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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 20, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaOur 47th year no. 354 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina Florence s. A. Sunday morning december 20, 1970 daily Loc sunday 15e Light radiation from nuclear test spreads Over two states Mercury Nev. A Light radiation spread saturday Over a wide area of Nevada and Utah from an underground nuclear test shot that went awry and burst through the surface the Day before at the atomic Energy commission s Nevada test site. The dec said the radiation presented no danger to human health or life and Only the most minute traces of fallout were deposited on the ground. It is dispersing and thin an dec spokesman said. It is snowing throughout the entire area and that is scrub Bing the air planes follow the radioactive Cloud traced it As far As Provo Utah 450 Miles from the test site the dec said. It was detectable at a height of several thousand feet Altitude Over a 70-mile-wide area of Nevada and Utah stretching from the test site 80 Miles Northwest of Las vegas almost to Salt Lake City. The dec said it was not known How far the radiation i were within permissible Levels would spread before the a for humans the official Joseph dust in the Cloud All fell to the ground. The dec said it was now believed unlikely the radiation Cloud would be detectable in Canada the direction it is headed. When the United states signed the limited nuclear test ban treaty with Russia and 100 other nations in 1983, it agreed not to explode any nuclear device that would produce radiation beyond . Borders. About persons live in sparsely populated Southern and Southwest Utah. The dec said 600 were evacuated from workers the test site s northeastern Corner Fri Day and that 300 of them were found to have traces of radioactive dust on their hair clothing or vehicles. Twenty of them underwent Complete body checks and min Ute Trace of radiation turned up n their bodies an official at the Eckert said i m reasonably ure they he said the 20 were sent to the Laboratory by the dec. He said be did not know their occupation it where they were when the underground test went awry. A rare Day children in Newhall 30 Miles North of los Angeles enjoy a rare frolic in California s sunny dines. They play in Snow s rang6 Fluffy White stuff that fell at Low elevations Friday night As a Chilly Winter storm swept across Southern California. A Senate refuses to curb debate southwestern radiological health Laboratory said. Asked if the radiation Levels Well liked teacher held for robbery try Vicksburg Mich. A a 39-year-old former school teacher and father of four Chil Dren was arraigned saturday on Federal charges of attempted murder by explosives and of trying to Reb a Bank of from to the defendant Marx Ernest of Oak Park a suburb of pistol were found on Cooper police said while three other Sticks of dynamite were in a car in a nearby parking lot. In Oak Park where served nearly 10 years As a teacher friends and re Atves expressed Shock and dismay Over the charges. Filibuster hinged to set funding Washington a the Senate refused saturday to Cut off a filibuster intended to kill funds for the supersonic transport. But behind the scenes Maneu vers encouraged Hope that Congress would be spared a forced return to work on Jan. 3. Nixon threatens to Call Congress Back in january in a 48-43 Roll Call vote that j crisscrossed party and ideological lines senators decided to let debate continue on a House sen ate conference report keeping the set project alive. Tie Senate voted 48 to 43 sat urday to let the debate continue Jon the House Senate conference report which would funds for the set. Provide Washington a presi Dent Nixon plans to Call the newly elected Congress into ses Sion on Jan. 3 unless the current lame Duck session votes his a another Jajor proposals up or Down the White House said saturday. Nixon who earlier had urged several hoursplalim1 cloture petition was filed mean ing that the Senate will vote again tuesday on culling off the Republican leaders of the sen a Compromise a e and House to hold round agreement is reached earlier. Lne Dock sessions even on Sim clean up pending legis after the vote sen. William lation hardened his position Proxmire d-wis., a Leader of saturday afternoon. The filibuster insisted the ear Lier Senate vote deleting All set subsidies must be upheld. If the million approved by the conference is. Approved he declared Tyeve kissed off he was a rather popular Fel demanded preliminary j examination when he appeared before . Commissioner Lloyd Well liked by most of i Fayling at Vicksburg. Colleagues and said unable to Pon Sim Bond i sup Clifford b -ma3. Cooper was lodged in the Mazoo county jail to await examination. Fayling said he came to us As an Elemen he tary teacher and taught at Kay would announce the exam Tion Date next week. Cooper was accused of at tempting to Rob the Michigan National Bank in Battle Creek Friday by threatening to use or attempting to use a danger Ous device which he warned had been placed at various locations at the Bank. The Fri said Cooper was overpowered by four police Detec Tives who rushed into an office at the Bank after receiving an alarm that a a Cebary was in Progress. A bomb capable of cd Lodi was found in the Bank an Fri spokesman said. Authorities added that another bomb was found at a Motel room in