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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 20, 1970, Florence, South Carolina4fd sunday de Mew 20, 1970 Mir Nurr Irwin Tatj four handed doctors could end shortage editor s note one Way to medic is one of about 400 Young assistants should be licensed by Cal Field could rarely get jobs Tant of All paramedic pro ease the doctor shortage says j american men and women who the state and who would be i much higher than Hospital Ord injects. One medical authority is to Ere Are pioneers in something new Able in malpractice cases. Relies. And registered staff Here Are examples of . S ate. Four handed still controversial on the some officials say the aver nurses average less than already on the Job and even eight handed american medical of age physician and registered a year. In a ghetto area of Durham in this dispatch a Veteran api fort to develop possibly thou nurse might resist the idea of a the Effort to develop thou ., Joyce Nichols 30, Mother medical writer reports on a of relatively highly new category of health of . S is still in its three children does medical Ding Effort to do just that by trained physician s assistants and others wonder whether a i Fant 400 Are in problem solving ranging she giving physicians extra pairs of1 to help ease the National Short tents will accept the concept training to join the present says from performing phys trained hands age of 50.000 doctors. Several government analysts . S. It is a part of a stil exams and conducting blood Al Al Al also say there is As vet no solid broader Effort by private other tests on kids who Nev by Frank Carey officials forecast a red of Leal can Check Federal health officials to devel j0 helping round up a science writer of the physician s assist ill Risin of medical care stray dogs and having them Washington a i a s a h o while the Are not per for it k vaccinated Day recently in North Carolina s function at milled i make final diagnosis l. More nurses to Cope with in the combined emergency Corn and tobacco Belt a he incr Han Linoso of a prescribe drugs or inject Long existing shortages. There room and clinic of Imogene Bas Good looking Young Man per nurse but lower than a regular lion-5 on now Only 7iki.doo at work. Sett Hospital Cooperstown formed the following medical i doctor and who would act Only trained to take medical Histo compared with deemed i . W0rks Michael Brown. 24, acts even though he has no i under direction and supervision Ries do pm Sical examinations j needed right now and an Esti former Marine corps medic. Of a licensed physician electrocardiograms of the i mated needed by 198.1 recently he made a provisional not necessarily always in his Boss s later evaluation per Orma 2. More paramedics of Var i is of Jna meningitis in presence. Certain Tesla of wus types to Cope with Man pow a sent d rom his or. Walter c. And White blood in All Allied health spine and it confirmed and Nuses i More closely specified by a Tor. In Portland Ore. Benjamin Cense to practice Medicine he sutured the badly Cut hand of a woman from the Pickle factory who Cut herself with a broken Jar. He applied in hand of dressed the who punctured his foot by step freeing physician Pirig on a Rusty Nail and gave from routine chores and allow him a tetanus shot. Them to s he did preliminary concern tons on about 50 people with More sophisticated Lyrl ments ranging from diabetes tour diagnosis surgical assistants can the common sold and he com the american doctor Doclot crosses at surgical training for careers As Day or minor surgical plated lengthy medical summar Bor aim s thu 1 i operation and those trained As tired nurses upon their Refre j is that led to the discharge of his Back undo assistants can Deli ment in a Tew years. Cysts and suturing lace a two patients from the local hos loan Thrier another Pilot program at in tons. Uneill Tuena a Diilio Ludo. I. I git Wood Calif is training res my. U Lams and about 80 Miles South ready to take on such assist who will assist them in Ellal i Only Quick was to get Back g. Of. S j the physician s assistants t of tonhnin., of d Berger 26, who was wounded a. Tin april ventures in these two while a Navy Hospital corpsman and allow a so Cutain i a. S include a federally in Vietnam works in the outta More things but Only i supported program at Hunter Tient clinic of the Kaiser Perma Wilh ample College where 100 new medical group facility. Assist police officers and firemen Are he says he sees about 30 a Stephen Joyner left discusses patient s a Ray with or. Elliott Dixon Joyner a physician s assistant in Ayden n. C., frees doctor of routine chores i unprecedented patient loan. Quick Way to get Back cam., is a ammo res the cd f t ,7 t1 the own has no doctor so but or. Richard c. Reynolds i medic at she said in a and Stan Honl. Joyner 27. Of j extra ,1 whom a a years ago at Duke University Schwebach is a kind the University of Florida j statement for a nation Ayden Did All this with in addition he said we by and an estimated care that Onia school of Medicine Durham medical first line of defense for medical school himself a be Al Magazine for nurses knowledge and approval certain the plan will result in hos ital emergency yen c since