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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - December 15, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaWeather partly Cloudy and warm today. Mostly Cloudy tonight. High 64. Low 42, details Page a a. Reader s tip pee Dee pen the regular sunday editorial Page Fearura today takes up the subject of Plantt. Vol. 266 Florence s. C., sunday morning december 15, 1957 daily 5c sunday Loe Santa Sleigh n All arriving at Evans and Dargan streets gifts to scouts for equipment still mounting contributions poured in yester Day to the fund to re equip the boy scout troop 476 of St. Luke s Luth eran Church. The funds will go to Back the troop s hut Back in order and to Complete their camping list. They constitute a Complete reversal of Fortune for the scouts whose hut was Ransa cd and strewn with broken equipment this week by vandals. Scoutmaster Emory Williams said last night that the camping trip which was postponed when their equipment was destroyed was definitely scheduled again due to the generosity of the donors. Numerous items were Given Fri Day and yesterday a total of in Cash was added. T. Chandler of Ola la donated ?10. Gladstone s gave or. H. Kingsbury gave Dan Clark gave an Anonymous donor brought 15 Coffee mugs to the morning news office. Williams said the Cash would enable the troop to replace Cook ing hardware the stolen tents the Library that was torn up and the furniture that was splintered by the vandals. He said the scouts had been Call ing him All f Christmas music while Queens erched High upon their floats saved happily at the crowd the Parade cancelled in november because of rain retain d most of the units originally scheduled. Others were unable to make it because of prior engage ments. Taking part in the Parade were. Be Coker College float Coker horses Carlisle band. Hartsville majorettes Lake City float Kings ree float. Red Cross float Caro Ina Power and Light float tur Eville majorettes and float chamber of Commerce float hem noway Queen Aynor Queen Tim Onsville Queen. Coble float Southern Bell float Florence band Vera Marsliette majorettes. Teen town Queen. Sears Roebuck float Manning float miss con j government ministry today put the death toll in Western Iran s disastrous earthquake at including 1.100 persons living in a single Village near the temblor s rises to Tehran Iran Dee. 14 Emmad a Lomaz gov another official on the scene reported to the government to night however that the death figure previously reported seems close together by Stanley Johnson Paris dec. 14 w resident Eisenhower arrive 1 today with a Call to nato nations to work to Gether or lose their Freedom to red dictatorship in this perilous space age. Looking Hale and Hearty after his mild stroke Eisenhower spoke words of encouragement and Confidence at the Airport then drove through Paris to shouts of Vive Ike from Many among massed thousands. Eisenhower was among the last i of the 14 chiefs of government to arrive for the opening monday of the North Atlantic treaty Organ-1 Iza Tion s Summit conference. Prime minister Macmillan of Britain arrived earlier in the Day expressing Confidence that the been recovered and that the rest i _ Summit conference will revitalize Jack Frost s big sprawl in Flor Lof the villagers were buried and testing before the Senate sputnik shocked Western Alliance ence that lasted nearly 37 con i therefore considered i preparedness Buncom Niue on he got a Cool reception from hours missed most of the Sehneah itself was reported suggested that the 10-year 37-hour freeze missed plants experts believe error general of Kermanshah now supervising Relief teams in the quake area said he believed the toll figure of was rather too he gave no other figure but said he hoped to have an accurate count of the dead within two Days. The toll of announced by the ministry of Post and Tele graph As Rescue workers dug through Snow covered ruins of towns and villages for More Vic Tims of yesterday s giant Earth Shock. One Village. Far san an immense Tomb the ministry 10-year plan cited in race with russians by Gardner l. Bridge Washington dec. 14 expert Wernher von Braun today proposed that states embark on a 10-year project for a manned space station in the race with Russia for a foothold in the firmament. He said it could be handled by a National space Agency with a spending budget of about i Bil lion dollars a year Over at least 10 years. The Gernan born space scientist who is now working for this became agree i Wilh maj. Gen said. Farsang lies near or Neh the epicentre 240 Miles Southwest of Tehran of 7.240-foot. Shall pass. The ministry said 210 bodies had John. B. Mcdavi is that Pentagon red tape has hampered and delayed America s missile satellite program while the russians aim for control of outer Young View it was a Santa Claus Parade and the most appreciative audience was made up of Small Fry Many of whom were nestled in their mothers arms such As this scene on Evans St. Morning news photo by Ray trial for their lives top leaders of Way National guard. Dixie strut the anti communist revolt of la sliders Timmonsville float. Southern i year including Gen. Pal Maleter. J 500 float Lake View band. The people of the United states i proles with All the vigor at their command what and its puppet government Are widget cars. Shrine imps girls Lawrence s column in today s edition the writings of David Law rence distinguished Washington columnist and editor of the . News and world Keport. Weekly newsmagazine will appear regularly in the morning news be ginning today. His first column appears on the editorial Page. 4-a. Lawrence is noted for his conservative View toward govern mental activities and in this capacity has been known As a supporter of the South Many issues including the mayor asks subway to end deadlock new York dec. 14 Robert Wagner moved tonight to French still resentful of the . British arms shipment to Tunisia and fearful the United states and Britain want to Boss nato. This attitude did not affect much the warmth of Eisenhower s Welcome on this raw Gray Windy Flower Beds and Shrub rows Garil ners were belatedly revealing yes hit and concern was expressed for the Fate of 32 other villages in in immediate Vicinity of the i make s Center. Ter Day. To everyone s Surprise damage seemed very Small despite temperatures that staved below i ing from 8 p. M. Wednesday night " c Socle y Ald until a. M. Friday morning or. Hussein Khatibi director of Day with the temperature at 3fi degrees except Tulat the Small crowd and dignitaries at the air port heard his speech in silence. Said he had checked except or one Brief hour iming in Relief stressed the Remote Ness of the scattered villages. He said Quick compilation of casual program include a five year pro. Eel to have a Man orbiting Earth on a returnable he said space stations could be used for reconnaissance bombing and for jamming radar fences thrown up against intercontinental Ballis tic missiles among Uteri More peaceful Usei he cited Long Range weather fore president Mier Felix Rene Cote and pre u no Iek in Rcpt a a Ivnor ties was difficult in Naibe owner of Interior spokes casing and control and ngh Speed handled through Gaillard motored to i Sec cd that there has been very orly Airport to meet the presiden-1 me. If damage to both Ca hib Beds and to my Surprise it Man said it was believed at least Pel sons had suffered from the quake including the dead. Tial plane. French officials insist-1 Mel Las Alul de. However this was mainly to i camellia Bud bitter Mountain cold. Honor Eisenhower As the Liberator such As a Jana. A Jpn Perfec Tho san preparing to of Europe in world War ii. Diplomats hoped Eisenhower s International prestige would help the injured and the homeless in leave Tion and other varieties of the com monday for a stale visit to Leban Imbricate types show noon sent his condolences to the he said while and ordered a regular to Seal the cracks in the Alliance sturdier Type of camellias showj5uppiy of r00d and medical Aid mail damage either and should Bloom gent to the stricken villages. I perfectly at the scheduled time. In checking Over azaleas a Ife rests on the same history the some civilization and the same j morale and which can be threat ened by the same Eisenhower responded in Simi Lar vein. Standing before a Bat Tery of Airport microphones and bundled in an overcoat against the end the deadlock Between sink pm said slow ing subway Motorman and and Gaillard seemed to hint this in Bis welcoming speech. Your presence Gaillard said shows your interest for the for and that Are future of this Allan a Alliance. Hurt by Early which includes countries whose re log Shiv of effect transit authority. Today we live in one of those in a new peace the periods of test not Only for France but All of France s friends and mayor included a Promise to eliminate wage inequities first break in the solid Wall of the authority s refusal to Deal with tha Motorman As a Craft. Allies my country among them. It is for us. Together to determine whether men shall continue to live in Freedom and in dignity or whether they Are to become Mere Tho proposal also met one of j vassals of an All powerful i the sinkers requirements for any j Eisenhower said the allies can the cold be said. He termed this very one explanation Womaek said j for the Light damage was advanced by Plato Watts chairman of the i Park commission. He said it can be attributed Toj the fact it was a Moonlight Womaek added. Tad it been dark Plato says the damage would have been Dif Ferent. I asked him whose philos Ophy this was and he said that j the scientists do not agree with j this but he Learned years ago on a Fram that if the night is Dar the cold is severe and damaging j but the Light of a full Moon protects the i Womack said he d received i ape recording devices. Six Satel Lites picking up and transmitting messages As they orbited the Earth could put All of the Post offices in the world out of Busi he said von Braun said there is no doubt the russians have developed icbms to a Point where they can i Send atomic or Hydrogen War i Heads anywhere on Earth. I this is not a question of argument hut of figuring it out with slide he said. Sen. Lyndon r. Johnson a tax the subcommittee chairman said the russians Success with sput Nik ii indicated they could put a Hydrogen bomb on top of lie Capitol von Braun said there was a question of accuracy. Reds hard at work on 2 Moon projects by Roy Esso Yav Moscow. Dec. 14 mop about so Calls since the cold Weih a cow news said today soviet Scien doing in Hungary Lodge declared. Lodge spoke just after the As Sembly had approved by a vote of 77-0 a Resolution calling on tie countries of the world to encourage Friendly relations and Settle All disputes by peaceful Means. Nationalist China abstained. The Assembly endorsed a Reso Lution approved earlier by the political committee which avoided specific mention of peaceful co a slogan urged on the . By the soviet ill Ion. India Yugoslavia and Sweden submitted the Resolution. On another lop Issue tin1 Assem Bly rejected a recommendation of its political committee that it affirm the right of the people of Cyprus 0 self determination. The Assembly Vole was 31-2.1 with 24 abstentions it Ipoh was Short of he required two thirds . Inside other features inside to Day s Florence morning news deaths and funerals Down Allen s Alley editorials 4-a pen Doe Pon 4-a society women 2-b, 8-b sporh.11-a, 1-f-a 2-a 11-a Deleon Finklea. Salvation army float Post office float. Jay Lem of rights. States versus Nat ional tin.