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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 17, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaOur47th year no. 35 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina Florence s. C., thursday morning december 17. 1970 daily Loc sunday is. Army spied on u. S. Civilians Ervin says _ Washington a the army investigated these intelligence agents have during their campaigns for on sen. Adlai e. Stevenson Iii office and while they were in of former gov. Otto Kerner and said Ervin about 800 other civilians in Illi i Nois alone sen. Sam j. Ervin i disputed earlier claims or. Said wednesday. By the military that i Vestiga Ervin a North Carolina tons of civilians were limited to rights said his information was g conduct supplied by a former army agent who was assigned to poll statement that they opposed ical surveillance in Illinois. For did not actively support the it was he said in a government s policy in Vietnam or that they disagreed with j Domestic policies of the administration or that they were in Contact or sympathetic to peo uple wih such aside from Stevenson and Kerner Ervin said the Illinois i target list of the 113th military intelligence group with jurisdiction Over the red democratic rep. Abner Mik i a and a Host of state and local officials political contributors newspaper reporters and Church figures. Lawyers1 at the White House presiden tial press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler said in response to a Kerner now a Federal judge question its inconceivable to i headed the presidential commis me that that would take place. Sion on violence which submit we certainly Don t condone Ted a report that stirred some i controversy i Stevenson told a reporter 1 a spokesman said the j pm j during this year s Campaign. He added that army policy but he thought then the mys Phat Cally prohibits collection of serious photographers with Tele information of the Type report-1 photo lenses were from the of edly gathered in i polite political Camp. Now he said he does t know whether the alleged spying was by the political opposition in Illinois by the military or by the Illinois Democrat added there is no place in a free society for snooping by the Mili tary in the peaceful political affairs of Mikva told the House that if the reported practice is wide spread we have reached a frightening state against civil Ian control Over the chairman George h. Mahon d-tex., of the House appropriations committee said that if the accounts Are accurate he shares Mikva s sense of outrage and will make inquiries at the Pentagon to prevent recurrence of such surveillance. Ervin said the former agent would be called to testify before his subcommittee next february. The senator did not identify informant but the evening Star said he is John m. O Brien. The newspaper reported o Brien identified himself in an interview As a Domestic spy for the army and said his activities the army Sanfert to Deli mine their political views so that in certain situations we would know How they would react whether Thoy would con done violence or be for Novio Viet Cong terrorism continues Saigon a the Viet sharply escalated a holi Day terror Campaign wednes Day night with a grenade attack and bombing in one of Saigon s main . Military housing sections. The . Command announced two american service men and one vietnamese civil Ian were killed and seven americans and 13 vietnamese were wounded in the two blasts. However doctors at the . 3rd Field Hospital reported one american death and said three vietnamese civilians were killed. They also reported 17 americans and 16 vietnamese injured. Sirens screamed through most of the night in the capital As american bomb squads and Mil itary police responded to the emergencies and answered four false alarms from other jittery . Installations. In one attack a Viet Cong Ter. Aorist hurled a fragmentation grenade into a group of Ameri can servicemen and vietnamese civilians standing around a Beer and soda stand outside a Navy Seabee Billet. Doctors at the Field Hospital said three vietnamese were killed and 15 americans and 15 vietnamese were wounded. Five hours after the explosion the . Command said one . Serviceman and one vietnamese were killed and seven Ameri cans and 12 vietnamese were wounded. Three hours later a 35-Pound explosive charge wrecked the lobby of Home Hall a . Offi cers Billet about a mile from the scene of the grenade attack. The . Command said one american was killed and one vietnamese was wounded. Wit Nesses reported two other . Servicemen also suffered injuries. Viet Cong gunners also fire three rockets wednesday Al bin Hoa air base 15 Miles Northeast of Saigon but no damage or injuries were reported. The string of attacks and explosions was the worst wave of Tito risk this year. Authorities speculated the Viet Cong will not let up. In Cambodia communist led forces ambushed one of the government s few remaining trains about 10 Miles Northwest of phenom penh. A communique said two solders Riding As escort were killed and 20 soldiers and civilian passengers were wounded. Home from Vietnam gets est gift Navy it. Dean Hendrickson of new Conan conn., is handed his 3-year-old daughter Leslie As a gift from Junla Claus As he climbs Down from his a4 skyhawk wednesday upon returning from Vietnam to Cecil Field novel air station Jacksonville Fla. Leslie did t seem to recognize daddy after his nine months absence a Senate okays Cambodia Aid at Idaho gop meeting Spiro governors Bury the Hatchet Washington a the Senate approved a new . Aid