then Abolt 25 other area Widel Hever in the Over All objectives however we do not believe of North Carolina Legal Authon belter care for More people at a nurses Are Raed As chief Poten room could o her before. The g have been started residents. Like All oth iof the . Project says As the american medical Asso ties. Moreover he had the bless lower tial sources of tramese for project credited with having. A states primarily in medical under the the of any pm Vii. The is an a j vision touch fought against unlicensed practitioners. Cations. A year. There Are Legal up to now sex corpsmen the physician s assist of the programs she can personally professional and economic 7n Tux Joyner a former air Force j such As whether the physicians they wanted to stay in the medi i about 70 per cent but one is a four year program i tents problems and a few involve less than a year of academic training. In general though the Shorter the course the More stringent the requirements for previous Aca or health Field expert Demic ence. One . Program restricted to sex military medics is called continuing use of . S May in time alter these attitudes. The trend favored is to avoid i i licensing of . S in contrast of nurse manpower at a time when a nurse shortage already to doctors and rvs so As to this new Breed of medics in their work. But under such pro posed Laws . S would have to be ruled qualified by a state s Board of medical examiners Fedex and is based at the and could wok Lender the University of Washington j drrectj0n and supervision of a i j trainees spend Only three Censed physician. Months on academic work then another 12 months being trained the Job by doctors who had Uii me Jav by Viiu i i previously agreed to hire them. There would be interested in Hir 1 inn o i it jul a rvs if Tupu Many i physicians will use a s to provide maximum flexibility Tor f them see a great Many Thio Nauf i Dah in More patients. Most primary care family doctor Type physicians Are already supersaturated with patients. Not unreasonably they will use the . To help reduce their work Eileen Jacobi associate exec Justive director of the american nurses association contends that nurses often Are not used to their full potential because still another question centers on the attitude of patients. A recent Survey in Wisconsin indicates that doctors physician s assistant Joyner Lightens the Load of his doctor associate at left he checks patient s lungs and at right he examines a specimen under Microscope in addition to such mostly male . Programs there Are 15 others designed to produce other types of top level physician s assistant so called family nurse practitioners and paediatric nurse Assoc most such trainees Are registered nurses seeking training to perform duties and achieve pay Levels beyond those of the aver age . One example of such a practitioner at work is mrs. Martha Schwebach an . With ten years experience. She was trained As a family nurse practitioner at the University of Mexico school of Medicine and works in the tiny Village of is fascia beyond the Sandia Moun ing . S right now if they were available. And Ama s Bornemeier says that projecting the Early this year two govern ment doctors writing in the . Journal said the con Sumer May show Resis Ance to the use of per Simian assistants for Many reasons the most important being a concern about receiving care of inferior Quali but or. .1. Elliott Dixon of a Den. N.c., the family doctor who hired Stephen Joyner in August 1969. Said he s not had a single tors Are not willing to let them complaint about using an aide perform anything More their routine duties. Wisconsin Survey to All 50 states the Ana believes physicians Means that 100.000 doctors Are have the right to develop Indi than and so far As i am aware i have not lost a single patient be cause i had a physician s assist ant working with advertising deadlines for the Christmas Holiday movie orphan the family film i Radnitz films the Little Ark in Holland editor s of Pardon the express on. That one problem is the ironically Type film that irks the contained that there is no j where have the family films rare Type of entertainment image of the term family York born generally mild Man Lack of family films Only a Lack gone every once in a wife teacher and Mother of film itself. Sophisticated Atli jeered producer. It s not j of a family film audience there s a sound of or a teen at d children in new .ler-.eiices. Whether they will admit Industry s treat Jack Valenti Ivi Faa presi a Scrooge for Christmas or a Scy can Tike her offspring toil or not. Shy from the family Mienl of the family film or Lack i Dent has noted it is both Disney rerun. But what about Sec. The kind that group of i to i associating bucolic with of it. I amusing and frustrating to hear the rest of the year picketed the wholesome with Dull the complaints and then watch theater in Washington d.c., land a g rating with Sloppy sen ions Lac the my usury the next family film die at the by Norman Goldstein a Mil last Spring claiming it mentality or inane comedy. Said. Why Don t we try because those who associated press truer there were no kiddie pictures i Radnitz too. Would prefer an the complained of the business out for this Type of film Amsterdam