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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 20, 1970, Florence, South Carolina2-d sunday december 20, 1970 Scrooge slated at Capri for Ting of tue some of the world s most priceless antique toys dating from Over a Century ago. Were used in the filming of a new musical version of Charles Dickens a Christmas opening wednesday at f1 o r e n c e s Capri theatre. The antique borrowed from some of England s richest private collections appear in two major sequences of the film which stars Albert Finney in the title role of sir Alec guinness Dame Edith Evans and Kenneth More play the Christmas ghosts. Richard Beaumont plays tiny Tim and Karen scar Gil plays his sister Kathy. The antique toys appear Early in the film when Bob c Ratchet and his children gaze admiringly at them in a show window. Rachit is unable to afford the toys on the meager salary his miserly employer Scrooge pays him. The genuine Antiques include ornate dolls houses Glove puppets wooden forts toy trumpets and shelves of finely gowned dolls All made More than a Century ago. Most probably the Best known of Dickens work a Christmas Carol was written in november of 1843 and published the following month. It was to become one of the biggest Sellers of All time. Already six films have been based upon this Book most notably with Lionel Barrymore Seymour Hicks and Alastair Sim playing the role of Scrooge. But none of the previous versions had been filmed As a musical in color nor had they b e e e n photographed on wide screen. Florence theater Calendar Lwi Prev Ltd by flit ten omit Ihm in my him rat a fled m system it Vlad by Molm a Kurt Auklet pm of amt Rico Art Mclim n key g sum him for pm tool Wal Mctie All but Portnall guid Ance Timtim it Rani under 17 not admitted in toss Acampo Ltd by Parent or guardian persons under 17 not admitted because of sex violence crime or Crown Sun. Wed. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid up color starring Paul Newman. Kiddie mat. Christmas tree the Sun. Magic color. Starts thurs. Rio Lobo color starring John Wayne. Capri Sun. Tues. It s a mad mad mad world color. Starts wed. Scrooge g in color starring Albert Finney. Carolina Sun. Tues Sabata color starring Lee Van Cleef. Wed. Thurs. War of Garg Amous color also monster Zero color. Fri. Sat. Undefeated swearing Laws Leeds England York Shire comedians have asked to Eal authorities if they would swear words on stage. Are fed up with Laws that allow four letter words in Lik by and yet threaten comics with cavi fines for using similar language in person tuesday dec j t be Shousho a Cumberland county memorial Arena is radio Reno Del Reeves a ant the Good Tim. Chorlios Greene and the Jelly Gianti Albert Finney As miserly old Scrooge leaves his office in London s Cheapside he sings i hate people As he ambles homeward in the new musical version of the Dickens Christmas classic visits Down Edmonton Canada a Elk Island Park officials report that in july there were visitors to the Park Han in the same month last ear. The Park is 35 Miles of Edmonton. Up color also starring John a company of killers color. Chicle Uri vein . Beyond the Valley of the dolls color starring cinthia Myers. Thurs. Sat. Al Condor color starring Jim Brown also support your local Shiroff g color with James Garner. Palmetto ski vein Sun. Wed. The very Friendly neighbors thurs. Sat. Easy rider also the mercenary Darlington Cinema Mon. Wed. Forbidden also screen test girls Fri. Scissors girl also doctors from of co Florence theatres inc. Now showing shows today at 9 p. M. Phone 662-2931 Hometown reflections Richard Boone is fed up with Hollywood editor s Ber Richard Boone of medic and then have gun will trav he s an actor who just does t seem to be Able to Settle Down. And with film production relatively quiet in Hollywood Bonne has plans to go to Israel next. Duke Paducah Lamar Morris Merle Kilgore w four Guys is tire hours 5 r 38 entertainers 38 biggest country music show of the year by Gene Handsaker associated press Arriler Hollywood a Rich Ard Boone finds Long Long faces Lere and Little eagerness to Excel. There s no sense Here that we want Hollywood to be the greatest in the he says viewing his Hometown dimly. It s we want Hollywood to pay us the biggest salaries " seven years ago the rugged craggy faced sex Star of television s medic and have gun will travel moved with if wife and son to Hawaii. He loaded for a couple of years fished sailed produced a movie in the islands and co starred in others elsewhere including the in Hollywood and new York and the Kremlin in Hel Vinki and Home. This year he starred with Les Ievon in a film in Kracl. and that Jave him his new idea he to produce films there. And perhaps move his family Toj he War threatened Little nation or two years. Israel s fledgling film Indus by. Boone reports has tre Nen Nusly talented exciting Cople with the savvy that i l Nable them to compete. The sense is. If we re not he greatest in the world by the a after tomorrow we will Boone currently is leading an Utlaw band in a John Wayne ilm on location in Mexico. Dir in Lime out recently he flew to Hollywood to stand in for israeli dress Liana mercy As speaker t a rally. Miss Meni i. Who la Star in a one pc action in Israel Isar of her left leg soms months when Lerr nuts climbed an 1 Al plane in Munich now fur tic r Surgen. In an interview River asked if to his Mil " in for Good. I me Aid. Think there Are o Manv place in the world that Are More inter Esting to live that give you a j Chance to work More productively i m tired of working in an environment when Neonile Aron doing you a favor to come to work. Jobs Are locked in by Union rues. They re sinecure. A Man works differently when he has tenure than when he Basu l. But the labor Cost is Only part of what brought Holly Wood to its Knees. The worst co pout in the world is to blame la Bor exclusively for part of becoming a High Rise