to be a Fine paint Myers mused but i get to idea across. Never been lacking for roast Duck every Winter that for Myers Points out that his Decoy Are painted and then washed Down with a kerosene Type detergent t eliminate All Glare and shininess from the decoys. Just can t Foo a Duck with a shiny he stated and though these decoys Are quite old. And some of then list to port a Little they still seem to have an attraction for the mallards and there Are several new Type de coys on the Market today Inclan ing the More popular plastic an rubber jobs. But Myers in t sol on these As yet. Shoot Mac cide tally and they la sink Quicke than the tit Niche commented though All sections of Nort Florida abound in the loud squawk ing ducks from up country the Apalachicola Bay area is fast be coming one of the More prominent sections for this Type Hunting. In addition to the Wood Duck and mallards some prominent feathered visitors to sunny Florida or the Winter include the Ameri can and red breasted mergansers and the hooded Merganser. 1957-58 Florida Hunting Laws now permit four ducks in a Day s bag and eight in total Possession with Only one Wood Duck in a Day s Day and two in total Possession in allowed. Five american am red breasted mergansers Are per milled in a Day s bag and ten in total Possession. Hunting seasons these Are the Hunting seasons for zone five of South Carolina. Zone five includes Florence. Darling ton Marlboro Lee Chesterfield Clarendon Kershaw Lancaster and Slimmer counties. Wild turkeys gobblers thanksgiving Day to feb. 15. Deer Bucks sept. 15 to Jan. 1. Raccoons and opossums sept. 15 to feb. 15. In Clarendon and Lancaster counties sept. 1 to mar. 1 and in Marlboro county sept. 15 to mar. 1. Quail thanksgiving Day to feb. 15. Rabbits and squirrels sept. 15 to feb. 15. Be tween sept. 15 and thanksgiving Day rabbits May be hunted without firearms and squirrels May be hunted without dogs. Foxes no closed season except that firearms May not be used Between Jan. 2 and aug. 15. Alligators unlawful to shoot or kill at any time. Federal regulations ducks and geese nov. 7 to Jan. 15. Limits ducks daily limit of four eight in one summer Duck in bag and two in Possession May include one hooded Merganser mergansers Ameri can and five per Day and 10 in posses Sion geese two and four cools 10 and 10 Brant one and one. No open season on Snow geese. Shoot ing hours one half hour before Sunrise to Sunset. Snipe dec. 17 to Jan. 15. Limits right in bag and eight in Possession. Doves soul. 14 to oct. 5 and dec. 4 to Jan. 10. Limits it to in bag and Possession. Shooting hours noun to Sunset. Marsh hens including rails Clapper rails Gallinule and 20 to nov. 2s. Limits Marsh hens Anil rails. And Sora 2fi and 25. Dec. 10 to Jan. Is. Limits four and eight. Allowed front boat having motor Allae Hil Only if wat fattened or Pleil alongside any Type of stationary Hunting Lilime. Cans limited to three Shell in parity. Ill Les hic no if shoo Long of intr. Of recorded Calls or a ounces or electrically prohibited. A Eil Cral Mamp refill til of nil niger whirr Waler fowl Hunters 16 years of age unit older. N of or Lor mrs or Marsh hens. Slim inc Vrr Bull Prohl Hullert. Slinns Lii i in Illel Vrr brains mall Roll d my Lily a .1 re mall no in Rinvil her vat Long. Of in Iii try h is believed that the upstream race of striped Bass Cut off from free Access to the sea by the construction of Pinopolis dam were functionally landlocked for centuries prior to this event. That is the research studies indicate that few if any of these fish migrated to and from the Ocean even when it was physically pos sible. Rather they apparently moved Back and Forth within the upper Hundred Miles or so of these Ori Ginal Waters. Thus they were fresh water to Start with if that is actually an important Point. There Are Many known instances where stripers taken from some place in the Ocean have been transformed to fresh water lakes in the Hope they would become established. No such attempt is known to have succeeded the fish have lived for a time and failed to reproduce successfully and then died or been caught. In the past few years too strip ers from the Santee Cooper system both from above and below the Pinopolis dam have been trans planted to other Inland Waters. No evidence of Success is known in these cases either though in sufficient time has elapsed to be reasonably sure of either Success or failure. Even so. Or. Edward c. Raney noted striped Bassau Hority Cornell takes a dim View of such attempts. Or. Raney warned fishery biologists attending the recent South pm fish and game conference in Mobile that he believes that most such attempts Are doomed to fail his based on known factors that arc critical in the life history of the striped Bass in the Santee Cooper Reservoir. The most important of these is the length of Lime the fertilized eggs and newly hatched larvae must remain suspended in Well oxygenated water to avoid death from of sufficient cur rent or turbulence would permit Ihm to sink into the Bottom Sedi ment where they would be de troyed. A minimum of 70 hours and a maximum of six weeks represents the extremes of possible need. The actual requirement no doubt Falls somewhere in Between. Perhaps with a current of one mile per hour a River Reservoir system in excess of 100 Miles Long will rep resent a minimum requirement Foi successful