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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 15, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaPage-4-a the Florence morning news Florence s. C. Sunday morning december of f Dee pen pub bed by the Florence Pron him company John m. Ltd own Jami w press. Audil Bureau of circulation and Southern newspaper Nhi Witri air coition. Ran w uie for Pablo Cirod of Newi printed All Cirri Erb Are Independent Cra Tracton the Florence moral of Newt will it m in. Payment Dunlea made .1 the office a a set new. 1 Imi 10.80 18.jo 18.10 1 pm Jav to cite deuvery.40 by mail p. O. Box Section Florence.40 1.75 5.20 10.40 by Carrier delivery elsewhere.35 1.55 4.55 9.10 by mail elsewhere -35 1.55 .4-55 9.10 rates for subscription on Rural routes sunday by Carrier and sue Days by Mal same As by mail in Rural Ddavid a Ted by the Rev. David Wells pastor rat Ruk West Hartsville Baptist Church Hartsville. O god our father Grant unto us at All times the Happy heart the smiling face and the helping hand. Grant unto us thy radiance on our faces thy ser vice on our hands and thy love within our hearts. And Grant thai it May be so because we Ever walk through life looking unto Jesus. Amen. Two dangers on the Home front threaten the future of Freedom for the moment let s take our eyes off dangers from space satellites and missiles and look closer Home. Responsible voices warned last week of two dangers from within that can be just As devastating to our Way. Of life. They Are the Drift to absolute regi mentation of our daily lives and the grave trend to the gangster controlled Economy that would replace the free Enterprise system. They Are near. They could be ruinous. Ernest g. Swigert president of the National association of manufacturers described the Drift into regimen tation to the Congress of american Industry a business member organization. The time May Swigert warned when we will not be Able to choose our own careers change jobs Start a business buy or sell property take out a mortgage move from place to place borrow Money or even Send our children to College without permission from some government National indifference he charged has brought about concentration of Power in Washington and withering state and local authority growth of control Over lawmaking and spend ing in the Federal executive and the bureaucracy Rule by administrative agencies of the Federal government and distortion of the supreme court into an instrument of social americans must reverse this trend or face the loss of representative government. Senator John l. Mclellan chair Man of the Senate rackets investigation saw a grave danger that a gang Ster controlled Economy would replace the free Enterprise system unless the infiltration of racketeers in the labor movement is stopped and a clean up operation is performed by corrective legislation. Racket Ridden gangster infested scandal packed unions can take Over if they Are permitted to get As strongly entrenched As they Are in the teamsters Union he warned. He was confident that corrective legislation will pass Congress. Of the two dangers gangster control is the More menacing because it is harder to get at. But Little less dangerous is the trend to regimentation since it offers the deceptive but enticing Appeal of easy Money from Federal sources. On the Steps of the Florence Post office is an illustration of How extravagantly wasteful it is. Installation of the four Black handrails two at each Entrance was paid for with in Federal Money some encouraging signs begin to show we get the impression that a new and intelligent approach to our state school problem is in the making that the forthcoming emphasis will be up on teachers and instruction and what adjustments Are necessary to qualify graduates to meet the Challenge of the new space age. We have on occasions sharply Dis agreed with senator Edgar Brown but we found his letter publisher in our thursday paper both stimulating and thought provoking. On the pre Vious Day our Lead editorial had called for an educational Opportunity that would give due consideration to the variables of brainpower and of Fer special stimuli for the better than the v. A s who there Are . S very important persons All Over the place. Florence has them. Every Community in the pee Dee has them. Their number is legion. Only a few Ever get their names into print. A Bare pittance Ever make the headlines. The Charlotte observer parried an editorial about an sex scrub woman who had just retired after 3.0 years of scrubbing. Her son had been convicted of a crime. From her week wages she saved to prove him innocent. Her Faith was rewarded the son was released from prison. South Carolina s Bernard Baruch Multi millionaire adviser to presidents and a recent visitor to Florence rend the editorial. He wrote a letter to the editor. This is what he said asked about . S i have known i pointed to a Street cleaner. There said i is a . Filling a very important Post. If he did not do a Good Job we would have disease and Pesti Lence in dirty City. There Are Many . S whom we never think of a such teachers nurses professional men and women policemen civil servants people who work will heir hands and minds parents and Kach who fills his task is a ., who makes a average student. Senator Brown s letter dealt in part with this need. Significantly state superintendent of education j. T. Anderson said in Columbia Friday that we have now reached the time when we must strengthen the instructional pro he had pointed out that the emphasis has been on getting physic Al the instructional program involves both the subject matter offered and the Quality of instruction. It is a teacher curriculum problem. That is where the great emphasis is now needed. There Are signs that we May now be ready to tackle it seriously and intelligently. Where Are they country what it is. The thought that there Are Mil Lions of . S who Are