Complex. There was intense uncontrolled stupidity at the top Here corruption nepotism Rac ism. All those things contributed to the mess Hollywood s was Boone also fed up with Hollywood As a place to live yes. My son was 10 years old we lived in the West part of los nicely we lived my son had never been to school with a negro or a mexican. And this is in Southern California. I Felt i was not giving him a fair shake As far As education is concerned. In Hawaii he goes to school with every kind of kid that was Ever born on one of his infrequent visits to Hollywood Boone said i see Long Long faces. And As a place to live the problems smog traffic the race situation education motivating Young seem to be getting worse. The film City he now finds unattractive is part of los an Geles where Boone a seventh generation Nephew of Daniel Bonne was Horn 53 years ago. At various times after graduation from Stanford University i venture the Richard Boone he worked As oilfield Rousta bout commercial Fisherman and bartender. At Scenic coast a dramatic anthology lasted Only one season. And so to Hawaii. Al Monterey he painted sats for a summer Stock company a did t want to live in started a career As an artist. World War ii began. Boons joined the Navy and spent four years As an Aerial gunner. You can t carry an easel on a Torpe do plane so i wrote. Short Sto Ries imitating Hemingway and Dos Passos but i realized my dialogue was poor. So when the War ended i joined the neighbourhood play House in new York on the gig Bill to learn to write. I Southern California any More he said. The cancellation of the anthology was a bitter disappointment but it was t really what caused me to move. It was simply a Case of my not wanting to do any More ser ies television. And in that Case since i m Only five hours away from l.a., Why not live in a for a couple of years i just i thought i d get in with a sort of recharged my batteries. Tors and see How dialogue was done then found ,1 had a Talent for acting and away i he toured with Dorothy Gish in the did 10 pictures for 20th Century Fox then entered to. for two years he saved lives at the operating table on med i became interested in what was going on politically and started to work with retarded children funds visiting schools talking to youngsters being an Active participant in the pro six feet one and a half with a prominent nose and Granite face pock marked by teen age acne he was a Pioneer in Hollywood s trend to Unhan some leading men. Next for six years Rode the old West in have Boone also became a yachts Man sport Fisherman partner in a Saloon and president of the Kona big game club. Last december a producer a lawyer and a director came to Boone with a script they wanted to film in Israel where Money Boone available. Madron is the first Ameri gun will his following can Story with an american to palp Sinf in Trapl in nip said. Cale shot in Boone said. Locale is supposed to be new Mexico and the Mesquite in sound. Local product is in he brew which limits the Market they spend to to make a movie. But they re tremendous accomplishes and have the Poten tial to make a film Industry in Israel besides producing he wants to serve As a consult ant to the film Industry. The plan i m working on is to years with a continuity of pro detion to upgrade the israe film Industry to the Point there they will have the ability of compete on the International Boone said. If i can see enough pro duo Tion to last two years i la move my family Boone and his Petite wife Laire a onetime stage dancer have been married 20 years. Son Peter 17, is a senior concen rating on music math and his Ory and a three year varsity Ennis Letterman at Punahoa school Honolulu. But with the conflict with the arabs in t Israel a pretty Dan place to live and work in hese Days of course the War is very present he said. There Vas nobody in our Crew who had t been in the service mostly in the tank corps. Our script girl was a master ser b you never met a pair itch and the kid Cassioy and the Sundance kid shows today at 8 p. M. Phone 662-7731 if Ever this mad mad mad mad world needed scrub Pines and Cactus Are the Geant and a gunnery instructor same. J but i think you should Perse Crews Are spotty. Some Are vere. If the three million fantastic although they re weak Lis can do it so can at Crown big John Wayne stars As an sex civil War officer who frees a Texas town of carpet baggers and settled an old score with a wartime in former in Rio a Western film drama opening thursday at Florence s Crown theater. The film is rated g. All seats reserved children 12 half Price tickets on at Florence music co. 500 s. Irby St. Tick Eli for Omi Mai reservations dial 484-0161 mail orders Send checks or Money order Poy Able to country shindig stomped Lope 10 p o 454. Voyelle Villo. No pets for gifts gifts for pets 669-3301 Florence Mali i Starr info in color i Caron Alain Germains Ami Paisley a. Randi r Becky thai so starring y Sanford Florence mall hey Fellars Don t miss the big schools out Celebration matinee Only it s now Spencer Tracy Mickey Rooney Dick Shawn i Caesar Phil silvers buddy Hackett Terry Thomas Ethel Merman Jonathan Winters Stanley Kramer its a mad mad mad mad world shows today 3 5 9 p. M. Phone 669-6432 the Man with gunfight eyes comes to kill re an Alberto Grimaloi production Lee Van Creef William berber ethnic lob Semi Stope s United artists pen at . How at feature at the first of the Shock Rock Russ Meyer promised to make the wildest craziest funniest the farthest out musical horror sex comedy Ever released. He has los sunday at Holiday adventure that Dazzles .0. Your eyes. Fills you with fun beyond the Valley of the dolls a Russ Meyer production magic ring first300 children 0 at each theatre All new All live never before on screen everybody 50" this is no a sequel Sheie new been anything like it a 2imi a Cluty Stu of Mii iia us in Boom John u m i

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