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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 16, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaGrain wednesday Flintstones re Rouee right. A o i. v just re fit _ Chow s Andy ? v is that a goob ver should see of i he4r he got concussion i mean von t they excl teb e when i give in shall improving vicar giviim1 Large br4nbies guess i be cot. A yellow Streak. Little Abner what is e.d.p.? it is extra Diamond perception a gland it lies dormant until a Diamond approaches then the Dlan sits up and taxes which is roused into a frenzy that is often mistaken for love found Only m females even the tiniest engagement ring it sends messages to the entire Pogo Nguu is Sotta work no no Var so nine Pavs without water by the s a Quick St i sees known to so without that s what i like about so understand1ns Well Don t take it v11 Iii i just look at the mistake i made when i i hired is you too the Best of us make mistakes now Ano then Boss i Wade _ a Sis mistake on the Hub lev t s Mary Worth i think we d better go b look for a Workin being endowed 15the Standard of Beauty in some. Guess my ancestors came from one of them if you mean your. Charm5 Are a bit ample teen a Stop Down grading yourself women just Don t turn me. On you Don t have. To kid have a thick Yards i and 6s it j atle Bailey hell like that save it a new coat of paint and put it Neap the Lutfe it at beetles House tote Wlna Mutt Jeff you f be look at what vol did to gosh i just had to m get a shot at Duck Carroll right by s. From the Cir Roll Righter Institute general tendencies arguments and discussions of an unfortunate nature can be try to circumvent an element of risk that could jeopardize your Security. If you relax and let matters work out you find an Opportunity to get ahead. When Opportunity comes accept at once. Aries mar. 21 to apr. 19 go out and have a Good time but be sure that others really want to go along with your ideas. First be sure you get important responsibilities handled Well. Get Home at a reasonable hour in the evening. Taurus apr. 20 to May 20 forget argument Between Kin and an associate who do not agree on certain matters. Think Well before you put through those ideas with others. Make sure they Are practical. Be Wise. Gemini May 21 to june 21 study How to add efficiency to your work and make surroundings More comfortable. Take no chances while in travel. Steer Clear of places where danger lurks or it could be costly. Moon children june 22 to july 21 steer Clear of spending Money foolishly because others Are trying to con you into things that Are not right for you. Use orthodox business methods. Find better ways to economize. Take it easy tonight. Leo july 22 to aug. 21 if you show those at Home you Are concerned about their health and welfare you will get their cooperation for your ideas projects. Don t be forceful or you get nowhere with them. Evening can be a most Happy one. Virgo aug. 22 to sept. 22 although you May have work to do that is getting on your nerves Don t take it out on those around you. Don t complain. Eliminate obstacles that stand in the Way of your Progress and All is Fine. Libra sept. 23 to oct. 22 avoid arguments with a Good Friend which could Lead to Severance of connections. Control your temper. Avoid the social if you can and get Busy on personal matters. Scorpio oct. 23 to nov. 21 Fry not to give a higher up a piece of your mind or you could get into trouble. You May find that you were wrong after All. Show appreciation for what you have the Community you live in. Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec. 21 not a Good Day to further new contacts you made recently since they Are Busy now. Study new ideas and views of others you have heard expressed and you la accomplish much. Avoid extravagance. Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan. 20 not a Good Day to argue Over an overcharge with another or a bad argument could ensue. Use diplomacy with mate also. A Good Day for paying Bills and making collections. Delve into that Hobby you like in the evening. Aquarius Jan. 21 to feb. 19 Don t be tempted to act in such a Peculiar manner that you have trouble with a Good associate who is vital to your Success. Don t jeopardize present Good position you find yourself in. Express your Good sense of humor. Pisces feb. 20 to mar. 20 get Busy at work in front of you and Don t think that higher ups Are being unfair. Use spare time to improve health and Home instead of dashing out for expensive pleasure. Show that you Are a sensible person. If your child is born today he or she will be one of those persons who needs understanding As Well As to be understood. Give your progeny the Security needed Early in life and then supervise activities wisely. Teach responsibility Early and not to argue so much but try to keep Harmony wherever possible. Some religious training is Good but Don t overdo it Only to have your progeny turn against religion. The stars impel they do not what you make of your life is largely up to you Carroll Righter s individual forecast for you sign for january is now ready. For your copy Send you birthrate and is to Carroll Righter forecast Florence morning news Box. 629, Hollywood Calif. 