-., online -.1111.1 ii Motif. I i _ i i i scouts s l love float miss Vox segregation problem the role of peace talks a Promise from the meet the con Tonii Jer and was advising san Leners to mists Are working on two projects Timmon Svihel band Kirby Hatch-1 the supreme court and the prob authority to join in aping threat Wilh a True partner water their plants thoroughly As to the Moon they Are i authority to join in a j ing threat Wilh a True Plains Lor release of the motor-1 ship in spiritual military and quickly As possible and frequently called Boomerang and Lam. Men s leaders from jail. I economic i Lor the next Tew business recession foreseen in us by Sterling k. Green Washington dec. 14 a business recession at least As severe As in and 1054." with unemployment possibly Topping five million was forecast today by research director of the . Chamber of Commerce. Or. Emerson in. Schmidt Basing his appraisal partly on a Survey of Trade associations the recovery May 195b Bill come below that demands for lax Relief May come earlier. Spokesmen for 14 industries who participated with Schmidt in u business Otilli Iok symposium Here Wen divided Bill in general re flecked somewhat optimism. More than half believed their industries would wind up next year Wilh bettor sales showings hum in prosperous hot though Wilh declining profits in Many cases and Lousher Competition in cases. Store and food sales commercial airlines and consumer credit. Downtrend at least in the next predicted for and six months were Lary spending May be Only two or forces which Are now clearly Visi three year Boom three billion dollars next year several industries is almost sure to expand i employment Lias held up a year or two ago and May j physics and mathematics program As the years so by. A balanced budget the article also carried a pre diction by president a. Bakuley of the soviet Academy of medi Cal sciences that the russians will get to the Moon first. Another scientist. Prof. P. Isakov a Mas Ter of biology predicted flights i to the Moon in 5 to 10 years he explained i project Boomerang conceived reached their by prof. Cd Cebotarev a doctor of Envis Jmar Kably Well the economist j already have gone through much i Ages a 10-Day round trip to the most household appliances and a balanced budget is highly said but joblessness ha.-, been in i of their readjustment stage lie j Moon on a Semi elliptical orbit the consumer durables furniture and i desirable but it should not he a i Creasm and is Likely to reach j mentioned housing and Atilomo newspaper . Home furnishings railroads and fetish in National Security would four to five million and possibly Biles As being in hits category. I which stands for foreign Trade. The Basic steel la threatened thereby or econom i Dusty was seen As lagging in lieu i drouth inhibited first half of the year Bill end ing ism Insl Almuly even with Harry a. Bullis. Board chairman of general Mills inc. And choir Sra rated Man of the . Chamber s economic policy Toni Mallee Bee dines by a tax slum old be considered by in ii Spring. Bullis Sirri Slid. . Inc government s missile in limit Sale. Roek Elry and space of Pori men Nylon programs May Cost Many Mure billions hum anyone now no in this could have n Strong slim Titi ends a firmly been nude. The ii Rice of labor has risen Schmidt also in Dic Teil if i More rapidly than tin pm Luclis of i Serif is business con a Ity of workers. Schmidt Ailini Ines. A demand Lor a by Cut ing lie summed some labor is being juiced out the views of Hie chamber s Bui industries have seen their in Klups untitled drop Mil by lira Rev ii Lii lion m in. Mill. A trend which Schmidt sail Smisl to in Lher Lay Olls if in con Venus Mars Calls for a of the Moon. Protect was submitted by Yuri Klebl Saevii a a master of Lechnir Lucy. Like As in arid . With Between live and six per cent the forces making of for in exp Vinsion in the Long run arc is Strong As Ever and Are Likely to help prevent Liny major col of the a chamber Survey of Irader is in he said showed i hat Only 111 per cell of them believe general business conditions Aill he belter in first Hull than in in period of Lii i7. Forty per i enl second half will be i As Lor Llu import Liin Iii Lonobile i i n d u i r y. Schmidt noted thai i Iii Iny i i Ubo lolled them selves Wilh Ion la dolls in i be Kinin buying spree of will be Bellini Mil i debt con Lyneis will expire belter iban the second Hull of ibis slight uptrend inc foreseen a Allup Offerl on Hii flow. Rullis there is a possibility thai before for Auto Rice i Sefild. He added pm closes to Neirs Dean ulment although the intr Conr in Mali will Nain exceed the or nil ill Lii he is ingests Hull Nulo there is i Citison id believe thai mles May Rise. Recession even ii of severe the prospective decline ill inter s the in Provini.

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