in this available in the neighbourhood other preferably no which often tries to succeed by j Werc nowhere to be found when Era of Frank adult movies j the kind that would answer the. The Only dirty word left in Holly question from that Mother in ivc Nevil lib e it. It must be kind of a word that adequately states easy to do but they made there is much that is i Don t like it but m s better i them with their left undeniably True in that assess Wood. it seems is family i Michigan who asked is there something wrong with product with the unique exception of ing a Good clean copying previous successes. My Heater advertised for a and occasionally they would j Disney no one major movie i Robert has dedicated Jhan children s my film they sold them with the n publication Date -tues., dec. 29 won., dec. 28 Sun., dec. 27 thurs., dec. 24 wed., dec. 23 company is providing a Contin this professional life to providing in which the protagonists children. Other than that. I Vej answers to such family Market the emphasis plaints. Instead is on the bold daring i Radnitz. Colum cd to Holland. O and Bodt tour rom original co e p t i o n sex oriented product and to Leo where he Marie dog of flan through the final print and it Hoo. 10 film 1 he r. L limn or inc uni to Holn Coll if always Felt i be been making a j 1s a do it yourself pro i film to the Best of my ability. Id Leer who withe the film Sion take the rest. Jeers i years ago to film the at himself. I a i would Hope that when Chil America since the system began of two orphans during the floods see my films they arc of s47 films rated by the Mounie from Jan do Ilar Tion picture association of tog s Book about the adven1 then goes out to help sell it. Rad nit Drew a picture of an Industry in trouble and said the Industry has been shot 304 the Netherlands in 1953. It Isia Iong Watn he has in Spanin Diilio film All family j numerous speeches promo ing j nobody can put in november. 1908, tagged either r or a sixth that youngsters under 17 such family Type fare. A Unity dumpty together not see them without a Parent cameras Here on the of is not or could not see them in car focus on a unique location prefer to have term Ance of inundated Homes and i the Only the film s principals actor Folk not . Of All. An estimated 200 other j roofs anchored or Man films self applied the prohibitive i atop Lake to give the appear j x rating. The family it seems is indeed an orphan of the Box office minded movie Industry Only Christ Mas easter or during summer its place in the Cinema Sun. Is Radnitz parts Singer musician Theodore Ribel. 12-year-old Philip farm and 10-vc-ar-old Genevicve Ambas. Or a break in Tennis club jacket Tennis shoe s and White Slacks dialled amiably yet Here on the Ijssel Cicer Kramic the two in a Lively a Lake formed out of what was conversation there Are numerous leg Amples that support Rad nit optimism. Prodi cer David Wolper has set a Deal with Quaker Oats to finance a series of family films metro Goldwyn Mayer in an obvious response to theater owner requests for More family films is releasing a children s Mati Nee series of seven films including two new ones and the revival of such proven successes As the wizard of oth ers also have revival series in distribution works. And there s always Disney. All Are beginning to provide an answer to the complaints of those Young Washington pickets does t mean it should be sup a who carried signs saying Back Mary Poppins land this world is dirty . Is to be healthy it is up to individuals who have to go out and made films they believe in. I happen to believe in i c added simply because it has the name family film on it consist family films. The Disney organization. He de scribes those films As sugar a and View of a Ciciley Poi world. If Ifasi Iilva picture. Over existed it does t today. Industry in its defense. . Deadline deadline sat., dec. 26 sat., dec. 26 thurs., dec. 24 tues., dec. 22 mon., dec. 21 400p.m." mon., dec. 21 won., dec. 21 Don t be late most so called films in that area Don t stimulate youngsters comparing in and of audience Crea Ilif Guider Zee in the picture Lvi Niles of the of id if you could Only set1 esque Countryside of the North j comic strip to kids when they Sec some coast of the Netherlands where i rapport with Hie youngster is wooden shoos still stand outside qty Prealo f and apparent the farmhouse door where in his films dog of windmills still Dot the lowlands my Side of the Moun and Promise the fulfilment of among others he does impossible dreams where talk Down of the Iny but ends of child heroes still hover Wilh him. Over the canals and dikes Here later 43-Yiiiir old pro Tuc Kobert is spending a talked of the complexities million of make a family film and Contra Dillions involved in t yes a family film if you la making family thing that works up Finger to his than Glomp " his head and hands fall As a puppet on a broken siring. The Little a films of orphans floods yet with a child Scye View of More humorous than horrible. Hut it s not Only the Disney Christmas Sale All fixtures greatly reduced s j lighting h. Wayne Joye Man. 179cashuadr. 669-4431 Over daily the Only paper Putin Ltd in Kastern South Carolina

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