nearby Kalamazoo and the explosive was wired to a Telephone. Two Sticks of dynamite and a Yatchman girl Crew overdue san Francisco a a former Steeple Jack who has been testing the myth that women aboard sailboats Are bad Luck was overdue saturday of his latest voyage a Pacific trip with three female crewmen. The coast guard asked All merchant shins along the West coast to look for the 48-foot neophyte too which is four weeks late on its voyage from Burat Subo Japan to san Francisco. Its skipper Lee Quinn 43, is a Veteran sea adventurer who has logged More than Miles since 1962 using 85 women of 23 nationalities As Crew members. A coast guard spokesman said the yacht sailed from Japan oct. 11. The voyage was to have lasted 45 Days. The Crew members were identified by the coast guard As Pat seedsman 27, an australian Chozo Saeki Yonko 18, and a rub Kume 29, both Japan Sec. Quinn a former Steeple Jack from los gatos calif., has received More than offers from women Ages 18 to fio since he began giving them an Opportunity to sail the High seas with him. Grade school then took addition Al training and became a Spe Cial education teacher working with mentally retarded kids for about two May recalled. Cooper resigned his year position dec. 31, 1966, and strikes continue in polish port torn by week of strife Warsaw a strikes persisted saturday in the tense Northern port of Szczecin after nearly a week of bloody rioting against Price increases that spread destruction in polish Cit Warsaw television showed a entered the sound recording three minute picture of havoc in business hoping to Butler pro vide for his family May said. At the time he added Cooper s wife was expecting their fourth child. Alex told a reporter for the Royal Oak Tribune that his father had been working As a sales Man of educational materials. He said the family last saw Cooper at Home thursday night. Everybody is just he said. He was what you d Call a family Man. Everybody says that he s very devoted to the kids. He s fantastic he s a great Guy. He has things to say about today s world problems he and i used to rap in front of the to set. He had t any prob lems. Everybody got along with him. I just can t Gdansk focal Point of the Vio Lence where damage has been estimated at million. Viewers saw blazing build Ings burned houses and looted stores with wrecked shelves broken windows and goods littering the floors. The polish news Agency said the situation was tense in Szczecin but added however there Are no the radio in Szocin reported some enterprises were not working normally it mentioned a strike at the War ski shipyards. The broadcast said workers wanted to express their de mands in formulations written on posters which say economic strike and not a political other broadcasts said work had been resumed in shipyards in the Baltic ports of Gdynia and Gdansk where the rioting broke out monday. The riots left at least 20 per sons dead and hundreds injured. In Stockholm a swedish Engi Neer returning from a business trip to Czechoslovakia said he saw soviet troops stationed in Czechoslovakia moving North Ward toward the polish Border about 50 Miles away. Rolf Bergstroem of Malmoe told the Stockholm newspaper expressed i have travelled his Way several times before but i have never seen such a lot of russians. Altogether i saw 50 vehicles including swedish evening newspapers speculated that the soviet orces which hav been in since the 1968, soviet led invasion migh5 be moving to the polish Frontier to reinforce polish militiamen in Case of new rioting. They said he soviet Union presently has some troops stationed in Poland. Other swedish reports said life in the riot stricken polish cities was returning to Normal. No new reports of violence reached the capital saturday. Earlier in1 the Day rumours spread that factories near War saw which has so far escaped violence would be struck. But newsmen who toured four of the five biggest plants saw no sings of disturbance. There were no militia trucks or patrol cars around and factories appeared to be working normally. Said one worker As he ended his midday shift a few people have handed in their party cards hut nothing else has Hap Warsaw radio said the Trinity areas of Gdansk Gdynia and Sopot were quiet. Destruction was reported widespread not Only in Gdansk but in Gdynia Sopot and in Szczecin formerly the German City of Stettin. Buildings were burned shops were looted and houses were destroyed. Communist party Headquarters in Szczecin was burned. Mayor Mcleod presents key to the City to Gottlieb looking on Tot ceremonies honouring industrialist it sen. E. N. Zeigler ceremonies Here Honor Gottlieb by Ralph Kaney morning news staff writer David Gottlieb chairman of the Board of Alamo manufacturing inc., o f Florence was presented keys of the City and named an honorary citizen in ceremonies at the Sheraton Motel and Florence country club saturday night. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Industry s mov ing into the pee Dee the Pioneer and Post world War ii industrialist was honoured by High ranking company officials Ami local stale and National political and business leaders. In a Resolution of appreciation presented by mayor David Mcleod on behalf of the. City of Florence Gottlieb was congratulated for his Wisdom and vision and the Confidence he had in mayor Mcleod noted that the company headed by Goll Lich had Sec Gottlieb i age 2-a four u. S. Craft lost in Vietnam Saigon command a the . Announced sunday she loss of four aircraft including an air Force f4, fighter air Nebr shot Down Over the plan of jars Laos. Four americans were reported killed and 19 wounded. The three other aircraft lost were helicopters that crashed in scattered sections of South Viet fifteen american aircraft have been lost in Indochina Dur no the past seven Days one of the heaviest tolls in recent weeks. In a decade of Indochina lighting the United states has Ost aircraft including nearly 500 Over Laos. The Victory we be the current filibuster is a key to a logjam holding up other Senate business a tha May not be broken by the time the 91st Congress legally Pires 12 noon Jan. 3, 1971. Press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler said that if Nixon does lot gel the action he wants out of the dying 91st Congress he will withhold his signature from a measure that would permit the 92nd Congress to Wail until Jan. 21 to Convene. Zeigler said that under the 20th amendment to the Constitution the new Congress would sex have to meet at noon on Jan. 3 i unless Nixon approved of the postponing Resolution. Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield of Montana told the . Air Force fighter bomber was on a f4 mis Sion Over the Plain of jars sup porting laotian ground forces when it was hit saturday after won. The two crewmen parachuted from the crippled Jet and vere recovered by a Rescue Hel copter in Good condition a commando spokesman said. The three helicopter crashes also occurred saturday. A big Marine cii46 helicopter just into flames from in Nown causes crashed and was destroyed 25 Miles South of a Headquarters said 19 americans and one former ene newsmen that if Congress does t finish its business it May Well be that we will con Vene the next Congress at . On Jan. 3rd." that never Las happened and both Cham ers already have approved Jan. 21 for opening the new con Gress. The off stage struggle for workable compromises on major Bills came against a presidential threat to bring the new Congress into action on Jan. 3. Instead of Jan. 21, coupled with his urging that sunday and around the clock sessions be re sorted to to break the legislative deadlock. Although there was Little on the record reports of Progress from the were heard Lions on the efforts concentrating on a proposal that would permit funding of the transportation department including set until february with Assur ances the Senate Ihen could Vole on the aircraft project. But sen. Henry m. Jackson d-wash., a key Backer of the project reportedly rejected the proposal and further talks were put off until monday. Senate sources said Resolution dispute holds Journ ment. The key this and my Soldier serving As a scout vere wounded. Enemy gunners shot Down to oh6 Light observation Heli oilers one 30 Miles Northeast f Saigon and another 155 Miles Lort cast of the capital. The our crewmen aboard the two Icli copters were reported killed. American authorities anticipated More rocket and mortal attacks to Mark the Viet Cong s Observance of he 10th Anmer the defense Money Bill the measure which is tied in with the regular foreign Aid Money Bill and Nixon s re see filibuster 1 age 12-a Ziegler quoted the chief executive As saying the failure of this Congress to act Means that matters of urgent importance that mean jobs and income and affect millions of americans and americans in need could be delayed for As much As a year because of the failure of this Congress to kidnappers nabbed making rendezvous Erlanger Germany a two kidnappers who overslept and missed their first rendezvous with the victim s parents were arrested saturday night when they showed up for a second meeting. The 7-year-old girl who had been held for 30 hours on de Mand of Ransom was returned safely to her parents. Police in this town near Nuernberg said thy arrested Heinhold Diechert 18, and his brother Waller 20, when they met Rainer Basel to Exchange Lis daughter for the Money. One of the Brothers took the irl from her parents Home Fri Lay morning after tying up mrs. Base and her 8-year-old son police said. Police were waiting and arrested the two men who had the in the car with them. Police Aid the Brothers said they ailed to show up at 5 . Be cause they overslept. Traffic Accident Sparks Okinawa riot sary of the formation of its National liberation front. All re ports indicated a quiet night in Saigon however. The Viel Cong marked Satur Day s 24th anniversary of the Start of the Indochina War with a rocket attack on Saigon that killed six vietnamese civilians and wounded eight. The . Command said there were three rocket and mortar lacks saturday night against acne Rich units or installations in South Vietnam. Sec Indochina i age 12-a a traffic Accident involving an american Serviceman touched off four hours of rioting by Okinawa ans at a u. S. Base sunday. See Page 12-a. Former russian Premier Khrushchev s memoirs add up to a condemnation of the soviet system. See re View Page 6-c. Index building 10-c Buist Csc i a deaths 2-a editorials 4-a features 1-1 Gallup 5-a Horoscope 7-a sports 1-c the latest Gallup poll finds the popularity of president Nixon land sen. Muskie almost evenly matched Ahkiong voters. See Page 5-a. Weather partly Cloudy with the High near 70 to Day. Chance of rain tonight with Low around 40. Cloudy with Chance of rain Monefay and a High in Tho upper 50s. Details Paga 3-a

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