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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 18, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaA Lurner Floming Friday my Emma ii 1970 i Neep a Uttke help Veah i wonder what i should Anta kin6 Andy Capps pet i m sorry i be bin verve pack be a Rotten time t1 be sorry lao i m Skint Goff a. Carroll Mio tiits Dick Tracy , but . Eating off the to stove whilst Harry s stomach harrys Only Plav acting that dad rotted no Good hurts one hair of harrys head Little Abner not even that s what s one o them j so weird f about this always Chasin chasm him what s 9 i a Skull full of Diamond which arouses the Diamond it was in Manitoba 1 huns 9vasvt66th prom Sapt Gss an Pua yep the part of a icicle. Snave. A Hastu no prom6barvo v hah j Pua feb a pa9 hmcl6 Sam s ca0ik-" 5uch 1 you sp6ak your wn65f Blondie it s the same thins Only it does t Nave any veal in it Well you should be ordered the veal Stew lfwi9-.be6f Stek does f Mary Worth now been a delightful evening Larry on1 tur real but i do have a Date be at my de5k. Tomorrow i i for myself 1 Hope so1. Beatle Bailey a there d the Little Pickens set to an Avav it la Mem a Little time id adjust Mutt Jeff its a Nice feeling a wee before 7 i Christmas from the Cir Roll Riehler Institute general tendencies a Day and evening to do All of the Little tasks and chores that must be done. When you have them behind you be sure to take advantage of the Good and important Days ahead and put vital arrangements into execution. Health work shopping apparel All easily arranged now. Cleanings too. Aries mar. 21 to apr. 19 cooperating with co workers and handling those tasks ahead of you in your own inimitable style is Good now. Add to vitality by right treatments during spare time. Show that you have plenty of stamina. Taurus apr. 20 to May 20 get those Beauty treatments you need and Start getting yourself looking fit for the holidays ahead. Put creative skill to work today. Make this a Happy and productive Day. Gemini May 21 to june 21 family affairs need your attention today so be sure to put them first on the Agenda. Don t encourage what has been causing trouble in the past. Save time for fun tonight. Moon children june 22 to july 21 make sure you mail out those last minute Christmas cards and shop for gifts you had omitted on your list do Home cleaning and fixing up. Talk Over with friends How to be More efficient in the future control your temper. Leo july 22 to aug. 21 fix your budget and then take care of gifts for the holidays ahead. Fix property so that you. Can take More Pride in it. Spending Money wisely is the keynote now. Buy a new outfit for yourself. Virgo aug. 22 to sept. 22 any personal affairs you want to work out with others is Fine but be sure you give attention to details. Pay More attention to your health too. You can improve vitality easily and considerably. Libra sept. 23 to oct. 22 you can go through with whatever you have in mind either alone or with the Aid of an expert. Start Early. A Good Day to get packages wrapped. Buy any new clothing you need for the Holiday. Scorpio oct. 23 to nov. 21 you Are interested in doing whatever your friends desire you to do. This can be very pleasant even if it Means grappling with details. See How you want conditions around you to be and Start changing them to your taste. Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec. 21 improve your credit by paying Bills. Also make collections that have been lagging. Doing All those things that stamp you As an excellent citizen is Wise. Make it a Point to get wardrobe improved. Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan. 20 you have excellent ideas to make your life More successful and Happy by adopting a new philosophy of life. Talk with that newcomer who can open up new activities to you. Be wary of strangers. Aquarius Jan. 21 to feb. 19 you can handle All the details of promises you have made with others today. The future can be More successful As a result. Mate gives Fine suggestions now that should be put in motion. Pisces feb. 20 to mar. 20 attend to Small duties such As finding the right gifts for new friends you have made Young children friends. Put your ideas to work that will improve your financial standing. Cut Down on expenses. If your child is born today he or she will be one of those delightful Young people who will want everything in perfect order and will pitch in and do the work necessary to get it that Way. Be sure to teach Early to Complete a Job once it is started. Ideal Chart for whatever is of a specialized and detailed nature such As in laboratories libraries police and All other investigative professions. Give Good ethical training. The stars impel they do not what you make of to for life is largely up to you Carroll Righter s individual forecast for your sign for january is now ready. For your copy Send your birthrate and to Carroll Righter forecast Florence morning news Box. 629, Hollywood Calif. 