striped Bass reproduction. The presence of Extension areas characterized by pronounced turbulence that would serve to sleep eggs and larvae suspended in the water could probably substitute for much of this linear dimension. At least this is what we have concluded from study of the reports discussions with scientists and inspection of the area itself. The. Catch of fish reported by fishery biologist Bob Stevens unquestionably Means that this is a fabulous fishery. For instance according to Creel census figures the Harvest of striped Bass in 1956 was double the catch made in 1955. In 1957. The catch doubled again we were privileged to inspect the fishery first hand recently. We can personally attest to its fabulous nature. Vie also saw first hand evidence of continued Good reproduction in 1957 in terms of an abundant crop of Young of the year stripers taken at Midnight seining operations. About one tenth of the total num Ber of anglers fishing were Cov ered by the Creel census. Altogether striped Bass were actually checked in the 1957 census. Therefore the total Harvest must be about striped Bass or More. The stripers averaged 5.4 pounds each in Creel census Samp Les. Therefore the total yield of the Reservoir came to More than one and a half million pounds nearly 10 pounds of stripers per acre. In Large Mouth Bass bluegills 000 Black crappies and White Catfish were also taken. Large Mouths were found to aver age about 1.9 pounds bluegills about 0.3 Pound Black crappies about 0.8 Pound. Season limit authority asked for commission a Bill giving the state wildlife resources commission the Autho Rity to set seasons and bag limit on game and fish in South Caro Lina will receive the Active Back ing in 1958 of the South Carolin wildlife federation. That was the announcement made Here last night by ale Quattlebaum of Florence pres Dent of the federation which made up of sportsmen Over the state. Quattlebaum said the objective was adopted by the federation Board of directors. The Bill was passed by the hous of representatives at the last ses Sion of the state legislature an is now in the Senate s fish an wildlife committee. Quattlebaum emphasized tha the commission appointed by the governor is Heli responsible for the wildlife resources of the state yet is not empowered under Law to control ii any Way the seasons at which game is to be taken nor to be the limit of game to be taken under the proposed legislation the wildlife commission would b authorized to study the game situation in each of the states Fivi game zones and after Consulla lion with local sportsmen and with the consent of a majority of Thi legislative delegations set the game Laws. Under the present Quattlebaum said there an Many Laws pertaining to game that have been on the books Many years and As the game population is constantly changing in different areas i would seem advisable to have a scientific study made of each area by the trained wildlife workers o the commission. This should b done before the season and bag limit Laws Are set in other action he federation Board adopted a Resolution concerning instruction in firearms for said that in California Hunting accidents had been reduced to one n four after safety instruction was started in schools. Good companions improve otherwise fruitless Hunts be a Good Hunting companion a Good dog. Fair marksmanship a goodly number of shooting chances and reasonable Weathe Are All factors which contribute much to the enjoyment of a Hunt ing trip but unless one has Good companionship along there i something lacking in the Day pleasure. A congenial understanding companion who appreciates the Little things that make up the de lights of a Day s Hunt who Wil congratulate when your gun Point ing if effective or sympathize when things go wrong can turn rough going into genuine pleasure and make an empty game bag seem says Henry p. Davis Public relations Man Ager Remington arms co., inc but n companion who ignores the Well known rules of Safe gun handling is careless with matches cigarettes or he Landown. Or s properly or is continually grousing about conditions or his own Luck can wreck the pleas ure of any Hunting trip no mat Ter How successful it might be from a shooting standpoint. So make it a Point to be a Good Hunting companion this year even if your Hunting partner for he occasion is inclined to be a it Grumpy when things Are nol entirely to his liking your own co operative attitude in finding pleas ure in the relatively unimportant hings might Well have the effect of lifting his Cloud of gloom. There 5. After All. Far More to Hunting Lian just the actual taking of game and sharing pleasure with another is just a part of it. One of the nost delightful Days i Ever had Ifield was ended with empty game dockets although my companion my i hunted Long and hard. But in was a sportsman who enjoyed Little things and he taught me nor about plants that produced game food the causes and effect if soil erosion and the whys and a Hereford of game habits than f 3vcr knew before. And he did it in i casual yet fascinating Way that and me asking questions All Day Ong. Shooting became for the Rio nent a secondary interest. It is easy enough to be n Good Hunting companion. All you have to do is to have full con Slier Eutimi fur your gunning part Ner Anil practice my Anil hit every Day principles Ordinary Courtesy. If Yuu Are