program for Cambodia wednes Day passing a Bill containing limitations on american assist Ance after cracking through parliamentary roadblocks of out manned opponents. By a Roll Call vote of 72 to 22, it passed and sent to conference a foreign Aidau Thori nation Bill after rejecting 61 to 33, a move by sen. Mike gravel Dalaska to delete million of the million for Aid to Cambodia. Gravel and sen. J. W. Ful Bright dark. Chairman of the foreign relations committee abruptly dropped delaying tac tics against the lid measure after sen. James b. Allen d-ala., seized the floor in a parliamentary thrust and served notice he would Force a vote on a move to thus amendment. We have alerted the Public to what is going gravel old a reporter in explaining Why he decided against further delaying tactics. Enactment of the Aid measure eliminated one possible Barrier to adjournment of the 91st con Gress which goes out of office legally on Jan. 3. But threats of ended debate in senatorial Par Hung Over at least three other measures the department of transportation appropriation Bill containing million for the supersonic trans visions including the bar on . Ground combat troops and advisers a Section making Clear the measure is not to be construed As a . Commit ment to defend Cambodia and a requirement that president Nix on notify Congress 30 Days be fore any other Aid funds Are transferred to Cambodia. Fulbright Lias predicted these restrictions could face difficulty in conference. Mansfield meanwhile denounce d the action of Senate House conferees in watering Down the troop amendment in the defense Money Bill warning that its Sanction of . Efforts in freeing prisoners would permit an invasion of North Vietnam. Mansfield told the Senate. I do not believe that such language represents the majority and predominant View of the Senate. If it wishes the Senate As an institution can re Duce itself to an innocuous behalf of withdrawing troops or i House of Nixon s seventh veto House clamps restrictions on food Stamps Washington a the House voted wednesday night to recast the Federal food stamp program with new restrictions shunting aside a More lib eral version. The vote was 290-68. In a series of earlier votes the House also approved a ban on allowing strikers to use the Stamps then rejected the ban. The measure now goes into conference with the Senate which passed a far More Liberal stamp plan almost 15 months ago. A coalition of House republicans and Southern democrats teamed up initially in head off a More Liberal stamp plan pro posed by reps. Thomas s. Foley imvasli., and Albert h. Quie a Minn. M Sun Valley Idaho a me to change vice president Spiro t. Said following his Pri discussed the 1970 election breakfast session that pain with 21 Republican up the Winter meeting of nors wednesday then Republican governors Asso their differences were meeting he decided no apologies were asked imperative to attend after none were he reports of unhappy on the part of some gop the vice president also the governors some of them rankled by an Agnew speech said he and the governors were highly sensitized previous night that he had what be had heard and intention of changing his remarks to the gop aggressive style of banquet tuesday at which Agnew said the no one attempted to about Republican go Rutgers by bomb new Brunswick aim other than to make an a there were three Calls. Bomb threats wednesday Rutgers Board of Gover Rutgers University bringing had authorized or. Mason 174 the number of such the presi received since september in a mysterious wave of trouble that Las disrupted Campus life to suspend summarily student necessary to protect life and brought a warning the said the authorization May have to reaffirmed Power he Al As on previous occasions had and he warned the bombs were found might have to shut its the telephoned threats if the disruption Contin during the morning and aimed at a classroom building a science Library and a threats at Rutgers began last Spring when 50 were re they tailed off during students teachers and summer but resumed with istra tors at the state beginning of the new term Lave been puzzled by the 14. To Date 143 More have of threats. Some see it As a counted at the main uni Lotical plot to shut Down the Center Here .30 at the varsity. Others View the Calls Branch of a Rutgers and the work of sevc rfcs people Jat the Camden Campus. Bern Lorial losses in 1970 should come to an end. We had a thorough under he told newsmen after the meeting. The governors unanimously adopted a Resolution urging closer Liaison Between them and Agnew. They will go directly to him rather than dealing with White House staff members he said. And Agnew added he intends to attend every meeting of governors in the future. Agnew defended the Tough language he used against the at least one the 1970 Campaign. I have been rather partisan in my attitude of them and i in tend to do so in the a new said. Reaction from governors As they emerged from the Steak and eggs breakfast meeting was that it was constructive and helpful. I was very gratified by what went on in commented Oregon gov. Tom Mccall the most outspoken critic at the Sun Valley meeting. Mccall said it was the most genuine eyeball to eyeball meet ing i be Ever seen. We took some pretty Good Biles but he showed Good poise and handled himself one governor who asked that his name not be used said a new complained at the private breakfast meeting about a Story by it. W. Apple of the new York times reporting dissension be tween the governors and the administration. Por. The Money Bill in which defense Senate