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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 16, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaOur 47th year no. 350 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina Florence s. C., wednesday morning december 16, 1970 daily Loc sunday lie Nixon hails Economy Washington a the nation s Economy moved past a staggering trillion Mark tuesday a Milestone to its wealth production and inflation. President Nixon hailed the occasion calling the u. S. Economy the key to the nation s ability to embark on social programs such As family assistance and education. In ceremonies at the Commerce department Nixon unveiled a new Gross National product clock an imposing electronic device that ticks off the nation s economic growth at the rate of a second. After Nixon finished his remarks praising the strength of the Economy he listened As Secretary of Commerce Maurice h. Stans whispered in his ear and then remarked the Secretary has just in formed me i talked million the magic moment for the Gnu clock was . Est Nixon did t make it to see the clock go past the trillion Dollar rate even though officials slowed it Down to accommodate his schedule. When he got there the president said our ability to do things for people in the United states and people around the world depends on this enormously productive american he said unless the nation produces the wealth it has politicians pro Mises for improving health education and welfare Are nothing More than a fraud. Nixon called on americans not to look upon the Economy As a great group of selfish people Money grubbing a Monument to the nation s economic growth and inflation the Gnu clock measures minute by minute annual rate of the nation s output in terms of goods and services. Enemy stepping up terrorist attacks Nixon National product at a trillion president hurls economic growth in Commerce department talk new lights High intensity lights the first phase of o government night Light program to deter inner City crime Shine in the Commerce department building in the Federal Triangle in downtown Washington tuesday night. This View looks across 15th Street. The lights were switched on tuesday night for the first time. Heath Wilson differ anti Union Bill passed by British parliament London a the British it provides secret strike bal iday its backing for the parliament approved tuesday a night a Law to curb the Power of j perj0d Trade unions. The conservative govern ment s anti strike is expected to become Law by next Wildcat strikes by making labor con tracts enforceable in court with fines for them. Unions that break train car crash kills woman 77 Cartersville a Lamar woman was killed and two others were injured in a train car Accident tuesday morning Here. Mrs. Cleo Rogers 77, of it. 1 Lamar Driver of the car died 1c or 15 minutes after the train Anc car collided about . At the Road s-21-226 crossing of the Seaboard coast line Railroad according to Coroner w. T. Ead the car headed toward Lamar stalled on the track As the freight train bound for Florence approached. The Driver was unable to get the car started and the train which Eaddy said was travelling at about 45 Miles per hour struck if the Lynchburg Rescue squad answered a Call and carried the other occupants of the car mrs. Rogers husband folder a. Rogers and mrs. Ruby Dennis to a Florence Hospital. I in major strikes the streamlining of bargaining a ban on Union closed shops and Protection of workers against unfair Dis Missal. The House of commons an Gry Over a rash of strikes that have hampered Britain s Indus try and a slowdown that dimmed the country with Power blackouts passed the Bill by i vote of 324 to 280. Before the vote prime minis Ter Edward Heath said his gov Ter Edward Heath said his government would stand up to the labor unions until the interests of the Community Are respect he told the House that the British Public had shown during the week Long electrical work ers slowdown that ended Mon Jovern ment s confrontation with the unions. The Bill s provisions follow la Bor practices in the United states but they Are unprecedented in Britain where govern ments traditionally stay out of labor disputes. Former prime minister har old Wilson Reader of the labor party that strongly opposes the strike curbs denounced the Bill As an american import. This legislation is based or Marily on United states expert Wilson protested. I do not think that anyone will easily convince anyone in this House that the americans Are More successful in tackling avoiding strikes or settling strikes than we facts of Industrial life in America Are making a nonsense of enforce Able agreements and they will do so in this country. Holdup Man Nicks chief in station Lancaster a. A Walter Shank police chief of nearby Christiana was robbed of monday night in the police station. Shank said a Man had roused Nicholas Madonna who lives Over a drugstore seeking medi Cine for his ailing wife. Since Madonna did t have a phone he brought the Man to the police station in the Community of about persons. Shank said he asked the Man a few questions then reached for the phone to Call a local pharmacy. When he reached for his cigarettes a Large Hunting knife fell out of his Shank said. He knew the Jig was up and whipped out a gun from his sleeve. He had me covered so i could t do Shank said the Man also took some Money from Madonna dashed across the Street to the Home of Raymond Chesnut and forced him to drive away. Ches nut was released unharmed after being robbed of capital cities bombed 1. Saigon a bombs exploded in the capitals of South Vietnam and Cambodia tues Day Only hours after the Viet icon called for greatly in creased offensive action . And Allied forces and installations. A bomb that the . Com Mand said contained 33 pounds of int ripped open one Wing of a . Officers Billet in Saigon destroying the ground floor and of vezely damaging the second tend third floors of the six Story building. "1 two americans suffered minor cuts and bruises and a Viet namese woman and child out Side the building were injured. The Billet is just across the Street from the american Cul Tural Center. The Billet supervisor said most of the officers were out to dinner at the time or i would had had some in Phorn penh 50 pounds of plastic explosive shattered a luxury restaurant during a luncheon party for cambodian men. Eight officers and cadets were seriously injured. Truck loads of cambodian troops and military police threw a cordon around the Mekong restaurant. An investigator said the charge had been