1970, Mcnaught Syndicate inc cos sword Puzzle h across 26.sarlak 27. Venture 1. Crushed fruit 28. Meshwork 30. Legume 32. Heavy swell 7. Master of ceremonies 12. Climbing Perch 33. Welcome 13. Fry lightly 35. Pronoun 14.overt 15. Periodically flowing and ebbing 16. Ike s War Tana Hoato Ana hold he Ansha a jugs ask got a question for Andy write it on a Post card and mail it to the Florence morning news p. O. Box 911, Florence s. C. 29501. Andy opening four of clubs. Said or. Watson As e gave the famous detective be hand Here is a. Further example of the ill Fortune that As pursued me recently in my weekly session at the club. I arrived at six Spades and West cd a club. I ruffed Drew two funds of Trumps cashed the la a of hearts discarding a Jamond from Dummy then led a. Diamond to the Ace and i Arnond Back. Alas East showed out and Vest cashed two diamonds to it me Down one. I had thought iat East would have the King i Andy sends a Complete 20-volume set of the world Book encyclopedia to Greg Cross age 10, of Enid Oklahoma or his question Are bats really Blind the Little Brown Bat wakes up when the Sun goes Down and ets ready to Fly outdoors in search of his supper. In the him Dusky Twilight he can see As Well As you can and in chaps a Little better. However his Bright Little eyes Are dazzled by the Day Light. He rarely if Ever comes Forth when the Sun is High in the sky. If he did his eyesight would lot help him very much. Besides there Are daytime prowlers around and his favorite insect food is not to be found until Filer the Sun does Down. Blind As a Bat is a very old expression invented by people who thought that the Little Brown Bat cannot see where he s going. Surely those people failed to watch him flying through tie Twilight air dodging a crowd of his cousins and never colliding with them or with any object in his path. Or did they aspect that the Little Aerial acrobat did not depend on Hij eyesight to guide his expert Maneu vers it s not Likely be Jause those people had never heard of radar. True though he Bat sees As Well As most people do in a dim Light he does it depend entirely on his eyesight. But Only recently did we discover that he had his own built in radar system. As a matter of fact his ancestors were using radar Ages before our ancestors Learned to read and write. His vision is adjusted to dim Twilight and to the dark caves and crannies where he dozes during the Bright Daylight hours. He is fond of company and often his Cave is crowded with sleeping cousins Langing upside Down from cracks in the roof and ledges on the Walls. Sometimes their slumber is disturbed by a loud noise. Then hundreds of furry fliers Wake up and zoom around in he pitch Black darkness. Not one of them crashes into a Wall do collides with a Cousin. Even if dozens of ropes Dangle rom the ceiling they Dodge Between them without a mishap. No person or animal has the vision to perform such feats he Bat succeeds because he uses his sounding system of ast echoes. For this he needs a most unusual voice and pair of super sensitive ears. His voice sounds like a series of rather aint High pitched squeaks. Actually each squeak goes on into supersonic frequencies above the Range of human ears. These supersonic notes Bounce off solid surfaces and return to he Bat As supersonic echoes. His ears catch the echoes and in a Flash his brain relays orders to Dodge this or that object in Lis path. This built in biological system works like the Mech Anical radar system we use to detect Distant objects by return no echoes. Sound is vibrating Energy and we rate it in frequencies of so Many vibrations per second. Human ears hear sound frequencies up to about vibrations per second. The Bat s voice squeaks up to supersonic frequencies of and the talented creature can distinguish Between his own echoes and those of other bats even when hundreds of flying rela lives Are using their radar systems in a dark Cave. Andy sends a world Book Globe to Virginia Lee crab tree age 12, of Peoria Illinois for her question does the Earth turn us upright during the Day time let s take an imaginary space trip say about Halfway to the planet Mars. From Here we see our Earth As it really i As a round Globe surrounded on every Side by the Vas Ocean of space. On a cosmic scale All sides of the Globe fac up and out. This does not change As the Earth rotates through its Day and night. The same is True on a planetary scale when our spaceship returns us safely Home naturally w land on the surface of the Globe. Whenever we land that so faces up and out toward the Ocean of space. 