never heard of was brought vividly to my mind when i read your splendid inspiring editorial on the scrub woman who saved which she offered to anyone who could give evidence on a crime which had put her son in Pri son. Some Newspaperman saw her advertisement and undertook an investigation which resisted in freeing her son. Then she went on As a scrub woman for she had accomplished her task. Here surely was a . She had Faith in her son. She had the character that disciplined her and gave her the courage to Back her belief. If americans have the Faith in our country and what we stand for and the character and fortitude to under go discipline we can dispel All our fears and realize our fondest Hopes for ourselves and others peace with Freedom. Signed Bernard i. maybe your next door neighbor is h v.i.i1., maybe you Are one yourself. I a for Hie greater number Are Unsung and unknown beyond their own Small Circle. About a Yule Parade and a school band yesterday s belated Christ Nus Parade has cleared the deck for an nil out push for Christmas. The Parade was Well staged. It was in pros ivc. The Parade committee thanks and appreciation. Only persons responsible for mounting a Parade know How difficult the Job is. To the committee the participants find nil hip appreciation of Chr but Mcclennahan High Bond which is being Phil died up Inlo a and accomplished group of musicians by bandmaster Dis Tuzzio needs uniforms. With visiting bands spick and Span in their Bright uni forms some of them Brand cd the Jui Renaghan band should not have to Wear Street clothes As they did in yes t Only s Parade. Clifton Green has been staging something like a one Man Campaign in raise funds for new Union ring. Von can help him and hip band nirm hrs by making a in Lri in Linn in wid a. You saw he need yesterday. Something of camellias aristocrat of plants by James a. Rogers it May be a Little out of season to write about it but the extra cold weather of this past week brought camellias into focus. A lot of people in Florence including ourselves found an extra use for bedsheets. When the Thermo meter began to dip below the Freez ing Point bedsheets and other covering were used to protect Ca Mellia plants from cold damage. It was probably a useless Effort since the temperature under the covering got just As Low As on the outside but it was Indica Tion at least How we have come to value this aristocrat of plants the camellia. The camellia is a distinctly Southern Flower. How Southern it is was illustrated last Winter when i sent a Box of Ca Mellia blooms to a newspaper Friend in Massachusetts. His thank you1 pole was immediate and sincere but he betrayed Yan Kee ignorance of the South when wrote i deeply appreciate the Magnolia blooms and save shown them to All my there s one sure fire Way for a visiting Yankee to make friends in the wrote associated press correspondent Hal Boyd. All he has to do is to open his Mouth and say two words plainly camellia Japonica. And if the visiting Yankee in t Lazy hell probably end up in the front Yard with a Spray gun in his hand firing Side by Side at a camellia Bush with the grandson of a Man whose grand Pappy chased the Yankee s grand Pappy at Bull in recent years Florence has become one of the camellia Cen ters of the South. Together with the Azalea it has become the focal emphasis for making this City one of the most Beautiful in the South. But it was Darlington and Darlington county rather than Florence where camellia culture first received emphasis in this Sec Tion of the slate. Indeed Darlington is still some time referred to As the camellia Center of South Carolina. I once had a Friend there now dead who had passed her four score years. In latter years she was confined to her bed and a wheel chair. She had loved camellias for Many years and had been one of the leading influences in Eastern South car Olina for encouraging their growth. Beside her Home built by a Yankee architect before the con federate War is a grouping of Ca Mellia plants which she tenderly nurtured for Many years. Today it contains one of the Best collection of plants and some of the finest blooms in the camellia world. When she could no longer walk out amount them she had a ramp constructed from her Side porch. One could often in wheel chair among her camellias. Though she s been dead several years. I still Haven t overcome the Hab it when i pass that Way of some How expecting that i might get a glimpse of her among her plants. Her name was mrs. C. B. Edwards. The patriarch of Ell Camel Lias in Darlington county and East Ern Carolina is the Hoffmeyer Pink camellia located at the Home of the late or. And mrs. H. L. F. Hoffmeyer in the High Hill Community of Darlington county some five Miles from Darlington and about the same distance from Florence. This magnificent specimen has been measured by expert foresters who say it is 29 feet tall has a limb spread of 30 feet. One foot from the ground it has a circumference of four feet and eleven inches. It is More than a Hun dred years old. I am greatly indebted to the late j. M. Napier for the following in formation the oldest camellia of known planting Date in Darlington county Are those at Japonica the old Home of the late major j. J. Lucas in society Hill. These were planted by major Lucas in Hoffmeyer Plant. The patriarch 1866 one year after he had returned from fighting the Battles of the South in the War Between the slates. At nearby Trinity episcopal Church Are some massive old plants which Date Back to 1870 five years after the close of the War Between the states. The oldest known Plant in the town of Darlington is a single red variety planted by colonel Berryman Edwards in 1875. The second oldest is at the Home of mrs. Robert Mcfarland. It was planted in 1885 and has a limb spread of 25 feet. At the old Mertz Home on Broad Street in Darlington Are four plants imported from Europe by the late or. Mertz in 1893. Or. Martz was a native of