90028. Mcnaught ask got a question for Andy write it on a Post card and mail it to the Florence morning news p. O. Box 911, Florence s. C. 29501. Andy Andy sends a Complete 20-Volurae set of the world Book encyclopedia to Wendy Bogart age 12, of Parma Heights Ohio for her question How does a fluorescent lamp create Black Light this so called Black Light comes from ultraviolet rays that Are invisible to human eyes. However when they Shine on various chemical substances they cause them to glow with an eerie assortment of colors. This is what happens in Eer Ain fluorescent tubes and also in ultraviolet lights intended o be used As sunlamps. The ultraviolet rays Are called Black ight because we do not see them but we do see their lighting effects on certain surfaces. Ultraviolet Light is part of the Radiant electromagnetic Energy that streams out from the Sun. The rays of Light Are As sorted wavelengths All whisking along at Miles per second. A Glass prism bends the wavelengths at different angles and separates the colourless Light into the Rainbow bands if the spectrum. It reveals the longest wavelengths As a Bandi if red the next longest in bands of Orange then yellow and Reen. The shortest wavelengths reveal themselves in a Range if blues to dark purple. But where Are those ultraviolet rays they should be there beyond the Blue end of the spectrum but their Short wavelengths Are invisible to our eyes. The wavelengths of Light Are measured in angstroms and there Are about 250 million of tiny Angstrom units in one Inch. Vith Normal vision we can see colors with wavelengths rang no from about to angstroms. The wavelengths of ultraviolet Range from to 100 times Shorter than the hottest visible Blue rays. Though invisible to our eyes they Arry forceful electromagnetic Energy. A prism of Ordinary Glass usually absorbs the ultraviolet ays but a prism made of Glassy Quartz lets them through f their Energy shines on certain Rock samples it causes hem to glow with strange eerie colors. It can Tan your skin Lut Marks on film or act As a germicide to sterilize air food in the operating room in a Hospital. This invisible Energy also an destroy living cells create severe sunburns and damage Man flesh. This same invisible Energy can be used to create the magic of so called Black Light. In this Case the ultraviolet rays Are related when electric current passes through a fluorescent ube. This excites the molecules or Mercury vapor or other ases sealed inside. They Emit ultraviolet radiation and lie inside of the Glass tube is coated with special chemicals hat make the Best of it. They absorb the ultraviolet and con Cert it Back to visible Light. The various colors depend on the Oft of chemical coating inside the fluorescent tube. High flying satellites Register the quota of ultraviolet above he atmosphere. An enormous amount of this invisible electromagnetic Energy pours from the Sun. But apparently most of it filters out As the solar radiation plunges Down through out atmosphere. The full quota would be too much for us. Fortu lately our lives Are sheltered by the gaseous air with its Doudy moisture and its floating particles of Dusty debris. Andy sends a world Book Atlas to David Inglis age 3, of Merrill British Columbia Canada for his question where on the map is Sanda Island most maps do not show Little Sanda Island but you will ind it marked right there in your gift world Book Atlas. Turn. O the map of Scotland on Page .13 and notice How Many Small stands swarm around the ragged shores. You won t find Sanda among blustery Orkney islands off the North coast nor Ter hebrides islands strewn far into the North it Antic. But Yon Are headed in the right direction if you con Niue southward among the inner hebrides islands off Scot crossword Puzzle Ngn Acton Raffl Herb i loll across Reidh huh 25. Young Lish 4. Greek letter 26. One stroke in 7. Festival Golf 11. Old wine vessel 27. Mugger 12. Fearless 28. Myself 14. Moonbeam 30. Finished 15. Calculate 32. Skyline 16. Upon 34. Work unit 18. Married 35. Girl s nickname dilution of yesterday s Puzzle 19. Article 36. Civil injury 20. Always 37. Ease 43. Cupel 22. Pronoun 40. And not 44. Fowl 23. City railway 41. Garden Shrub 45. Interview 24. Melody 42. Adjective suffix 38 32 39 33 Par Lime 27 min. A 12-18 Down 1. Water bottle 2. High explosive 3. City official 4. Cravat 6. Entire 7. Treasure 8. Lassitude 9. Supple 10. Revoke a legacy 13. Dis encumber 17. Serenity 21. Compete 22. Mannerism 25. Favouring 26. Corners 27. Beard 28. Glum 29. Dinner course 30. Warehouse 31. Papal Scarf 32. Moor 33. Surrounding areas 35.encore 38. Buddhist pillar 39. Sea Bird contract Bridge by b. Jay Becker top Ricer Holder in individual championship play bidding quiz you Are South both sides vulnerable. The bidding has been East South West North in Dale pass pass t what would you bid now with each the following four hands i 4ak93 4q72 4kjs5 v7 3. 4kj 4. 