House conferees watered Down a Senate ban on . Combat ground troops for Laos cambo Dia and Thailand and the Mas Sive social Security Trade Wel fare Bill. Sen. John j. Williams a Del. Presented a proposal to limit time for debate on All of the remaining pieces of legislation. Several senators promptly blocked the unanimous consent request. The Aid measure includes million for South Korea million for Vietnam million for new economic and military Aid for Cambodia million for reimbursement of manpower training Bill rejected by president Washington a Presil the Bill earmarked billion Dent Nixon vetoed wednesday a billion manpower training Bill he said it would relegate Large numbers of workers to permanent subsidized employ ment. Nixon objected to the form of the measure not the amount of Money involved saying it Only perpetuates and extends the de altogether for Public service employment. After the initial j20ii million spending would have risen to million next year. Million in fiscal 1973, and i million in 1974. Backers contended the pro Gram would create 40.0011 jobs this year and up to by 1974. Fici envies in our manpower pro Yeto of Issac Grams Senate Nixon called for a new the Bill passed the Senate 68 by with sound Many owl. Re. To 13 and the House approved along Watn a family As last thursday 177 to 159. I Sis Lanco program and Federal there these he said is no requirement that Public sector jobs be linked to training or the Prospect of other employment opportunities. Among other things it would have authorized million immediately to Stem rising unemployment by creating thou Sands of Public service jobs. Separate legislation appropriating the funds would have been required. In an Effort to head off a veto Senate and House conferees at the last minute trimmed billion from the amount authorized. Spa Type jobs Are not the answer for the men and women who have them for government which is less efficient As a re sult or for the taxpayers who must foot the Nixon said such a program would be a reversion to reme Dies tried 35 years ago. This was Nixon s seventh legislative veto since he took office two years ago. Hodgson noted that the veto will not affect existing manpower training programs which will continue at a billion level. He said Nixon was opposed Prima Rily to the form of the Bill and wanted to de categorize pro Grams rather than fit new of funding for dead end jobs in the forts into the straitjacket of state local Revenue sharing. Labor James however that Secretary o f Hodgson said passage of a new Bill is less than Likely in the Brief time remaining in this session of con Gress. Nixon said his chief objection was that the Bill provided As much As 44 per cent of the total Public sex ism programs Douglas vows to remain on u. S. Supreme court Washington a asserted his intention to stay on a r e inevitably controversial Justice William 0 Douglas vow the Bench in the face of efforts Douglas said the court has de wednesday to remain on the to impeach him supreme court and challenged1 Douglas said the House Corn fori Mittee which investigated him Douglas and reported no grounds for in president been in the maelstrom from the very beginning of the Young americans to fight rights through the Law. For Indonesia Jordan Lebanon keep the the 72-Ycar Young people As he met and Pakistan. The foreign com newsmen in a court conference Mittee wrote in restrictive pro room. At the same time he pachment had performed went on to Praise Nixon s two appointments to the High court chief Justice Warren e. Burger former sergeant backs it. Galley constitutional duties and 1 Harry a. Blackmun try to continue to perform viewed As conservatives As a member of the Juno often Are on the opposite the Justice spoke to from Douglas in court re for the first time since a group Ness of House conservatives headed Inci uniting to the committee by the Republican 1 e a d e investigation he said he had not Gerald Ford of Michigan began a Hunt for his judicial head. Though cleared it. Galley s former platoon sergeant said he never saw the officer shoot any civilians at my Lai. See Page 12a. How does d Flower child become a football Star see coach Lee Corso s account on Plage 4d. Index ask Andy 9d classifieds 7d Ford and peeled to the committe has the combative Justice his cohorts Are sex resume their drive comics editorials 91 2a 4a mantels sports women 3d id an overweight woman asked a store Santa to take Why like 10 see Page 8b. Weather partly Cloudy and mild today. Fair and mild tonight and Friday. Around 60 Low tonight in mid 40s. Details Page 3a. After the new Congress convenes next month. Reading first from a prepared statement Douglas said he had instructed his lawyer Simon h. Rifkind to give the committee All my files relevant to the in Quiry without any conditions restraints the fifth amendment privilege or he said he always has been proud court to be a member of the and stressed that it always has been and always will be stoutly again indicating that justices read its report even casually but would. Then speaking e x Tempora Neoushy the Justice said he has visited practically every country in the last 30 years and that perhaps my real claim to distinction is that i have never travelled at government sex he said he has found America to bet the most Beautiful nation in the world but that pollution is our big no. 1 the second biggest problem he said is civil rights. Wherever you go you find racial tension religious tension tensions arising out of ideological Douglas said. They Are not Peculiar to this

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