the guest lil the Ink dlr Nile the order of the Day. And enter into it enthusiastically. If you Are Hie Host. Iry Ligure out Lial or method of Hunting will lies please your guest. Ami i Heek with him on ii you la hid Mure congeniality Neil plea lire. In n Liun Long trip ii you la make it n iwo any Streel in to apr Ralynn. Have a shoot is procedure before you Senrt out. I other words never iry in wipe in Eye of Youir Shn Olinc Conigan m. Shool Only no the Birds on your Side of the Covey s Rise. Take turnabout in shooting single Birds. If you re Duck Hunting Don t spoil your companion s chances by fir ing too soon. Make sure he s ready and the Birds Are in Range. And take those on your Side of the Blind Only. Most every Hunter even a Novice is fairly Well acquainted with the rules of Safe gun hand Ling. This gives your partner More Confidence in you particularly i he has never hunted with you be fore. Always handle your gun a if it were loaded. But Don t Havi it loaded unless you Are handling it. When you put a gun Down lean it against a tree or carry i Over an obstruction always have the Breech open. And never shoo at anything unil you Are sure of your target. To be concluded next week Hunting and fishing by Tirom Anderson not Many reports have reached town from Are Hunters and Fishers recently but mrs. Hilton Barefoot who is pictured with her catch on this Page brought Back a big Rockfish from Santee Cooper. All sorts of trickery is being resorted to by the Fisher men at Santee. Most Success is coming from trolling deep for Rockfish with White Bucktail and pork Rind. Dove Hunters Are seeking lots of Birds but Are having trouble bringing them Home. The Birds Are too spread out to get shots. And helping themselves to pro Duce. A Farmer coming to town and acting this Way would land in jail within the first hour. The notion that Farmers Are antagonistic toward Hunters and drive them away just to be cantankerous is in most cases incorrect. Approach almost any Farmer in a forthright manner and you will probably be surprised at Thi Friendly reception you la get. We should also consider the important part played by the Farmer in wildlife conservation. His association with cautious and con the Busy Holiday season and a litle bad weather have brought hinting and fishing activity in he area to a near standstill. However the Days after Christ Mas should find lots of individuals dashing out with High Hopes to go with the new gift equipment they plan to try out. Looking through old copies of the morning news we came across an item that appeared in he dec. 25, 1947 Issue of this Sheet and we believe the advice t gave 1947 Hunters is Good for 1957 Hunters so Here t is again since Farmers control a great Deal of our Good Hunting lands it s important that Hunters conduct themselves in a Way that will establish them As Welcome visitors rather than destructive trespass is. Jim Kjelogard. Outdoor writer and sportsman reminds Hunters hat they must observe the Simp esl rules of Courtesy if they sex j Aileen magistrate s mind act to enjoy the Freedom of this that the defendant was guilty of and. I shooting doves Over bait since by asking the Farmer s perils the magistrate himself was the Sion to Hunt and by respecting crops and improvements once he s in the Field the Hunter creates siderite Hunters encourage him to provide suitable cover and feed for game Birds and animals. Goodwill for himself and for other sportsmen. There Are Many Hunt ers who behave like wilful Chil Iron when Hunting farm lands rampling crops breaking fences official fines self for Hunt violation there was no doubt in the defendant. The magistrate and half a other Hunters were apprehended shooting doves Over bait and the magistrate immediately held court right in the Dove Field with the evidence of the Guill on the guilt. Give him a Schaefer gift certificate Hoefer to Schaefer sport Pooh to trousers. To Ivo Rumbo flannel Chaefer Tuxedo Choeor full dress suits tolls Hoefer White dinner jackets Clyburn the tailor 151 last Evans almost a world s record James shorty Canup Charlotte n. C. Fisherman was the grand prize Winner in the deep sea division of the 1957 Northeast South Carolina anglers Rodeo. Canup displays the grand prize winning 103 Pound dog snapper left and a 93 Pound Amber Jack both caught in Early september off Lithe River s. C. The huge dog snapper was Only seven pounds Short of the world s record. Myrtle Beach chamber of Commerce photo boats and trailers clearance for inventory we Stock parts for Gator boat trailers terms on new Mercury outboard motors move up to a Mercury for 1958 Complete line of boat hardware paint life jackets and cushions Bird s Supply store Charleston Highway Florence s. C. We have two factory trained mechanics give a gift subscription to the Florence morning news folks away from Home will especially enjoy the daily visits of your morn ing news subscription it s the one gift that pleases ail. And remember a subscription to the morning news is a wonderful gift that says merry Christmas every Day fill out and mail this Coupon today morning news Florence s. C. Dole enclosed find for which please mail the morning news per month to the following person . Name address City i ordered by addresses stale a Christmas card will be sent upon request with every subscription

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