36. Staff 37. Negative prefix 42. School for solution of yesterday s fuzz us horsemanship command 45. Prayer endings 4-encourage 17. Young Sawyer 46. Entertains 2. Fuggian Indian j. Awning 18 crony 47. Son of 3. Fish stewed in 6. Superlative 20. Possessions Montague wine e ending 25. Past 48.tenant 7. Bar legally 9. Rumen 10. Greek Long e 17. Subway 18. Heartache 19. Dyeing apparatus 21. Swift 22. Folly 23. Genealogy 24.-time unit 29. Composed 31. Sobriquet 34. Human trunk 38. Obligation 39. Contest of nations 40.---, Amas Amat 41. Muffin 42. Evil prefix 43. Teamster s command 25" 20 30 32. Par Lime 23 min. A 12-1 5 44. Compass Point. Contract bridge1 by b. Jay Becker top record Holder in individual Champion Imp Hoy South dealer. Both sides vulnerable. North 4q.t6d2 a643 j2 East West 7 532 483 ,87543 49 a k q 10 9 6 South 4 ak1095 vakq6 4qs52 the bidding South West North 4, pass 24 a pass 44 East 34, pass of diamonds in View of his three club bid but much to my dismay defeat suddenly became my replied Holmes As lie painstakingly refilled his pipe things Are not always what they seem. In common with others who play and love the game who nevertheless fail to make full use of their deductive neglected to take advantage of the Many clues you could have exploited. Was proper to Ruff club draw Trumps and Cash three hearts but you should then have ruffed the six of hearts in Dummy and the Jack of clubs in your hand. By this Means you would have Learned that East started with precisely two Spades and hearts and. Your deductive processes would have suggested that in the Light of his Throe club bid East was bound to have at least six clubs and hence could not have More than one Diamond. Pursuing your Quarry you would next have led a Low Dia mond deliberately following Low from and you could then have sat Back to reap the Reward for your ratiocination. Whoever won the trick surely be a wonderful analysis by said Watson to Holmes admiringly. Of replied Holmes. Purely o 1970, King features Syndicate inc tomorrow ingenious play. 12-18-79 by or. Herbert Spaugh Don t forget to watch your Christmas manners. The Christmas shopping season is it its Peak and the True spirit i the season should not be in elected. Many of the far lighted have Long since bought and wrapped their Christmas gifts. I was twice reminded of this i few Days before by two Drivers who had forgotten their manners. It is easy to become impatient at this season and miss he True Blessing and happiness if the Christmas time. So Many of us get lost in the several times in this column i have referred to an old testament Story to illustrate this. Christmas is a Good time to repeat it. In the Bible there is an old testament Story referring to King Saul the first King of Israel. He was anointed by the Prophet Sam Uel. Some time elapsed Between the anointing and the Corona Tion. The Day of his inauguration came when he was to be presented to his people As their first King. He could t be found. They searched High and Low finally the Prophet Samuel prayed that the missing King might be found. According to i Samuel the lord gave this reply behold he hath hid himself among the Here was a Man who on the big Day of his life was hidden in the the King James version reads among the the new revised ver Sion puts it among the bag whichever version you take the answer adds to the same he was involved in i if we Aren t careful Many of us Are going to be involved in the stuff this the big Day is going to come upon us and we will have spent All of our time and Energy on even before Christmas arrives we May allow our ener Gies to be so expanded that we Are tired and irritable. Now while we Are getting our packages and cards ready let s get our Christmas manners ready. Let s resolve to be really Happy about Christmas. It. Will not require a special visit to the liquor store to do that either. That s More there is going to be congested traffic which will produce either scowls or smiles. The child. Ren May get on your nerves. Let s get ready for All that now. Above All As we approach the Coronation Day of the Prince of peace let s be sure that we make a place for him in our Homes and in our hearts and minds. Let s make it a truly Happy Christmas de. Note or. Spaugh s Bio Graphy the boy the Man the Bishop is now available. Contact your local Bookstore or Send a Check in the amount of to the everyday Counse Lor care of this newspaper. This will cover tax and postage. On Earth we get our bearings from the North and South poles at opposite ends of the Axis. As the Earth rotates around its Axis toward the East it gives us our Day and night Visias of outer space. But on the surface in Peoria or Australia or anywhere else the downward direction is always toward Earth changes our View of the heavens but it change the Down direction. It does not stand Heads during the night and turn us upright during the Day because everywhere Down is always toward the same put in the Center of the Globe

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