4ak9s7 1. Pass. Once you be doubled or takeout you Are under no obligation to bid again unless partner responds with a Cue bid a jump bid or unless you Lave values Well in excess of a minimum double. To bid again Over Hoo clubs after partner Las responded in minimum Erms he May have a very poor land would announce More than you have. There is practically no Chance for a ame opposite a two club response and the clearest Way of indicating this is by n pass. 2. Three clubs. Here also you Lave Only 15 Points but the Singleton heart elevates the Over All values of the hand just enough to justify a. Further bid. To is no longer impossible for partner to have the values Nec Essary for a game. No thought should be Given to mentioning your Spades or diamonds. The proper Way of showing support for clubs is by raising them. 3. Two no Trump. Bearing in mind that partner s forced response May be based on a trick less hand two no Trump announces highly substantial values. The temptation to jump impetuously to three no Trump must be firmly resisted since such a leap into the unknown would indicate a tendency to bid in Solo rather than in partnership style. Two no Trump identifies the High card strength of the hand As Well As the balanced distribution and it is thus a More Informatory bid than two Dia monds which is perhaps the Only reasonable alternative. 4. Four clubs. There Are lots of messages you d like to de liver at this Point but since the Laws permit Only one bid at a time you must make the Call Best suited occasion. Most worthy of consideration Are two Spades three Spades and four clubs. The last bid has the great Merit of identifying a. Very powerful hand and at the same time allows partner to get out from under if by any Chance he has been dealt some horrible conglomeration of Deu Ces and treys. Two Spades would understate your values while three Spades forcing would exaggerate them and could result in your being catapulted into an utterly Lio Peless contract. C 3970. King features Syndicate inc tomorrow defense. 12-18-70 the Celebration of Christmas a filled with decorative sym Bols. The Christmas tree is the most prominent of them All. One of the most Beautiful Christmas stories is the legend of the first Christmas landed Down to us and Charm ugly told by Henry Van Dyke. Give it to you in condensed Brm. In the year 724 Bishop Boni Ace called the apostle to Ger Many and his Young assistant Gregory came at the close of Christmas eve to a Village in he Black Forest of Germany. They found it empty and deserted All of the inhabitants Leing gathered around the Sac red Thunder Oak on a nearby Hill. Turning to Gregory the Bis iop4 said yonder is the Thun oaf Here the Cross of Christ shall break the Hammer of the false god accompanied by Gregory the Ishop enters the Circle of Wor shippers and advances to the Lagan altar at the foot of the want Oak. The old priest Hun Rad comes Forward and addresses the visitors who Are you whence come you and that seek you your Kinsman am i of the German brotherhood and from England beyond the sea i have ome to bring you a greeting rom that land and a message from the All father whose ser vant i replied the Bishop the priest then motions them Iside and addresses the people Elling Tern that their god s greatly grieved because of heir neglect and demands a specific sacrifice. Tiie Custo or. Herbert Spaugh Mary sacrifice of a horse will not be acceptable he Saidl he then advances to Lay his hands upon the Young son of the chief of the tribe. The crowd gasps struck with horror As the old priest leads the child to the Latar and pre pares to sacrifice him. He raises the sacrificial Hammer and lets it fall toward the. Child s bowed head but the Bis hop Rushing Forward deflects the Hammer with his staff mounts the sacrificial altar tells the astonished people their god who demands the life of a child is powerless and that Thunder Oak is not he and Gregory then take axes and before the spellbound crowd attack the Oak which soon Falls splitting in Twain. Between the two halves stands a Small Evergreen fir tree unharmed. This Evergreen shall be your Symbol of worship for it represents the god of love who sent his son into the world to proclaim the gospel of the priest is speechless but the f Road is overjoyed that the Youn g Prince son of the chief has been spared. The Bishop orders them to Cut Down the Evergreen and take it into the great Nail. There gathered a round the tree the Bishop tells them the True Story of the first Christmas while Gregory and his companions at the lower end of the Hall chant the old Christ Mas hymn glory to god in the highest and on Earth peace Good will toward read the Story for yourself if you would enjoy it to the fullest. And s West coast. At last you come to the North Channel that separates Scot and from the Northeast coast of Ireland. This Northern Hannel of the Irish sea pinches to a Width of about 14 Miles Lere you turn eastward and curve around a Finger of Scotland called Kintyre. Tiny Sanda Island is a few Miles rom its Southeastern Shore. A More direct route is from Glasgow in the Busy heart of Scotland via an Island waterway o the Firth of Clyde. But that Way you miss All those other interesting islands of Scotland

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