attached to a Wall on the second House approved 55 t measure Heads for Senate filibuster Washington a a Senate opponents said they any on the set to the Senate Compromise to keep i were ready to launch weeks of development of the talking to keep the set Money an hour supersonic transport alive flew through the House for out of a ?2.6-billion transportation Money Bill. The opponents led by sen. William Proxmire tuesday and headed threatened filibuster showdown jd-wis., carried thousands of in the Senate. Pages of congressional Estimo disclose Mercury in tuna cans Fra said one tuna fish can of every five tested from retail shelves was found to contain poisonous Mercury in excess of Federal limits. See Page 2b. Supreme court apparently was cooperating with the Cia a House probes port Indi Cates. See Page 8a Inder ask Andy 13b classified 1111 after months As maharajas enjoy restoration of regal status. See Page 9b. Comics deaths editorials sports Omen 13b taiga weather occasional rain and thundershowers today and tonight. Cloudy mild thursday. High today in upper 50s Low tonight 40s. Details Page 3a. In Lake Erie ohioans seize Canadian boat floor and was triggered by electricity. The Viet Cong s Call for a stepped up offensive broadcast by the guerrillas liberation radio demanded special action o smash and wipe out All american units engaged in Paci Calion. It told its regular guerrilla and regional units to launch heavy and continuous at although the phenom penh last was attributed to terror its there was no immediate indication whether the Saigon bombing was the work of Viet Cong guerrillas or other anti a Merican elements. While anticipating increased Viet Cong attacks to Mark three communist holidays this month . Personnel and vehicles Lave also been the targets of gasoline bombs in a wave of Mai american sentiment. It was rigger de by an american sol Sec Viet age 2a Lorain Ohio a the Ohio division of wildlife seized a Canadian fishing vessel 14 Miles off the coast of Lorain in Lake Erie tuesday and arrested its captin and seven Crew Mem Bers. Enforcement supervisor Oliver d. Roach said the 65-foot tug the Liddle had been fishing within the 24 mile Ohio limit. Captain Jerry Liddle 33, of Wheatley ont. Had no comment when he was booked in Lorain. All eight fishermen were charged with fishing in Ohio Waters without a permit and will appear in municipal court wednesday. The Liddle Brothers was spotted by a division aircraft and boarded by personnel from an Ohio wildlife patrol boat. Roach said the ship had More than 500 Gill nets aboard when it was seized. He said such nets being used for catching Perch and White Bass Are illegal in most parts of Lake Erie including the spot where the arrests were made. Roach said the state would space pod perishes in torrid atmosphere soviet Craft sends messages from Venus Region Moscow a the soviet Union sent a space capsule plunging into the torrid Atmos phere of Venus tuesday and it transmitted data for 35 minutes Tass Agency said. Presumably the Craft perished in the heat and pressure before it could land. Venus 7, the main spacecraft was launched aug. 17 with the announced of conducting studies of the but its transmitting performance was outdone three times before by soviet probes of the planet. These probes measured the planet s temperature at about 500 degrees near the surface and its atmospheric pressure at More than 100 times that on Earth. Western scientists said those three Craft were crushed like the descent Craft of Venus 7 had a shield designed to protect it from pressure of 100 atmospheres and heat of 198 degrees., but Western scientists doubted the shield could withstand the conditions in the planet s Amos phere. Venus 4, the first to drop a capsule into Venus atmosphere transmitted for 53 minutes in october 1967. Venus 5 transmit Ted for 51 minutes and Venus 6 for 96 minutes in May 1969. The Venus 7 transmitter shut off after 35 minutes and there was no indication it still could function. The United states has never sent a capsule into Venus sphere but Mariner 5 in bypass ing the Bright planet in october 1967, also found the temperature above 500 degrees and gathered other valuable data. Tass said Venus 7 sent data that is being processed and studied but gave no indications of findings. The Venus 7 entered the Pla net s atmosphere at ., Moscow time and on command from ground controllers the de scent Craft was separated. As it floated toward the sur face the instrument packed module presumably radioed in formation on the composition of gases and the temperature and pressure. Venus 7 covered the 198.7 Mil lion mile distance to the planet just under four months. File forfeiture proceedings against the vessel the nets and whatever fish Ware aboard. He said a similar incident involving another Canadian fish ing vessel occurred last week but the patrol boat was unable to catch the suspected offend ers. That boat was Only six Miles off Shore Roach said. Floor ready to read it aloud for hours on end. The House passed the Bill 319 to 71 and the onh direct Effort to Cut out the set Money was i shouted Down by voice vote. The leading House opponent of the set rep. Sidney r. Said the lion trim from president Nixon s re quest for Only stretch out the program and ultimately add million to the set s Cost. The added Cost would raise the taxpayers share or devel Oping two set prototypes to an even billion Yates said twice the jj750 million ceiling f. Kemf Tilv put on the r when he a ppr n 1902. Iii Sis Yoyo Lina neing of the worst Yates said. He quoted Secretary of transportation John a. Volpe As Tell ing House Senate conferees in a dec. 9 letter that anything less than million for i lie is this year would destroy the prototype program As we know it today and obviously would increase the government s Cost. Rep. Edward p. Boland d mass., Leader of the House conferees agreed there is no question the reduced Money this year would ultimately raise set costs. But he told the House that after the Senate killed All ?290 Mil lion for the set two weeks he Compromise was the maximum the House could get. Rep. Mark Andrews r-n.d., said All set Money should be deleted and made the motion Defeated by voice vote to Send he whole Bill Back to House Senate conferees for reconsideration. A too big for her stocking two year old Sandra Mannon of Lancaster pa., is finding it a bit difficult to lift a huge rag doll she selected in a toy shop ids her Choice for Christmas. Shell find it equally difficult stuff the doll in her Christmas stocking

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