Bavaria who found himself in Charleston at the close of the Confederate War. In 1883 he moved to Darlington where he of. Rated a grocery and seed store. He possessed the proverbial Green was an ardent Lover of Flowers and very skilful in their propagation. He died in Darlington in the Early 30s. Ills Only Monu. Ment is the Beauty he left behind him. I must Tell you about another interesting Plant in Darlington As told to me. By. Or. Napier.1 with it there is connected the Story of a personality a faithful old South Ern negro who May be the Only negro in South Carolina buried in a White cemetery. The Plant in question is at the old Captain w. C. Coker Home in Darlington. It was rooted by Noah Bacote from a cutting taken from a camellia in the old Welsh neck cemetery in society Hill. When Noah died he was the Sexton of the old Welsh neck Baptist Church. He was buried by his White friends in the cemetery of the old Church and Bis Sermon was preached by the Church s pastor. Subsequently a Monument was erected to his memory not be cause he rolled the camellia but because of the Many excellent qualities this old Southern negro possessed. Yet who will doubt that Noah Bacote s Fine qualities of character were rooted in his love for Beauty and his interest in propagating it. The first camellia Plant in the town of Hartsville was planted by col. B. W. Edwards about 1883 for his daughter the late mrs. Anna e Woodruff one of tha most gentle and elegant Southern ladies i have Ever known. When mrs. D. R. Coker of Hartsville in the mid-1950s, established Kal Mia gardens she joined with ear Lier influences in Darlington to spread a love and enthusiasm for camellias. One of the most Beautiful projects of the reason in pee Dee communities Are now the Camel Lia shows. David Lawrence reports soviets words Are never matched by deeds by David Lawrence Washington dec. 13 if the text of Premier Bulgarin s letter to president Eisenhower had been issued by any statesman of the Western world it would have been pronounced a great state paper. For it is Well reasoned logical persuasive and unquestionably de scribes accurately the tensions in the whole world situation. It even presents constructive suggestions. No better reasons for negotiating world peace could be advanced. But unfortunately nobody trusts the rulers in the Kremlin. Their words Are. Not Worth the paper they Are written on. Similar professions of sincere purpose have been made again and again for ten years or More by the soviet rulers Only to be ignored by them in practice. The communist chieftains have never made Good on their promises. They have consistently violated their pledges. No peace treaty can be made now no disarmament agreement can he signed and no basis for negotiation exists with the mischievous men in the Kremlin. They can employ the Cra Tiest writers of notes and the Best ghost writers of state papers can be recruited from their foreign office staffs. But the record is there to show that the words Are never matched by deeds. What Good does it do for in. Stance to have any More sum Mit conferences with men who Are without scruples men who oppress their own people and who make a mockery of the idea of individual Liberty there Are nevertheless naive men in the West who still want to keep on talking to the dictators in Moscow in new Summit con it is not realized that the West looks weaker when it begs in a humiliating posture for More talks with criminal rulers whose prestige in the world is of course enhanced by such attentions. It is it As if diplomatic negotiations Haven t been tried re Short. All during this past year disarmament discussions with the soviets have been going on in London and the result has been exactly Zero again and again conversations Are conducted at the highest level As the secretaries of state of Western nations Confer with High officials of the soviet government. Yet it All comes to heatedly. Memories seem to be proposals Are made and intimate naught. The soviets consistently who. Had Stamps ready reds were certain of sputnik 1 Kaynon Washington when tin German communist regime released a stamp honouring the so Viet sputnik on november 7, 40th anniversary of the communist re Volution slump collectors around the world wen.1 Aii Kuula. November 7 was just 34 Duys Alicr sputnik was launched. Yet the East German government had Iii saved hit1 plates printed the Stamps and issued them to the Public. Ordinarily execution of a stamp design. The engraving of plates and printing and distribution of several million copies in preparation for the first Day of requires Al Lossl three months. However in has now been Loam cd Hiil the Kim Gorman regime to Ppd off in Advance hint Russia was certain to have a Salel lilo around the ii Rah by november 7, hence had started work on Hie stamp Well before the russians sent up their first satellite october 4. Note this required a certain amount of risk but not too much for on August 31 this column published a Flat prediction that the russian sputnik would be. Launched soon probably on september 17. It was launched october it was meant for army eyes Only lint an army Interoffice memo has leaked out indicating the army and air Force Are still feuding Over missiles. Interservice rivalry has been warned for sonic of our setbacks in missiles and satellites. The memo is unsigned but obviously written by in army press officer. It was Sony from the of fice of maj. Gen. Henry so orc army press chief to col. Willlim t. Lid or n guided missiles expert. General so orc is somewhat up the memo begins about a Story appearing in this morning s papers in which it was stated that Thor was in mass production the Story continued to give production figures As an indication shut the air Force wus producing the Thor missile. General Lorke is convinced Tomt the Story was leaked from uni air Force source. He does not know what he wants to

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